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2 Aussie mates banging on about everything NBA. Weekly discussions around everything consuming the NBA world along with some casual banter and regular segments.

2 Aussie mates banging on about everything NBA. Weekly discussions around everything consuming the NBA world along with some casual banter and regular segments.




2 Aussie mates banging on about everything NBA. Weekly discussions around everything consuming the NBA world along with some casual banter and regular segments.






Episode 32 - Midway Finals

The boys bang on this week about the state of the NBA finals. Thats about it........ Season finale is in two week so stay tuned as it wil be a ripper. Oh... Damos joke of the week is terrible but still worth listening til the end.


Episode 31 - Its on like Donkey Kong

The end is near and the boys are building to a great season finale. The conference finals have kicked off and the draft lottery is in. The boys cover off on their mock draft anf what they like about the first 3-4 games of the confernce finals. Brief chat about the new coaching hires and finished off with another cracking Damos Dad joke. 2 Episodes to go befoer the season finale!!!


Episode 30 - Conference Finals Here We Come

The boys crack on with all thats happening in the NBA as we work our way into the conference finals. Philly are out an Simmons has some questions to answer, what happened to Utah and what the remaining teams left have to offer. Build up to the season finale is very much on the cards so stay tuned


Episode 29 - Mid Playoff Bonanza

This week the boys cover off on the middle of the playoffs. The suns sweeping Denver, Trey Young and his hawks power to 2-2 against Philly and the other less exciting rounds that are also drawn 2-2. Hilly has been locked in for the season finale so keep watch for more announcements regarding the bonanza last episode of season 1 in a few weeks time.


Episode 28 - Part 1

The boys have been in lockdown so have allot to bang on about this week. This weeks episode will be be in two parts to give the dear listeners a break. Its playoffs in the NBA (for those living under a rock) so give thme a break..... its a bust time of the year


Episode 28 - Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1, the boys go over the coaching chnages that have laready occured and those on the hot seat. Turns out they have allot to say on the subject. They also announce the season finally and the return (if Delaney can get organised) of Dale & Hilly for an extra special episode. Look out for the podcats just after we find out who our 2021/22 NBA finalists are


Episode 27 - Zooming All NBA

The boys are back in lockdown so Zoom to the rescue yet again. Thye work throuhg the premptive All NBA 1st,2nd & 3rd teams with quite a few differences of opinion (Damo doesnt have JT on any team, what????). The playoffs are in full swing which will dominated segement 2 and likely the remaining episodes of season 1.


Episode 26 - Awards Spectacular

Thge 2020/21 NBA regular season and play-in tournaments games are over and the plyoffs are here. The boys go through thier non qualified opinion on the regular season awards and give predictions on the first round playoff matches. 9 episodes to go for Season 1 so make sure you follow on the socials for all the updates on the seaason that was and whats in store for Season 2.


Episode 25 - Seasons over

This week the boys go thoruhg the happenings of the end of regular season 2020/21. The playin tournament, Hall of Famers and team of the year. Next week is the bonza Awards show so hit subscribe to play along!!


Episode 24 - Back from Space

Delaney has come back down to Earth so the boys will bumble through another episode to keep the masses happy (Hi Mum). They cover off on a busy few weks in the NBA, team of the week and Dipshit of the week go off without a hitch. For the first time in 24 Episodes, DJ's Jokes of the Week dont threaten to have the boys canceled.


Episode 23 - Regular Season is Almost Done

This week the boys kickoff with a pick and pop thats more pick than pop. Some interesting teams of the week & weak with some interesting Gone Gots Boreds at the end (even DJ has a crack). Dont forger the Joke of the week (apologies for this weeks disaster)


Episode 22 - Goodbye LMA

This week the boys dive deep into Pick and Pop with Murrays season ender, LMA retirement and the other major talking points in the NBA. Team of the week and DJ's Joke & Conspiracy will keep you comfy right to the end. Thanks as always to Michael Ferguson Music for sponsoring this weeks episode


Episode 21

This week the boys dive into Pick and Pop on the topics of the week, DJ gives us another conspiracy and Delaney gone got bored again. Pure laziness evidently made Zoom the technology of choice for the week but that didn't stop the boys from their usual level of dribble and nonsense.


Episode 20 - Its a New World

This weke the boys change up the format with some new segments. But dont worry, its the same level of dribble as always. Back to the future, team of the week and DJ's conspiracy are just a few of the crazy ideas they come up with for Ep 20. Theyre sure to change things up again over the next few weeks so leave a review and give the guys feedback via the socials


Episode 19 - Trade Deadline Special

The boys cover off on the thrilling end to this years trade deadline. Aaron Gordon finally got traded, Vucevic to the bulls and all the other blockbuster deadline trades that will shape the rest of the 2021 NBA season. Looks like the guys will be introducing a new format next week so keep listening in to see if they can finally get semi professional.


Episode 18 - MVP Race Heating Up

This week the boys discuss the effect an injury to LBJ has on the MVP race along with a recap of the early trade period trades. Grind my gears and crystal ball are as loose as ever and they announce some changes are coming for your favourite NBA pod (this one in case your wondering). Dont worry though, DJs joke of the week will carry on in the new format beginning episode 20.


Episode 17 - Dale to the Rescue

The boys are joined again by the third rung and resident guru, Dale, where they discuss the upcoming trade deadline, Lauren Jacksons near lock to enter the Hall of Fame along with the usual Grind My Gears and Crystal ball (and of course Damos Joke of the Week).


Episode 16 - The Who Cares All Stars

After a week off so Delaney could get married, the boys go over the most boring All Star Game in recent memory along with the Blake Griffin buyout and they tease some trade deadline discussions for the next few episodes.


Episode 15 - All Star Starters

This week the boys talk about the newly announced all star starters, including the obvious ommission of Dame & Brown, along with some interesting players who should but ultimately not amke the team. Update on trade rumors followed by the usual grind my gears and crystal ball. Remember to chekout the 3X3 Comp in Hamilton if your about as the boys have gone into the red to sponsor the event.


Episode 14 - Return of the Zoom

Thanks to another lockdown the boys are back on Zoom. They cover off on all the happenings in the NBA incl trade season buzz, whats happening in Indiana with the twin towers and how rookie of the year is tracking. Delaney finally nails a crystal ball and Grind My Gears is as obvious as DJs joke of the week.