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Monthly program about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest

Monthly program about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest


Seattle, WA


Monthly program about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest




#2108, August 2021 – Hello Jennifer

Local rider, moto ambassador Jennifer Poole joins in as this month’s co-host. We talk MotoAmerica, DNR land closures, new models and more. Bill Woods with the Salt Flat racing team Sodium Distortion drops by to talk about the upcoming Speed Week and what the team is running. The calendar is full, and of course we highlight a few new additions to the Rally in the Gorge.


#2107, July 2021 – How hot is it?!

Topics covered on this months’ show include the reawakening of a well-known dealership, dealing with the heat and a destination location worth consideration.


#2106, June 2021 – The ride, the destination

Connie Adams, a major fixture inside Sound RIDER! joins us on the show this month as we discuss the upcoming Rally in the Gorge. Several interesting dealer newsbytes are brought to life and there’s lots happening on the calendar.


#2105, May 2021 – Manx to Moab

Harvey Gilkerson drops by today to share details and wisdom about his recent motorcycle trip to Moab, Utah. Missing the Isle of Man during the pandemic? Here’s how to get ready for the 2022 races.


#2104, April 2021 - And now the news

It’s a brief show this month as we navigate our way to the next iteration of the Sound RIDER! Show!


#2103, March 2021 – Insert Quadcopter Here

The weather is warming up, the pandemic forecast is looking better, and there’s a new adventure bike in town. Honda has some interesting plans for its electric entry, and there’s new apparel and gear from Filson and Dianese. All that and more.


#2102, February 2021 – Gold Wing Caddy

On this month’s show the guys are sharing stories about past rides and news about upcoming events. We discuss a new moto themed restaurant that just opened in Portland, a new shop in Burlington and Kawasaki’s recent 2022 KLR announcement. Of course, we’ve got tips and tricks and a whole lot more.


#2101, January 2021 – The road out

Entering into the 7th year of the Sound RIDER! Motorcycle and the 23rd year of the magazine, Tom and Derek are looking forward to a better year for riders. Numerous track day schedules have been revealed, several shops have used the pandemic to remodel, Ducati teams up with Lamborghini, and the guys discuss big changes at Rider magazine. We’re also discussing ride plans for the coming year. All that and much more on this month’s show.


#2012, December 2020 – Convert your Volt to a Bolt

This month’s edition we’re doing our annual fall gift guide with ideas on how to shower your moto love all over the place. MCN rides again? Sales are up? Goodbye V-Max, virtual toy runs and more as we work our way through the newsbytes. And of course, we’re continuing to discuss new 2021 models.


#2011, November 2020 - Cold Moto

On this month’s show we say goodbye to a longtime ambassador of Pacific Northwest Motorcycling. There’s an undiscovered EV moto manufacturer in Seattle. How do you handle getting caught in the cold? And we offer modern-day insight to winterizing your bike(s).


#2010, October 2020 – Pick 3

Tom has just returned from the 2020 Sound RIDER! Road Trip where he had a few epiphanies. Derek wants to know more. Fires have ravaged several local favorite towns. They guys pick three 2021 models they’d like to demo for a year. There’s local as well as national newsbytes you need to know and some smart tips for Fall riders.


#2009, September 2020 – Hot Tips Galore!

Justin Barnes, the seed behind the documentary, Slow Ride Home, joins us to talk about the making of the show which is now streaming on Amazon Prime. The calendar is starting to come alive as some events are a go, but others won’t happen. We’re dreaming of late summer, fall rides. We’ve located the world’s best cinnamon role and it’s worth the ride to get it. And is there a new global leader in the middle-weight dual-sport market?


#2008, August 2020 – Doubly Fun in 2021

Lots of new technology is coming our way because of the new Euro 5 standards and tech in general, and Tom and Derek get into the details. The Rally in the Gorge is sadly cancelled for 2020. News about North Cascades H-D, BMW MC of Seattle and a cool documentary now streaming on Amazon Prime.


#2007, July 2020 – Sales are up?

Dave Richardson joins Tom and Derek for part two of his interview about his two new books. Shopping for a new motorcycle in the C-19 era is a little different from before, but even so, indicators are saying sales are ahead of last year. The calendar slowly opens with a few scattered track days. Over the last three months there has been some interesting dealer changes. A new Bruce Brown documentary is on the way. All that and much more on this month’s show.


#2006, June 2020 – Reawakening’s: Part 1

Todays special guest is Dave Richardson who is releasing two new books that reveal a lot of PNW moto history. As the starts begin to open up again, Tom and Derek are looking forward to getting out for some riding. While several rallies have been canceled, there’s one that may still be a go. Spoken Moto gets a feature in a new Visit Central Oregon video, releases a classic moto photo, SW Motech is opening a US office in Portlandia and much more revealed in the Newsbytes portion.


#2005, May 2020 – The doctor is in

Our special guest this month has circumnavigated the globe 6 times. Dr. Gregory Frazier joins us to talk about his latest book, Frazier Shrugged. Even though we’re still doing stay-at-home duty, there’s plenty going on in the Newsbytes category.


#2004, April 2020 – Hey 19!

The special C-19 edition. Derek checks in from his Belltown bungalow during the lockdown, but Connie is in the house and joining in. We look at the state of the business, review some of the event cancellations and then move on. As long as we’re in pause mode, we talk about what makes us motorcyclists. We also talk about carbon offsets you can do to lessen your two-wheel carbon footprint.


#2003, March 2020 – Toodle Time

Our special guest this month is Jeff Henshaw, organizer the Tulip Ride, a fund raiser for Seattle Humane. Derek shares some interesting news on a recent helmet review by the DOT. Spring is on the horizon and it’s time to plan your sanity escape route. Is there some spring training in your future? All that and more on this month’s show.


#2002, February 2020 – Love and Potholes

A prominent dealer in the North Sound is calling it quits, SR! event registrations are open, Honda takes a Dakar win, Ducati sales are flat, Peter Starr releases a new book, an overview of this year’s Vancouver Motorcycle Show and more on this month’s show.


#2001, January 2020 – Welcome to the roaring 20’s

It’s a new year, a new decade and the beginning of the 6th year of the show. Tom and Derek lay out their New Year’s resolutions and provide highlights of happenings from 2019. Newsbytes takes some interesting turns, and even though it’s winter there are a lot of events on the Calendar. How about a look back at the previous decade as the guys postulate about what’s on the horizon? All that and more on this month’s show.