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Exhaust #24: Danny Thompson

Mickey Thompson was the racer of racers, a master driver, fabricator, and promoter with deep roots in every imaginable discipline. It's his innovation on the dirt side that crossed Mickey into the supercross world, first as the founder of short-course off-road racing for trucks and buggies, and later with stadium off-road racing. Mickey eventually gained control of all the races inside Anaheim Stadium (now Angel Stadium), including the Anaheim Supercross. Mickey's son Danny became a star as...


Exhaust #23: Kailub Russell

Second-generation stars have hit the big time: Aaron Plessinger, son of multi-time Grand National Cross Country Champion Scott Plessinger, swept both 250 championships this year, and Kailub Russell, son of National Enduro Champion Jeff Russell, is running toward six straight championships in today's GNCC racing. Kailub and Aaron have never actually raced each other, but they were at the same track on the same day when Kailub took a shot at Lucas Oil Pro Motocross at Unadilla two weeks ago....


2018 Ironman National Press Conferences

Post-race interviews from the Ironman National: 250 Class Aaron Plessinger, RJ Hampshire, and Chase Sexton 450 Class (11:57) Justin Barcia, Ken Roczen, and Marvin Musquin 450 Class Championship Press Conference (24:19) Eli Tomac


Exhaust #22: Jeff Stanton

Many greats have ridden for Team USA at the Motocross of Nations, but Jeff Stanton's name goes a little higher in the ranks than most. For three years, from 1989 to 1991, Stanton did hero work for the team, including two years where he singlehandedly kept the American win streak alive with dramatic last-minute charges. He's contributing to this year's RedBud edition of the MXoN in a new way, organizing a fundraising dinner on Friday before the race where fans get to dine with their heroes....


2018 Budds Creek National Press Conferences

Post-race interviews from the Budds Creek National: 250 Class Aaron Plessinger, Chase Sexton, and RJ Hampshire 450 Class (09:53) Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen, and Marvin Musquin


2018 Unadilla National Press Conferences

Post-race interviews from the Unadilla National: 250 Class Dylan Ferrandis, Aaron Plessinger, and Mitchell Harrison 450 Class (13:30) Marvin Musquin, Eli Tomac, and Phil Nicoletti


Exhaust #21: Broc Tickle

When Broc Tickle was provisionally suspended by the FIM for a failed anti-doping test under the WADA code, it rekindled all the complex conversations about drug testing in this sport. Fallout and finger-pointing came quickly, and even though many fans and industry sponsors pledged support for Tickle, he's still suspended for an indefinite matter of time, and he still lost his ride with Red Bull KTM. (Aldon Baker was Tickle's trainer at the time of the failed test, so his name often gets...


Exhaust #20: Growing Up Racing with McGrath, Cianciarulo, and Marchbanks

Each yeah at Loretta Lynn’s, Jason Weigandt hosts a Kawasaki and THOR/Parts Unlimited panel session where pro riders take questions from amateur riders and parents. This year’s panel featured Jeremy McGrath, Adam Cianciarulo, and Garrett Marchbanks—three riders representing three generations representing three different ways to enter the sport. McGrath’s plan was totally unique, as he didn’t even become a motocross racer until age 14 and famously likes to explain how badly he rode at...


2018 Washougal National Press Conferences

Post-race interviews from the Washougal National: 250 Class Aaron Plessinger, Alex Martin, Justin Cooper, and Joey Savatgy 450 Class (09:17) Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, and Ken Roczen


Exhaust #19: Totally Unprofessional (with Kevin Kelly)

You can get a one-week window into the world of amateur motocross racing via the annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Amateur Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn Ranch. That's what Jason Weigandt does, having announced the race for the last 13 years alongside DMXS Radio's Kevin Kelly. Kelly, though, also announces about a dozen other big amateur events each year. Want to know who to watch at Loretta's? Kevin knows. So after Weigandt has made approximately 300,000 appearances on Kevin's DMXS...


Staff Meeting: X Games, Marketing, and Beyond

The truth is, we could barely keep Racer X Online afloat last week, as co-bossman Chase Stallo was gone all week working for ESPN's X Games. Jason Weigandt did his best to keep the creative juices flowing on his own, but by this week, both men were spent. So they did what they usually do: picked up the phone to try to figure some stuff out. The only difference is that they recorded that conversation this time. Welcome to a new podcast, Staff Meeting, a part of the Racer X Podcast Network....


2018 Spring Creek National Press Conferences

Post-race interviews from the Spring Creek National: 250 Class Aaron Plessinger, Alex Martin, and Justin Cooper 450 Class (06:56) Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen, Marvin Musquin


Exhaust #18: Pingree on the New Bikes

The last month has witnessed a flood of new-bike press releases from the major manufacturers—so much so that it might be hard to remember what's new. Which 2019s have really advanced and which ones are sporting "revised settings" to go along with "bold new graphics?" Jason Weigandt chats up David Pingree to find out, and further, they start talking about key topics such as all-new bikes versus refined older models, the difference between Husqvarnas and KTMs, and more. Weigandt also spills...


How We Got Here: The Origins of Loretta Lynn’s MX

In the early 1980s, a trio of motorcycle racing promoters from Ohio and West Virginia were looking for a facility. A country music legend needed to fill a campground. A sanctioning body wanted more members and a marquee event. And amateur motocross racers wanted a true and fair national championship. In this special edition of the Racer X Podcast, Brett Smith of @wewentfast takes us on a documentary-style journey into the genesis of the Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta...


Exhaust #17: Humble Roots with Justin Brayton

We all know Justin Brayton didn't do it like others did. Brayton wasn't an amateur star, and as a teenager he had zero thoughts about actually making a living in the sport. He just loved dirt bikes, and he loved doing the work, so he kept improving, and it all worked out. But while we all know that about Brayton, do we actually know what his bizarre path really looked like? In this episode of the Racer X Exhaust Podcast, Brayton talks about him humble roots riding in Iowa, from not even...


2018 RedBud National Press Conference

Post-race interviews from the RedBud National: 450 Class Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin and Justin Barcia 250 Class (12:08) Dylan Ferrandis, Alex Martin and Shane McElrath


2018 Southwick Press Conferences

Post-race interviews from the Southwick National: 250 Class Dylan Ferrandis, Alex Martin and Shane McElrath 450 Class (7:52) Marvin Musquin, Eli Tomac and Justin Barcia


Exhaust #16: Breaking Down Barcia

Justin Barcia has lived in the spotlight since his minicycle days and is actually one of the first top pros to grow up riding full-time at a training facility. All of the ingredients were there for Barcia to win big—until his results took a dive, his confidence went south, and he found himself contemplating retirement ... and actually being okay with that. In this podcast, Barcia explains it all, from his early days to the changes he’s made to get back to the podium now. The Racer X...


2018 Muddy Creek National Press Conferences

Post-race interviews from the Muddy Creek National: 250 Class Shane McElrath, Dylan Ferrandis and Chase Sexton 450 Class (13:28) Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia and Marvin Musquin


Exhaust #15: 2001—A Pastrana Odyssey

It really makes no sense at all. Travis Pastrana, as a pro rookie, won the 2000 125 National Motocross Championship. A year later, he had already won his last professional race. During a tumultuous 2001 125 season, Pastrana, Grant Langston, and Mike Brown slammed each other on and off the track (weekly!) and battled through injuries, bike problems, and more. That season is most remembered as the one where Langston lost the title due to a broken wheel in the last moto, but it also marked...