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Colts Training Camp Is Right Around the Corner | w/Jake Arthur

Today we welcome writer Jake Arthur back to the Colts Cast to get us all ramped up for Colts training camp. Matt and Jake talk camp battles, how the offensive line is different from recent units aside from starting talent, some offseason takeaways, the Colts passing on any of the players in the NFL supplemental draft and much more. The team has so many unanswered questions on both sides of the ball, but we hit on several positions in under an hour


What's Your Problem with the Colts Roster? with PFW's Eric Edholm

Nearly everyone is using the "If Andrew Luck's shoulder is good..." line right about now, when speaking about the Colts 2018 outlook. Now, you get the Colts 3 largest issues outside of the QB position, and now we have a conversation. Eric Edholm (Pro Football Weekly) stops by on today's show to talk to Matt about those 3 problem areas on the roster from his point of view. Maybe we agree, maybe we don't, but this was a fun conversation -- and you may be surprised about Eric's outlook for the...


How Likely are the Colts to Bid on a Player in the NFL Supplemental Draft?

The Indianapolis Colts didn't use one of their 2018 draft picks on cornerback and many questioned that. Now, there are a few of very intriguing players who could fill some of the team's needs in the secondary.Jordan Reid joins Matt Danely to look at which of the three are the most sought after. We look at who is a better scheme fit, and if-and-when should Ballard drop a bid in for one of them. We discuss weighing the acquisition versus losing the pick in the 2019 draft and much much more.


Colts Cast Mailbag with Zach Hicks

The NFL dead period is officially upon us. OTA's and minicamp are in the rearview and we still have a full month until the Indianapolis Colts kick off the 2018 training camp. Today, Matt welcomes the newest Stampede Blue contributor Zach Hicks to the show to sift through the mailbag. We answer questions in relation to scheme, Reich's approach that has players so excited, whether or not the Colts should take a flier on one of the talents in the supplemental draft and much, much more.


Live Colts Cast: Colts Minicamp Call-in Show

As the Indianapolis Colts have now finished two of their three minicamp practices, aside from the second-straight day of Andrew Luck throwing the football, perhaps the biggest news is that of the summer training camp schedule being released. The Colts coordinators did speak, but tonight it's about having you, the fans speak. We go all in on our weekly call-in show discussing the Colts secondary, the defensive front, the running backs and receivers and much much more. Even amongst Colts fans,...


Reflecting on an Eventful First Day of Colts Minicamp with George Bremer

We expected to find interest in who the Colts were starting -- so to speak -- at some of the most intriguing positions in their first day of minicamp. We did, but we also got a massive surprise as Andrew Luck threw a football in front of cameras for the first time since mid-October. We were able to hear from Luck as well, his daily schedule and how he'll be using his time with the month off before training camp. We also got to hear from Frank Reich as well. George Bremer joins the show to...


Will Anyone Stand Out at Colts Mini-Camp?; Top Games on 2018 Schedule

The Indianapolis Colts begin their mini-camp Tuesday with several interesting players to watch as the coaching staff begins to put together their tentative No. 1s on both sides of the ball, and attempt to round out who is impressing them once everyone gets on the field at once. While mini-camp rules are basically the same to that of OTAs, players begin to really turn up their energy in order to leave the coaching staff with a good taste in their mouth before taking a month off to prepare for...


Live Colts Cast: Latest Colts News, Mailbag Questions, Listener Call-Ins

With the lack of access to each session of the Indianapolis Colts OTAs, we discuss the latest surrounding the team, including some not-so-normal storylines having to do with one of the newest Colts. Stephen Reed joins Matt to answer mailbag questions from the Stampede Blue fanposts and to take listener's questions live on the air. We go through talk of the Colts tight end group, how Eric Ebron and Nyheim Hines will help exploit opposing defenses with their versatility, quick talk of Andrew...


Discussing the Colts 2017 Draft Class & Their Importance to the 2018 Season

As we attempt to figure out what the Indianapolis Colts 2018 NFL Draft class is going to bring to the table in the upcoming season, there are a ton of unknowns left to sort themselves out. Similarly, though we've seen some of what they have to offer the team, the 2017 class lacks some of the evidence needed to determine how crucial they'll be to the success of the team this season. Connor Rogers (Bleacher Report/Stick to Football) joins Matt to discuss just that. How will the influx of...


Live Colts Cast: Offseason Storylines; Listener Call-Ins

We're not officially in the dead period of the NFL offseason quite yet, but it sure feels like we are. At this point, the Indianapolis Colts are set to kick off their second -- of three -- session of OTAs and with the lack of team/player news, we go all in with listener calls. Of course we touch on the lack of late free agency movement with the Colts including three very specific talents at positions in which these additions could easily improve the roster. In the end we get some great...


The Latest from OTAs; Luck's Situation & NFL's Anthem Rule Change

As media availability is sparse right now through the first session of the Indianapolis Colts' OTAs, we'll take a look at the latest from coach Frank Reich and which position groups he's impressed with as well as why there's a lack of urgency in getting Andrew Luck to throwing a football. We'll also discuss the national impression of the Colts roster and that they aren't the worst team in the league right now. We also have to take a few to have the conversation about the rule change to the...


What to Expect from OTAs; Where Did Colts Improve Most this Offseason?

Finally we get to see the vast majority of the Indianapolis Colts roster together on the field at the same time. The Colts begin their first of 3 OTA sessions today, and while it's not training camp, the only things missing are live contact (pads) and a true vision of the depth chart. Largely the practices will be active featuring offense vs defense drills and the team will get a preliminary view of what they have at each position, but there are several other situations the coaching staff...


Colts Coordinators Speak for First Time; Latest Colts News

We're always looking for what the Indianapolis Colts coordinators and position coaches have to say for the first time of the year about the roster they have inherited and what they see with the talent at their disposal. Tuesday we finally got to. Not only are we hearing from them for the first time this year, but this is a completely new staff looking to shape their players into a group that can be developed into a real contender in the next couple years. There are some interesting nuggets...


Discussing the Latest From Colts Rookie Mini Camp with George Bremer

Indianapolis Colts rookie camp has just wrapped up it's first three days and there are certainly some takeaways worth talking about. George Bremer joins Matt Danely to talk about who is standing out, what are the surprises thus far and what he's getting from the remarks from the coaching staff. Now, if you've listened to Matt and George in the past, you know that their conversations bounce all over the place and today is no different. They get into camp battles, expectations, Andrew Luck...


Is Colts OL Best That Luck Has Played Behind?; Questioning Who Starts at RG

Chris Ballard has been working hard to get the lines on both sides of the ball improved this offseason. He's continued to do more of the same even after the draft. This has spurned folks to proclaim that the Colts current OL is the best that Andrew Luck will have played behind since coming into the league. Is that true? We'll find out. Additionally, many have already stated that second-round pick Braden Smith will be the starting RG once the season starts. Is Jack Mewhort becoming the...


Live Colts Cast: Latest Colts News; Listener Call-Ins

Chris Ballard and the Indianapolis Colts gave us a very interesting draft class to talk about as the team looks to transition to new schemes on both sides of the ball and is in the throes of a roster rebuild as well. Today we devote the entire show to listener's calls, talking the Colts offensive line, linebackers, receivers, how the running backs will add such a pivotal dynamic to Frank Reich's offense and much, much more. The Colts still have some work to do in building this roster, but...


AFC South Power Rankings; Getting to Know Colts WR Daurice Fountain w/Pat McCann

Today NFL dot com's power rankings piece came out and Matt Danely and Chris Blystone will discuss not only the Colts' position in those rankings as well as the rest of the AFC South. We'll also dig in and figure out which other team ranked above the Colts that we might take issue with. For the second half of the show, Chris interviews WR coach Pat McCann who is the Colts newest receiver's position coach at Northern Iowa. Enjoy getting to know the Colts newest receiver.


Examining the Colts Linebackers, Receivers and Running Backs

There's a new defensive scheme in Indianapolis and the idea of a new role for each of the linebackers is something that may take some time getting used to. For the time being, we'll run through each of the roles within the 4-man front, take a look at who best fits which role and what it means for some of the holdovers at the position as well as for some of the new guys who are coming in to make a name for themselves. Matt also goes through the receivers and running backs to in attempt to...


Indianapolis Colts 2018 NFL Draft Review; UDFA Roundup

Indianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard has completed his 2nd NFL Draft of his tenure and we're getting a clearer picture yet of exactly how he'll approach these in the future. The Colts' early picks were very much designed on building the offensive line and finding difference makers in their front seven. The latter picks were a nice mix of skill players and finding some depth at a position that is very much in doubt for the upcoming season. George Bremer joins Matt Danely today to dig in to...


Indianapolis Colts' 2018 NFL Draft First-Round Instant Reaction

The 2018 NFL Draft has arrived, and the first round is officially in the books. The stars looked as though they were aligning to land Bradley Chubb into the Colts lap, but then the Denver Broncos pulled the rug out from underneath their feet. Instead, the Colts may have actually landed themselves the top all-around talent in the entire draft with guard Quenton Nelson at the No. 6 pick. The trade offers weren't blowing Chris Ballard away, and instead of panicking, he nailed his first-round...