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A breakdown of the world of sports.


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A breakdown of the world of sports.






Browns Destroy the Steelers and Bama Wins Again

The Cleveland Browns embarrass the Pittsburgh Steelers in what could end up being Ben Roethlisberger’s last game as he throws four interceptions. Drew Brees and Tom Brady are set to meet for the third time in the second round of the playoffs. Alabama continues to dominate college football as Nick Saban now has the lead for most national championships by a head coach.


NFL Playoffs and the National Championship Game

The Steelers play the Browns in the opening week of the NFL playoffs. Coaching changes are being made in the NFL and across college football. DeVonta Smith is the first wide receiver since Desmond Howard to win the Heisman. Alabama and Ohio State meet in the national championship game to cap off bowl season.


Roethlisberger Rests and Kamara Scores Six TDs

The Steelers are resting Ben Roethlisberger against the Browns after clinching the AFC North. Alvin Kamara scores six touchdowns in a legendary Christmas performance. Washington releases former first round pick Dwayne Haskins and he goes unclaimed on the waivers. The college football bowl season continues to see canceled games leading into the playoff games.


Should Teams Rest Players For Playoffs?

The Steelers are coming off an embarrassing performance on Monday Night Football against the Bengals. Should teams rest players for playoffs? Juju is called out for dancing on opposing team logos. The college football playoff is being pushed for expansion as bowl games and coaching changes are announced.


Interceptions and Dropped Passes

Interceptions and dropped passes doom the Steelers against the Bills as they still clinch a spot in the playoffs. The AFC North looks to get three teams into the playoffs as the Ravens take down the Browns on Monday night. The CFP Rankings are faked for ratings so much that it is ruining the sport by driving away casual fans. Early signing day is still happening even though teams are preparing for conference championship games.


Steelers Suffer First Loss and The Game is Canceled

The Steelers suffered their first loss of the season while the NFL continues to delay games. The Game, Ohio State vs Michigan, has been canceled while the coaching carousel is heating up.


NFL Makes Broncos Play Without a Quarterback

The NFL makes the Broncos play without a quarterback to punish them but keeps pushing back the Ravens vs Steelers game as more players are out. Ohio State is on the verge of being ineligible for the Big Ten Championship Game because of the games they missed due to the coronavirus. James Franklin gets his first win in the Big House and Bob Stoops is back at Oklahoma.


ACC Throws Florida State Under the Bus and Steelers Stay Undefeated

Dabo Swinney says Florida State should forfeit after refusing to play when Clemson traveled with a player that tested positive. The Steelers dominate the Jaguars to stay undefeated going into the Thanksgiving matchup with the Ravens. Tom Brady gives the game away to the Rams and ESPN is under fire for the Taysom Hill decision.


NFL Approves Emergency Sixteen Team Playoff

The Steelers stay undefeated with a decisive win over the Bengals and the NFL approved an emergency 16-team playoff which would eliminate the playoff bye if it were enacted. The Ravens lose again to give the Steelers a three-game lead in the division. We are asked again about Jim Harbaugh being on the hot seat and whether or not Cincy or BYU can make the playoffs.


Steelers Survive But Are in Quarantine

The Steelers survive against the Cowboys to stay undefeated. Ben Roethlisberger was hurt during the game but was able to return. Now he joins others in quarantine after Vance McDonald tests positive for coronavirus. Notre Dame fans rush the field and college coaches that are on the hot seat could be saved by the pandemic.


Steelers Beat the Ravens to Keep AFC North Lead

The Pittsburgh Steelers hold off a late rally by the Baltimore Ravens to increase their lead in the AFC North. Drew Brees and Tom Brady continue to chase passing records against each other. The coaching hot seat is heating up for James Franklin and Jim Harbaugh in the Big Ten. College football is also swirling with rumors of playoff expansion with teams like BYU and Cincinnati looking to remain unbeaten to break into the playoffs.


Steelers Last Remaining Undefeated

Today on the show we are celebrating the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers as they are the last remaining NFL team without a loss. We compare Bill Belichick without Tom Brady to Mike Tomlin without Ben Roethlisberger. James Franklin blows an end of game situation as Penn State loses to Indiana in overtime. Coronavirus hits the Wisconsin quarterback room potentially limiting them to their 4th string QB for three weeks.


Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers and the European Premier League

Tom Brady takes down Aaron Rodgers in what could be the NFC Championship game preview and the Steelers slay the Browns to stay undefeated. Investors are pushing for a European Premier League and the NLCS tops the NBA Finals in TV ratings. Alabama continues to lead the SEC while the Big Ten fights coronavirus as its season opens.


Injuries and Changing Schedules

Injuries continue to hit the NFL with Dak Prescott needing surgery on a dislocated ankle. The NFL tries to keep schedules balanced without creating a new week and we look at the best performers for the first part of the season. The defenses are struggling across the SEC and they will be down to one last undefeated team after the big Georgia vs Alabama matchup this weekend. The Big Ten announced the television schedule for its primetime matchups and we break those down in our preseason...


NFL Scoring is Up

Scoring is up across the NFL as the Steelers lead the tough AFC North after getting an unexpected bye week. Claysburg-Kimmel continues to slide on the road while ESPN+ Squeeze Play is the future of sports broadcasting. The Big 12 playoff chance take another hit after Oklahoma loses again and the Pac-12 releases their schedule.


NFL Hit With Outbreak and Tampa Bay Wins the Cup

Claysburg-Kimmel struggles on the road as the Titans cancel practice because of a coronavirus outbreak. The Steelers vs Titans game is still going on as planned. The Lightning win the Stanley Cup as Mike Leach takes down the defending national champion LSU Tigers in his first game as head coach of Mississippi State.


Steelers Win Again and the SEC Season Begins

Claysburg-Kimmel stumbles in overtime for their first loss of the season as the Steelers get another win to stay tied with the Ravens on top of the AFC North. Notre Dame and Wake Forest postpone their game which impacts the ACC schedule as the SEC gets ready to start their season.


Big Ben Returns and the Big Ten Makes Plans To

Claysburg-Kimmel head football coach Matt Bilchak talks about their week one win over Mo Valley. Big Ben shines in his return to the Steelers as they beat the Giants. The ACC has plans to delay games if only 8 teams are available and the Big Ten is looking to return to play in October.


Week One of NFL Football

The NFL season kicks off this week as the Steelers finalize their roster moves for the start of the season. Cam Heyward signed a 5 year deal to keep him in Pittsburgh. The Flyers are eliminated as the Penguins are shopping Murray. Meanwhile, the Pirates haven’t won a playoff series in 41 years. BYU throttles Navy after they avoided contact in practice because of the coronavirus.


No Fans in Pittsburgh

The NFL insists that it has enough protocols in place to play a full season while Pittsburgh announces fans will not be allowed to attend football games in September. President Trump calls the Big Ten to discuss playing in the fall while some games are getting postponed already.