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A breakdown of the world of sports.


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A breakdown of the world of sports.






Offensive NFL Draft Board and a Homeless Man Attends USC Practice

The XFL and CFL are considering playing an interleague championship game. James Conner heads to Arizona as we look at offensive positions on the NFL draft board. The Buffalo Bills are one of the NFL teams that are planning to have a full stadium with vaccinated fans. A homeless man sneaks into spring practice at USC and fields punts and we get ready for summer workouts.


Toughest NFL Schedules and the Basketball National Championships

The NFL Network says the Steelers have the toughest schedule in 2021 with a combined opponent record of 155-115-2. Quarterbacks continue to move around as Sam Darnold is traded to the Carolina Panthers. Baylor and Stanford win the basketball national championships while the coaches look to get their teams under the scholarship limit.


NFL Moves to a 17 Game Regular Season and the Final Four

The NFL has moved to a 17 game regular season as they remove one preseason game to make room for the additional game. College players are going through pro-day workouts as we look at quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL Draft. The Final Four features Gonzaga and Baylor, the top two teams the entire season, looking to match up in the national championship game.


Defensive Players on the Move and the Big Ten Chokes

The Steelers lose another defensive starter to free agency as Steven Nelson is granted his release after failing to find a team willing to trade for him. Deshaun Watson faces multiple lawsuits as he looks to get out of Houston. The Big Ten and Big 12 choke in the NCAA Tournament after being touted as the best conferences during the regular season. The Pac-12 has impressed so far as we give our Sweet Sixteen best bets.


NFL Free Agency and the NCAA Basketball Tournament

The Steelers have re-signed Zach Banner but they haven’t been able to make a lot of other moves because they are out of money. The NFL ended up setting the salary cap at $182.5 million which is a big drop from last year due to the coronavirus affecting ticket revenue. We take a look at the franchise tag and current signings. The NCAA basketball tournament begins this weekend and we go through the bracket and give our best bets for the tournament. ESPN Tournament Challenge


Franchise Tags and an Overtime Proposal

The Steelers are not going to use the franchise tag on Bud Dupree as he is set for free agency. The Steelers still have significant salary cap issues they are looking to take care of as they wait for the NFL to make a decision on the cap. The Baltimore Ravens have proposed a spot and choose overtime where one team will decide where the ball is placed and the other will decide if they want to place offense or defense. Ohio State pauses spring football due to the coronavirus. LSU and Georgia...


Grass vs Turf and Juju and Conner on the Chopping Block

Today we are talking about the better surface for a field as Claysburg-Kimmel gets ready to vote on grass vs turf for their new football field. Juju Smith-Schuster and James Conner are unlikely to re-sign with the Steelers as they look to get under the salary cap. JJ Watt signs with Arizona. Northwestern opts out of the EA College Football video game and spring practice begins.


Steelers Look to Bring Back Ben and Tiger Woods Wrecks

Ben Roethlisberger’s agent says the Steelers want to re-sign him and are working through contract details. Tennessee investigates illegal gambling on the Super Bowl. Tigers Woods is seriously injured in a single car accident. Spring football begins and Notre Dame opts out of the new EA College Football video game.


Steelers Set for Hall of Fame Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to play the Dallas Cowboys in the Hall of Fame game that was postponed from 2020. JJ Watt is granted his release from the Houston Texans. Urban Meyer has his first controversy in the NFL after hiring Chris Doyle as strength and conditioning coach. UCF hires Gus Malzahn as their new head coach.


Tom Brady Wins Again and the Steelers Cut Contracts

Tom Brady wins his seventh Super Bowl as he now leads every franchise in total championships. Patrick Mahomes was under pressure throughout the Super Bowl and Russell Wilson is complaining about the hits he takes. Marty Schottenheimer, who coached 21 NFL seasons and has eighth-most wins all time, dies at 77. The Steelers are meeting with Ben Roethlisberger about his contract as they look to start making cuts to get under the salary cap. Alabama finished college football signing day by...


EA Sports is Bringing Back NCAA Football and the Super Bowl Preview

There is talk of the Steelers potentially moving on from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger even if he wants to return. EA Sports announced it is bringing back NCAA Football with it being rebranded as College Football without player likeness. The Buccaneers are set to play the Chiefs in the Super Bowl as they try to prevent a repeat champion. Tom Brady follows a strict nutrition plan to stay in shape as he plans to play at age 45. The official college football signing day will feature only a...


Patrick Mahomes Chasing Tom Brady

Patrick Mahomes has a chance to win his second Super Bowl while keeping Tom Brady at six to set himself up with a great chance to be the all-time Super Bowl leader at the end of his career. NFL coaching positions are being filled as the Tennessee Volunteers are starting their coaching search. The Pittsburgh Pirates are once again starting to rebuild their team.


Tom Brady is the Luckiest Quarterback of All Time

Tom Brady will play in his 14th Conference Championship game as he leads the Tampa Bay Buccaneers there in his first season. Drew Brees is the latest quarterback to face retirement questions as it looks like Ben Roethlisberger has a chance to return for another season. Patrick Mahomes is working through concussion protocol as the Browns were on the losing end of a targeting no call. The NCAA makes changes to the upcoming basketball tournament.


Browns Destroy the Steelers and Bama Wins Again

The Cleveland Browns embarrass the Pittsburgh Steelers in what could end up being Ben Roethlisberger’s last game as he throws four interceptions. Drew Brees and Tom Brady are set to meet for the third time in the second round of the playoffs. Alabama continues to dominate college football as Nick Saban now has the lead for most national championships by a head coach.


NFL Playoffs and the National Championship Game

The Steelers play the Browns in the opening week of the NFL playoffs. Coaching changes are being made in the NFL and across college football. DeVonta Smith is the first wide receiver since Desmond Howard to win the Heisman. Alabama and Ohio State meet in the national championship game to cap off bowl season.


Roethlisberger Rests and Kamara Scores Six TDs

The Steelers are resting Ben Roethlisberger against the Browns after clinching the AFC North. Alvin Kamara scores six touchdowns in a legendary Christmas performance. Washington releases former first round pick Dwayne Haskins and he goes unclaimed on the waivers. The college football bowl season continues to see canceled games leading into the playoff games.


Should Teams Rest Players For Playoffs?

The Steelers are coming off an embarrassing performance on Monday Night Football against the Bengals. Should teams rest players for playoffs? Juju is called out for dancing on opposing team logos. The college football playoff is being pushed for expansion as bowl games and coaching changes are announced.


Interceptions and Dropped Passes

Interceptions and dropped passes doom the Steelers against the Bills as they still clinch a spot in the playoffs. The AFC North looks to get three teams into the playoffs as the Ravens take down the Browns on Monday night. The CFP Rankings are faked for ratings so much that it is ruining the sport by driving away casual fans. Early signing day is still happening even though teams are preparing for conference championship games.


Steelers Suffer First Loss and The Game is Canceled

The Steelers suffered their first loss of the season while the NFL continues to delay games. The Game, Ohio State vs Michigan, has been canceled while the coaching carousel is heating up.


NFL Makes Broncos Play Without a Quarterback

The NFL makes the Broncos play without a quarterback to punish them but keeps pushing back the Ravens vs Steelers game as more players are out. Ohio State is on the verge of being ineligible for the Big Ten Championship Game because of the games they missed due to the coronavirus. James Franklin gets his first win in the Big House and Bob Stoops is back at Oklahoma.