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#24 Dan Garner - The Unknown Strength Podcast

** Please like/share/subscribe/rate/review this episode ** On episode #24 we had the honour of being joined by the high-level nutrition specialist, Mr. Dan Garner. Currently in Melbourne with the Australian leg of his Seminar tour, Dan Garner was able to join your host Macgregor McNair in studio for an incredibly insightful chat about all things related to nutrition and supplementation for fighters. Having coached the likes of UFC superstar Ronda Rousey, former UFC middleweight champion...


#23 Luke Leaman & Ben Machar - The Unknown Strength Podcast

Happy 2019 everyone!! To bring in the new year, Brenton and Mac welcome back the founder of Muscle Nerds Inc., Luke Leaman (see episodes #2 & #3) and the founder of Mach Performance/Aussie Powerlifting superstar Ben Machar (see episode #13). In an very NSFW episode, the boys crack open a bottle of blended Scotch Whiskey and let the conversation flow. The range of topics covered in this broad conversation include: * Autoregulation and recovery in training * Trauma and emotional considerations...


#22 Prof. Thiago Stefanutti - The Unknown Strength Podcast

Episode #22 features the Head Brazilian Jiujitsu Coach of Absolute MMA & Maromba Academia in Melbourne, a 3rd degree blackbelt and champion, Thiago Stefanutti. Thiago recounts his tale of packing up and moving his family to Australia; content with life in Brazil, he took a gamble on Australia by accepting a BJJ coaching role in Melbourne. He would later see a team under his tutelage begin to produce some of Australia's first Brazilian Jiujitsu world champions. We talk new school and old...


#21 Kit Dale - The Unknown Strength Podcast

Episode #21 of The Unknown Strength Podcast features the Australian actor, BJJ world champion and man behind the hilarious skits all over the internet, Kit Dale. What an honor and pleasure it was to sit down with Kit, in Melbourne, who spoke candidly of his journey and explosive rise as an athlete and innovator on the world stage, to transitioning into film as an actor, as well as how he has also negotiated a lifetime of anxiety and learning to negotiate with it. Kit also elaborates on his...


#20 Tony Ricci (PART 1) - The Unknown Strength Podcast

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! Episode #20 of The Unknown Strength Podcast featuring Professor Tony Ricci! We have completed the four horsemen of the Fight Science Institute by interviewing the last of the four founders in Tony Ricci. We have been talking about this one for a few months now, and now here you have it! In part 1 of this interview Mac and Tony discuss a range of topics relating to the Fight Science Institute, UFC Performance Institute, Tony's academic background and...


#19 DJ Jackson [Boa Super 8 Series] - The Unknown Strength Podcast

Whether you know him as the “Ram-Man”, the “Kimura Kid” or as simply a relentless pressure machine terrorizing competition with his takedowns and crushing top game, DJ Jackson joins us on the latest episode of The Unknown Strength Podcast, all the way from the United States, in Maryland. We talk strategy, how DJ cultivates his ‘game’, who he would like to face in a super-fight (*cough* Kit Dale), as well as his aspirations for the UFC. DJ will be joining a star-studded roster at Boa 8, June...


#18 James Brasco [Boa Super 8 Series] - The Unknown Strength Podcast

On Episode #18 of The Unknown Strength Podcast, Brenton and Mac continue the Boa Super 8 Series and chat with one of the most highly touted Boa competitors James Brasco; a USA Wrestling Hall of Famer, BJJ World Champion and black belt under Pablo Popovitch, Pro MMA Fighter and Model. James shares with us his thoughts about the upcoming 4th edition of Boa Super 8 to be held on June 23rd in Melbourne, as well as his transition to Brazilian jiujitsu & submission grappling and gives us some...


#17 Chris Algieri - The Unknown Strength Podcast

On episode #17 of The Unknown Strength Podcast, Brenton and Mac have the honour of chatting with one of the most decorated professional Fighters on the planet, Chris Algieri, who also happens to be an expert in nutrition and supplementation for fighters. Clocking in at just over 2 hours, in this interview the boys discuss some of Chris' achievements and experiences throughout his fighting career, including the infamous Manny Pacquiao fight and the Amir Khan fight, as well as Chris' thoughts...


#16 Sy Nadji [Boa Super 8 Series] - The Unknown Strength Podcast

On episode #16 of The Unknown Strength Podcast, Brenton and Mac sit down with Melbourne's Muay Thai mogul, owner of Outliers Promotions, Sy Nadji. Sy is also the owner of renowned Melbourne training centres, Williams Street Gym and Box on North. Outliers Promotions is the driving force behind Australia's premier Muay thai events, Rebellion Muay Thai and Roots Muay Thai. Outliers are also responsible for the outstanding Melbourne-based Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, Boa Super 8. In this...


#15 Phil Daru - The Unknown Strength Podcast

Did you feel that?!? That was the the earth shaking as the latest episode of The Unknown Strength Podcast just dropped! In our longest running episode to date (around 2 1/2 hours!), we were privileged to be joined by coach Phil Daru. Phil is the head Strength and Conditioning coach over at American Top Team, Coconut Creek, Florida - where he works closely with former UFC strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk, current bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes, top ranked UFC fighters Dustin...


#14 Dr. Corey Peacock - The Unknown Strength Podcast

Join Brenton and Mac for episode #14 of the unknown strength podcast, featuring our guest Dr. Corey Peacock. One of the most prolific researchers and strength & conditioning coaches in elite MMA today, Dr. Peacock showed up to this interview armed and ready with a metric tonne of insight, experience, research, philosophy and brilliance in the field of strength and conditioning for elite fighters. Some of D.r Corey Peacock's credentials and accomplishments are: * PHD Exercise Physiologist...


#13 Dr. Jordan Shallow - The Unknown Strength Podcast

[PRO RAW X Powerlifting Special] Join Macgregor and special guest co-host Ben Machar for episode #13 of The Unknown Strength Podcast. In this brand new episode, Dr. Jordan Shallow stops by to discuss all things Chiropractic, strength training related, and his experience competing at the PRO RAW X Powerlifting event held at the Arnold Classic 2018 event in Melbourne. Both Jordan and Ben competed at PRO RAW X, and share their experiences from one of the ‘crown jewels’ of the Raw Powerlifting...


#12 Rafael Lovato Jr - The Unknown Strength Podcast

Episode #12 of The Unknown Strength Podcast features the legendary American making history, Rafael Lovato Jr.; an ADCC veteran, BJJ World Champion, Legacy Fighting Champion in MMA, as well as Bellator Middleweight Contender. Involved in martial arts from a very young age through his Father, Rafael truly embodies the martial arts lifestyle; in his words, "constantly seeking perfection and knowing you'll never reach it". Impressively, Rafael developed his jiujitsu in relative isolation, far...


#11 Yas & Liz Parr - The Unknown Strength Podcast

What a way to bring in the new year! On episode #11 of The Unknown Strength Podcast, Brenton and Mac welcome Yas Parr back to the show, this time Yas was joined by his wife Liz. Liz is a former US National Boxing Champion, was an absolutely phenom in the boxing circuit over in the US and also an international competitor, and now turned coach with her own gym Governor’s Boxing Club. Yas is a PICP Level 5 strength and conditioning coach. He’s also releasing a book this upcoming February called...


#10 Braulio Estima - The Unknown Strength Podcast

[ATTENTION ALL BJJ NERDS] If you only listen to one podcast this year, make sure it is this one!! This latest episode of The Unknown Strength Podcast is an absolute treat for the JiuJitsu fanatic, featuring none other than the legendary Brazilian JiuJitsu World Champion, Braulio Estima. Your host Brenton discussed with Braulio his toughest rivals in the sport, why 'JiuJitsu is the truth' and sharing is paramount, attitude towards training and competition, developing techniques such as the...


#09 James Cant - The Unknown Strength Podcast

#09 James Cant - The Unknown Strength Podcast by Macgregor McNair, Brenton McKiterick & Steve Phillips


#08 Eric Falstrault - The Unknown Strength Podcast

In episode #8 of The Unknown Strength Podcast, Mac couldn't convince co-hosts Brenton or Steve to be available at 4am for the interview recording of this episode - Mac is flying solo on this one. For the full transcription of this episode visit Eric Falstrault, is a lifelong martial artist, most of all a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor. He is also one of the most highly skilled an knowledgeable 'pioneer' PICP level 5 strength and conditioning coaches out there. His close...


#07 Stephane Cazeault - The Unknown Strength Podcast

In this, episode 7 of The Unknown Strength Podcast, your host Macgregor McNair sits down with world renowned strength and conditioning coach and author, Stephane Cazeault. Stephane is the former director of strength and conditioning for the Poliquin Group , the world’s leading provider of continuing education for Strength coaches. Since his time at Poliquin Group, Stephane has founded his very own world-class strength and conditioning facility, KILO Strength Society in Huntington Beach,...


[ADCC Competitor Series] Craig Jones - The Unknown Strength Podcast

On this episode, the second installment of the Australian ADCC Competitor Series, Brenton and Mac sat down with one of Australia's best black belts, Craig Jones. Craig has been on an absolute tear in the past few years with his absolutely devastating submission-orientated game, earning himself a wealth of medals and titles across prominent organizations world-wide; including but not limited to the Sapateiro Pro Invitational, Abu Dhabi World Professional League, Eddie Bravo Invitational,...


[ADCC Competitor Series] Lachlan Giles - The Unknown Strength Podcast

On this episode of The Unknown Strength Podcast, Brenton and Mac sat down with one of Australia's most seasoned and decorated grapplers, Lachlan Giles; or as he is more popularly known as, "The Velachiraptor"! Lachlan has competed and featured in virtually every major JiuJitsu tournament out there, forging an incredible legacy in doing so through a highly successful grappling career. Yet again, he has qualified for the ADCC World Championships held in Finland on September 23 and 24 -...