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A breakdown of the world of sports.


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A breakdown of the world of sports.






Stanley Cup and ACC Loses Divisions

The Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup which keeps teams from the 90s winning championships after the Atlanta Braves won the World Series last fall. ESPN needs to invest in higher resolution cameras if they are going to continue to broadcast hockey as it would benefit the most from 4K resolution. The Pitt Panthers won the permanent rival lottery as the ACC decided to remove divisions.


Top Receivers and Summer Vacation

Chase Claypool considers himself to be a top three receiver in the NFL when he wasn't even the top receiver on the Pittsburgh Steelers last year. Steph Curry leads Golden State to another NBA championship as the Avs lead the Stanley Cup Finals. NIL deals are starting to change team positioning in College Football.


Playoffs and Coaching Expectations

7-on-7 season is underway as coaches start to prep their new offenses for the upcoming season. The Celtics are a game away from losing the finals as the Lightning try to get their third straight Cup. Florida State fires Mike Martin Jr after three winning seasons and USA Today sued Nebraska over their coaching contacts as Scott Frost took a pay cut.


Booth Reviews and Quarterback Camps

The NCAA baseball tournament showed how flawed the booth reviews can be after a runner was called safe in the Michigan vs Louisville game. Replay showed a clear tag as the runner slid into second. Russell Wilson has learned the complete Broncos playbook as Deshaun Watson received another allegation. The Celtics look to continue hitting threes as the Avs punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup final.


Game Sevens and College Football Without Divisions

The NFL offseason is in full swing with plenty of top ten lists being created. The NBA and NHL playoffs both featured exciting game sevens as we get closer to crowning a champion. College football without divisions pushes forward as equal scheduling now becomes a focus. NC State is denied a bid in the College World Series in a baffling move by the NCAA committee.


Saban vs Jimbo

The NFL is considering changes to the Pro Bowl as more details emerge regarding the Haskins accident. Saban and Jimbo have been battling over NIL while the Pac-12 decides to remove divisions. Fox is looking to help the USFL expand while the NBA and NHL playoffs see major upsets.


NFL Workout Injuries and the NBA and NHL Playoffs

Tarik Cohen tore his Achillies during a workout as a free agent bringing the NFL healthcare coverage back into focus. The XFL has signed a multi-year deal with ESPN. The Penguins were eliminated after an injury controversy with Crosby. The 76ers are eliminated once again.


Tom Brady Joins the Booth and NCAA Reveals NIL Plan

Tom Brady makes plan to join Fox after his playing days are done. The NCAA reveals a plan for NIL deals while the ACC makes plans to eliminate divisions. The NBA and NHL playoffs are underway with top teams trying to stay alive.


Quarterbacks Falling in the Draft and the Billion Dollar Conference

Kenny Pickett was the only quarterback selected in the first round of the NFL draft as other quarterbacks had to wait to hear their name called. The Jaguars take a surprise pick at number one. The Big Ten is approaching a billion dollars a year in their television negotiations.


NFL Draft and Mike Tyson Punches a Man

The NFL Draft will begin on Thursday while teams prepare to make moves. Mike Tyson punches a man on a plane while a baseball pitcher tackled a baserunner. USFL continues to have strong ratings while the XFL makes coaching moves.


USFL Cut by Pizza and the Tom Brady Saga Continues

Former Michigan running back De'Veon Smith was cut from the USFL for asking for pizza instead of chicken salad. A golf ball sized chip in the USFL is giving kickers trouble. The Tom Brady saga continues as reports give additional details on his potential move to the Miami Dolphins.


The Haskins Tragedy and the Tom Brady Conspiracy

Dwayne Haskins was tragically killed in a traffic accident. There is a conspiracy theory that Tom Brady faked his retirement so that he could sign with the Dolphins. The NFL and the XFL have announced a partnership. Penn State is back in the news with another Joe Paterno scandal.


Bruce Arians Retires and Kansas Beats the NCAA

Bruce Arians retires, and he is insisting that his beef with Tom Brady had nothing to do with it. The Saints are preparing for Sean Payton to coach another team. Kansas wins the NCAA basketball tournament as sanctions loom from the investigation into paying players. Spring football games have started with Colin Kaepernick getting at workout at Michigan.


Tyreek Hill is Traded and the NFL Draft by Position

Tyreek Hill is traded in a massive deal to the Dolphins. We take a look at the NFL draft boards and give our best bets for each position. USC has the greatest practice ever on a college campus.


Browns Trade for Watson and March Madness

The Browns trade the Texans for Deshaun Watson which highlights a bunch of quarterback moves across the league. The Raiders traded for Davante Adams which opens up free agency moves for multiple teams. March Madness is underway with the SEC and Big Ten choking in the tournament.


Tom Brady Returns and the MLB Lockout Ends

Tom Brady has announced his return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Other quarterbacks continue to move around with the league with Mitch Trubisky signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Major League Baseball has ended the lockout with the full 162-game schedule intact. The Big Ten lands a bunch of teams in the NCAA tournament with no chance to win the national championship.


Broncos Trade for Russell Wilson

Aaron Rodgers announced that he is returning to the Green Bay Packers. Russell Wilson is headed to Denver to play with the Broncos as they chase a Super Bowl. The MLB lockout continues as they owners continue to push for a 162-game season. Coach K loses his final home game against UNC.


MLB Cancels Opening Day and Football Lawsuits

Major League Baseball has canceled opening day and the first two series of the season as a multiple week lockout seems likely. Grambling State has hired Art Briles as OC. The USFL and Conference USA both face lawsuits before their seasons begin.


Juwan Howard Slaps a Coach and the USFL Draft

Juwan Howard has been suspended for the rest of the regular season after slapping a coach for the Wisconsin Badgers in the post-game handshake line. The USFL draft begins with former Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson going overall number one to the Michigan Panthers. The XFL and the NFL have announced a deal to work together with the XFL being a research and developmental league.


Rams Win the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics

The Rams win the Super Bowl by overcoming two turnovers to win in the final minutes of the game. The NFL announces the Hall of Fame class of 2022, and the winter Olympics is once again marred by poor television coverage and performance enhancing drugs.