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What is it that allows some people to push themselves beyond their limitations? Why can some people survive situations others do not? On this podcast we try to find out the answers. Stephan Kesting, is a lifelong martial artist, BJJ black belt, career firefighter, and outdoorsman. Join us as he talks to fighters, adventurers, competitors, coaches, firefighters, trainers and other people living the strenuous life. Stephan also runs, where he has published many hundreds of martial arts videos, articles and tutorials. His free guide to learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, A Roadmap for BJJ, has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and has become a foundational text for the art.




What is it that allows some people to push themselves beyond their limitations? Why can some people survive situations others do not? On this podcast we try to find out the answers. Stephan Kesting, is a lifelong martial artist, BJJ black belt, career firefighter, and outdoorsman. Join us as he talks to fighters, adventurers, competitors, coaches, firefighters, trainers and other people living the strenuous life. Stephan also runs, where he has published many hundreds of martial arts videos, articles and tutorials. His free guide to learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, A Roadmap for BJJ, has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and has become a foundational text for the art.






393 - Historical Bareknuckle Boxing and European Swordfighting, with Oz Austwick

In episode 393 of The Strenuous Life Podcast I talk to Oz Austwick, who has extensively studied armed and unarmed combat systems in Europe. Topics we cover include the origins of boxing in England, historical training and conditioning methods, reconstructing and testing techniques shown in swordfighting manuals, fighting with live blades, the role of wrestling in real swordfighting, and much more. I think you'll really like this one! Oz Austwick runs the English Martial Arts channel on Youtube and publishes at


392 - Everest, Alone, In Winter, and Without Oxygen, with Mountaineer Jost Kobusch

Today I pick the brain of the amazing Jost Kobusch is a German mountaineer who spent two seasons on Everest trying to ascend the legendarily difficult West Ridge route and the Hornbein Couloir alone. And did I mention that he wasn't using supplemental oxygen and attempting this in the middle of the brutal Himalayan winter? We covered a TON of interesting topics, including I hope you enjoy this! Share it with a friend if you do! Stephan Kesting P.S. In 2015 Jost was about to climb Everest when an earthquake triggered an avalanche that destroyed Everest Base Camp. Here's the footage he filmed: P.P.S. At age 21 Jost became the youngest person to solo Ama Dablam, a 6812 meter mountain in the Himalayas. Here's a documentary about that climb: P.P.P.S. Follow Jost on Instagram @Jostkobusch or get coached by him at


391 - The Most Important Mental Models in BJJ, with Steve Kwan

Today I'm joined by Steve Kwan, the host and creator of the wildly popular BJJ Mental Models podcast. We discuss the most important mental models in the art and how they can improve your ability to perform on the mat! Check out for Steve's podcast and for my newest BJJ instructional. And, as always, please send today's episode to someone you think would benefit from it. Thanks, Stephan Kesting


390 - UFOs, UAPs, and Alien Bodies with Skeptical Investigator Mick West

With eyewitness testimony in the US Congress and purported alien bodies being wheeled into the Mexican Congress, it looks like we're in another UFO craze right now. It was great to have science writer and sceptical investigator Mick West on the podcast to make sense of this evidence and evaluate what the odds are that aliens truly walk among us. Check out Mick's current research at, it's my first stop for anything UFO-related. Check out the video of this conversation on the Strenuous Life Podcast channel on Youtube. And finally, please share this episode with a friend who might be interested - that's how this podcast grows! May the force be with you, Stephan Kesting


389 - How to Train for Strength, Endurance and Jiu-Jitsu Simultaneously, with World Record holder James Pieratt of Wild Hunt Conditioning

I caught up with world record holder James Pieratt shortly after he completed a 500-mile, self-supported mountain run along the Pacific Crest Trail. But James isn't just an ultrarunner - he's also a serious weightlifter who also trains in jiu-jitsu. In this interview we went deep into how to balance strength, endurance, and skill training, the role of prehabilitation and rehabilitation, the effect of hard training on life expectancy, and what drives someone to these extremes. Check out James' training programs at or follow him on instagram @wildhuntconditioning. If you know someone who'd be inspired by this episode please send it to them! Stephan


388 - The Ultimate Self Defense Championship with Rokas Leo

The Ultimate Self-Defense Championship was a competition in which six martial arts YouTubers competed against each other in seven self-defense challenges to find out what works, what doesn't and who would become the ultimate self-defense champion. The organizer of this event was Rokas Leo who trained Aikido for 14 years and eventually realised that that art didn't live up to what to the promises. He made the switch to MMA training and has had several amateur MMA fights since. My previous interview with Rokas about his evolution from Aikido to MMA: Watch the first season of the Ultimate Self Defense Championship on Youtube for free: Contribute to The Ultimate Self Defense Championship Season 2 here and get early access and extra footage: Find out more about Rokas on his site:


387 - The Most Successful Gracie Fighter Of All Time, with Robert Drysdale

Not only is Robert Drysdale a BJJ and ADCC World Champion, he has also conducted extensive research into the history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In this interview, he reveals some of what he's discovered, including... 01:54 - The first wave of jiu-jitsu in Brazil - Helio Gracie and Carlos Gracie 04:35 - Exhibition and carnival fighting in Brazil 06:55 - Traditional jiu-jitsu style vs modified judo 12:14 - Training methods of the Gracie Academy in the '30s, 40s and '50s 18:43 - The second wave practitioners 19:47 - Waldemar Santana 22:49 - Carlson Gracie and the Rua Figueiredo Magalhães school 33:19 - How BJJ rule changes changed the sport 42:31 - Rolls Gracie 48:51 - Self-defense and Vale Tudo training 55:28 - Rolls Gracie death 1:00:55 - The Carlson Gracie tragedy 1:13:54 - Carlos Gracie Jr. 1:21:03 - Future rule changes, luta livre, and the sportification of jiu-jitsu 1:35:10 - The Rise and Evolution of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the book You can grab Robert's book, The Rise and Evolution of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which goes into MUCH more detail on these topics at Note that today's episode was also on my Youtube channel at this link: If you found this episode interesting then a rating or a review to help get the word out would be SUPER appreciated. Thanks, Stephan Kesting


386 - Seven Reasons Why Carlson Gracie Was The First Modern MMA Fighter

Carlson Gracie fought in 18 Vale Tudo matches, brought jiu-jitsu to the masses, and innovated many of the MMA training practices we now take for granted. He innovated many seemingly radical ideas at the time, like training without the gi, group classes, and being a well rounded fighter. These points come from Robert Drysdale's excellent book, The Rise and Evolution of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, available on Amazon at I'll be talking to Robert Drysdale about Carlson Gracie and this era of jiu-jitsu in the very next episode (#387) of The Strenuous Life Podcast, so don't miss it!! Cheers, Stephan Kesting


385 - Grappling with the Implications of the 46 Million Dollar Lawsuit for Jiu-Jitsu, with Dan Lukeheart, Alex Kask and Stephan Kesting

The jiu-jitsu world was shaken recently when Jack Greener, severely injured in 2018 while sparring at a San Diego gym, was awarded $46,475,112 dollars by a jury. Rener Gracie testified for the plaintiff, and Clark Gracie testified for the defence. In this episode, I get together with Dan Lukeheart (Brea Jiu-Jitsu) and Alex Kask (Barrister and Solicitor) to discuss the specific technique that caused this injury (the 'Leo Viera Backtake'), training methods used in jiu-jitsu, who gets to set industry standards in jiu-jitsu, whether white belts should spar, and how teachers and club owners can protect themselves from being wiped out by similar lawsuits. More information about this lawsuit is available here... Developments in Martial Arts Practice Liability: Greener v. Del Mar Jiu Jitsu Club Rener Gracie's Deposition Video of the accident Take care of your training partners!! Stephan Kesting


384 - Neopagan Vegetarian Authoritarian Heavy Metal Nature Lovers with Jesse Bryant

Jesse Bryant is doing his PhD on the politics of nature, and has come across some amazing examples of both far left and far right groups wrapping themselves in the mantle of nature and what is deemed 'natural'. From the Artaman League to the Wolves of Vinland and Alex Jone's fantasies about moving back to the country sometimes what he's found is hilarious, and sometimes it's terrifying. I really enjoyed today's homage to the Naturalistic Fallacy and I hope you do too... Check out Jesse's great Tiktok channel where he goes by @jessecallahanbryant. And check out the latest Grapplearts instructional, Cutting Edge Leglocks, at It's an amazing deal and will definitely help you tap out a LOT more people!


383 - Amanda Bruse on Storming the Medals Podium at No Gi Pans

Amanda Bruse took home Gold as a black belt in her weight division at No Gi Pans in 2022, and also a Silver in the open division facing much heavier opponents. She's also done amazingly well at ADCC Trials, No Gi Worlds, and is now competing in Combat Jiu-jitsu as well. It's remarkable that she's only been training for 6 years; clearly, she's doing something right, and in this conversation I try to find out what it is!! Tune in to find out about learning how to train (02:48), her favorite submission competing against bigger opponents in the open division (09:12), how to structure multiple training sessions per day (14:38), strength and conditioning for jiu-jitsu (18:06), balancing training and university studies (28:57), wrestling for no gi jiu-jitsu (35:34), starting a clothing brand (41:01), visualisation for competition (47:11), and her best advice for new people starting jiu-jitsu (53:06). Follow Amanda on Instagram at @amandabruse.bjj. As always, a rating and a review of this podcast is super-appreciated!!! Thanks so much Stephan Kesting


382 - On Learning Jiu-Jitsu with 100% Live Training and No Formal Technical Instruction, with Greg Souders

To say that Greg Souders is a huge believer in drilling and gamification is actually an understatement; he believes that BJJ training methods have not kept up with the science of learning, and runs Standard Jiu-Jitsu in Rockville, Maryland without teaching any techniques. And black belt medalist students at the Pan Ams and the World Championships suggest that he's onto something! I really enjoyed this conversation and did my best to ask the questions you'll be hearing in your own head as you listen to this! As always, if you enjoyed this episode I would REALLY appreciated a review and a rating on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listened to it! Cheers, Stephan Kesting


381 - The Battle Against Disinformation and Information Nihilism, with Brooke Binowski

Brooke Binowski is a journalist specialising in debunking disinformation and misinformation. She has worked for Snopes and is now the managing editor at In this episode we talk about Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, how disinformation campaigns are structured, white supremacists, why the wellness space is so prone to believing conspiracy theories, and how we can know what's actually true and what's not. Follow Brooke on Mastadon, on Twitter (for now) @brooklynmarie, and check out what she's working on at Finally, check out the video version of the Strenuous Life Podcast on Youtube as well. Merry Christmas, Stephan Kesting


380 - What Do You Need to Know to Be a BJJ Blue Belt?

BJJ black belt Elliott Bayev and I discuss the minimum knowledge set required to be a competent blue belt, including... How many techniques do you actually need Why Click here to get the Roadmap for BJJ, my free PDF breakdown of the basic positions and strategies in jiu-jitsu. Elliott runs the Openmat school in Toronto Ontario and also the learning site. Check out Elliott's Spider Guard Masterclass, and/or his Self Defense Guard, and/or his 30 Second Fight Finishes instructionals. I've personally worked with him on all 3 of these products and I can say without hesitation that they are incredibly detailed and directly applicable to your training. Stephan Kesting


379 - A Fascism Checklist, with Professor Daniele Bolleli

In episode 379 of The Strenuous Life Podcast I talk with podcaster, martial artist, and history professor Daniele Bolelli about the characteristics of fascism. This is a loaded topic for both of us, because both of our families lived in fascist states during World War 2 (mine in Germany, his in Italy). Which is why I almost went with an alternate title, namely A German and an Italian Walk Into a Bar... The terms 'fascism' sure gets thrown around a lot these days. But words have meaning, and so you can't just use it as an insult to describe anything you don't like. S0 what is it? As Daniele explains, there isn't a single definition of fascism; instead it's a checklist and the more items an ideology checks off then the closer they are to fascism. Here are some of the major items for Daniele... Other things we discuss are Giorgia Meloni (the Prime Minister of Italy), economic situations before the rise of fascism, horseshoe theory and the eventual convergence of extreme left and extreme right, and the danger of fascism in the world right now. More Daniele Bolelli... Here are some places you can get more Daniele Bolelli... History on Fire PodcastHistory on Fire Patreon@daniele_bolelli More Definitions of Fascism Fascism is a tricky word, and many different people have taken stabs at defining it. Here are a few of my favorites... I found Jason Stanley's 10 traits of a fascist movement a very useful starting point. Umberto Eco's essay Ur-Fascism, originally published in the New York Review, included a 14 point list of the features of fascism. He identified that, for fascists, the enemy must simultaneously be very weak and very strong, which I found fascinating because I see it so often in the discourse these days. British political scientist Roger Griffin has defined the fascistic core as an ultranationalism focused on the idea of rebirth of a people or a nation (or palingenetic ultranationalism). As is so often the case, the Wikipedia article on the definitions of fascism is a useful starting point if you want to go deeper into this topic.


378 - The 5 Most Common BJJ and Judo Injuries and What to Do About Them, with Joshua Arellano, Pt

Joshua Arellano is a physiotherapist with a black belt in Judo and a brown belt in BJJ. He works with combat athletes on rehab, prehab, and injury prevention, and - since injury is the enemy of progress - I was thrilled to pick his brain on the podcast to help everyone have a healthier grappling career! 00:39 - Judo and jiu-jitsu damage on the body 09:37 - The 5 most common injuries that you see in judo and jiu-jitsu 10:43 - Knee injuries 24:51 - Neck injuries 40:42 - Elbow injuries 45:01 - Is Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation outdated? 59:16 - Shoulder Injuries 1:03:33 - Learning to fall 1:05:16 - Small joint injuries 1:11:55 - How to contact Joshua Arellano, Physiotherapist Related to this topic are the two volumes in the BJJ for Old F***s series. If you're worried about or working around an injury consider checking out 1) BJJ for Old F***s, the Guard at and 2) Guard Passing for Old F***s at Thank you! Stephan Kesting


377 - John Will, Member of BJJ's 'Dirty Dozen' on Sport vs Self Defense Jiu-Jitsu

John Will trained in Southern California in the late 80's, was one of the first 12 non-Brazilians to get a BJJ black belt, and then went on to create the largest jiu-jitsu association in Australasia. We talked about how the art has changed, how to be 'centrist' in the sport vs self defense debate, teaching elite military personnel, how to create a curriculum, and much more. I'm sure you'll enjoy this conversation Stephan Kesting P.S. Check out the latest Grapplearts Instructional, Guard Passing for Old F***s, at


376 - Mental and Physical Endurance with James 'The Biking Viking' Benson King

James 'The Biking Viking' Benson King is cycling from Alaska at the very top of North America to Argentina at the very bottom of South America. He's covered thousands of miles, endured injuries, dealt with bears, and gone deep into the reservoirs of his endurance. In this episode we talk about his mental and physical preparations for the journey of a lifetime. Follow James on instagram @bensonthebikingviking, his youtube channel, and/or his site at


375 - How Skill, Athleticism and Rank Correlate in BJJ, with Rob Biernacki

00:29 - Is technique enough by itself? 04:47 - Is Jiu-jitsu for everybody? 09:59 - Skill vs athleticism vs rank 22:43 - The resurgence of guard passing 25:34 - Intensity in training and belt promotion 32:43 - Hobbyist vs competitor training. 37:47 - The most effective takedowns for jiu-jitsu 39:12 - Training strengths vs working on weaknesses BJJ FOR OLD F***S, THE GUARD PASSING GAME Check out the latest Grapplearts instructional featuring Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki here: Good luck with your training, Stephan


374 - Adam Shoalt’s Amazing 3,400 km Solo Journey to the Arctic

Explorer Adam Shoalts is fresh off a 3 month, 3,400 km solo trip to the Arctic. It’s an amazing story, and he shares a TON of tips for travelling in the wilderness 00:32 Adam’s 3 month, 3,400 km solo journey to the Arctic 31:20 On Staying Safe in the Wilderness 38:42 On Food and Calories in the Wilderness 50:57 How to Run Whitewater Safely on an Expedition 53:07 Medical Emergencies and Safe Drinking Water 1:05:41 Dealing with Black Flies and Mosquitoes 1:11:57 Dealing with Bears in the Wilderness 1:20:51 Staying Warm in Wet and Cold Weather 1:27:45 Intuitive Navigation vs GPS Navigation 1:34:45 Trip Planning 1:39:10 Dealing with Loneliness on a Solo Trip 1:43:41 Adam’s Books Follow Adam at Instagram @adam_shoalts and check out his website at Please share this episode with a friend or two if you liked it - it's how we grow! And check out the video version of this episode at on the Strenuous Life Podcast channel on Youtube! Cheers, Stephan Kesting