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7 star match ... WTF?

Meltzer said a 4 1/2 star match is not epic.. Huh?; UFC 225 discussed; Busby as Dangerfield does Dusty's Hard Times promo... it's exactly what you think it is, both a mess and brilliant.. and a mess; new Raven song.. Sister Busby Hair Surprise; Broom Masters; bad puns; Gomer Pyle USMC Hammer; Free Willy Wonka; Thank you or F you w/Gypsy woman and... you'll love it; No more begging for viral tweets, instead use #BusbyMeansWell.. cause the little fella does.. mean well.. and he is kinda.....


Busby redeems himself ... not really, and all the slap dashery you expect

Busby reveals his masturbation schedule New Thank You or F You Busby still doesn't listen to the show Raven and Busby talk the latest UFC action-Wonderboy Thompson and Darren Till Carvel is not Dairy Queen, but it's close Fudgie the Whale beer comes into the world Busby decides he would have his foreskin put back on Guy swimming from Japan to L.A.-8 hours a day Quote of the Day, written by Raven Robert got fired? Already? Did he die? Busby's Redemption Bit: #VinceRussoGood Raven...


Raven talks about his stand-up tour last weekend

Enzo Amore raps back; Raven & Busby question pearl necklace and golden shower enjoyment which comes up while discussing ZZ Top... before they sold out; Saturn update; new song by Raven - theme from Monkees becomes Theme from Busbees; over-under on Raven getting around to setting up new computer by July; Busby does new bit, Demon Diaries... poorly! No commitment. Boooo! New Thank you, F&@k you; Raven plays too much Sudoku, plus call-backs, payoffs, and of course, all the usual perversions.


Roman Reigns' should become children's fashionwear-highly stylish!

New tv deals for Raw & Smackdown; we learn phrases banned at Augusta, that Raven is comfortable with his aging, and also that Busby's real name Chad is the douchiest name in America; Raven sings new original song "the Buzzbee of Life"; Busby again attacked by Skype for his obvious dickish ways; Raven becomes Busby's hype man and the Kobayashi Maru is brought up; Bret Hart not scheduled for the show doesn't show up; Patreon update, 750 5 star reviews will be Raven's wedding story to Selina...


Happy Birthday Busby!

Story of guy pulling Raven out of the ring for 600 5star reviews told; an enlightening discourse about FOMO; a scintillating rendition of Who's on First complete w/ bad impressions of both Abbott and Costello; the difference between IED's and IUD's; new song based on a Raven fav childhood cartoon, Yankee Doodle Pigeon; a Polish version of Who's on First; Patreon is shaping up; Busby returns to his dickish ways; Dog the Bounty Hunter - what DDP might've become? Raven gives away finish for...


Billy Corgan returns with a vengeance ... and reveals band's name origin

Raven & Billy have a heated discussion on whether or not to turn Roman Reigns; they discuss NWA, WWE & the evolution of wrestling promotions; Raven sings a new song. Alien talk and flat Earth wackos; Roko's Basilisk; 30th anniversary of the Smashing Pumpkins; should Raven sue the Baltimore Raven; Raven and Busby debut a new game, completely botch the "Who's on First" routine and of course most, but not all, of the usual perversions. Also the title above is a bit of a lie, there is no...


Billy Corgan to guest but Skype shuts him down

Raven apologizes to ECW Diva Francine; Quality punmanship; Jerry Valiant name game; Busby brings back Charles Bronson, learns the truth about Jack and Jill & talks about working on a shady project involving a sexy hypnotist; Kanye West meltdown on TMZ; Newser, recommendations and of course all the usual perversions.


More slap-dashery than usual ... which is saying something!

We discuss WWE going to Saudi Arabia; while no discussion is needed to know that the new Busby game will be going in the toilet; Thanos is one of Raven's fav comic book characters and bad puns are shit on again; this week is more conversational and will be a joy for those clamoring for that.. which Busby says there are people in that group but Raven remains dubious; we have Fan Mail, Newser, and of course all the usual perversions.


Bruno Sadly Passed ...

And we go from the tragic to the stupid as we discuss the McDonald's McGangBang to the questioning... Why do people ref? Why? Seriously, why would anyone want to ref? Bad Puns are put in their place; We also get solemn & serious and just as quickly pivot to ridiculous like the Rick & Morty Name Game 4; So I Married an Ax Murderer gives us our Quote of the Day as well as one from Barbara Bush... yes that Barbara Bush.. not a bush pubic hair joke, but a really well crafted quote and of...


How did R&B's Wrestle-A-Mania predictions hold up?

Raven got em all right & Busby got em all wrong, ha! So basically, virtue triumphs over Dickishness! Well maybe not virtue but you get it...; New song " Me So Busby", Raven's best so far.. which really doesn't say much; UFC 223 recap; new Rick & Morty name game; all rhyming Intro; multiple Quotes of the Day.. or is it Quotes of the Days.. or is it Quote of the Days? Either way.. or neither way.. there's an assload of absurdity and of course, all the usual perversions.


Raven & Busby (R&B) make their Wrestle-a-mania picks.. it is of course, highly ludicrous

Molly Holly cliffhanger is resolved (yup, we paid one off); Turd Ferguson fun facts; UFC 223 discussed (in a moderately intelligent fashion); more game 5 and game 34b, as well as brand new game, 76a, Roman numeral 2; and speaking of Roman, Raven solves Roman Reigns "over" problem; we hear from a female fan which if that isn't odd enuf, she's also a Buzz Aldrin and that's just the beginning; dickishness, xenophobia & misogyny abound, and of course all the usual perversions. If you've read...


Is there too much WWE in same arena W-Mania weekend?

Raven invents game 34, Busby invents game 5; Busby shits on Bozo the Clown even though he just dickish; Raven rewrites Tom Sawyer by Rush; Patreon possibilities; Molly Holly story cliffhanger-ed; last week's fan mail cliffhanger paid off w/some really odd dinner party guests...Hmm.. if you've read this far, you're prolly the only one, and all that can be said is well done!!! It's very exciting down here at the bottom. Much better than up at the top. Yeah... the top is for posers,...


Daniel Brian returns and we actually discuss it

Raven sings his own version of Run-DMC's King of Rock & blisters Busby with it; the Dickish Chronicles is all over the show; Blue Aardvark impressions on National Aardvark week; Newser Headline - man loses rectum in toilet; Busby still hasn't watched the Detour; Ruth Bader Ginsburg rocks a scrunchie; National Termite week and all sorts of nonsense, shenanigans, hijinx, and of course all the usual perversions*. *Oh, and Chico needed the money will not be appearing on this episode.


The One Year Anniversary Show!

In a love letter to our fans, we do a deep dive into their letters slash emails and discuss among other things, wrestling stuff... yes wrestling stuff like how Raven created his pose; flock favorites, etc. Also, how he stole Sandman's Go Away doormat; movie Sleeper and his Marine Corp time. Plus, his appearance on Louis Theroux, his former disdain for silver sharpies as well as much, much more. There's plenty of Busby's dickishness and of course all the usual perversions.


R&B (Raven & Busby) prove unequivocally that they are idiots

Hilariously botched intro; Raven sings cartoon theme songs horribly off key & debuts new yet rotten impressions; obscure references aplenty.. The Bugaloos, Clue Club, Captain Kangaroo; Busby behaves dickishly as usual; Newser returns as a woman gives a shoe to her hallucination; a name game too ridiculous for words, as well as fan mail, Dick Snarl, and of course all the usual perversions.


Horrible impressions galore!

Bad impressions by Raven & Busby are a highlight of this week's as usual slap dash put together episode; Raven gets on his soapbox momentarily to get serious about gun control; Busby behaves dickishly; UFC predictions of Sunday's fights that already occurred.. but not to them; BuzzBea Arthur; Rick & Morty name game pt 2; does the name Pavlov ring a bell? And of course all the usual perversions


The Night of Not Any Stars!

A veritable 3 ringed circus of shameless & shameful depravity featuring naked butt tug of war, ecstasy & GHB, naked boob line-ups, people passing out while having sex, condemned row homes, sharpie drawn on passed out faces, chicks named Fred and Bernie, a failed foot massage, Fat Kevin, mud rooms, stripper chicks, how Chad became Busby Berkeley, Filipino mail order brides, forgotten Superman soundtrack & cape, or in other words... Your basic rock star drug addled weekend featuring...


Raven so on fire, Busby’s dickishness can’t put it out

Raven creates greatest (worst?) tag team ever; Rotten impressions galore; Name game 1 - Rick and Morty; Name game 2 - it's a doozy; Name game 3 Busby's impressions - it's a don'ty; new original Raven song; Raven's man crush, ruined by Busby; dissection of Rockhold vs Romero; viewer mail; quote of the day; Raven almost plugs some bookings, xenophobia runs wild, recommendations are made, and of course all the usual perversions.


The most wrestling adjacent episode ever

UFC titles analyzed; Busby diagnosed; Another Raven original song butchered; Pink's early "dancing" career discussed - apparently Raven knew her; February holidays questioned; Popeye supporting characters in name game; Very Adjacent League formed! Or, VAdj League for short; dickishness, Jeep Swenson, Michael Stipe Miocic, Chyna, China Syndrome, Alice the Goon - not Bill Irwin the Goon; Acronyms one more time; Eagles win Super Bowl while local Philly fan eats horsepoop, and of course all...


R&B (Raven & Busby) discuss R&R (Royal Rumble) - well, parts of it

R&B book cartoon character Royal Rumble; Busby's Nation renamed.. poorly; Raven writes and sings original musical composition; bad impressions of Jim Ross are performed; NEWSER rocks.. while rocks should be thrown at Busby new game; Bugsy McGraw & Greg Valentine in name game; Rory MacDonald vs Douglas Lima, Tesla Death Ray, Katharine Heigl, Beetle Bailey, IKEA, and National Menudo day - the band or the food? And of course all the usual perversions.