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Episode 21 - Can You Handle This?

We preview Money In The Bank and TakeOver: Chicago, but before all that we discuss CM Punk's court case and utter failure as an MMA fighter, whether Ricochet will make the main roster or go to the Land of the Lost... er... I mean... 205 Live, and we get the run down on things outside of WWE in a new segment, Wrestling Hipster w/ John Figueroa.


Episode 20 - Back... And Better Than Ever!

After another long hiatus, the boys are back and ready to share their opinions on everything going on both inside and outside of the squared circle. We discuss the new billion dollar Fox TV deal, whether or not John Cena and Nikki Bella's breakup is a work, Eric Bischoff's burial of Bret "The Hitman" Hart, the political and social implications of the Greatest Royal Rumble, and somehow, after all of that, we still find time to preview the upcoming Money In The Bank card.


Episode 19 - The Return

It's really happening... the boys are back after a near 6-month hiatus and they've got plenty to talk about. We discuss the year that was 2017, the winners, the losers, the best matches, the worst decisions, and so much more. Thanks for supporting us and subscribing and be sure to spread the word. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @runinpodcast


Episode 18 - Great Balls of Ish

Justin and Brad are back LIVE-ish this week with an all new episode to discuss what went down at Great Grapefruits... err... Balls of Fire! We're discussing the entire card and looking down the road as we start heading toward the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, Summer Slam. Follow us on social media @RunInPodcast


Episode 16 - La Tarjeta de Fig

We gave ourselves a project. Build an 8-match card, without repeating wrestlers, that showcases what this business we love is all about. Build it for a non-wrestling fan so that they can begin to understand the athleticism, passion and storytelling that is professional wrestling. Fig takes a shot at it first and we discuss why his matches are some of the greatest of all time. Follow us on social media @RunInPodcast


Episode 15 - What's Happening

This week we're discussing the results of Money In The Bank. All the pros, cons, and what ifs that surround that along with our forecast of what we expect and hope to see from WWE in the coming months. Agree? Disagree? Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by following @RunInPodcast


Episode 14 - What Chacon-A Do

This week our buddy Robert Chacon stops by to help us break down the card for this year's Money In The Bank show. We discuss how over Jinder Mahal's rug is, whether or not Becky Lynch should wear jeans, and give our picks for who we think is coming out on top this Sunday. Also, in true wrestling fashion, we kick out of a false finish to give you just a little something extra at the end. Follow us on social media @RunInPodcast


Episode 13 - Singapore Canes & Oxygen Tanks

After a week off, the boys are back and geez... what a podcast! We start off with a conversation with race and murder, then we get into what happened at Extreme Rules. As we shift to discussion of Raw and Smackdown, Fig decides to take hits off a random oxygen tank in his house and, well... that statement alone describes how far off the rails this episode goes. Audio insanity for your earholes. Enjoy! Follow us online @RunInPodcast


Episode 12 - Who Turned Out The Lights

We try to discuss NXT TakeOver Chicago and WWE Backlash when all of a sudden we lose power. So here's what we were able to salvage. Luckily it includes a great cameo by Brad's wife and our thoughts on a few of the TakeOver matches. Enjoy! Follow us on social media @RunInPodcast


Episode 11 - Boiler Room Tacos

The show goes flying off the rails this week as the boys try to discuss the NXT TakeOver Chicago card and the Smackdown exclusive PPV, Backlash. Somehow Fig ends up exploring the boiler room, Justin forgets we're recording a podcast, and the boys have to decide between two of life's top pleasures, wrestling and tacos. I know, this synopsis doesn't make any sense to me either... Follow us on social media @RunInPodcast


Episode 10 - Vegas, Reno, and Other Lands of Opportunity

Fig returns with tales from Sin City. Hear about his run in (see what I did there!) with a poker legend, a prostitute, and more. We also discuss the upgrade to our logo and artwork, oh, and believe it or not, we manage to talk about a little wrestling too. Follow us on social media @RunInPodcast


Episode 09 - House of Horrible?

While Fig is living it up in Sin City, Justin and Brad are here to give you their thoughts on the aftermath following the Payback PPV. Did they actually enjoy the House of Horrors match? You might be surprised by the answer! Follow us on social media @RunInPodcast


Episode 08 - Payback Poo Poo

Well folks, Payback is upon us and the boys are not really excited about it. We run through the card and discuss all the bad booking issues surrounding this pay-per-view event. What matches do we actually care about on Sunday, and which do we hate? Plus, we talk a little pigskin and reveal the details of a 2-year long bet between JMac and Fig. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @RunInPodcast


Episode 07 - Tell Me A Story

IT'S STORYTIME! Justin is out , so we're taking a break from the usual and telling our own wrestling tales. You'll hear about how Mrs. Figueroa attempted to save Shawn Michaels from a beatdown, the boys getting props from the NWO, and how Fig convinced an arena full of people to boo Jim Ross. You don't wanna miss this one!


Episode 06 - Shake Shake Shake

We discuss the Reigns/Strowman backstage brawl/attempted murder/ambulance flip as well as the Superstar Shakeup and what possible matches we might see in the near future. Brad also unveils our new Homework segment where we give you a great match or storyline to revisit on the WWE Network.


Episode 05 - Hot Tag After Mania

We're starting hot this week with our new segment, HOT TAG! Our buddy David drops by to share his thoughts on some of your favorite WWE Superstars. Then the boys will discuss all the returns, retirements, and debuts surrounding WrestleMania week. We'll talk about the surprise return of the Hardys, The Undertaker's apparent retirement, Roman's 10-minute boo fest, and all the call-ups from NXT before next week's Superstar Shakeup.


Episode 04 - Wrestlemania Preview - Week 2 - 3.30.17

We continue our discussion of the Wrestlemania card and things get a little heated over the potential futures of Roman Reigns and John Cena. We also discuss our Wrestlemania drinking game!


Episode 03 - Wrestlemania Preview - Week One - 3.22.17

Fig takes the reigns (pun intended) as the fellas break down the card for Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando. This week we look at the undercard as we discuss the John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse feud, the IC title match between Ambrose & Corbin, as well as the women and tag team title situations of both Raw and Smackdown. We kick it all off by discussing the salacious scandal surrounding Paige and Xavier Woods.


Episode 02 - Fastlane Fallout

We will discuss the fallout from Fastlane as we look down the road to Wrestlemania. We unpack the events of this week, including the removal of AJ Styles from the WWE title match, Goldberg as your new Universal Champion, Braun Strowman's place on the card at Mania, and the hot, hot, fire in the Cena/ Miz angle. Plus, what happened when Fig watched and ENTIRE Roman Reigns match from start to finish? Subscribe NOW!


Episode One - The Fastlane Menace

The guys discuss the final RAW (and SmackDown) before this Sunday's Fastlane PPV. Who is walking away with the titles? How is the Wrestlemania 33 card shaping up? What does this mean for guys like John Cena, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, and Goldberg? Are the Hardy's coming to WWE and is that a good thing? And, just how much does Fig hate Roman Reigns?