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Join Tyler, Jesse, and Eli for a weekly chat about the Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball. The trio discusses baseball with a fan's perspective and an analytic slant.

Join Tyler, Jesse, and Eli for a weekly chat about the Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball. The trio discusses baseball with a fan's perspective and an analytic slant.


Baltimore, MD


Join Tyler, Jesse, and Eli for a weekly chat about the Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball. The trio discusses baseball with a fan's perspective and an analytic slant.






The feuding Angelos brothers (Ep. 93)

Oh, Orioles. You just can’t let a week go by without something wild happening, can you? There were some particularly tasty bits since the last time we posted an episode. The largest morsel of all was news from The Baltimore Banner that the two Angelos brothers that run the Orioles day-to-day are embroiled in a lawsuit…against each other. The article is required reading for any Orioles fan, but what it boils down to is that Louis is suing John and his mother over control of their father’s...


Adley Rutschman has arrived! (Ep. 92)

This day was a long time coming. Practically from the day he was drafted, Adley Rutschman was the absolute best catcher in the Orioles entire organization. But you know how this game gets played. He needed some seasoning down on the farm while the Orioles suppressed his service time prepared him for the big leagues. Rutschman’s promotion is exciting for a few reasons. First, he is widely-regarded as the top prospect in baseball. Those types of players don’t always turn into...


Bradish debuts! (Ep. 91)

It is a shock to no one that the Orioles are in last-place of the AL East and already seeing their meager hopes of a playoff push go up in smoke. For a team still knee-deep in a rebuild, this was the expected outcome. But the way in which they have gotten here is surprising. The offense has continued to struggle while the pitching staff has cooled off a bit since a white hot start, it remains in fine form. Better yet, they got just a touch more talented this week with the big league debut...


Stellar pitching, putrid offense (Ep. 90)

Well, we got what we asked for. The Orioles are playing baseball, and to the surprise of many the pitcher has actually be quite good. But the team is losing anyway as the bats appear to still be in spring training mode. Let’s try to be positive. How about that bullpen? It seems like nearly every arm that trots in is more effective than the last. That has not been in the case in Baltimore since the days of B-O-B to close our games was in place. It feels good. And the starter’s haven’t been...


Orioles 2022 Season Preview (Ep. 89)

Happy Opening Day, O’s fans! Your favorite team returns for at least one more season of rebuild madness. Adley Rutschman will eventually make his way to Baltimore, Grayson Rodriguez and D.L. Hall too. Camden Yards is 30 years old. John Means day remains the most important part of your week. And Cedric Mullins is back to dazzle us for another summer. This is a happy day in Charm City, regardless of how bad our team may be. For at least a few hours, they are on level footing with the rest of...


Minor League Preview 2022 (Ep. 88)

Baseball starts this week! Due to the owner-induced lockout, both the majors and minors get underway in a few days. That’s exciting! For the Orioles, this will be another season in which much of the most interesting goings on take place down on the farm. That is where all of the organization’s biggest names will begin their 2022 campaigns. For some, like Adley Rutschman, Kyle Stowers, and D.L. Hall, it should be just a short warm-up prior to their debut in Baltimore. For others, it could...


Baseball Unlocked! (Ep. 87)

The lockout is no more! Just days after we assumed it would drag on for weeks or even months more, the players and team owners came to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. As expected, the players got screwed, but just less so than before. So, yay? It’s kind of impossible to determine how good or bad a CBA is right away. We need to see how the league and owners poke holes it in and exploit weaknesses. Rest assured, it will happen. But what is undoubtedly positive is that...


The Owners are to Blame (Ep. 86)

We are back for the 2022 season! Only, there is no season, at least not yet. That is because the owner-imposed lockout of MLB players has reached its fourth month, and there is no end in sight. It has been a not-so-shocking display of selfishness on the part of team owners. They have budged in their demands, but only slightly, and they have remained steadfast in their goal of continued suppression of player salaries. The latest proposal from owners saw them ask for a CBT threshold of $220...


Love Locked Out (Ep. 85)

It’s a lockout! Baseball (for the most part) is on hold until MLB and the team owners settle on just how greedy they want to be. As of this writing, that turns out to be really, really greedy. So, no moves can be made related to team’s 40-man rosters, and there is no end in sight. Prior to the lockout, the Orioles actually did a bit of business on the major league side of things. They signed Rougned Odor, and they agreed to terms with Jordan Lyles. Neither of those guys is particularly...


Previewing the Orioles' Offseason (Ep. 84)

No one really knows what this offseason will bring for Major League Baseball or its teams. The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players and team owners is set to expire in December, a point at which the hot stove is rather tepid. A work stoppage could hault all player movement and clouds whether or not a 2022 season will happen on time or at all. But for our purposes, let’s act as if all is normal, and think about what the Orioles might do in the months in front of them. As of...


The 2021 Orioles: In Memoriam (Ep. 83)

OK, so we are a little late on this. Reviewing the Orioles’ dreadful 2021 wasn’t exactly the most exciting endeavor. But this is an Orioles podcast, so it had to be done! The win-loss record was not pretty. At 52-110, our O’s ended up tied with the Arizona Diamondbacks with the worst record in Major League Baseball. Perhaps the only respite is that, because of several tie-breakers, the Orioles will be the team to end up with the top pick in next year’s draft as well as the large signing...


Positives in a putrid season (Ep. 82)

You have to hand it to the Orioles. For having such a terrible record, and a disastrous record overall, there have been some memorable moments. John Means threw a no-hitter. Cedric Mullins is going to get MVP votes. Pat Valaika…well, he definitely did something at some point. But all of that is nearly over. The O’s 2021 season ends in just a few days. For some, that comes as welcome relief. For others, it is a sad sign of summer’s end, and the start of baseball’s long hibernation in...


Brandon Hyde to return as Orioles manager (Ep. 81)

The finish line is within sight. The Orioles’ difficult season is nearly over. And it feels fair to say that these last few weeks have left many within the fanbase feeling a tad rosier about 2022 than they did in the midst of last month’s lengthy losing streak. First, we have Cedric Mullins just crossing the 30/30 threshold on Friday night. That is a massive achievement, and should give the O’s their table-setter for the next few years at least. Then, you have some of the top prospects in...


The Orioles are actually kind of fun (Ep. 80)

It’s no secret that this has been a difficult season for the Orioles, their players, and their fans. Apart from an outstanding summer of sustained success by Cedric Mullins, this has largely been a trainwreck that did not provide the positive future glimpses that many hoped for back in the spring. August was particularly bad, including a 19-game losing streak. But the O’s were able to exorcise some demons at the end of last month and have started September looking much better. Mullins has...


The Orioles stopped the losing...for a little while (Ep. 79)

Well that sucked. The Orioles recently wrapped up a 19-game losing streak in improbable fashion, beating the Los Angeles Angels, in a game in which superstar Shohei Ohtani started, and then went on to actually win the series outright. It was a nightmare skid that saw the Orioles’ pitching staff absolutely implode and nearly guarantees that the team will be picking atop next summer’s amateur draft. Depending on where you find yourself in the fandom, maybe that’s a good thing. But it...


Chris Davis retires, National writers rip Orioles (Ep. 78)

We finally have our answer to the perennial topic among Oriole fans: “When will the team just cut Chris Davis?” Ultimately, they never did; at least not officially. Davis announced his retirement this week following a lengthy rehab of a hip that reportedly was not responding to treatment. He will still get his entire contract. The pay timeline will just change a little bit. Davis’ legacy as an Oriole is complicated. From 2012 through 2016 he was one of the best players in the league on the...


Way Too Late Orioles Trade Deadline Recap (Ep. 77)

That may have been the most insane trade deadline of all-time. All-stars, former Cy Youngs, and top prospects were dealt from coast-to-coast, and the entire playoff race has been turned on its head. Every single team made at least one trade, and that includes your favorite source of frustration, the Baltimore Orioles. There had been weeks of discussion surrounding the players that the O’s front office may or may not make available. Ultimately, the only guys that got moved were a formerly...


Second Half, Best Half (Ep. 76)

Winning baseball games is more fun than losing baseball games. That’s just science. The Orioles have been doing a lot more winning since the conclusion of the All-Star break than they were prior to the Midsummer Classic. Does that mean the Orioles are good now? No, but they might be less bad, and that’s worth celebrating. Other things work celebrating all happened at or near the All-Star Game. Trey Mancini put on a show in the Home Run Derby, Cedric Mullins started the game, and Mike Elias...


Future Focused (Ep. 75)

There was actual fun baseball stuff to talk about this week. Imagine that! The Orioles were bad on the field once again, but that won’t damper the mood as Trey Mancini is about to take part in the annual Home Run Derby, Cedric Mullins should be starting in the All-Star Game, and Colton Cowser is the newest Orioles minor leaguer. It was a rare good week in Birdland, and the week ahead is promising to be even better. For a podcast that focuses on a team about to lose 110 games, you take the...


Sticky Situation (Ep. 74)

The Orioles’ play at the major league level has been borderline unwatchable for much of the season, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to discuss. Anthony Santander appears hobbled. The MLB Draft is looming. Cedric Mullins deserves to start in the All-Star Game. And the Chance Sisco era has come to an end. The fellas are back together this week to talk about all of that and more. Mike Elias has initiated a flurry of roster moves recently, and as luck would have it this episode was...