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A fortnightly multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you, hosted by Shirasade. Creating a chain of interviews with fans talking about their OTPs and why they love them. Zero judgement, 100% squee.

A fortnightly multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you, hosted by Shirasade. Creating a chain of interviews with fans talking about their OTPs and why they love them. Zero judgement, 100% squee.




A fortnightly multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you, hosted by Shirasade. Creating a chain of interviews with fans talking about their OTPs and why they love them. Zero judgement, 100% squee.




Special 01 - Steam Powered Giraffe with maya-zulf

Due to the current situation I'm releasing my three Patreon specials in between the regular episodes. Today it's all about the awesome steampunk concept band Steam Powered Giraffe. They consist of a bunch of steam-powered robots (yes really!), and maya-zulf introduces me to their wide-ranging lore and funky music with great enthusiasm. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! :) Show notes on Patreon.


Jude x Cardan (The Folk of the Air) with Alyssa

Especially in these turbulent times, fandom can be a wonderful distraction, and this week Alyssa introduces me to the young adult book series The Folk of the Air by Holly Black and its main ship of Jude Duarte and Cardan Greenbriar. Show notes on


Brienne x Tormund (Game of Thrones) with teamreylo

Brienne and Tormund were never one of the big ships in the Game of Thrones fandom, but teamreylo was attracted to them right away. She makes a very good case as to why they could have made a great couple. Show notes as always on


Valery x Boris (Chernobyl) with Elena

In this episode Elena and I talk about the HBO mini-series Chernobyl, which covered the 1986 nuclear plant disaster and its aftermath. Valery and Boris aka Valoris start out in a wary, almost antagonistic partnership and end up firm allies. No wonder Elena ships them! Show notes can be found on


Stanley x Stanford (Gravity Falls) with Mitchan

We celebrate Valentine's Day with our first incest ship as Mitchan tells me all about the interesting dynamic between twins Stanley and Stanford Pines from the animated show Gravity Falls. Show notes as always on


Koiso Ryoko x Seiichirō Kitano (The Angel Densetsu) with Trevosh

In this episode Trevosh introduces me to this wonderfully weird slice-of-life manga series with its unique protagonist and adorable friends-to-lovers slow burn. Show notes on


Padme x Anakin (Star Wars) with Kaitie

Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker from the Star Wars prequel trilogy share the ultimate tragic story of forbidden love. Kaitie shares some of the things that appeal to her the most, despite me getting side-tracked by all sort of other fandom things. We also talk some more general Star Wars (and Jar Jar Binks in particular), because it’s almost impossible not to have opinions in this fandom. Show notes on


Marinette Dupain-Cheng x Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug) with Theabeea

We’re starting the new year with Miraculous Ladybug, another animated series, and the het pairing of Marinette Dupain-Cheng aka Ladybug and Chat Noir aka Adrien Agreste, who make up an entire love square all by themselves. As always, show notes on


Adora x Catra (She-Ra) with August

With She-Ra we’re back with a fandom I know nothing about, but August gives me a great primer on what makes Catra and Adora such a wonderful pairing – one with the definite potential to become canon, which makes a nice chance, especially for a lesbian couple. Show notes on


Steve x Bucky (Marvel) with Jen

A multi-fandom podcast for the shipper in you. To call Stucky a fandom juggernaut is to put it mildly, and Jen and myself have lots of fun exploring the vast realms of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes in the MCU. Show notes with links on


Tang Yi x Shao Fei (HIStory3: The Trap) with Evelyn

Thank you for sticking with me, sailors! For this first episode after the hiatus Evelyn kindly came to my rescue - and we talked about a ship I enjoy very much as well. The Trap is part of the third season of the Taiwanese HIStory anthology series and our first foray into BL (Boys Love). This is an area I've fallen headfirst into recently, so we do get a bit side-tracked sometimes, but always come back to Tang Yi and Shao Fei. All links in the show notes.


Hi from my hiatus!

A quick update: Unfortunately the episode planned to end my mini hiatus fell through, so now I'm looking for someone who'd like to talk to me about their OTP. Any and all ships welcome that haven't been covered before!


JC x Justin (NSync) with stellarbisexual

With popslash we're moving into dangerous waters, as I talk with stellarbisexual about the first Real Person ship for this podcast (not counting the special Patreon episode). However, mostly we bond over being fandom olds and squee excitedly as we reminisce - not just about JC Chavez and Justin Timberlake but also some other shared fandoms. Show notes on


Ep. 19 - Eddie x Richie (IT) with Xander

When I realised I’d be visiting the famous horror franchise IT, I must admit to being just a bit apprehensive, since I’m a total wuss - but after all, I’d survived talking about cannibals before, in the episode about Hannibal. And when I talked with Xander about Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak (aka Reddie), I learned much to my surprise that this fandom likes its ship mostly in one flavour: fluff! Show notes on


Arthur x Eames (Inception) with Bucket

Arthur and Eames only share a handful of moments in Christopher Nolan’s Inception – however, the subjects of episode 18 somehow managed to take fandom by storm. Looking into the hows and whys and whatfors with Bucket was especially fun for me, because it’s been quite a while since an episode was about a pairing that I myself ship, too. Show notes on


Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou (Boku No Hero Academia) with Aida

We revisit another fandom - this time, we’re looking at Boku No Hero Academia from the perspective of Aida, who ships previous podcast object Bakugou Katsuki with Kirishima Eijirou and shares some of the reasons why she loves how their relationship develops in canon as well as plenty of fanworks for you to enjoy. Show notes on


Steve x Tony (Marvel) with Meeya

In the longest and most indepth episode to date, we revisit the Marvel universe as Meeya delves into the decades-long history of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in their many iterations. Show notes as always on


Hannibal x Will (Hannibal) with Stitch

Unsurprisingly, this episode contains themes not for the faint of heart - yet despite my own cannibalism squick, Stitch was a very insightful and fun interview partner, not just when it came to Hannigram. We found plenty of common fandom ground, leading to a few detours, which I hope you enjoy as much as I did! Show notes on


Finn x Rey (Star Wars) with diversehighfantasy

Apologies for the delay in posting, but I promise my chat with Holly about Finn, Rey and the role of race in fandom is totally worth it, even if it’s a bit heavier fare than normal, focusing more on meta than fanworks – although of course those are mentioned, too! :) Show notes can be found on


Korra x Asami (Legend of Korra) with lj-writes

After having to scrap the originally planned episode 13, luckily L.J. jumped into the breach and talked with me about the canon femslash ship of Korra and Asami from Legend of Korra, the sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Show notes can be found on: