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The sports podcast that's just good enough.
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The sports podcast that's just good enough.






Episode 25: The Sports Monarchy- The last show before the draft, NFL Schedule review and NHL playoffs

It's the final episode before the 2018 NFL Draft. Kory and Ricky give their final thoughts on what they think is going to happen and the excitement surrounding the draft his year as Bills and Jets fans. The 2018 NFL schedule has also been released! The boys bring up how Monday Night Football looks like trash and other match-ups. Stanley Cup Playoff talk makes the rounds as well as some NBA Playoff talk...and of course Quick Picks to end the show. Follow on Twitter: TSM_Podcast


Episode 24: The Short Reign - Fortnite has taken over - The Robo Zuckerberg - Aldon Smiths record breaking BAC

Ricky and Kory debut the first episode of The Short Reign where they babble about non-sports things. This episode the boys talk about how Fortnite got so popular (and if it will end any time soon), if Mark Zuckerberg is a robot and Aldon Smith posting a BAC that they could never think about reaching. Follow on Twitter: TSM_Podcast


Episode 23: The Sports Monarchy - AFC and NFC East Draft Review - Divided Attention Drake Bracket - Quick Picks

Matt Danwin joins Kory Reid and Richard Cumpston to cover the NFL Draft. The boys review what each team in the AFC and NFC East should do. Ricky carries the team in Fortnite as the Monarchy gets deeper into the Drake Bracket.


Episode 22: The Sports Monarchy - NFL AFC & NFC Draft talk, NCCA Basketball talk and Quick Quick picks

Draft expert Matt Danwin joins Kory Reid and Richard Cumpston Jr. to cover the NFL draft.The AFC and NFC East are covered heavily, and favorite QBs are picked. Kory is also totally reason of the Ricky and the Jets at 3. They also dive into NCAA Tournament talk with Vilanova winning March Madness and debute Quick Quick Picks.


Episode 21: The Sports Monarchy - NCAA Final 4 talk, Divided Attention, The post free agency NFL

Ricky and Kory try something fresh... by doing a Drake Bracket all while playing a round of Fortnite. Can they finish the first round before they die? Also, the boys cover the post free agency NFL, and predict who will be the NCAA Champion out of the remaining four teams. Check out the twitter page to see Kory and Ricky battle the Fortnite world!


Episode 20: The Sports Monarchy - Super Bowl wrap up, Gronks WWE Gimmick, Good Guy Bad Situation featuring JJ Redick

Ricky and Kory cover the Super Bowl, including what each commerical taught them, explore what Gronks future and past WWE gimmick would be, Good Guy Bad Situation with JJ Redick and as always Quick Picks along with much more!


Episode 19: The Sports Monarchy -Sal Capaccio Interview, NFL Divisional Round, 2018 NBA All-star

Kory and Richard speak on the crazy NFL divisional round, come up with a new NBA game... game and talk with WGR550's Sal Capaccio!


Episode 18: The Sports Monarchy - The Bills make the playoffs, Wildcard weekend preview, CFB talk

Holy crap, after 17 freaking years the Bills made it. Kory and Richard shove their feet in their mouths and discuss how it all happened. Also, the guys make their playoff predictions, hit on the CFB Championship and as always end the show with Quick Picks.


Episode 3: The Sports Monarchy - NFL 2017 Records - Kyrie Trade Request - Sal Capaccio Interview

On this episode, Kory and Richard chat with WGR550's Sal Capaccio on the NFL, the Bills and his new podcast. Also, the TSM crew discusses USA Today's NFL record predictions, Kyrie trade rumors and more.


Episode 1: AFC East breakdown, summer NHL Free Agency, McGregor and Mayweather

On The Sports Monarchy, Richard and Kory talk about the AFC East, NHL free agency, the joke that is McGregor and Mayweather, and other topics!


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