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Home of The Daily Stampede's Unnamed USF Podcast, part of the SBNation community.

Home of The Daily Stampede's Unnamed USF Podcast, part of the SBNation community.
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Home of The Daily Stampede's Unnamed USF Podcast, part of the SBNation community.








The Bulluminati Podcast: The OffSZN Edition

The Bulluminati Podcast is back at it again at the Sourcetoad Studios in downtown Tampa with Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond, Senator Giggity and Anthony Vito with a bunch on #content for your #OffSZN listening pleasure. The guys talk about the end of the athletic year, new details on the AD search that we know and some that we think, and ring in the the brand new naming of the Yuengling Center. We go in depth into why we won’t find out the numbers of the Yuengling Center partnership because the...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Emergency Skypecast Edition

Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Jamie DeVriend are back at it again on this emergency skypecast edition of the Bulluminati Podcast right off the heels of the recent news that Mark Harlan is headed west to take the AD position at Utah. Collin starts it off with an informative monologue on the details he has gathered since the announcement and what to expect in the upcoming weeks. He states the possible candidates, the pros and cons (mostly pros) of each one, the speculation on the timing of...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Megacast Edition

Hold on to your butts ‘cause the newest edition of The Bulluminati Podcast is gonna be yuuuuuuuge. Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Senator Giggity are joined by Nick Simon, Connor Akeman, and Jamie DeVriend in this special mega-skypecast! Topics covered include Blake Barnett’s announced transfer to USF from earlier in the week and what that means to the USF roster, softball’s huge 12-inning victory vs. UConn in the Conference Tournament, crazy softball rules that we didn’t understand until...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The #SpringOfRIngs Edition

Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Senator Giggidy are back at it again at the Sourcetoad studios at the Tampa Bay WaVe in beautiful downtown Tampa after a two week hiatus! And with more hardware courtesy of Men’s Golf’s fourpeat! The guys talk about the NFL draft results and which former Bulls have contracts or will be competing for contracts, the Mark Harlan extension and what to expect with the future of fundraising, the IPF and the OCS, post-spring football, the uncertainty of the kicking...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Spring Game Edition

Collin Sherwin and Nathan Bond are back from a two week hiatus to talk about all things USF Athletics in the latest edition of the Bulluminati Podcast recorded live from the WaVe Studios in downtown Tampa! They plug the USF Volleyball Golf Tournament and the Volleyball Auction which is extended to Thursday, April 12th at 10am where 100% of the proceeds go directly to the program and there’s a ton of kickass swag, vacations and more to bid on! The guys also dive into Spring Practice...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The #Unleash Chaos Edition

Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Senator Giggity are back at it again recording from The Sail Pavillion in beautiful downtown Tampa talking about the week that was in USF Athletics, Collin’s time at Mohegan and how the Women’s basketball team was aggressively under-seeded AGAIN. We rage for a good amount of time on this topic which is an outcome that spurned this article from Jamie about the UConn problem and this article from Matt, a friend of the blog, about the two decade long Women’s...


Bulluminati Byte: #AmericanPow6r Chat With Mike Aresco

Collin Sherwin is back with another special guest in Mohegan Sun Arena at the American Athletic Conference Championships, this time with Conference Commissioner Mike Aresco for a Bulluminati Special just ahead of the Championship Game. Collin goes one-on-one with Mike Aresco in a candid conversation where they discuss a certain other Athletic Director’s remarks on the #AmericanPow6r campaign, the success of these conference championship events, the state of the league across all sports,...


Bulluminati Byte: AAC Tournament Chat with Jose Fernandez

Collin Sherwin is back in The Daily Stampede swing at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut for the American Athletic Conference Women’s Basketball Tournament; where apparently the eats are good. And so are the interviews! Collin gets a chance to chat with Jose Fernandez, head basketball coach and overall great guy for the Bulls after their victory vs. C. in the semifinals, 74-59 en route to their fourth-consecutive American Conference Tournament Finals appearance against UConn....


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Breaking News Edition

We’re one week away from Spring Practice and Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Senator Giggity are back in the WaVe studios on Kennedy to record this week’s edition of the Bulluminati Podcast! We talk about Women’s Basketball heading into the American Conference Tournament after their loss to UConn; and how Collin is heading up to Mohegan Sun to get some fire content and hopefully win enough bitcoins to pay our salaries. How baseball and softball fared last week and what to expect from both...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Impromptu Pod Party Edition

Welcome to a special edition of the Bulluminati Podcast where we have a #podparty in the Marshall Student Center on a beautiful day at the University of South Florida with Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond, Connor Akeman, Jamie DeVriend, Senator Giggity and Anthony Vito! Fresh off of an exciting TDS shoot-around at the Sun Dome, the guys post up on campus with a mic and record an impromptu podcast chatting the week that was in USF Athletics, remembering our favorite USF stories and relishing...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Opening Day Edition

Back at it again, Collin Sherwin and Nathan Bond bring the Bulluminati Podcast on the road to the USF Baseball Complex for Opening Day (erm Night) 2018! Right off the heels of The Daily Stampede Baseball Preview we talk up Billy Mohl’s first game as head coach and what to expect for this game, this series and this season. Spoilers: The Bulls win the opener 4-3 with Shane McClanahan striking out 11 through 7 and Andrew Perez shutting the door in 1 and 2/3rds. The guys also welcome special...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The #Stampede18 Edition

Welcome to the National Signing Day Edition of the Bulluminati Podcast from the WaVe Studios in downtown Tampa. Nathan Bond is back to host and keep us on track with Collin Sherwin and Senator Giggity to talk a plethora of Bulls news including your #Stampede18 signing class, the stress-free February signing day and why the early signing period is great for the Bulls. The guys talk about Charlie Strong’s press conference, Spring Practice being around the corner, shooty-hoops from the past...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Ranty Edition

It’s your favorite time of the week; Collin Sherwin, Senator Giggity and Anthony Vito recording your favorite podcast live from The WaVe Studios once again while Nathan Bond is being responsible and covering the Men’s Basketball game, a little earlier than he wanted to. This week’s podcast is a little more ranty than usual, but we won’t tell Nate it’s because he wasn’t there with an agenda or anything. Topics discussed include how our Gasparilla went, the week that was in Men’s and Women’s...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Gasparilla Edition

Ahoy mateys! We’re recordin’€™ live from a conference cabin in th’ WaVe in beautiful downtown Tampa afore this land be pillaged by seafarin’ pirates in a surprise invasion! So we’€™re gettin’ ready fer th’ greatest time o’ th’ year by talkin’ bout yer fav’rit USF Bulls news o’ th’ week. We natter about th’ New York Alumni Chapter Gasparilla Party fer our scallywags in NYC (we see ye listeners in th’ tri-state area ‘n we thank ye!) Th’ confirmed 2-fer-1 wit’ former conference rival...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Imperialism Edition

Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Senator Giggity are back at it again from The Wave Studio in downtown Tampa to talk about your favorite USF Athletics and much, much more; including Nate’s wicked xylophone skills. In addition to infant musical instruments, the guys talk about recent USF imperialism discussion, the East-West Shrine game and week of practice (with ticket and event information #ShamelessPlug), National Signing Day and #Stampede18, the past week in Men’s Basketball (not great...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Back To School Edition

Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and fan-favorite Senator Giggidy are back at The Wave Recording Studio wrapping up the college football season and talking about the week that was in USF athletics. Topics discussed include attrition to the football roster, remaining scholarships for National Signing Day, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, the rapidly approaching Baseball season and what to expect the rest of the month going into the aptly named #SpringofRings. We also take your #AskTDS Twitter and...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Happy New Year Edition

We’re back! Recorded live from the Wave Studios, Nathan, Collin and special guest Senator Giggity! If you thought we were off the rails before, you’re in for a treat. There is a ton of content to cover and stories to tell so plug in your earbuds, be unproductive at work and enjoy this special hour and fifteen minute pod marathon. Some topics discussed include the Birmingham Bowl victory over Texas Tech, what the football team accomplished (or didn’t) this season, what the future of the pod...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The Sadpede Edition

Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Connor Akeman are back at it again this week with the Bulluminati Podcast recorded live from the MyArea Offices (shameless plug) in what’s left of beautiful downtown Channelside! The guys talk about what happened at the C. game and how everyone felt about that epic Flowers performance and last second loss, disagreeing with Strong about this season’s results compared to expectations, and what to expect from here on out. We also discuss the coaching carousel...


Bulluminati Byte: War On I-4 Chat with Brandon Helwig

It’s Thanksgiving Week. Did you think we would only have one podcast this week? Think again! Collin Sherwin talks with Brandon Helwig about the much anticipated War on I-4 macth-up for all of the marbles in the American’s East Division. Winner moves onto the Championship game and loser is relegated to the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl. Topics include the intensity and origin of the rivalry, the scope of the two teams going into the final regular season game, conference realignment, the...


The Bulluminati Podcast: The War On I4 IX Livecast Edition

You are looking live! For real this time! Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Connor Akeman chat between the fern at the cozy downtown coffeeshop//beer bar, The Attic, with my new favorite view of the city; and special guest//expert dabber Steven Bench joins us! We have the Facebook Live to prove it! For those of you that didn’t tune in last night live, here’s the latest edition of the Bulluminati Podcast. Steven Bench kicks it off with an inspiring speech to fire up USF fans, analyze what...