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Your favourite football podcast. One of the longest running independent soccer podcasts. Described by the Telegraph as quirky, funny and well-informed.

Your favourite football podcast. One of the longest running independent soccer podcasts. Described by the Telegraph as quirky, funny and well-informed.


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Your favourite football podcast. One of the longest running independent soccer podcasts. Described by the Telegraph as quirky, funny and well-informed.




Sound of Football Podcast 500 - The quintuple century show

The Sound of Football hits another milestone. Well, two milestones in fact: 500 podcasts and the end of our 13th season. This week we look back at a big season of change and discuss what the future holds. As City win their fourth title in five seasons, is the Premier League in danger of going the same way as the Bundesliga, which has seen Bayern win ten titles in a row. Will Newcastle be pushing for the Champions League next season? And who needs to win this weekend's Champions League final...


Sound of Football Podcast 499 - Still VAR from perfect

Sunderland play Wycombe Wanderers in the League One play-off final this weekend. With both sides having played 48 games to get to the Wembley showpiece without the benefit of VAR, now they play their most important match of the season under different conditions. As rules are continually being tweaked to accommodate it, 10 years on since the introduction of goal-line technolgy, are we any closer to a universally accepted form of VAR? Also this week, with just two weeks remaining of the...


Sound of Football Podcast 498 - Can't buy me love

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says that everyone loves Liverpool, and that makes everything tougher for his side in the Premier League title race. Meanwhile his opposite number at Liverpool Jurgen Klopp is perhaps playing his own mind games by suggesting that the race is already over. Such comments are part and parcel of the last knockings of a long season, along with play-off drama and suspicious scorelines. This week, we look for any final twists the season has to offer, plus we ask...


Sound of Football Podcast 497 - The EFL play-offs 2022

As clubs face up to the prospect of promotion play-offs, we look at the climax of the EFL season — its thirtieth since the Premier League broke away in 1992. This summer could see big changes for the way fans of EFL clubs watch the game. Discussions are underway among the clubs to bring an end to the Saturday 3 embargo - the blackout that prevents live football being shown on TV. Who stands to gain and lose from such a decision and what influence will that have on how any lifting of the...


Sound of Football Podcast 496 - See you later, regulator

The independent regulator for football is on its way. We're not sure when or what powers it will give fans but it's on its way after the government this week announced the publication of a white paper to bring forward the necessary legislation based on the findings in the report from Tracey Crouch's fan-led review. The white paper will set out plans to give fans a bigger say in the running of clubs, especially regarding changes to their club stadia, logo, name and kit through something they...


Sound of Football Podcast 495 - Culture and pedigree

Liverpool will play Chelsea in another Wembley final this season having won through their FA Cup semi-finals this weekend. A year on from the collapse of the European Super League and the top six sides in the Premier League are the six teams that signed up for the ill-fated caper. In this week's podcast, we look back at a week where traditional power exterted its influence on the pitch. Even when playing poorly are they still destined to rise to the...


Sound of Football Podcast 494 - The great football power grab

Next week marks one year since the European Super League was born and then quickly died. How has the game changed in that time? With all the changes in international and club competitions currently being discussed, is the concept dead and buried or is there a way it could return? With FIFA's plans for a biennial World Cup ditched, and UEFA forging closer ties with their South American equivalent CONMEBOL, is the global game set to become a battleground? For more information on the podcast...


Sound of Football Podcast 493 - World Cup 2022 draw reaction

Even though we did a perfectly fine draw on last week's podcast, FIFA went through the whole process again last Friday, in Doha. Now the teams know where they are going to be (those that have qualified anyway), we look ahead to how we think the tournament will play out. Will Gareth Southgate's England go deep again? How will the hosts fair? Can we pick out any dark horses? All these questions and more are answered on this week's prediction extravaganza. For more information on the podcast...


Sound of Football Podcast 492 - Unofficial World Cup 2022 draw

The return of a Sound of Football favourite. Having started with the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, we have conducted our own version of the draw for each tournament since then. This draw is a little different as some of the sides will still be unknown, even at the time of the actual draw on 1st April (yes, really). To get our version of the draw in before the real thing, we've had to make a few educated guesses but hopefully it will still give you a realistic idea of what might...


Sound of Football Podcast 491 - Postcard from Glasgow

This weekend, Graham and Terry sampled the delights of Glasgow. While they were there, they attended their first Scottish league match: Partick Thistle hosting Hamilton Academical. Also in the show - which sees the return of Jan - we discuss the bizarre situation surrounding next month's FA Cup semi-final between Crystal Palace and Chelsea, which under the current rules will see Chelsea fans unable to attend. We also look ahead to Non-League Day. For more information on the podcast and...


Sound of Football Podcast 490 - From riches to rags

The news of Roman Abramovich being sanctioned by the UK government has rocked the football world. With the cash flow stopped, sponsors pulling out and an uncertain future, Chelsea's very survival has been put into jeopardy. The unprecedented events of the past week has again got people talking about club ownership and the misuse of football as a tool to repair deservedly damaged reputations. Could we soon see an end to sportswashing? For more information on the podcast and links related to...


Sound of Football Podcast 489 - The fall of the Roman empire

Football's reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has largely been one of condemnation, even if the governing bodies were initially slow to react. How will football cope without sportswashing oligarchs? Roman Abramovich has already put Chelsea up for sale but who is out there to buy them? And will they run it as a business rather than somewhere to launder their sportswashing cash. Away from war in Ukraine, we also take time to discuss Marcelo Bielsa leaving Leeds United, and the League...


Sound of Football Podcast 488 - The forgettable cup

Having started life in the late 1950s as an opportunity for clubs to take advantage of their new-fangled floodlights, the League Cup, in its many sponsored guises, has, since its inception, been an easily dismissed competition. Unless, of course, your team wins it. In the build-up to this weekend's final, we take a walk down Amnesnia Lane to see if we can recollect anything from the most recent finals, which have been dominated by Manchester City. Of course the winners may already be...


Sound of Football Podcast 487 - Reimagining the penalty

Chelsea are champions of the world after winning the FIFA Club World Cup. The final went to extra time thanks to a VAR awarded handball penalty for Palmeiras, and was won by a VAR awarded handball penalty for Chelsea. Football is a game of fine margins, and with technology's imposed audit trail penalties are become easier to award at the top levels. With penalties offering a better than 70% chance of getting a goal even though you could be 25 yards away from goal to win one, does the...


Sound of Football Podcast 486 - Five go bidding

This week, a proposed bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup from the five nations of Britain and Ireland was dropped in favour of what seems to be a much more likely propostition of hosting the 2028 Euros. As 2028 is also the proposed date of the first biennial World Cup, is this bid more about snubbing the global governing body FIFA? With UEFA building an ever closer relationship with the South American confederation CONMEBOL, are FIFA finding themselves more and more side-lined as they try...


Sound of Football Podcast 485 - Sunderland 'til next year

It's transfer deadline day but it's managerial moves making the headlines, with Everton welcoming Frank Lampard into their hotseat, while Sunderland show "Streaky" Lee Johnson their revolving door. What are the reasonable expectations facing Lampard, as he looks to repair his reputation from his time in charge of Chelsea? Where should Sunderland be shopping for their next victim? For more information on the podcast and links related to the subjects discussed, check out the Show Notes on...


Sound of Football Podcast 484 - Behave yourself

For once there was a full list of fixtures that went ahead in the Premier League but with it came a number of unsettling incidents. One was worring, but thankfully, ultimately benign, when a drone buzzed the action at the Brentford Community Stadium - though it was enough to see the players leave the pitch for 20 minutes. The other incidents were much more concerning. Villa's Matty Cash and Lucas Digne and Chelsea's Antonio Rudiger were all hit with objects thrown by opposition fans...


Sound of Football Podcast 483 - Everton mince

What next for Everton, now that the uneasy and unpopular Rafa experiment has come to an end? While fans might be happy that the former Liverpool manager has left their club, does the uninspiring list of replacements speak of a lack of direction at the club, despite a huge amount of cash thrown at the squad. With less than two weeks left before the end of the month, will the new manager coming in have any time left in the transfer window to throw good money after bad to help the club avoid a...


Sound of Football Podcast 482 - Play the kids

With most Premier League clubs having in excess of 50 eligible U21 players to supplement their squads of 25, is their any excuse for them to cancel games because a few players are missing, for one reason or another? All 32 of this weekend's FA Cup ties went ahead, even with Covid infections at their highest and some squads weakened by losing players to the Africa Cup of Nations. Are the fans being cheated in other competitions, or does filling out the team with youth players diminish the...


Sound of Football Podcast 481 - 2021 Advent Calendar

It's a special 10th anniversary edition of our Advent Calendar. Friends old and new join us to help us celebrate the festive season and look forward to 2022. From semi-automated offside to fan tokens, from the fan-led review to Qatar 2022, we give you the low-down on 24 of the biggest talking points for the next 12 months. For details of all our special guests, links to their websites, podcasts, books and social media, and a full list of all the subjects behind the doors opened on this...