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A weekly football (soccer) podcast hoping to spread a love and passion for Major League Soccer and both the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams.

A weekly football (soccer) podcast hoping to spread a love and passion for Major League Soccer and both the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams.
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A weekly football (soccer) podcast hoping to spread a love and passion for Major League Soccer and both the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams.






Bye Bye Basti & MLS Playoff Predictions

Our favorite German Footballer in MLS finally hangs up his boots. Basti will be missed and thankfully we have so many wonderful footballing memories of him to hold onto. From his world cup victory with Die Mannschaft, to his Maestro days at Bayern, to his infamous World Cup winning press conference with the Chicago Fire. Join the Boys of Rise and Blaze as we give our farewells to Basti! In other news around MLS, Orlando City sack their head coach once again, making that their 4th sacking in...


Inter Messi

The boys are back just in time for MLS deadline day! MLS script writers once again nail scheduling and have delivered intense match ups for our final day of the regular season! Once a fly on the wall, now the Rapids resemble more a pesky Godzilla sized wasp. There is a chance (.... No way this actually happens...right?) that the Rapids can qualify for the playoffs. They simply need the moon, the stars, and Zlatan to align in just the right order. They will have to face the Barcelona of MLS,...


R&B Special: LA Galaxy, a Rise and Blaze MLS Story? with Kellen Abreu

Nick and Mark sit down with hardcore LA Galaxy, Sacramento Republic supporter, and soccer writer, a Mr. Kellen Abreu. Kellen's seen the glory days of his beloved Galaxy under Big Bad Bruce Arena, as well as their horrendous blaze out of the MLS cup playoffs last year at the hands of the Dynamo. A bizarre team in current MLS culture, the Galaxy spend with the rest of them, but haven't returned to their 5x MLS Cup Champion Form (even with Zlatan....) Optimistically waiting for Sacramento to...


R&B Special: Cascadia Double Header

Rise and Blaze had the pleasure of chatting with spirited MLS fans Max and Taylor! One born a Sounder, the other a Timber. Somehow they make it work even though their respective teams despise each other. Their story is unique but it proves that we are all more alike than we think in this zany MLS fandom. For all you PNW fans out there, let me be the first to welcome you to the CASCADIA DOUBLE HEADER, dubbed by owners of the phrase (Max and Taylor!). Come share a few drinks with us as we chat...


The Deuce Continuum

We've done it. We've cracked the code. Mathematically speaking a penta-Deuce should be possibly but scholars hotly debate the existence of the Deuce Continuum. Welcome to the Rise and Blaze soccer show! This episode we break down the race for the wooden spoon and who can rival FCC for bringing home kitchen ware. We toast a brave NYCFC supporter for being our HERO OF THE WEEK in MLS. Expansion class of 2017 met in the US open Cup Final of 2019. The cup gave us many memories including: our...



Oh man, What a good week to be an MLS fan. First we got a newly crowned Atlanta United hoisting the Campeones Cup over a Liga MX side, and now we have a new addition to our MLS family! All hail St. Louis who will be entering the league in the 2022 season. A city known for its undying support of sports culture and the proud inventors of ice cream cones and Taylor Twellman has it's eyes set on an MLS cup, led by MLS' first female led ownership group. LAFC just broke the top 100 football clubs...


MLS Transfer Window Round-Up

The boys share too many drinks drowning their sorrows as both the Rapids and the Sounders fail to make heads move during this MLS transfer window. League Bullies, LAFC, Earn an A+ in our book as their front office is determined to crush any MLS opposition in their way. Let's all hope they don't choke in the playoffs this year... The Galaxy also impress this window while also silently flipping the bird to MLS. The Galaxy never fail to pressure the league to change the rules, but this time,...


R&B Special: Rowdy and Proud (with ATL Fan TV)

The boys of Rise and Blaze had the pleasure of sitting down with AJ of ATLANTA UNITED FAN TV, one of Atlanta United's worst kept secrets. Atlanta United Fan TV started out as an homage to European Football and is now making headway within Atlanta and the greater MLS community. We ask AJ about the journey of his labor of love Fan Project and just how volatile the rivalry is with THRASH CITY SC truly is (Sorry Orlando fans...). We pour one out for Tata and Miggy and settle the score on the ATL...


R&B Special: Hey Now You're An All Star...

Rise and Blaze takes a long, hard look at the current state of the MLS All star game. Can it improve, how could it change, and who invited Alexi? Help us wish Bastian Schweinsteiger a happy Birthday! Alles gute Basti! This years ALL star game was full of laughs, love, profanity, and the inevitable Zlatan one liners. Join the Boys on a trip to the Skills Challenge as NANNNI showcased his talents in the dying seconds of the challenge. Youngster Joao Felix of Atletico Madrid would later get...


Sir Dabs-a-Lot

MLS all stars is coming and we will have a special out soon about MLS All Star Shenanigans. In this episode of Rise and Blaze Soccer Show: Landon learns how to dab like a proper lad, Jake rattles off his top 5 SCARIEST teams in MLS right now, We toast Jill Ellis for giving us so many stars with the USWNT. Ajax have landed an american youngster and the Becks is finally making moves transfer wise with Inter Miami. Orlando City while hosting MLS All Stars get to celebrate another Designated...



Oh boy... You can't make this stuff up. News Just In: Zlatan does Zlatan things again. Suprised? I know you are. "I'm a Ferrari among Fiats" was taken to a whole new level by our Swedish Lion this week as he bossed it on the pitch, silenced his doubters, and managed to break El Munir's Face. Oh and he also scored an amazing hat-trick. There is a serious discussion being had within the greater MLS community about whether or not El Traffico is becoming MLS' greatest rivalry match up. Portland...


51 Ways to Cozmo's Heart

Join us and 1.4 million people who are about to discover an apocalyptic truth that is hidden underground in a vault in Area 51. Cozmo's extra terrestrial brothers and sisters no doubt are being held against their will, forced to forever give up the beautiful game, and it's up to the boys at Rise and Blaze to set them free. Football is for all, regardless of what species you hail from. The boys explain the inception of the wooden spoon award and who are likely front runners to claim such a...


Carlitos and Zoltan's Big Slime

Now that the World Cup and the Gold Cup are done and dusted, we can head back to the promised land. GO USA! Zlatan Irbahimovank along with rival LA player Carlos Vela have both been nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards for Favorite Soccer Player! Ever wanted to see these boys slimmed and dripping with green, gooey goodness? Yes, well lets just say R&B just got tickets to the show so we can see the glory live. BREAKING---- MLS TRANSFER WINDOW IS NOW OPEN---- That means spicy made...


R&B Special: Four Stars On A Shirt

The campaign is over! Sound the drums and play the trumpets! Our ladies return home from across from the pond with a shiny, new trophy in hand. They've battled past some of the toughest opposition in the women's game and every one of those ladies should be proud of such a dominant performance. Cheers to you all on earning the USWNT's FOURTH STAR! Join the boys of Rise and Blaze as we take a look at some of the tactical decisions that decided the outcome of the world cup final and what comes...


The Quarter Final, Final

The clash of two lady titans of the footballing world has come and gone leaving many breathless. The USWNT rises to the occasion once again thanks to a heroic performance by own Megan Rapinoe. Bless you Ms Rapinoe. Join the boys of Rise and Blaze as they break down the hottest moments during the match with the cup hosts. The Gold cup is raging on as we speak, go support your USA Men's team as they endure on the quest for world cup qualification. Who should be the starting Center Back...



It is finally here. The Ultimate Bracket Knockout tournament of the year, featuring MLS' greatest mascots. Yes, Players on the pitch may get all the glory, babes (or dudes), and recognition; but, We all know the real spine of every good team is a rocking Mascot to pump up the masses when the boys on the pitch cant produce. Join the Boys of Rise and Blaze as they dive deep into MLS fandom and Lore to uncover who should be crowned "Best MLS Mascot". If you'd like to follow along or make...


USA Soccer: Eagles and Opossums

Being a USA Soccer fan can be rough sometimes. Oh well, at least we have three world cups going on four. Thanks for tuning into the Rise and Blaze Soccer Show, your new home for MLS and USA soccer happenings, news, and bad jokes. Join us as we celebrate our World Cup campaign by discussing the record breaking victory over Thailand. On a much sadder note, we also begrudgingly discuss the current state of the USMNT, which appears to be one hot pocket microwave fire away from blowing up my...


MLS Taco Economics

Join the R&B Boys as we reminisce over the champions league and a spicy weekend of MLS action. Ever heard of Flo Sports? More like No-sports. The US U20 "baby yanks" march past France in the world cup thanks to a second half wonder showing by some wonder kids. Once again Big Bad Bill Hamid does not make a friendly call up against Jamaica. The R&B Boys toast one of MLS' finest, Zack Steffen, as we bid him ado. Farewell big Steff, thanks for the memories. Don't forget to check out the USWNT 3x...


Timber Joey Volume I

In honor of drunken writers syndrome and the return of Portland Timbers to their beloved home field stadium, the Rise and Blaze boys have concocted something truly unique and probably a little bit disturbing. Its here, the beginning of our first Timber Joey fan fiction. All we ask is you return the book when you are done with it Taylor. The pod is blazing up as Aaron is back this week to give us his unique takes on MLS and the bundisliga as well as dropping by with his top 5 deadliest teams...


R&B Special: The Soccer Rabbi

The R&B Soccer Show had the pleasure of talking football with Mark Asher Goodman, aka the "Soccer Rabbi". Mark is a celebrated soccer journalist and writer for the Denver Post and R&B's own Mark and Nick pick the brain of the Soccer Rabbi for his opinion of some of the scariest teams in MLS, expansion speculation, and the difference between some MLS 1.0 and MLS 3.0 sides, and much more. Rapids fans will get a kick out of this pod special, as there has never been a...