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Riding around North Carolina Short Track Speedway’ys

Mike Ray joins Dave Richmond to talk about upcoming events at Wake County Speedway in Raleigh and Southern National Motorsports Park in Lucama. They will also talk about other short tracks in North Carolina and a few in Virginia. Like the Sports Objective Facebook Page and you can follow them on twitter @TheSportsOBJ. Follow them on Instagram @thesportsobjective. You can email the podcast with your questions, comments, and feedback at Thanks to all the...


Going to Canes Country and the Coastal Plain League

Dave Richmond is back with a new episode. He talks to Brian Leblanc from Canes country. Summer is almost here and that means baseball will be in full swing. Dave talks to Shelby Hilliard She is the media director for the Coastal Plain League. Check out their new and improved website at Like the Sports Objective Facebook page and follow the Twitter page @TheSportsOBJ. Email Dave at


The Summer Preview Episode-Two Big Announcements

It's time now for the Summer Preview Episode. Dave Richmond and Kyle "from La Grange" Barber talk about two exciting new things for the summer. In addition to the normal podcasts every week, Dave and Kyle have two new things for the summer to discuss. In addition, they also talk about ECU related topics for the hour. We appreciate all the support from the listeners. Like the Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @ TheSportsOBJ! Email your questions and comments to the show at...


Racing through North Carolina with Tom Jensen, David Glenn, and Corey Gloor

Another exciting episode as we have three great guests. We start off with Tom Jensen. Tom is the curatorial affairs director for the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Downtown Charlotte. He has many years covering NASCAR and was kind enough to spend some time with us. For more information about the hall, go to . David Glenn hosts a sports talk show that can be heard all over the state of North Carolina. He is on weekdays Noon-3pm. You can find out more about the show at...


Some Sports to Wrestle With

We have three big time guests on this episode! We start with Conrad Thompson. Conrad hosts Something to Wrestle With with Bruce Prichard and What Happened When with Tony Schiavone. Now, there is big news this month. He now is on WWE Network with Bruce Prichard. The show is called Something Else to Wrestle With. Mike Maniscalo comes on the show to talk about the latest with the Carolina Hurricanes. What happens with the Canes in the offseason? Will Cam Ward Be Back? There are certainly many...


We are the Pirates of E-C-U! Look at the 2018 Season and Beyond

It’s an all ECU episode! We start the show with Tom McClellan. Tom is the Assistant Athletics Director/Athletics Communications at East Carolina. Dave Richmond talks to Tom about the program as a whole. From the hire of Joe Dooley and Dave Hart to the future of athletics at the university! The second guest of the episode is Stephen Igoe from Hoist the Colours. Stephen does a nice job of reporting about the Pirates. They discuss a number of topics related to the athletic program. Thanks for...


Talking NC Sports with Sam Walker and Bobby Guthrie

Talking North Carolina Sports with Sam Walker and Bobby Guthrie. Sam Walker is a writer for the Outer Banks Voice and News Director for Max Media. Dave Richmond talks to Sam about sports on the OBX and Elizabeth City. Follow Sam on twitter @SamWalkerOBX. Bobby Guthrie is the Assistant Executive Director for the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame Class of 2018 will be enshrined on Friday May 4, at the Raleigh Convention Center. An afternoon news conference will be held on...


Talking Sports with Jeff Charles and Arnie Spanier

Wow, what an episode! Dave talks sports with two great guests. The first is a personal friend and amazing voice of the East Carolina Pirates, Jeff Charles. Jeff comes on to talk about his cancer journey and ECU Sports. Then, He talks to Arnie Spanier. Arnie is a national sports talk show host who predicted in 1996 that ECU would beat Miami in the Orange Bowl. Dave talks to him about his days then on One-on-One Sports. What is he up to these days? All that and much more! Thanks to all the...


Cooking up Stories with Bob Garner of UNC-TV and The Daily Reflector

Bob Garner of UNC-TV and The Daily Reflector joins Dave Richmond to talk about his career in broadcasting. Along the way, they will talk about life, food, sports and so much more. Bob Garner has many years of broadcasting, including over twenty years at UNC-TV. He now has a column in the Daily Reflector in Greenville, North Carolina. Bob is an author and expert on BBQ. He has written several books on Barbecue in North Carolina. You can get them on Amazon or Barnes and Noble..anywhere where...


Behind the Scenes of the Pirate IMG Sports Network with David Horn

We go behind the scenes of the Pirate IMG Sports Network with David Horn. David is the producer and engineer of the network. David talks with Dave Richmond about the late great Woody Durham. The legendary voice of the Tarheel Sports Network was honored at Carmichel Arena on the UNC Campus this week. Then, we shift gears and talk about the broadcast of the Pirate IMG Sports Network. Be sure and like the Sports Objective Facebook Page. Follow us on Twitter at theSportsOBJ. The podcast is off...


Reunited and it Feels So Good!

East Carolina University is finished with the Men's Basketball Search. Joe Dooley is back and will be the next Men's Basketball Search. Reunited and it feels so good. There are so many songs that come to mind. The Second Time Around and Welcome Back are in my head now. Kyle Barber aka Kyle from La Grange joins Dave Richmond to discuss the new/old coach at East Carolina. What reasonable expectations should fan have for year one? Will the second tour of duty live up to the first? Join the...


Freestyling with Radio Friend, Allen Vick

Radio Friend Allen Vick joins Dave Richmond to talk ECU Sports, NASCAR, and Wrestling or "rasslin" as Allen likes to call it. Dave and Allen talk about lacrosse, the new sport at East Carolna. Who is going to be the next basketball coach at ECU? Will Dave Hart stay on as the permanent Athletic Director? Scottie Montgomery had it tough being the coach after Ruffin McNeill. Will Scottie win six games this year? What is the Future of NASCAR? Talking old school with the likes of Jim Cornette,...


TSO- Guests: Paul Tschetter, Dr. John Bream, Mike Ray, and Moses Geddis

It's a lot of shifting gears with this episode of the Sports Objective. Paul Tschetter, retired ECU professor, joins Dave Richmond to discuss the 1963 National Championship Game. This was the last time Loyola-Chicago was in the final four. They beat Cincinnati in overtime to win the championship that year. Dave, then talks to Dr. John Bream of the Fire Compher movement at ECU. What's going on now with the movement now that Compher will be leaving ECU on May 1st? Dave also talks to racing...


Sports Objective Podcast Trailer

Coming this week is a new podcast called the Sports Objective! The objective is sports and we will be objective! Join us for our very first episode with Stephen Igoe from Hoist the Colours. HTC Is a message board and information website for East Carolina Pirates Fans! Also, we will have discussions on the current College Basketball Scandal. We will go to the Sports Box Office and discuss the 1989 Kevin Costner movie," Field of Dreams." What are your favorite top 5 favorite John Hughes...