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Less gear, more beer!

Less gear, more beer!
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Less gear, more beer!




The Trail Show #77: TGO Challenge

Show #77 – #thruhunting - On this month´s Trail Show we head over the hill for our first ever recording in Crested Butte, Craig “Pisco” Gulley joins us live via satellite link to talk Scotland's TGO Challenge, Julie Nania joins us in studio to discuss why water is important and all the great work that High Country Conservation Advocates is up to, MacGyver takes over Trail News, Salty discusses bulking up, special guests "The Noodleheads" talk thru-hunting, Capi and what Germans say when...


The Trail Show #76: The DT

Show #76 – #besmall - On this month´s Trail Show we overflow Trail Show studios with a trail crew, Salty takes over Trail News, Ryan “Dirtmonger” Sylva joins us in studio to talk about trials and tribulations on the Desert Trail, Julie Mach and four Colorado Mountain Club seasonal trail stewards join us to discuss all the great trail work they’ve been doing this year, Moonkid speaks of the most beautiful mountain in the world, Casey Kasem makes a brief appearance, P.O.D. teaches proper mic...


The Trail Show #75: The SHT

Show #75 – #campertunities - On this month´s Trail Show we revisit the scene of D-Low’s bee sting incident, Speshul 41 gives the Sangres a go, OOO is still not legal, D-Low recommends Top 10s, Grizzly joins us in studio to talk about his recent thru-hike of the most requested Trail O’ da Month in Trail Show history…. The SUPERIOR HIKING TRAIL (hit the donate button)!!!! Alex Stigliano of the Florida Trail Association joins us live via satellite link to discuss the FTA’s recent work,...


The Trail Show #74: The SCT

Show #74 – On this month´s Trail Show we convene in our new legal chambers, Speshul 41 reports on bear encounters of the close kind, OOO makes it official, D-Low curses an incident, Fidget gives a fine intro, Nemo joins us live via satellite link to talk #lakebagging, jumping off boats, and the ins and outs of the Sunshine Coast Trail, Salty talks bars and malto, special guest Brian Sargeant joins us in studio to discuss the Colorado 14ers Initiative’s recent work, Moonkid sends us a tale...


The Trail Show #73: The BDT

Show #73 – #nutstobutts – On this month´s Trail Show we set up shop in a new basement, Speshul 41 brings us up to speed, OOO eats the bar, D-Low goes on a landscaping retreat, mosquito repellents are considered, fires are put out, in studio guest Katie “Salty” Gerber shines some light on eating well while on trail, special guest Chris “Wolverine” Hillier joins us via satellite link to talk about gasoline water, delicious food and not quitting the Baja Divide Trail, Moonkid sends us an...


The Trail Show #72: The UHT

Show #72 – #allkillernofiller – On this month´s Trail Show we discuss D-Low trapping wild animals, bear attacks, #ALLCAPS, roasting marshmallows over lava, special guest Kevin “LarryBoy” DeVries joins us in studio to talk Uintas and dish out trail tips, Wolverine gives us a final missive from the Baja Divide Trail, Pepperflake talks Sangres, Marcus Selig from National Forest Foundation brings us up to speed on NFF’s work, Disco talks wildfires, POD keeps us on the rails and we review the...


The Trail Show #71: The FMT

Show #71 – #yellowjacket – On this month´s 6-Year Anniversary Trail Show Speshul meets Zinke, we discuss dust and ticks, special guest Mitsu Iwasaki joins us via Skype to talk Outward Bound, D-Low discusses #vanlife, Moonkid gives us an update from Boliva, Out of Order breaks down a hike on the Fisherman’s Trail in Portugal, Speshul goes LNT during Trail Tip, Disco is on Benadryl, and POD takes us down Trail Show memory lane. We pay respects to our monthly Trail Show donors, and unleash...


The Trail Show #70: The LOOP

Show #70 – #nuderamen – On this month´s Trail Show we discuss mountain bikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, special guest Wesley “Crusher” Trimble joins us in studio to talk American Hiking Society, single serve wet-ones and 22 mile fun runs, P.O.D. discusses a new trail in New England and cooking sans clothes, Scott “Squatch” Herriott skpes in to discuss his new film “3 Trails in Australia” and plans for haggis, Sirena Dufault talks to us about her jaunt on The LOOP and Jasmine the...


The Trail Show #69: The WASU

Show #69 – #probablynot - On this month´s Trail Show we discuss the #scamplife, Triple-O gets evicted and goes dancing, special guest PMAGS is resurrected from the underworld and talks to us about his Walk Across Southern Utah and hiking with puppies, P.O.D. discusses the NAG and feral pit bulls attacking feral cattle, D-Low delivers a new impression and goes hiking when his flight is cancelled, we discuss our conservation wishes, Disco almost gets bit by man’s best friend, and we all...


The Trail Show #68: OuT

Show #68 – LNT! On this month´s Trail Show we go back to Arkansas, special guests Zuul and Speshul 41 talk LNT, long strange trips and picking up diapers, live via Skype from the land down under Cam “Swami” Honan discusses the finer points of vegemite, True Grit and a hike along the Ouachita Trail, P.O.D. talks rabies and makes a superman pose, the 52 hike challenge is recommended, Elon Musk’s blowtorch makes an appearance, and we learn the thumb trick. “On Trails” by Robert Moor is...


The Trail Show #67: A2A

Show #67 – #slowtravel - On this month´s Trail Show we go south south north, D-Low reads cans, Triple-O takes us in off the streets, extra special guests Fidgit and Neon talk roadkill, butterflies and what it is to be on a 20,000 mile quest, P.O.D. discusses the finer points of mañana, we hoist a beer to Warren Miller (R.I.P.), Speshul-41 goes iguana, we talk tech, throat chafing is cured, and someone opens Zima then malt liquor. The classic 1968 film “Mountains of Storms” is revered...


The Trail Show #66: The INT

Show #66 – Hanukkah Sameakh!!! On this month´s Trail Show we sing for ye, D-Low directs WAWA, special guest Chris “Wolverine” Hillier recaps his Israel National Trail thru-hike, P.O.D. bags peaks while Disco endures PowerPoints, Speshul-41 talks rocket launches, the 2 oz hygiene kit makes its formal debut, the bells go Irie, moose soup is served, and we hear from God. Two books (Memorizing Shadows, Junk Raft) and a blog ( are examined during Media Review. We analyze a real...


The Trail Show #65: The GPaT

Show #65 – D-LOW!!! On this month´s Trail Show we report on the #trailshowbump, former legal counsel Brian “Buck-30” Tanzman skypes in to talk Greater Patagonian Trail, P.O.D. issues a Mad Pooper retraction, #montanastrong Cliff Kipp from the Montana Conservation Corps is live via satellite to talk trail work, Bigfoot hotel and bear possession, D-Low does border wall shavasana, homage is paid to Ryan Zinke and Bear Grylls, Disco relays a wag bag trail tip, and we investigate the pros and...


The Trail Show #64: The ACT

Show #64 – Broadcasting live from a yurt at the 2017 ALDHA-West Gathering!!! On this month´s Trail Show special guest Kristin Gates joins us to talk Greenland's Arctic Circle Trail, dog mushing and polar bears, Trail Show 5th Chair Liz "Snorkel" Thomas also joins us to talk PNT, road walking and eating on video, Brooks Range Council's John Gaedeke skypes in to discuss a proposed road in Alaska's Brooks Range, a listener asks about cathole magicians, POD denies mad pooping, we discuss...


The Trail Show #63: LT Redux

Show #63 – KOOZIES!!! On this month´s Trail Show special guest Mike DeBonis (Executive Director of the Green Mountain Club) joins us to talk Long Trail, GMC and hiking in wool, POD warns of altitude, Vermont prescribes Nature, Iron Mike Unger breaks from the CT and joins us in studio, the PCT is on fire, Disco gets upset during tent stake review, doggy bags are examined, and we learn what a packbasket is. We doff our caps to our lavish monthly Trail Show donors, hoist the mailbag high and...


The Trail Show #62: The O3T

Show #62 – Bye Felicia. On this month´s Trail Show we broadcast from a VIP listener’s basement, extra special guest “Out of Order” joins The Trail Show in studio for never heard before tales from 6,300 miles of hiking across Europe, D-Low tells unsuccessful jokes and preps for kindergarten, POD flames out during our PocketMail talk, Disco talks koozies, Speshul goes to Six Flags, 03 downloads from Cuba, we discuss #snakesonatrail, and a listener sends a curious calendar. Our monthly Trail...


The Trail Show #61: The OT

Show #61 – Ah the San Angelo Life! On this month´s Trail Show, Speshul 41 is back in studio with tales of bear attacks, ticks and Dr. Krieger, Ken Kurtz of the Ozark Trail Association talks MEGAs and building trail in Missouri, Julie Mach of the Colorado Mountain Club guests with us in studio, P.O.D. discusses the darkies, we hear from a Trail Show VIP, Speshul brings us an interview via satellite feed from the Ozarks, D-Low’s advice in debunked, Disco fears Zika, and we discuss the Reveal...


The Trail Show #60: The OHT

Show #60 – #bearpiñata! On this month´s Trail Show, P.O.D. takes over Trail News, D-Low dreams of Tontitown, Steven Parker of the Ozark Highlands Trail Association brings us up to speed on this 200+ mile walk in the woods, Speshul 41 sends us a message from Minnesota, we learn that gunpowder and fire don’t mix, “Out of Order” tosses us one final dispatch from the end, Steve Staley talks 30 years of trail maintenance on the Colorado Trail, Boomer bushwhacks … for years, Disco eulogizes...


The Trail Show #59: The Inca Trail

Show #59 – 5 Years in da Bag! On this month´s Trail Show, we exhume the late Paul “Mags” Magnanti from the dead to guest with us and bring us all the news that’s fit to be heard, D-Low talks mushroom death suits and the benefits of sleeping on 2x4s, Executive Director of the Idaho Trail Association Jeff Halligan talks trail work and crosscut saws in the Gem State, Speshul 41 sends us a missive from inside a vacuum at the bottom of a lake, POD discusses the finer points of Andean train rides...


The Trail Show #58: AZT Redux

Show #58 – Spring is in the air! On this month´s Trail Show, we plunge into Disco’s recent hike on the Arizona Trail, the Founder of Adventure Scientists, Gregg Treinish, talks to us about the important work they are doing, Speshul 41 discusses trams, bear cans and the fate of ADZPCTKO, special guest Amanda “Zuul” Jameson speaks on spending 12 months in a Subaru with Speshul, “Out of Order” sends us correos from Spain, POD admires Buck-30, and we interrogate Snorkel on her new book “Long...