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The official podcast of The Knight Report (Rutgers Rivals). We talk about Rutgers sports, usually. "This podcast is entertaining. It also lacks any fundamental understanding of sports." -some guy on the internet

The official podcast of The Knight Report (Rutgers Rivals). We talk about Rutgers sports, usually. "This podcast is entertaining. It also lacks any fundamental understanding of sports." -some guy on the internet
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The official podcast of The Knight Report (Rutgers Rivals). We talk about Rutgers sports, usually. "This podcast is entertaining. It also lacks any fundamental understanding of sports." -some guy on the internet






We Should Skip Schiano Maybe

Max fills Mike and Adam in on what happened vs. Minnesota. Did Chris Ash even bother trying to recruit New Jersey? Are you 'with Jeff'? The first ever listener song 'We Should Skip Schiano Maybe' debuts. Max follows it up with his newest song 'Greg's Still The One'. KenPom rankings are out! Are the guys excited about hoops season? Vlad calls in, Wanker of the Week, Washed or Not Washed and gambling picks finish up this episode.


Mad Online

MIke and Max, sans Adam, begin by giving their thoughts on the biggest news from the weekend, Rutgers fans who are mad online and Scott Goodale's Twitter response. They move on to discussing the football game against Indiana and break down all of the important stats, such as rushing yards and passing yard. After an obligatory discussion about the head coaching search, Max introduces a new machine to help guide the podcast without Adam. Various topics are discussed, such as the old Big East,...


Greg Sharona

Max and Adam are without Mike but start off the episode recapping another bad Rutgers loss. After discussing the Maryland game they jump into the news on Art Sitkowski and Raheem Blackshear's decisions to redshirt this season. Then Max's newest song about Greg Schiano debuts, followed by a call from their friend Fake Vlad. After discussing what realistic coaching candidates are out there, Adam and Max makes the pitch to get Urban Meyer. A new fashion segment, multiple Wankers Of The Week and...


They Just Took Chris Ash Away

Rutgers actually fired Chris Ash. Do you really need a description for this week? Just listen.


We Can Get Schiano Maybe

Adam, Mike, and Max are back. Since no one wants to read a long description, here's a rapid fire breakdown of the episode: Butch/Lyle Jones, Art Sitkowski's improvement, punching and electrocution celebrations, going for it (or not) on 4th down, how bad is losing to this BC team, should fans be more frustrated with Ash or Hobbs, Greg Schiano, a song, film review, and, of course, our gambling picks for week 5 in the league where they play...for no pay.


Is That Bad? w/ Scott Mutryn

Former Boston College quarterback and current BC sideline reporter Scott Mutryn joined as a guest. But first, Mike, Max and Adam give their week old thoughts on the Iowa game and wonder if there's any hope outside of our sweet punting prince. A new segment debuts featuring a beloved friend of the podcast. (25:35) Scott Mutryn then joins to talk about Boston College's loss to Kansas, gives a breakdown of BC football, tells us about his inglorious NFL career, the Hasselbeck brothers, and more....


Save Us Huggins w/ Savon Huggins

Former Rutgers running back and 5 star recruit Savon Huggins joins the podcast for over an hour for a discussion about his recruiting process, his time at Rutgers from 2011-2014, his struggles on the field, Greg Schiano stories, his motivational speaking, and much more. Visit for more information about Savon's football performance training and his motivational speaking. Follow us on Twitter: @RUScrewPod Send us a voicemail:


Do You Like Ham w/ Adam Jacobi

Adam Jacobi (Twitter: adam_jacobi) of Go Iowa Awesome, and also of the internet, joined as a guest. First, Mike, Adam, and Max discuss the UMass game and the positives that fans can take away from the 48-21 win. The guys then break down the biggest matchup of the weekend, Steve Politi vs. Clay Travis, and laugh about Hugh Freeze. (38:30) Adam Jacobi joins the podcast to discuss some Iowa football, the other Adam Jacobi, the Rutgers-Iowa basketball games from last season, and a lot of other...


Season Preview Extravaganza w/ Richie Schnyderite and Chris Nalwasky

Richie Schnyderite and Chris Nalwasky of The Knight Report joined as guests in this episode, which also includes guest appearances by 20 other people. Mike, Adam, and Max are joined by Richie and Chris for a wide ranging discussion about the start of Rutgers football season. Topics include the non-naming of a starting quarterback, the state of the offensive line, depth on defense, and much, much more. (44:45)After Richie and Chris left, Max had some things he wanted to say about the upcoming...


Name The Fight Song w/ Jerry Carino

Jerry Carino of the Asbury Park Press joined as a guest to discuss our favorite topic, paying the players. But first, Adam, Mike, and Max discuss what no one has discussed before and give their thoughts on the Rutgers football quarterback situation. The guys go through some anonymous quotes from Big Ten coaches about Rutgers football and then talk about the recent news regarding the low season ticket numbers. (33:25) Jerry Carino comes on for a wide ranging discussion about paying the...


Live-ish From The Eric LeGrand Cornhole Tournament

DJ Yoshi, Steve Politi, James Kratch, and Eric LeGrand joined the pod as guests on this episode, recorded live from the Eric LeGrand Cornhole Tournament on Saturday, August 3rd. (3:51) DJ Yoshi, the former DJ for Rutgers football games, talks with the guys about his time at Rutgers, the worst kinds of song requests, and his career highlights. (21:05) Mike delivers four of the most incredibly cringeworthy minutes in the history of recorded audio as he gives updates on Max and Adam's...


The Scarlet Screwlight w/ Danny Breslauer

Danny Breslauer of The Scarlet Spotlight joins Adam, Mike, and Max for the entire episode as a guest co-host. After briefly engaging in self indulgence and telling the story of how The RU Screw Podcast was created, the guys discuss the SHI Stadium naming rights deal (9:50) and the opening of the new football locker room. Football season is finally almost here, so the guys discuss many things about the upcoming season, including Art Sitkowski, WR play, Gary V, Chris Ash opening up to his...


Gronk Shots w/ Eric LeGrand

Eric LeGrand is the guest this episode (13:10). Max, Mike and Adam talk about the news that Rutgers and Michigan will be playing a wrestling and men's basketball double header at Madison Square Garden, as well as Big Ten Football Media Days. Eric LeGrand then joins the podcast. Topics include the Eric LeGrand Cornhole Tournament, the outlook for the Rutgers football program, being recruited by Greg Schiano, the 2008 Rutgers football team, diving on the ground for free shirts, drinking with...


So It's Come to This: A Clip Show

No new episode this week, since it's July and there's nothing to talk about. But we did put together a clip show, featuring our best moments from the first year of the podcast! If you're a long time fan, enjoy reliving our best moments, and if you're new, enjoy getting a sampling of the pod! 0:40 – Max and Mike mock Adam for betting the Rutgers moneyline vs Buffalo. (Episode 4) 2:39 – Who sucks less: Kyle Flood or Chris Ash? Possibly the funniest segment in show history. (7) 11:35 – Keith...


'Ello Guvnah

Mike, Adam, and Max discuss the news of UConn reentering the Big East, and give Rutgers fans permission to enjoy UConn’s misery. Next, they discuss the idea of ESPN College Gameday going to Rutgers for the 150th anniversary of college football. Mike takes a break from mocking Max’s mustache to try to guess the name of the new Rutgers baseball coach. Other Rutgers related topics include football recruiting, Rutgers basketball, and an update on the construction of The Rod. Mike has a new Tier...


Third Hamstring w/ Giovanni Rescigno

This week, Max, Mike and Adam have former Rutgers quarterback Giovanni Rescigno on as a guest (15:30). But first, they discuss the new statue going up outside of the football stadium and give their expert analysis on the newest Rutgers football recruits. They then bring Rescigno on to discuss a variety of topics, including golf, the proper way to cook a steak, important New Jersey debates, paying the players, and of course Rutgers Football. After, Eugene Omoruyi's transfer decision is...


Grit Tan Laundry w/ James Kratch

James Kratch of NJ Advance Media joins the podcast for the first time (34:55). But first, Max, Mike and Adam start off by discussing the fallout from Eugene Omoruyi's shocking transfer announcement, and how the Rutgers basketball team will move forward. Max eventually grows tired of talking about a player who is no longer at Rutgers, and goes on an epic rant hyping up the players currently on the team (14:25). They then talk about the strategic vision document released by Rutgers last week....


The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Special episode! Rutgers Athletics released its strategic plan, "The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence," this week. So, we decided to rearrange our schedules on Memorial Day Weekend to convene and give our thoughts on the plan. How will Rutgers improve on the field? How will they secure their future financially?


Beeline w/ CJ Gettys and Ryan Anderson

The guys have fancy new audio equipment, as well as TWO guests on this episode: former Rutgers basketball player CJ Gettys (19:51) and former Rutgers punter Ryan Anderson (59:21). Before the interviews the guys figure out how Michigan will replace John Beilein (maybe Steve Pikiell?). The guys get into the signing of Akwasi Yeboah and discuss the evolution of small ball in basketball, a conversation to which Mike only half listens. CJ Gettys is the first guest, discussing the British...


The Scarlet Seven

Max and Adam welcome Mike back to the podcast after his mysterious absence. We discuss the news that Travis Vokolek is transferring and examine the players who have transferred in and out of Rutgers the last few years. We read and laugh about what we believe to be the best hate message we have received to this point. Adam's phone goes off several times. The NFL Draft is discussed, including Rutgers' draft picks. We touch on our new favorite subject, Mike Francesa. Max poorly reads from an...