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Solar Panel Ep. 66: Center Free Agency Class & Coaching Options

The 2018 free agent Center class and what options fit best with the Suns if they do and don't draft Ayton. Also- the coaching mill. A LOT of coaching rumors swirling around the valley lately. Cap situation. Listener question of the episode by Adam Petersen on _____________________________________________________ Support the show -----> Find us on Facebook & Twitter @ Suns Solar Panel Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA), Dave King...


Suns Solar Panel Ep. 65- Power Forward Free Agency Class

We discuss the power forward free agency class and if that's the most likely position the Suns will target. Does that mean either Chriss or Bender won't be on this roster next year? Ayton vs Doncic (that'll probably come up for a while). Ryan McD's comments on finding a coach by end of April & a look at the reverse standings. Paul Bisceglia from the Fanning the Flames podcast fills in for Dave King. Tim Tompkins & Greg Esposito join. Add us on Social Media! Twitter & Facebook @ Suns Solar...


Solar Panel Ep 64: Jason Kidd as the Suns next coach?

What options are available this summer at the small forward free agent position? Is Jason Kidd going to be the next Head Coach of the Suns? And a bit of draft talk to start the episode! Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) & Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) discuss! Espo is out this week Add us on social media! Facebook @ Suns Solar Panel Twitter @ Suns Solar Panel Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Suns Solar Panel Ep. 63- Free Agent Shooting Guard Class, draft & Len Comments

We discuss the free agent Shooting Guard Class and who fits best with Devin Booker, a quick look at the draft, Alex Lens comments about upcoming free agency and more! Don't forget to leave us an Itunes or Facebook review! CONNECT: Twitter- Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Greg Esposito (@Espo), Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Suns Solar Panel Ep. 62- Point Guard Free Agent Class

What does the free agent market look like for the point guard position? Is Elfrid Payton our best option? Can we trust Ryan McD with a top 5 draft pick given his draft history at the top of the lottery? Oh and our reactions to the Dudley/Chriss/Rubio 'fight' Greg Esposito (@Espo), Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) discuss! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Solar Panel Ep. 61- Trade, Extend, Release Bender, Chriss, Warren

Tim Tompkins and Dave King had to week off and rather than subjecting you to an hour of Greg Esposito talking to himself, we had Espo invite his old buddy Jared Cohen to the show. The two discuss: - Was Robert Sarver's stand when talking to the Arizona Republic an act or the real deal? - Do the Suns have more questions entering this offseason than they did last offseason? - Who should Suns fans be keeping an eye on in the NCAA tournament? - They play a round of Trade, Extend,...


Solar Panel Ep. 60- Post All-Star lineups

JJ and Book are the future but what about impending free agency? What are the options at Point Guard or is Payton the best choice? Post All-Star break lineups, why Troy Daniels is such a negative (#FirstTeamNoDefense) and a little draft talk. Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Greg Esposito (@Espo) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) all join. More on Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Suns Solar Panel Ep 59: MEGAPOD Mid Season Review w/ Locked On Suns, Fanning the Flames & Empire of the Suns

Kellan Olson, Evan Sidery, Paul Bisceglia &Justin Niedzialek join Dave King, Greg Esposito and Tim Tompkins for a mid-season review. - Who will the Suns draft and will they go all in for a star? - TJ Warrens development - Is Chriss or Bender gone after this season - Upcoming free agency, who will the Suns target? - Will Chander, Knight and Dudley be a Sun next season? - Is Triano the best long term solution as head coach or better served as an assistant? - Is Elfrid Payton the point...


Suns Solar Panel Ep 58- All-Time Suns All-Star Weekend

With Tim (@RadioTimeNBA) off for the week Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) and Greg Esposito (@Espo) decided to have a little fun. They celebrated the greatness that was Devin Booker's final round in the 3-point contest. Espo complained about a major first world problem of how boring All-Star Saturday Night is in person and then the two went head-to-head in a mock draft of the best all-time Suns for the 3-point Contest, Skills Competition, 2-on-2 and the Slam Dunk Contest (HINT: Espo wins) They...


Suns Solar Panel Ep 57- Riding the Elfrid Payton wave...

The trade deadline has come and gone. Ryan McD acquired a starting PG in Elfrid Payton, but how will that impact the rest of the rotations? Will this help or hurt the Suns draft lottery odds? How low as Tyler Ulis's stock dropped? And is Triano really the coaching answer the Suns have been looking for? Greg Esposito (@Espo), Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) all join today's fun. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Solar Panel Ep. 56- Rising Stars Don't Always Shine Bright

The results for the All-Star game and the Rising Stars games are in. Guess how many Suns made it? Zero. We'll discuss who Bender/Chriss/Ulis/Jackson should have made it over. If Devin Booker will win the three point shootout. Speaking of Book, how is Point Book going? And don't forget about Jason Kidd- reports say he wants the Suns coaching gig. Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Greg Esposito (@Espo) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) discuss! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Suns Solar Panel Ep. 55- How much is too much for Kemba Walker?

Should the Phoenix Suns target Kemba Walker by the tradeline and how much is too much to give up? Devin Booker 4th in player All-Star voting- could that help the Suns land free agents? Ryan McD bought an expensive house in PHX, he must be getting cozy. We've had two weeks of no Chriss, is he missed? The guys are all back for this one- Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Greg Esposito (@Espo) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Solar Panel Ep. 54 - Who is Tony Smith and Who Should Suns Trade For?

Tim's away so it's time for Dave and Greg to play. OK, so be lazy by doing an all mailbag episode. They take listner questions ranging from who should the Suns trade for to if Brandon Knight is really part of the future, you might be surprised by Greg's answer. They also talk about some oddities from the 1990s night including who was Tony Smith and why a dancer was wearing a Jerod Mustaf jersey and Greg recants on something from this summer. All that and more on this episode of the Solar...


Solar Panel Ep. 52- Devin Booker has a seat at the coaching table

Ryan McD recently said that Devin Booker will have a voice in any coaching decision the Suns make but has Devin Booker done enough to warrant that? More on Booker and if he'll get an All-Star nod (#NBAVote Devin Booker), Alec Peters in the G-League and no more Anthony Bennett and of course predictions for the week. Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Greg Esposito (@Espo) & Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA). Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Solar Panel Ep. 51: What We've Seen From The Booker-less Suns

The Suns have been winning games they should win lately even without Devin Booker. What does that say about #TheTimeline? Brandon Knight sighting in PHX, could he be returning soon. Bye bye Mike James, Hello Isaiah Canaan. Steve Nash, Grant Hill & Jason Kidd in the Hall of Fame and predictions for the week. Dave King (@DaveKingNBA), Greg Esposito (@Espo) and Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) all in attendance for this one. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Solar Panel Ep. 50- The Brightside with Steven Hunter

For 7 Seconds or Less Phoenix Sun Steven Hunter joins Espo and Tim to talk about the some of the bright spots in the Suns this year, what it was like playing with Steve Nash and his upcoming summer camp. More info at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Current Suns Most Likely to Join the Dark Side

Which Suns player is most likely to demand a trade if the rebuild never ends? We also discuss Earl Watson's latest comments on Devin Booker. Ryan McD and what to expect from the Suns during trade season. Dave (@DaveKingNBA), Greg (@Espo) and Tim (@RadioTimNBA) together again. Thanks to everyone who came to 'Brews and Hoops'! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Solar Panel Ep. 48- Three Moves to Fix the Suns

Dave King is back as we discuss what three moves we would take immediately to 'fix' the Suns. Also Ryan McD's comments on Chriss, the Mike James contract situation and more. Join us Friday, Dec. 8th at Duces in Downtown PHX for 'Brews and Hoops". RSVP on Facebook @ SunsSolarPanel Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Solar Panel Ep 47: How would David Fizdale fit? Ft. Evan Sidery

Should the Suns look to David Fizdale as a permanent coaching option? Mike James 2-way contract decision is coming up, who is most likely gone on the roster to make room? Evan Sidery (@Esidery) of joins us for this midweek edition. Greg Esposito (@Espo), Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA), Evan Sidery (@Esidery) Don't worry- Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) will be back this weekend. RSVP to Brews and Hoops Friday December 8th on our Facebook page. Join us...


Solar Panel Ep. 46: Is a coaching change needed?

Have Suns fans seen enough of Triano? After two straight new-look Twin Tower lineups and embarrassing losses to the hands of the Pelicans and T-Wolves, do the Suns need to look for a coaching solution sooner than anticipated? Does Alex Len deserve the DNP's? Even if we're losing, what do we want to see for the rest of the season? Greg Esposito (@Espo), Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA) break it down. No Dave King (@DaveKingNBA) this episode, don't worry. He'll be back...


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