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Every Friday, the editors of Canadian Running Magazine discuss the culture and sport with two or three relevant topics, usually with special guests. Plus, our weekly recommendations!

Every Friday, the editors of Canadian Running Magazine discuss the culture and sport with two or three relevant topics, usually with special guests. Plus, our weekly recommendations!
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Every Friday, the editors of Canadian Running Magazine discuss the culture and sport with two or three relevant topics, usually with special guests. Plus, our weekly recommendations!






12 Ultra's, 12 countries, 5 continents: One woman's goal to run the world

Three years ago Rachel Sklar decided to run her first marathon. The ghostwriter from Thornhill had a background in the combat sport of Muay Thai but was far from an experienced runner. That all changed following her first race in 2016. Eight months after her marathon debut, Sklar challenged herself to a 50km trail ultra, and she hasn't looked back. This year, Sklar is setting a much bigger challenge for herself: to race 12 ultra marathons in 12 countries over 12 months. Throughout 2019, she...


Goal Setting and Year In Review

This episode is a year-end Shakeout Special. We revisit an episode from last year in which former Canadian Running web editor Sinead Mulhern chats with sports psychologist Kim Dawson about realistic goal setting. We also bring you goal setting advice from Cameron Levins, Rachel Cliff and Mohammed Ahmed. All three made our Canadian Running list of Top Ten Canadian Performances of 2018. We close out our last show of the year with a very special musical treat from Canadian Running contributor...


The Streakin' Speedsters and the Santa Speedo Run

This is the time of year for family, fun, and festivities. But it is also an opportunity to give to those in need. Charities use a variety of fund-raising methods around the holidays, but one group employs a unique approach. The Toronto Santa Speedo Run is the brainchild of "Head Santa" Matt Freeman. The premise is simple: your friends and family pledge money to watch you run through the streets of downtown Toronto, in December, dressed in nothing but a bright red speedo. It started in 2005...


Pro tips for injury-free winter running with Dylan Wykes and Kris Sheppard

As the holidays draw near, so do treacherous weather conditions. Staying safe and healthy can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Luckily, we’ve found some excellent resources to help you navigate the uncertainty of the season. In this episode we talk with chiropractor, strength coach and co-founder of The Runner's Academy Dr. Kris Sheppard. We also talk with elite-runner-turned-coach Dylan Wykes. These guys offer advice on how to train smart and stay injury-free throughout the darkest...


Eat Your Way Strong Through The Holidays

Throughout the month of December, we are bringing you episodes dedicated to realistic self-improvement. This as a chance to get a jump on the things that you want to be a little bit better at in the new year. This month-long series is designed to get you in a festive spirit and help you hit the ground running in 2019. Our first episode is all about food. As we enter the holiday season, it can be tough to keep nutrition on track. We chat with elite marathoners and nutrition buffs Kim Doerksen...


Arctic researcher turned Olympian: Gen Lalonde's victorious return to XC

New Brunswick native Geneviève Lalonde threw her arms up in triumph as she crossed the finish line at the Canadian Cross-Country Championships last weekend. Better known for her exploits on the track--she is an Olympic finalist and has lowered her own Canadian 3000m steeplechase record 3 times--Gen entered the race as somewhat of an underdog. After a 5 year hiatus from cross-country racing and an "emotional breakdown" following her 2018 track season, Gen wasn't a likely favourite for the...


Reliving Florence Ilott's Historic Westminster Bridge Sprint

This week we travel across the Atlantic, to a bustling bridge in England, to relive an epic race against time. This is the story of a young woman who made history by taking on a parliamentary bet over 8 decades ago. Earlier this month, a British author by the name of Scott Pack took to twitter to share a story with the world. He released a series of 12 tweets, the first of which read, “I want to tell you about a remarkable woman that you almost certainly haven’t heard of”. The woman in...


Cameron Ormond, Four-Time OFSAA XC Champ

Two weeks ago, Cameron Ormond of Aurora, Ontario became the first girl to win four consecutive OFSAA cross-country championships. OFSAA, the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations, boasts the most competitive provincial championship in the country. Its rare for athletes to win more than one OFSAA cross-country title during their high school career. Those who win two are considered standout athletes. And winning four lands you in the company of Olympians. This week we chat with...


Justyn Knight and Ben Flanagan - The Sweetheart & The 'Stache

Justyn Knight and Ben Flanagan are two of Canada’s brightest young stars. Justyn is a 3-time NCAA champion, a World Championship finalist, and holds multiple Syracuse University records. The University of Michigan’s Ben Flanagan rose to fame after his victory in the NCAA 10,000m final in June. His post-race exclamation of "where's his mom?" made him an instant sensation. In this episode, Justyn and Ben chat about transitioning from the NCAA to the pro ranks with the newly formed Reebok...


For the Love of Beer -- The Canada Beer Run, Run TO Beer, and Lanni Marchant

Beer and running have enjoyed a close friendship over the last several years. Once the beer mile exploded in popularity, it was only a matter of time before beer would infiltrate many other athletic events. Beer runs have popped up across the country, and you can find a way to imbibe on the run in pretty much every major city in Canada. Over the last several years, the Canada Beer Run has been pairing runners with breweries across the country. Run TO Beer offers Toronto area runners weekly...


Evan Dunfee and The 625km Race-walk for Good

KidSport is a not-for-profit organization that offers financial assistance to help get and keep kids in sport. Evan Dunfee of Richmond, B.C. is an Olympic race-walker and KidSport ambassador. Throughout October, he's on a mission to raise $25,000 for the organization by walking 25km per day for 25 consecutive days. He's also doing 25 school talks to share his journey through sport and to inspire the next generation of Canadian athletes. In this episode, we chat with Evan about his epic...


The Rookie and The Veteran: The Future of the Canadian Marathon

Jerome Drayton ran 2:10:09 to set the Canadian Marathon Record in 1975. At the time, it was considered to be one of the best performances in the history of the event. More than four decades later, that record still stands. Ahead of the 2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM), we sat down with two the country's most prominent runners to talk about the future of Canadian marathoning. Reid Coolsaet of Hamilton, Ontario has been dominant on the marathon scene for over a decade. Cam...


Lessons in aging: Masters women defy age and gender norms

Lyndsay Tessier and Catherine Watkins have established themselves as two of Canada's best marathon runners. Both of these women set Canadian Masters records at the Berlin Marathon in September. At ages 40 and 47 respectively, they are defying age norms by running nationally competitive personal bests times later in life. In this episode, new host and producer Kate Van Buskirk talks with Lyndsay and Catherine about blurring the lines between being an 'elite athlete' and being a 'masters...


Ed Whitlock's Last Marathon

This week we remember Ed Whitlock. One year has passed since he broke four hours at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon at the age of 85, an astounding feat and a world record, one among many in his long list of achievements. We look back at this race, which would ultimately be his final marathon. We speak with his son, Neil Whitlock, elite runners, Rachel Hannah and Reid Coolsaet, Alan Brookes, Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon race director, and sports scientist, Paul...


Gender Equity in Cross-country

On this week’s episode, Canadian Running staff revisit the lingering question of gender equity in cross-country races in Canada. One year ago, this issue came to the foreground, particularly in the Canadian university scene, and currently there are still differences in distances between boys and girls, men and women, varying across provinces and federations. Several athletes and experts weigh in on the controversy, explore the reasons for the disparity, draw on personal experiences, and...


Maritime Race Weekend

Michelle Kempton began running in her mid-30s after the birth of her twins to improve her health, and within only a few years became involved in her running community of rural Nova Scotia. She has been the race director of the Maritime Race Weekend since 2011 and each year has provided a two-day event that showcases the culture and community of the East Coast. On this week’s episode of The Shakeout, we share Kempton’s personal running story and discover that the unique running community in...


How to Optimize the Time Between Your Runs

Becoming a better runner involves a lot more than just running. There are a limited number of hours you can spend training before the risks of injury, mental exhaustion, and becoming dangerously anti-social outweigh the benefits of lacing up your shoes. Getting the most out of every kilometer has a lot to do with how you spend the hours you’re not running. Getting enough sleep, having good eating habits, proper biomechanics, and being mentally strong are all separate pieces, that when...


A Cross-Canada Run Brings Unfinished Business

Dave Proctor had one goal: to run across Canada. He had two motivations. The first was to break the 27-year old record held by Al Howie, who ran across Canada in 72 days. Proctor's goal was to complete the run in 66 days. The second motivation had less to do with running. Proctor, who is based in Otokos, Alberta, lives with his wife and three children. His 9 year old son, Sam, suffers from a rare disease called relapsing encephalopathy with cerebellar ataxia that affect his movement and...


Running for Freedom in Afghanistan

Running may be a simple freedom for some, but for others who do not have the same privilege, it is more than just running, it's about human rights. Free to Run is a non-profit organisation, which uses sport to support women and girls living in areas of conflict. Its founder is Stephanie Case, a Canadian ultramarathoner and human rights lawyer working in Afghanistan. In 2014, when Case first had the idea for Free to Run, she reached out to the women of Afghanistan to become the first...


9.84 Seconds to Olympic Gold

Heading into the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, Oakville, Ontario's Donovan Bailey was the 100m World Champion, the Commonwealth World Champion, as well as the holder of the World Record in the indoor 50m, a record which he broke just months before the Games in 1996. According to Bailey, the race was his to lose. The main event of the 1996 Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta took place on a hot and humid night on July 27th at the Centennial Olympic Stadium. In a race that started with...