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A show about games and the people who love them

A show about games and the people who love them


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A show about games and the people who love them




Episode #369 - Orbital Velocity

Can you play cards to maneuver a jointly controlled rocket to the right orbital velocity and deploy three satellites? A simple, subtle but ambitious game, Orbital Velocity is a math card puzzle that takes on gravity, economics, and game theory.


Episode #368 - Ubike Tours: Taiwan

Let’s take a bike trip around northern Taiwan. Play scenery cards to visit as many sites as you can over the course of nine stops. The traveler who plans the best and pedals great distances will score well and create a memorable trip.


Episode #367 - The One Hundred Torii

Players create a beautiful Japanese garden together by laying tiles, making their way through Torii gates. Build beautiful garden paths to collect memories of the landmarks and people you encounter along the way.


Episode #365 - Castles of Tuscany

Castles of Tuscany is beautifully simple tile laying game that creates space and opportunity for depth and strategy. The game challenges players to stack simple small decisions together in order to build complex chains of actions and bonuses.


Episode #363 - Holiday Party

Join our party of misfit nerds for fun and games, plus plenty of freewheeling conversation spanning the wide world of geekdom. We hope you'll be in a festive mood for the season after listening to some Grade A goofing around.


Episode #362 - Nova Luna

Nova Luna is an abstract game of new beginnings. Players select and place colored tiles from the Moon clock, hoping to create patterns which allow them to place scoring tokens on the tiles. As the moon moves, new choices and strategies will arise.


Episode #360 - Isle of Cats

You are on a rescue mission to the Isle of Cats. The dread pirate Vesh is coming to loot and pillage, destroying anything in his path. Explore the island, gather cats and ancient treasures, and find a way to fit them all on your boat before Vesh arrives.


Episode #359 - Beasty Bar

There's a party at the club and all the animals from the neighborhood are clamoring to get in! When the line is filled with five beasts, the club doors open. How many of your party animals can you get into the Beasty Bar before the night is over?


Episode #358 - 1987 Channel Tunnel

1987 Channel Tunnel is an action selection game powered by clever auctions and multi-use cards. Listen in to explore the game and discover how it packs a whole word of strategy and history into its small box.


Episode #357 - Artbox

Artbox is a game about perception. How to say a lot with a little. Working from a common set of shape dice, can you create a simple drawing, hoping others can select your magic word from a grid of cards?


Episode #356 - Similo

Similo is a cooperative game of characters, communication, and deduction. Can you guide your team to the secret character in a grid of cards using only other character cards as clues?


Episode #354 - The King's Dilemma

The King's Dilemma is tells the story a small council of royal advisors over the course of many generations. Every crisis the kingdom faces is yours to navigate. What legacy will you help write - for yourself, your house, and the people of the land?


Episode #351 - Across the United States

Can you build a transportation empire by investing in railroad companies, delivering goods and passengers, and picking up gold along the way? In a train game world full of slow freights, Across the United States delivers balanced fun at blistering speed.


Episode #350 - Walking in Provence

Walking in Provence is a card-driven map building game. Over ten turns you will create a mini-map and move your photographers to open meadows hoping to create the right mix of flowers and features for the perfect shot.


Episode #346 - Planet

Planet is a 3-D magnetic tile laying game. Build new ecosystems to attract more animals to fill your world. This variety episode features an expanded Meal segment as well.


Episode #344 - Hadara

In Hadara, you take on an ancient challenge: build a civilization from the ground up. Can you recruit talented people, encourage technology, explore other lands, and inspire great works of art, all to promote your civilization ahead of the rest?


Episode #343 - Medium

How psychic are you? Medium will put you to the test. Your goal is to create a telepathic bond, a Vulcan mind meld with your partners in the game. From two words selected, can we come up with a word that connects them on the count of 3-2-1.


Episode #341 - Parks

You and your friend set out to visit National Parks across the United States. A game of PARKS is the story of your journeys along the trails throughout the year. This episode also features a big announcement about The Spiel Foundation!


Episode #339 - Holiday Party

Join our party of misfit nerds for fun and games, plus plenty of freewheeling conversation spanning the wide world of geekdom. We hope you'll be in a festive mood for the season after listening to some Grade A goofing around.


Episode #337 - The Crew

The Crew is a cooperative trick-taking card game. 50 increasingly challenging missions tell the story of your crew's journey to Planet 9. How well can you work together when communication is limited as you cross the vast expanse of space?