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The RV Show USA - August 21, 2019

Segment One: What would the RV Wingman do if he owned an RV Dealership? He shares some thoughts in a hypothetical what-if scenario and how he thinks some RVers would welcome the idea. Plus the wordiest parking lot sign in the world? It just could be! Segments Two & Three: After only 9 months being full-time RVers, The RV Odd Couple made $5,000 in one month. What did it take to do this? What’s their secret? Are there any shortcuts? Do YOU have what it takes to make $5,000 a month from...


The RV Show USA - August 14, 2019

Segment One: Have you ever heard of a tire blowout happening when a tire was sitting still? It happens more often that most people know. The RV Wingman gives his account of this freak blowout and attempts to explain it in not-so-technical terms. Plus, did you know that Ford F-350’s come with a reserve fuel tank? That’s what one RVer believed. Is this really true? Segment Two: RVers Jerry and Jeani Codrey are full-time RVers who make a good living while traveling the country. Sometimes their...


The RV Advisor and The Camping World Challenge

With 32 years in the RV Industry, Gigi Stetler has seen it all. A ferocious fighter and successful business woman, Gigi is also one of Florida’s most-loved RV Dealers (loved by her customers). In this interview, Gigi shares some of her tragic back-story that helped make her the successful business leader she is today. These experiences have also put her on a new journey as she heads up the first national group to support RV Consumers when they may struggle to get their RV out of RV Service...


I’m not a Hater of Camping World!

Gigi Stetler with The RV Advisor says she doesn’t hate Camping World but she hates hearing the seemingly endless stories from Camping World customers who cannot seem to get their RV out of the Service Department! Gigi is going to help 5 Camping World customers by fixing their RV for FREE!


Winnebago has to pay out $500,000 for a Lemon RV!

RV Lemon Lawyer Ron Burdge shares his recent success story representing a couple who filed a lawsuit against Winnebago for selling them a Lemon motorhome. It was a 3-year struggle and a week-long jury trial. But it only took the jury 2 hours to reach their decision. Cha-Ching! According to Burdge, this is an excellent example of how a manufacturer can be held responsible for selling a lemon!


The RV Show USA - August 7, 2019

Segment 1: According to Billy Graff from RV Station, some RVers put the wrong A/C unit on their RV; thinking that bigger is better. Billy says it’s not true. He also discusses multiple ways to keep cooler during even the hottest of weather. From inexpensive tricks to money-saving installation ideas, this short interview could save you time and money; and help keep you cooler in your RV. Segment 2: YouTube couple John and Laura Hebard didn’t know a thing about RVing until they jumped in...


Fired From Camping World! This ex-employee is naming names!

What happens when a veteran of the automotive industry goes to work for Camping World? According to Ricky Salyer, the culture at Camping World is not anything like he expected. In this interview, Ricky details situations of his employment that may be hard to believe. Ricky says he is not a hater and he hopes Camping World and Marcus Lemonis can turn their company’s reputation around. But it does sound like they have their work cut out for them.


The RV Show USA - July 31, 2019

The RV Wingman talks about wildlife/human accidents and how to avoid them, discusses “left-handed spatulas” (yes, there really is such a thing) and some Tips for RVers regarding their Insurance policy with some critical reasons to check the fine print. You may NOT have the insurance coverage you think you have. Then, Author, Dog Trainer and Full-Time RVer Juliet Whitfield visits with The RV Wingman about getting a dog “Campground Ready”, what it takes, and how to do it. And, while 2019 has...


Interview with RV Love! Part Two

With millions of views on their YouTube Channel, a series of How To Lessons for RVers and now a hot selling book published by Simon & Schuster, Marc & Julie Bennett share some thoughts and opinions on the RV Lifestyle. From RVers managing expectations to quality concerns on new RVs to the need for more Campgrounds (or not), we’ll cover a lot of ground with one of the most knowledgeable and friendly RVing couples in the country.


Interview with RV Love! Part One

Marc & Julie Bennett just celebrated their 5th Nomadiversary (Living Full Time in an RV) and are happier today than they were when they began. What are their biggest Fails in the last 5 years? What are their biggest successes? They answer these questions and many more as well as visit with Callers/Fans of their very popular YouTube Channel.


The RV Show USA July 24, 2019 Podcast

This podcast kicks off with a monologue from your RV Wingman, Alan Warren, followed by an interview with RV Station's Cannon Combs where he talks about why now is the best time to buy an RV. RV Nana, Diana LeBlanc-Link, visits with the Wingman and gives listeners tips on how to sell your RV. Then it's Marc & Julie Bennett with RV Love! It's a podcast you definitely don't want to miss!


Are YOU making your dog crazy? Part Two

In this Part Two of the RV Wingman's interview with Holistic Dog Trainer Roman Gottfried, you'll better understand what is going on inside your dog's head. You'll better understand the way your dog communicates. Gottfried's methods of dog training are certainly outside the typical "box" of dog training techniques. But this positive approach is working for countless dog owners around the country.


Holistic Dog Training? Hell yes! Part One

It's an outside-the-box approach to training your dog and it sure makes a lot of sense! Listen to Part One of the RV Wingman's interview with Holistic Dog Trainer Roman Gottfried. You'll hear and learn some things you probably never heard before (and your dog will thank you for it). Roman is a professional dog trainer who offers in-person and online classes to improve your dog's behavior and the relationship you have with your dog.


You may NOT be the Happy Camper that you think you are PLUS Girl Camper Janine Pettit

On this podcast of The RV Show USA, your RV Wingman, Alan Warren, kicks the show off with a "Must Listen" to Monologue. Then, Girl Camper, Janine Pettit joins the show and reflects on her Girl Camper Podcasts and the incredible connection she has made with RVers from coast to coast. She also announces an exciting raffle of a 2020 R Pod (by Forest River). It will be the first 2020 that comes off the line and it will be all decked out "by the Girl Camper". This awesome R Pod will be traveling...


The Truth about China Bombs!

According to Tire Expert Roger Marble (retired tire engineer), too many RVers blame tire failure on “China Bombs”. But is the failure really the fault of the tires? Roger Marble provides SO much valuable information that will help keep you safe and on the road in the conclusion of this 2-part interview with The RV Wingman.


China Bombs. Fact? Or Fiction?

Tire Engineer Roger Marble may be the most knowledgeable Tire and RV expert in the country. In this detailed interview, he discusses all aspects of tires and provides insight and information that can keep you safe including the often discussed “China Bombs”. Part One (of Two).


Camping World- Financial Problem Update!

With the busy summer RVing season upon us, is Camping World going to pull out of what looks like it’s financial problems? According to some, the answer is a resounding NO! Kevin Frazer joins The RV Wingman for a detailed conversation that will provide RVers and RV Industry insiders with an opportunity to see the future (and it may not be very pretty). If you are a holder of a Good Sam ESP, you can cancel it and get a full refund of the unused premium. But you’d better do it before it’s too...


The Bad Ass RV Lemon Lawyer kills it!

What do Angry RVers do when they have a Lemon RV? Many contact our friend the RV Lemon Lawyer, Ron Burdge. Ron joins The RV Wingman for a candid conversation about lemon RVs, what they are and what to do if you have bought one. Plus, learn the 9 Secret Words new RV Buyers should include on their purchase documents. This is a powerful, information filled interview. Hopefully, you’ll never need to know this information but if you do, it will be priceless.


Is another RV Industry Icon going to hang it up?

Chuck Woodbury, Editor or RV Travel has just celebrated the distribution of its 900th edition. Chuck says that the end is in sight. In this interview, Chuck shares his thoughts on his career and the RV Industry with Alan Warren, The RV Wingman. Will Chuck ride off into the sunset? Or will he remain in the RV Industry in some capacity?


RV Love, Tuesday Tips, a Dancing Dad, and MORE!

In this podcast of The RV Show USA, The RV Wingman (Alan Warren) is joined by Marc & Julie Bennett of RV Love, PPL Motor Homes' RV Nana (Diana LeBlanc-Link), and RV Station's Cannon Combs.