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Two Colorado bros, Brennan and James, coming at you like the DIII college football players they are: smart but poor. Sports. Hip-hop. Movies.

Two Colorado bros, Brennan and James, coming at you like the DIII college football players they are: smart but poor. Sports. Hip-hop. Movies.
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Two Colorado bros, Brennan and James, coming at you like the DIII college football players they are: smart but poor. Sports. Hip-hop. Movies.






Ep. 52 – 3 A.M. Basketball in Las Vegas

Brennan and James are joined by a half passed-out friend Zach in their hotel room in Las Vegas at 3 A.M. At first, they go all-in on their trip to Las Vegas, angels and demons, and other topics. Afterward, they get into what all of the NBA free agency signings have done to the NBA, including both Los Angeles teams, their signings, and how it shapes the West (27:29), and the Westbrook trade and how it affects Houston and Oklahoma City (35:56). To end the show, they tell more Vegas stories,...


Ep. 51 – NBA Draft and Recency Bias

Brennan and James start by recapping the draft and how trades work, followed by the Suns' questionable moves and their struggles throughout the past decade (13:43), the Anthony Davis trade and how it's playing out for both teams (30:32), peoples' recency biases for the state of the NBA (44:09), the Tampa Bay Ray's thoughts of moving the team (53:58), and Max Scherzer's past couple days (59:35).


Ep. 50 – The Raptors Are So Good, the NBA is Chaos Now

Time to celebrate! TSPP's 50th episode wraps up the Raptors' incredible journey to a Finals win, including performances of each player, a breakdown of Golden State's dynasty (10:49), a comparison of the Raptors vs. other NBA Finals teams (23:31), and a comparison of Kawhi vs. other greats like KD (29:59). The bros then transition into the future of the NBA, including Anthony Davis (37:05), and how the Western Conference will look like next season (46:04). Finally, Brennan and James discuss...


Ep. 49 – Toronto Finals Takeover, NBA Free Agency

Brennan and James cover everything and anything finals related including what makes the Raptors so good as well as what the Warriors dynasty means (4:43) before they weigh possible free agency scenarios, both those with ties to NBA Finals outcomes and those without (29:03).


EP. 48 – NFL Draft Special with ZACH BRAMMER, NBA Playoffs Round 1 Recap: DAME

Brennan and James welcome in their NFL draft guy Zach Brammer on what to expect in this year's draft with topics like the Oakland Raiders, the Denver Broncos, Kyler Murray and Arizona's situation, and other potential first-round quarterbacks. Afterwards, they discuss the Portland-Oklahoma City series and its wild ending (35:10), the Denver-San Antonio series (44:27), and the Houston-Utah series (51:57). They also entertain one sizeable Kacie's Corner question (58:25).


Ep. 47 – Underdog Virginia Cavaliers, Unpredictable NBA Playoffs, LAcking Lakers

The bros discuss Virginia's (improbable) winning of the NCAA tournament, the NBA Playoffs and what to expect (18:03), the Lakers' problems and the disasters they have brought about (36:02), and a new segment of Kacie's Corner (52:53).


Ep. 46 – Duke’s Exit, Great Coaching, Devin Booker’s 3-Game Tear, Nuggets’ Playoff Hope(lessness)

Brennan and James give thought to Duke's exit as well as the remaining teams' potential in the CBB tournament, then they discuss Kristaps Porzingis, Devin Booker's talent and the Suns best option for their first-round pick, and well as the Nuggets' playoff hopes (or, for James, hopelessness), followed by a very clean* segment of Kacie's Corner in celebration of a certain anniversary... (49:19)


Ep. 45 – OBJ to Cleveland

Brennan and James are together at their brother Stanton's house to discuss the Odell Beckham trade, the Raiders and Antonio Brown, and other NFL transactions, as well as miscellaneous NBA topics, including the level of difficulty in the playoffs compared to other sports. Later (49:25), Stanton joins them to answer this week Kacie's Corner questions about pies, swallows, gorillas, and camels.


Ep. 44 – Kyler Murray and SB MVP Joe Flacco

They're back! After a long break, Brennan and James dig into the Broncos' acquisition of Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco, Kyler Murray and other NFL Combine standouts, Lebron James's woes, and other topics before getting into a sandwich throwing, cupcake eating, Bill Walton-esque segment of Kacie's Corner (38:41).


Ep. 43 – Happy Anniversary! Super Bowl LIII, AD Rumors 2.0

Happy One-Year Anniversary! The bros celebrate one year of The Sports Podcast Podcast with talk about the weird, interesting, and boring parts of Super Bowl LIII, followed by how and if Anthony Davis could be traded, including the possibility of him going to Denver or Milwaukee ( 27:29).


Ep. 42 – The Brow Wants Out, Brady Super Bowl #9, TSPP Fans Fail to Disappoint

The bros start the show covering Anthony Davis's request for a trade as well as the current NBA MVP race headlined by James Harden, followed by talk surrounding Tom Brady's career and a preview of Super Bowl LIII (38:34), and concluded with a fan-led segment on fixing the NFL overtime rules and a special question from THE Kacie for a round of Kacie's Corner (55:33).


Ep. 41 – NFL Championship Round Recap, Grizzlies, and Vegans

The bros come back strong with their thoughts on Championship Sunday in the NFL, followed by NBA talk centered around the Grizzlies' pickle of a situation, the Trailblazers, and the Western Conference's two best centers (24:17), capped off by a Vegan-inspired round of Kacie's Corner (1:02:56).


Ep. 40 – NFL Championship Round & The Axis of Evil

Brennan and James are back from their break and get right into the good stuff. They talk about the Chiefs-Patriots and Saints-Rams matchups, followed by NFL coaching hires, Kyler Murray's situation, Jalen Hurts's transferring, and Trevor Lawrence's look-alike (27:50), NBA talk surrounding the Nuggets, Warriors, James Harden, and others (43:26), and finally, the introduction of TSPP's Axis of Evil (56:22).


Ep. 39 – A Knishmas Special

Brennan and James are back with a Christmas Special. The show starts with talk about the Broncos, Nathan Peterman, and Josh Gordon, followed by "Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week 16" (14:16), NBA talk surrounding the Nuggets, Suns, and Lakers (35:39), and a Christmas edition of Kacie's Corner (47:19). Merry Knishmas!


Ep. 38 – Problems in the CFB Playoff, Deuces to McCarthy, Dinosaurs Exist

Brennan and James talk Georgia's loss to Alabama and the College Football Playoff committee, the Broncos' recent losses and the Packers' firing of Mike McCarthy + possible replacements (20:55), a new game called "Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week 14," (29:46), the Nuggets, Grizzlies, and Markelle Fultz's strange injury (47:56), and a Dinosaur-filled segment of Kacie's Corner (1:01:26). Get your TSPP merchandise here!! -->


Ep. 37 – CFB Championship Week, Hue and Baker, Weird Wizards

Brennan and James begin the episode by theorizing possibilities for the CFB Playoff as teams head into championship week, then they discuss the Browns, Baker Mayfield, Hue Jackson, and other NFL Week 12 topics (16:10) before a game of "Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week 13," (29:30). Afterwards, they dissect the NBA over topics like the parity of the East vs. the West, the Wizards situation, and the Rockets (50:35). Finally, the bros end on a segment of Kacie's Corner (1:00:35).


Ep. 36 – Jimmy B. Gets Traded, Fighting Over Giannis, Fitzluminati

Brennan and James cover a huge week in the NBA by talking about the Jimmy Butler trade, fighting over Giannis Antetokounmpo's skill, and discussing Kevin Durant and Draymond Green's feud. Later, they discuss Le'Veon Bell not reporting to camp, Nathan Peterman's situation, and the discovery of Fitzluminati (36:28), followed by a game of "Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week Eleven" (49:22). Finally, they wrap up the episode with a fun segment of Kacie's Corner (1:08:37).


Ep. 35 – NFL 9/10, College Basketball Preview with Noah Borgmann

Brennan and James (briefly: R.I.P.) bring on guest Zach Brammer to recap NFL Week 9, followed by their respective takes in a new game called "Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week Ten" (32:55), and TSPP's college basketball preview with guest Noah Borgmann outlining the top teams that can win it all in March.


Episode 34 – NFL 8/9, D. Rose Erupts, Warriors Explode

Brennan and James give their thoughts on NFL Week 8, followed by Brennan's rendition of "Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week Nine," (20:08), NBA talk over the Warriors' recent point-scoring explosions, Derrick Rose's 50 point game, and the Milwaukee Bucks' success (29:50), and a Kacie's Corner segment including the MLB, getting arrested, and Mars (47:20).


Episode 33 – NFL Weeks 7 & 8, NBA Doing the Most

Brennan and James kick off Episode 33 by recapping NFL Week 7, followed by a new game called "Five Words to Describe Every Game in Week Eight" (25:57), and NBA talk centered around the Lakers-Rockets fight, the Denver Nuggets' hot start, and other various NBA topics (41:21).