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Set your coordinates and lock in your location, because it's time for the Sports Refuge Podcast. This is the meeting place to talk sports, pop culture and everything in between.

Set your coordinates and lock in your location, because it's time for the Sports Refuge Podcast. This is the meeting place to talk sports, pop culture and everything in between.
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Set your coordinates and lock in your location, because it's time for the Sports Refuge Podcast. This is the meeting place to talk sports, pop culture and everything in between.




We're (Almost) Live Pal! with Edward Holland Sr. and Therran Dennis (Episode 19)

What do you get when you combine unapologetic and unfiltered with laid-back and cool? You get this week’s guests, Edward Holland Sr. and Therran Dennis, who are participating in a group conversation. In this week’s episode, Holland and Dennis sit with host Earl Holland to discuss various topics, including their thoughts on some of the most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL, the rise of E-sports, and how they compare to playing video games in old-school arcades. For more on the...


The Path to Success with Shane Leatherbury (Episode 18)

What happens to a dream deferred? Sometimes, it can dry up like a raisin in the sun. Other times, the wait can pay off, and Towson University receiver Shane Leatherbury can attest to this. Leatherbury was named First-Team All-Colonial Athletic Association after a 67-catch, 885-yard and seven-touchdown season after being a walk-on two seasons ago. Prior to that, the former high school quarterback played a season of football at Division II Seton Hill, before ta king a year off. In...


Christmas Song Crossover with Movies & A Meal Podcast (Episode 17)

As we continue to resolve our technical issues, we bring you a special crossover episode as we partner with the crew of the Movies & A Meal Podcast to bring you a listing and countdown of our favorite Christmas songs. Once our technical issues are resolved, we’ll be back with a brand-new interview featuring Towson University receiver Shane Leatherbury. Go to for more episodes, or search for The Sports Refuge Podcast on Apple iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and...


Wheeling and Dealing with Jeff Taviano (Episode 16)

Philadelphia and Boston are home to two of the most passionate fan bases there are. Being a big Philadelphia sports fan living in Boston, Jeff Taviano is experiencing the best of both worlds. In this episode, Taviano discusses what it's like being a Philly sports fan and the transition to moving to Boston, the reputation that Philadelphia fans have, and which of the two cities has the most historical impact on America. Jeff will also discuss his time as a pitcher, his interest in...


Breaking Bread with Donta Finney (Episode 15)

As a personal trainer, you have to know the importance of providing guidance and accountability. So when a situation occurs such as the one that killed University of Maryland football player Jordan McNair in the summer of 2018, someone with the expertise in conditioning and fitness like Donta Finney is compelled to chime in on the issue. Finney, who becomes the first repeat guest on the show, sits down again with host Earl Holland to give his thoughts on the fallout in College Park,...


Rolling with Ramos with Mykell Ramos (Episode 14)

Talking sports has always come naturally for Mykell Ramos. The Washington D.C. native, and host of the podcast, "Rolling with Ramos," has been able to use her innate ability to get her foot in the door as an aspiring sports journalist. In this episode, Ramos sits down with host Earl Holland to give her insight into the journey of her budding career as well as a discussion on some of her influences and mentors in the industry. Ramos also converses about what it's like attending a...


Do the Math with Mark DeMorra (Episode 13)

It's been said that numbers never lie. Especially in sports. Numbers are not only a way to recognize your favorite player and as a way to represent success, but now, they're being used to as a means to measure value and sometimes, determine future performance. Even with all the data and metrics that are given through things such as sabermetrics and advanced statistics, there can sometimes be more at play says Mark DeMorra. DeMorra, who has a background in STEM, including...


Junior/Senior with Edward Holland Sr. (Episode 12)

Unfiltered. Unapologetic. Real. Edward Holland, Sr., likes to speak his mind regardless of what the issue is, and is often unwavering in his stance. That goes with everything ranging from his choice in his favorite movies, favorite foods, or his favorite sports teams. In this free-flowing and lengthy interview, Edward Holland sits down with his brother, host Earl Holland, to give his take on various topics in the sports world including sports parents, participation trophies, and...


Broadcast News with Scott Abraham (Episode 11)

In the world of broadcast news, it's more than just looking the part. While some people may look at being a television anchor and reporter as a glamorous job, you also have to do the hard work that comes with it. Two-time Sports Emmy-winning sportscaster Scott Abraham, of WJLA 7 in Washington, D.C., sits down with host Earl Holland to discuss the nature of the business. In this interview, Abraham talks about his path to becoming a television sportscaster, some of his sportscasting...


That's (Sports) Entertainment with Linwood Outlaw (Episode 10)

Sports can be an escape, a hobby, and a career. However, sports is also a form of entertainment. The athletic competition, scripted or unscripted, can sometimes rival other forms of amusement. In part two of an interview with Linwood Outlaw, Outlaw talks about one of his favorite forms of entertainment – professional wrestling. Outlaw discusses how he became a wrestling fan, and what it's like attending the Super Bowl of wrestling, "Wrestlemania." The Baltimore native also discusses...


Talkin' Basketball with Linwood Outlaw (Episode 9)

Linwood Outlaw is a true-blue Baltimore sports fan, cheering feverishly for his hometown Ravens and Orioles. But when it comes to his choice of NBA teams, his heart belongs to the "City of Brotherly Love," as he's been a die-hard Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers fan since the days of Charles Barkley, and later, Allen Iverson. In this episode, the first of two parts, Outlaw discusses how he became a Sixers fan, the comparison between Allen Iverson and LeBron James in his first stint with the...


New York, New York with Scott Johnson (Episode 8)

In New York City, there's no shortage of options for sports fans. It's a virtual Noah's Ark with two sets of teams in each of the five professional major league sports. If you ask what Scott Johnson's rooting interest is, he'll tell you where his allegiances lie. In this episode, Johnson talks about what it's like being a sports fan in New York, his collection of jerseys, and his travels with friends to various stadiums across the country. Johnson also discusses how he became a fan...


Piledriver with Brian Banks (Episode 7)

For Brian Banks, pro wrestling fandom is something that has spanned generations. A result of watching the combination of sports and entertainment at an early age, it's one of the things that he's an avid fan of – next to baseball. In this episode, Banks and host Earl Holland discuss Banks' passion for wrestling, how he's seen it evolve over the years, and what he says to people who call wrestling "fake." Banks also talks about his time playing Division I baseball at the University...


Tales of the Collector with Ben Penserga (Episode 6)

Collecting isn't anything new to Ben Penserga. He comes from a family of collectors. What's his collection of choice? Sports memorabilia. Penserga has an abundance of sports keepsakes ranging from autographs, minor league baseball caps, and numerous sports jerseys. In this episode, Penserga and host Earl Holland talk about what the impetus was for Penserga's collecting habits, as well as what makes an item have sentimental value. Penserga also talks about what teams in sports...


From Outta Left Field with Therran Dennis (Episode 5)

Describing Therran Dennis as from out of left field wouldn't be an insult. It's something he embraces. Not only does the adage describe his personality, but it was the position he was accustomed to when playing baseball. In this episode, host Earl Holland and Dennis, his cousin, discuss the state of sports talk radio today, Dennis's interest in both baseball and soccer, and the NBA in general. Dennis also gives his take on the importance of announcers in sports broadcasts, the...


Prime-Time Hustle with Mitchell Northam (Episode 4)

Some people hustle pool. Some people hustle cars. But have you ever heard of the man who hustles writing jobs? Meet Mitchell Northam, a reporter with the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. In addition to his current duties covering North Fulton County news, Northam has written for a number of outlets including SBNation, Fansided, ProSoccerUSA, and USA Today. In this episode, Northam and host Earl Holland will discuss Northam's foray into journalism, how basketball became one of his favorite...


Getting Fit with Donta Finney (Episode 3)

What do the two practices of martial arts and personal fitness have in common? Both involve improvement through repetition and a level of discipline. They also form the perfect marriage as Donta Finney can attest to. Finney, who has a background in Kar-do-Jitsu-Ryu and weightlifting, blended the two disciplines as a part of "Mixed Martial Fitness," which helps people live better and healthy lives. In this episode, host Earl Holland and Finney discuss how Finney became fascinated...


On the Run with Vanessa Junkin (Episode 2)

Running can be a hobby, a way to relieve stress, and a lifestyle. Just ask Vanessa Junkin. Running has been Junkin's passion since high school. She has raced around the country, including races in six states, which she chronicles in her blog, "She Runs By the Seashore." Through her blogging, Junkin has become a BibRave Pro, where she tests new running products and shares her race experiences through social media. In this episode, host Earl Holland chats with Junkin about her road...


Diamond Dreams with Jeff Fleetwood (Episode 1)

How do you get to be on an MLB field without playing, umpiring, or illegally trespassing? By becoming a member of a major league groundskeeping crew, like Jeff Fleetwood has. Fleetwood, a teacher, and baseball coach at Mount Vernon High School in Alexandria, Virginia, is living the dream as he takes the field with the Washington Nationals grounds crew. His forays into coaching and as a grounds crew member are a continuation of a diamond dream starting from playing baseball at both the...