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A weekly football (soccer) podcast hoping to spread a love and passion for Major League Soccer and both the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams.

A weekly football (soccer) podcast hoping to spread a love and passion for Major League Soccer and both the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams.
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A weekly football (soccer) podcast hoping to spread a love and passion for Major League Soccer and both the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams.






USA Soccer: Eagles and Opossums

Being a USA Soccer fan can be rough sometimes. Oh well, at least we have three world cups going on four. Thanks for tuning into the Rise and Blaze Soccer Show, your new home for MLS and USA soccer happenings, news, and bad jokes. Join us as we celebrate our World Cup campaign by discussing the record breaking victory over Thailand. On a much sadder note, we also begrudgingly discuss the current state of the USMNT, which appears to be one hot pocket microwave fire away from blowing up my...


MLS Taco Economics

Join the R&B Boys as we reminisce over the champions league and a spicy weekend of MLS action. Ever heard of Flo Sports? More like No-sports. The US U20 "baby yanks" march past France in the world cup thanks to a second half wonder showing by some wonder kids. Once again Big Bad Bill Hamid does not make a friendly call up against Jamaica. The R&B Boys toast one of MLS' finest, Zack Steffen, as we bid him ado. Farewell big Steff, thanks for the memories. Don't forget to check out the USWNT 3x...


Timber Joey Volume I

In honor of drunken writers syndrome and the return of Portland Timbers to their beloved home field stadium, the Rise and Blaze boys have concocted something truly unique and probably a little bit disturbing. Its here, the beginning of our first Timber Joey fan fiction. All we ask is you return the book when you are done with it Taylor. The pod is blazing up as Aaron is back this week to give us his unique takes on MLS and the bundisliga as well as dropping by with his top 5 deadliest teams...


R&B Special: The Soccer Rabbi

The R&B Soccer Show had the pleasure of talking football with Mark Asher Goodman, aka the "Soccer Rabbi". Mark is a celebrated soccer journalist and writer for the Denver Post and R&B's own Mark and Nick pick the brain of the Soccer Rabbi for his opinion of some of the scariest teams in MLS, expansion speculation, and the difference between some MLS 1.0 and MLS 3.0 sides, and much more. Rapids fans will get a kick out of this pod special, as there has never been a...


Eye of the Wondo

And now his watch is ended... Chris Wondowlowski has vanquished the all time MLS scoring record formerly held by our own USA legend - Landon Donovan. Dax Mccarty and the Chicago Fire were in the wrong place at the wrong time as the moon perfectly aligned on Wondo, granting him power and a lust for goals. Two American footie legends, Demarcus Beasley and Chad Marshall, have announced their retirement from professional football. A sad day for all dynamo and sounders supporters indeed. Pour one...


CR7 Bangers and Mash

A slight rain drizzles across the Seattle city skyline. It isn't rain but rather the tears of salty Sounders fans who want vengeance for two straight goal of the week debacles. Christian Roldan, commonly known as CR7, is serving up a healthy serving of BANGERS and mash after being denied his glory by the league. The R&B boys are back breaking down some of the happenings within MLS. Bruce Arena is back and has landed in New England. The future looks bright for the USA U-17's. The Lamar Hunt...


The Chopping Block

Anthony Hudson and Alan Koch are the first managers to be voted off the island or axed from the league by Timber Joey. How will each of these weakened teams respond to abysmal starts to the season? Deadline day is upon us, the most hectic transfer sagas continue in MLS as teams are making moves trying to fill roster spots. Big names are headed to MLS and some seasoned veterans are traded for fake Garber Bucks. Join the rise and blaze boys as they reminisce about which players they'd of liked...


R&B Special: Dad Jokes and Atlanta United vs Colorado

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe McCane, my father, as he and some friends trekked out to the Benz to behold the majesty of Atlanta United. New five stripes scarf in hand, he walked the stadium grounds soaking up all the MLS passion that has graced the city of Atlanta. We discuss the atmosphere of the game day experience, the flavor of the pulled pork mac and cheese, and the taste of a game day IPA. The chemistry of the Martinez duo has yet to click and Joe shares how the fans and...


El Leon vs La Panterita

Mark walks into a dark room. Chairs are oriented in a circle, there's donuts in one corner with cold coffee. Everyone is wearing burgundy and blue jerseys. It's Mark's turn to speak now. "Hi everyone, My name is Mark and I am a Colorado Rapids supporter, and My team has yet to win an MLS game this season." Panting, Mark wakes from his dream. Sorry Mark, this is no dream. The rapids are now the only win-less team in MLS to date. Maybe things will change for them when they take on ATL at the...


Battle in the West:A Clash of Two Titans

MLS script writers were surely on vacation when the MLS office Interns scheduled two matches of Mythological proportion back to back so early in the season. Two Titans of the Western Conference, LAFC and Seattle, will surely leave it all on the pitch as the west will be decided between these two bloodbath matches. Here at the Rise and Blaze Soccer Show we pride ourselves on bringing you the most excellent MLS comedic MLS news and bits. This is why the Rise and Blaze Soccer show is growing...


Timber Joey Vs Sammy Sounder

Move over Timber Joey, there is a new Killer (whale) Mascot in MLS. Soccer in the USA is about to take off as ESPN+ partners with the US Open cup. Torontoians? Torontoites? are finally allowed to Tailgate before games! Alex Morgan and the USWNT are flying high heading into the World Cup in France. SKC and MLS are surely doomed to crash out of the Champions League. In league play, LAFC continue to dominate the pitch and the standings. Marks' Burgundy depression is in free fall this season as...


Atlantis United

"Thanks for joining our deep see diving crew. Remember to keep your hands in the vehicle at all times and please keep your Frank De Boor out tweets to a minimum. Thank you for joining us on our sunken tour of the long forgotten franchise Atlantis United. It is said they were a powerful footballing team within the Greater Americas region, but overnight they vanished to the bottom of the East." MLS is heating up with rumors and big international announcements for upcoming games. The King of...


R&B Special: March Camp In Review

On this Rise and Blaze pod special, the boys break down the happenings of March camp for the US Men's National Team. We learned a lot from our friendlies with Ecuador and Chile, and I'm sure the lads wearing the stars and stripes have a bunch of tape to go over. The sun, the moon, and the stars align over Gyasi Zardes, as he was gifted a goal by the footballing gods against Ecuador. Arturo Vidal dukes it out with our 'General' on the pitch. European stars Pulisic and Mckennie are forced off...


Week of Accama-Kljestan

International break is in the swing of things around the world, but here in MLS, the party doesn't stop. Is Julian Gressel headed to Germany? Is Bobby Wood the most american sounding name of all time? Will Waka ever find his ATL ring? So real talk, I am worried about Mark. He is not taking the start of the Rapids season well, I'll just say that. Sacha shows Red Bull arena he's still got the goods in his former home stadium. David Accam on the eve of his father's passing, played one of his...


Rise and Blaze Special: FC Cincinnati Claims Another Fan

I had the Pleasure of sitting down with Nick. He is a lover of all things football and brews. He took a chance and purchased tickets for FC Cincinnati's inaugural game against the Portland Timbers. He was not disappointed or let down in any way by the atmosphere the stadium provided, or by the FCC players performance on the pitch. Join me, as I pick his brain for some juicy details about this historic MLS fixture.


Club Internacional de Futbol Miami de Fort Lauderdale

David Beckham's stadium plan for Miami has hit rock bottom. It's time for plan F as Inter Miami might call Fort Lauderdale home in their inaugural MLS season. MLS is in full stride as Week three delights us with some commanding performances. Seattle look to be on a hot streak as they lead the Supporter's shield race. Steffen steps down from our Ecuador and Chile friendlies, and Jesse Gonzalez takes his place. Rooney bags his first MLS hat-trick as RSL crumble around the pitch conceding two...


We're All SKC Fans Now: USMNT March Camp Preview and CCL MLS Woes

USMNT Coach Gregg Berhalter calls in his chosen 24 players to lead the charge to March Camp. How do newcomers to GB's system (Pulisic, Mckennie, and Adams) fit in with current MLS stars? The boys give their best shot at a predicted starting 11 for this USMNT side. CONCACAF Champions league has been a black eye to many MLS sides. Sporting Kansas City is the ONLY MLS side still in the tournament. Why do MLS sides fail in CCL? How do we improve in this international tournament? The boys discuss...


You Never Forget Your First

Week two of MLS left us with a sour taste in our mouths as VAR rears its ugly head once again. Basti and the Boys manage to scrape back a point from Lion Tamer Nani and Co. Steffen comes up big for Columbus as the Crew and Zardes rout the Revs. Zlatan watches from afar as his team look to be in trouble without their star captain and God. Minnesota truly look to be a new side this year, as they bag their 2nd away win of the season. A handful of Colorado fans watch on in horror as their side...


Bradogeddon: The Baldening!

"The Seventh Seal will be broken, the bald one will be our instrument of doom" - Gigax Baldenium chapter 3 verse 69. MLS 3.0 is back with a bang. Mark goes MIA in the Colorado Tundra. Top notch matches slated for post season accidentally received clearance by the MLS script writers. Cmon' get it together Donny boy. A TFC performance against the Union is being watched in several doomsday homes. Orlando and NYCFC kicks things off with a controversial draw. The Redbull's forget to bring their...


R&B special - She Believes Cup: USA vs Japan

A short Rise and blaze mini pod featuring our world champions of football. As the USWNT prep for the upcoming World Cup in France, the boys at Rise and Blaze dive into supporting our 3x world champs in style. To learn about some of the players behind the badge, the boys do a mock draft for our players. Tobin Heath and Megan Rapinoe led the USA's charge against our Japanese arch rivals. She believes cup features some of the best in the women's game right now with the likes of USA, England,...