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Every Friday, the editors of Canadian Running Magazine discuss the culture and sport with two or three relevant topics, usually with special guests. Plus, our weekly recommendations!

Every Friday, the editors of Canadian Running Magazine discuss the culture and sport with two or three relevant topics, usually with special guests. Plus, our weekly recommendations!
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Every Friday, the editors of Canadian Running Magazine discuss the culture and sport with two or three relevant topics, usually with special guests. Plus, our weekly recommendations!






The Rookie and The Veteran: The Future of the Canadian Marathon

Jerome Drayton ran 2:10:09 to set the Canadian Marathon Record in 1975. At the time, it was considered to be one of the best performances in the history of the event. More than four decades later, that record still stands. Ahead of the 2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM), we sat down with two the country's most prominent runners to talk about the future of Canadian marathoning. Reid Coolsaet of Hamilton, Ontario has been dominant on the marathon scene for over a decade. Cam...


Lessons in aging: Masters women defy age and gender norms

Lyndsay Tessier and Catherine Watkins have established themselves as two of Canada's best marathon runners. Both of these women set Canadian Masters records at the Berlin Marathon in September. At ages 40 and 47 respectively, they are defying age norms by running nationally competitive personal bests times later in life. In this episode, new host and producer Kate Van Buskirk talks with Lyndsay and Catherine about blurring the lines between being an 'elite athlete' and being a 'masters...


Ed Whitlock's Last Marathon

This week we remember Ed Whitlock. One year has passed since he broke four hours at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon at the age of 85, an astounding feat and a world record, one among many in his long list of achievements. We look back at this race, which would ultimately be his final marathon. We speak with his son, Neil Whitlock, elite runners, Rachel Hannah and Reid Coolsaet, Alan Brookes, Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon race director, and sports scientist, Paul...


Gender Equity in Cross-country

On this week’s episode, Canadian Running staff revisit the lingering question of gender equity in cross-country races in Canada. One year ago, this issue came to the foreground, particularly in the Canadian university scene, and currently there are still differences in distances between boys and girls, men and women, varying across provinces and federations. Several athletes and experts weigh in on the controversy, explore the reasons for the disparity, draw on personal experiences, and...


Maritime Race Weekend

Michelle Kempton began running in her mid-30s after the birth of her twins to improve her health, and within only a few years became involved in her running community of rural Nova Scotia. She has been the race director of the Maritime Race Weekend since 2011 and each year has provided a two-day event that showcases the culture and community of the East Coast. On this week’s episode of The Shakeout, we share Kempton’s personal running story and discover that the unique running community in...


How to Optimize the Time Between Your Runs

Becoming a better runner involves a lot more than just running. There are a limited number of hours you can spend training before the risks of injury, mental exhaustion, and becoming dangerously anti-social outweigh the benefits of lacing up your shoes. Getting the most out of every kilometer has a lot to do with how you spend the hours you’re not running. Getting enough sleep, having good eating habits, proper biomechanics, and being mentally strong are all separate pieces, that when...


A Cross-Canada Run Brings Unfinished Business

Dave Proctor had one goal: to run across Canada. He had two motivations. The first was to break the 27-year old record held by Al Howie, who ran across Canada in 72 days. Proctor's goal was to complete the run in 66 days. The second motivation had less to do with running. Proctor, who is based in Otokos, Alberta, lives with his wife and three children. His 9 year old son, Sam, suffers from a rare disease called relapsing encephalopathy with cerebellar ataxia that affect his movement and...


Running for Freedom in Afghanistan

Running may be a simple freedom for some, but for others who do not have the same privilege, it is more than just running, it's about human rights. Free to Run is a non-profit organisation, which uses sport to support women and girls living in areas of conflict. Its founder is Stephanie Case, a Canadian ultramarathoner and human rights lawyer working in Afghanistan. In 2014, when Case first had the idea for Free to Run, she reached out to the women of Afghanistan to become the first...


9.84 Seconds to Olympic Gold

Heading into the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, Oakville, Ontario's Donovan Bailey was the 100m World Champion, the Commonwealth World Champion, as well as the holder of the World Record in the indoor 50m, a record which he broke just months before the Games in 1996. According to Bailey, the race was his to lose. The main event of the 1996 Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta took place on a hot and humid night on July 27th at the Centennial Olympic Stadium. In a race that started with...


She Ruled the Death Race

The Canadian Death Race is a 125K ultramarathon held annually in August in Grande Cache, Alberta. It covers over 5000m in elevation, including three mountain summits, and as its name suggests, this race is tough. Each year, up to a thousand runners sign up, and to no one’s surprise, each year hundreds fail to finish. But in 2015 as the first runner crossed the finish line, everyone was surprised --including herself. On this week's episode of The Shakeout, we tell the story of how one...


Canada's Great Distance Runner

This is a story about a teenage running legend from Toronto. The year was 1962. At the British Empire and Commonwealth Games, in the sweltering heat of an Australian summer, 18 runners lined up on the track at the start of the men’s six-mile race. It was an impressive field that included Olympic medallists and past Commonwealth champions. Among these men was a young Canadian, a University of Toronto student named Bruce Kidd. On this week’s episode of The Shakeout, we take you back to our...


Is Endurance All In Your Head?

Endurance permeates every aspect of human life. Whether you are training for a fall marathon or trying to get through late nights at work, the ability to endure, to withstand discomfort, is a practical skill. What we learn from Alex Hutchinson's book Endure is that this skill is something we can train and improve upon, and that the limits of human endurance are much more elastic than what we once believed. Throughout the book, Hutchinson traces the intellectual history of the concept of...


Lane 6: Inspiring the Next Generation of Runners

The Lane 6 program was a partnership between Canadian Running and Nike. Along with Toronto Community Housing, they created a one-on-one mentorship program, pairing experienced runners from the community with at-risk Toronto youth, aged 7-18. The mentors, coaches, and students gathered at the Central Tech track for six weeks. The program was designed to give these students an opportunity to run and to develop a passion for running by providing structured training and by emphasizing the...


Extreme Running in the "Wilderness City"

Imagine running in a city where there is nearly 24 hours of daylight. Then, imagine running in a city that is colder than -40 degrees celsius and there are only 5 hours of daylight. There’s one city where, if you stay long enough, you can experience both ends of these extreme conditions: Whitehorse, Yukon. Because of these wildly changing states, running in Whitehorse includes unique challenges, but it also offers great adventures for those who can deal with the variable conditions. On this...


Hot Tips for Summer Running

After a long Canadian winter of frozen fingers and toes and slippery sidewalks, warm summer days can be a welcome change. But when the temperatures heat up, it presents its own set of challenges for runners. From deciding what to wear, when to run, and when to stop running, runners need to be smart and adapt to the summer conditions in order to avoid illness and injury. On this week’s episode of The Shakeout, we chat with experts who dish out simple, common-sense ways to deal with the heat...


West Coast Running with Natasha Wodak

With its ocean and mountain views, endless trails, and mild climate, Vancouver and its suburbs are a runner's paradise for both recreational and elite runners alike. Olympian Natasha Wodak grew up on the west coast and has run everywhere near Vancouver as well as in its downtown core. On this week's episode of The Shakeout, we speak with Wodak who shares what she loves about running in Vancouver, from the trails to the races to the culture of running, as well as chatting about her own...


A World Record Running Dad

Calum Neff, father of three, is a runner of all distances and all terrains. Neff has represented Canada on the world stage as part of mountain running and ultra teams and has run a personal best of 2:22:59 in the marathon. Outside of his solo accomplishments, Neff is also a two-time Guinness record holder, having the fastest times in the half marathon at 1:11 and in the marathon at 2:31 --while pushing a stroller. On this week’s episode of The Shakeout, we bring you a special Father’s Day...


20 Days, 885K, 8% Vision

The Bruce Trail is the oldest and longest marked trail in Canada. At 885K it follows the Niagara Escarpment from Tobermory to the Niagara River. Many people have attempted to run the entire trail, which with its challenging terrain provides a test for even the most seasoned runners. But in August of 2014, one runner started out on the Bruce Trail’s northern end in Tobermory, Ontario to do something that no one had ever attempted before: to become the first athlete with a disability to...


Who is Canada's Fastest Man?

Bruny Surin will remember 1999 as the year when everything lined up perfectly. Surin was born in Haiti in 1967 and immigrated to Canada when he was seven years old. Growing up in Quebec, he took an interest in track and field, initially in the long jump and triple jump but it would be in the 100m that Surin would define his athletic career. In the 100m final at the 1999 World Championships in Athletics in Seville, Spain, Surin was fit enough to break a record –and he did. On this week’s...


A Weekly Running Ritual Since 1974

Runners are a quirky bunch. And if you can find a group of like-minded individuals to join you on the run, either in companionship or competition –or both, there is an unmistakable bond that brings you and holds you together. This week on The Shakeout we take you back to the story of the Hart House Runners –a multi-generational group of runners who have been meeting every week at lunchtime for the last 4 decades with one simple goal: to run. It has been a tradition since 1974. Every Friday,...