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Keep it crassy. Quite arguably the #1 Premier League Podcast, ever. Well maybe top 3. Hear 3 yankee fans' perspectives on the Premier League. Every week.

Keep it crassy. Quite arguably the #1 Premier League Podcast, ever. Well maybe top 3. Hear 3 yankee fans' perspectives on the Premier League. Every week.
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Keep it crassy. Quite arguably the #1 Premier League Podcast, ever. Well maybe top 3. Hear 3 yankee fans' perspectives on the Premier League. Every week.








Week 31 and did Chelsea just win the title? // Liverpool drop points to a sh*t team...again // United tie at home....again

Fair warning, we are a weeee bit rusty. BUT we're back at it. Week 31 review and just 7 more game weeks to go! Chelsea bounce back after their loss to Palace to hold on to a 2-1 Victory against Manchester City who can say goodbye to any title hopes they were clinging on to. Liverpool drop points against a shite team again? Again and again and again, story of their season. Arsenal finally show up and just in time on their valiant trek towards a 4th place Trophy. United tie at home. No...


Pod Special! CHAMMMPIONNS League Round of 16 Reactions (leg1)

If you dislike our Premier League podcast then you will absolutely hate this one. Without the Prem to keep us busy we decided to bring you a Champions League special against your will. ROUND OF 16 LEG 1 and Barca out? Man City v Monaco was the GAME OF ALL GAMES am I right? Did Leicester actually score a goal? Or was that all a dream. Speaking of dreams, Wenger's might be done for good. All that and less. Enjoy :)


Uninvincible Spurs | Chelsea to face Man City eekers | Jose Mounited?

In this week 13/14 check in, we take a look at the big games & talking points of the Premier League. Are Chelsea really that good? Are Man City really that bad? Is Jose Mourinho a guy with a strangely big ass head? Especially the top? An upside-down triangle per se? All that and less. Enjoy :) Tweet us @Rantkings


Good Riddance International Break: A Week 12 Premier League Preview.

As we bid a fond farewell to the International Break, we run a quick preview of the top games of the coming weekend. It's good to be back. Previewing: Arsenal's trip to Old Trafford to face Manchester United. A grudge match between Arsene "The Wang" Wenger and Jose "I'm not related to Dan Marino" Mourinho. Can Chelsea to continue their unbelievable form against newly promoted Middlesbrough? Ya probably. But perhaps without Costa and Hazard? We'll see. Liverpool are without Lallana &...


EPL WEEK 2: Arsenal officially* out of title race! | Did Chelsea bribe ref again? | Liverpool Livepoop | Manchesters got it goinon

Week 2 and we still don't know sh*t yet. Anyone who tells you different is your enemy. However, let's face it. It's likely that Arsenal won't with the EPL this year. I think that much we can all agree on right? Also just as likely that one of the Manchesters do win it. I mean c'mon, can you believe the amount of talent in that city between the two teams? They could possibly end Isis if they really wanted to. One of them are hands-down taking the trophy this year. And let's not forget,...


IT HAS BEGUN. A Premier League Week 1 Review: Arsenal flunk the test | Manchesters rejoice | Chelsea nail bite to 3 points

We are happy to be back with a brand spankin new EPL season. Premier League has begun so listen up. Today we take a good look at Arsenal FC and their continued disappointment on game 1, this time to an inspired Liverpool offense. We then talk Manchesters, juicy games for both Manchester United and Manchester City as Mourinho and Guardiola show us what they are made of. Leicester also showed us what they are made of, apparently not the same material that won them the league in just a few...


Euro2016 ENDS or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Moth

A rowdy review of the Euro 2016 Tournament starting with a look at a dramatic final that dares to wake you up at 117th minute. Cristiano "THE NECK" Ronaldo proved he can be a leader from the sidelines and motivate his Portugal to their first ever major international tournament. Now we beg to ask the question, WTF FRANCE? Grow a pair. Followed by an open table discussion on our fondest memories of the tournament, hint: They weren't generally the actual games. And yes a bit of haterade is...


Don't watch games on delay: Road to the Euro 2016 Final

Episode Description: On this Penultimate Euro 2016 Podcast we Preview the Final between France and Portugal. How did they get there? We break down their semi-final games where Portugal broke the hearts of many of the football loving world when they slayed the Dragons of Wales. We also take a look at how France took down big bad Germany in their Semifinal game. All leading to the preview of the FINALE of EURO 2016. Enjoy :) Also a case study on attempting to watch games on delay. Enjoy...


Euro 2016 QF Madness | Semifinal Preview | Top Transfer News

Ladies and Germs, we are getting to the business-end of the Euros. With the Semifinals upon us, we take a look at how the quarterfinals shook out. Germany vs. Italy Penalty Madness, Wales embarrass a sorry Belgium, France flex against little guys Iceland, and Portugal drag past Poland. All that plus a gander at the upcoming mouth watering games in the Semifinals. Then we end the show with a look at the major transfers, movers and shakers. ZLATAN in Manchester, and much much more. Enjoy...


EUROS Round 1 DONE | TEAM USA Top Group as Copa America Quarterfinals Begin | Brazil crash hard | Mexico Impress

This week we bask in the First Round of games of the EURO 2016 tournament. All the supposed dark horses are put to the test. A few big upsets, namely Belgium falling to a masterful Italy with Antonio Conte pulling the tactical strings. We go over each group as they stand after playing their first round of games. Before that however, we check in with Copa America CENTENARIO. Mexico keep up the good work while giants Brazil look like amateurs, albeit unlucky to lose to a clear hand ball....


THE EURO 2016 SPECIAL | Team USA Lifeline after Costa Rica | Copa America Centenario | Argentina v Chile Wakes Us Up

A FULL EURO 2016 KICKOFF PREVIEW SHOW. We talk groups, teams, strengths/weaknesses, predict winners, flops, golden boots, dark horses, white horses, chartreuse horses, it all gets covered on today's show. We also take a look at two interesting games in the COPA AMERICA CENTENARIO. US Men's National Team otherwise known as #USMNT cream a sheepish Costa Rica and stay in their group to face Paraguay in the final match. We then salivate over the thrilling 2-0 defeat of Chile by local rivals,...


WE'RE BACK BABY | Mourinho IS A RED | Hello Transfer Window | Champions League Final Preview

We're back with much needed Weekly Premier League podcast. Hope you missed us, cuz we've missed you. This week we take a look at LVG getting the sack as Manchester United usher in their deal with the Devil, Jose "The Special One" Mourinho. THE GREAT MOURINHO DEBATE on Jose's role to be at Old Trafford. Will his style fit? Is he welcomed? We take a gander at the transfers floating around the opening of the transfer window aka Silly Season. Arsenal make a move, Pep Guardiola looking to...


PREMIER LEAGUE SEASON FINALE: Week 38 Recap | Best Of / Worst of | Looking Forward to Next Season

With the FINAL week of the 2015/16 Premier League season over, we take a look at the main games that solidified the top 4. Most notably, the North London surprise as Tottenham really fudge the bucket with their finish and let bitter rivals Arsenal leapfrog them to a gut wrenching St. Totterigham's Day. Manchester City scrape the 4th place from the bottom of Manchester United's boot, much to Pep Guardiola's relief. Each top team is assessed to discuss what they each need to succeed in the...


PREMIER LEAGUE PENULTIMATE: Manchester Mafia | West Hammering United | Sunderland's Great Escape Complete | Betting Picks | Fantasy Tips

The Prem is a gem ladies and germs. Here's the running order for your convenience: [00:00] GAMES IN HAND PLAYED: Coming up on the FINALE we go through the major games played mid-week, notably a classic farewell to Upton Park where West Ham treat us to a thrilling comeback to a teetering Manchester United. This might spell the end for old LVG. The relegation race comes to a climactic end with an astounding win for Sunderland that see's them bid farewell to rivals Newcastle. A special...


LEICESTER F*CKING CITY WIN IT ALL!! | Chelsea v Spurs Cage Match | Juicy Relegation Battle | Champions League Preview

Magical. Unbelievable. Once in a lifetime. Leicester City F.C. has defied all the odds and much to the chagrin of Tottenham Hotspur fans, have won the Premier League Season. Finishing above Manchester City, Chelsea F.C., Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool F.C., and the rest of the Barclay's Premier League. This is a pure miracle backed by hard work and Claudio Ranieri's secret pizza sauce. We take some time and pay homage to this lovely team, the games in Week 36 that led up to it...


Champions League Semifinals & Europa Nights | EPL Week 36 Preview | Transfer Rumorville | Fantasy Tips | Weekly Betting Picks

Things are heating up at the tail end of the season. We have our full Thursday variety show for everyone. Here's the running order for your convenience: [00:00] CHAMPIONS LEAGUE & EUROPA SEMI FINALS. Atletico Madrid out-passion Bayern Munich in Spain. Manchester City bore Real Madrid to a telling nil-nil. Villarreal sink Liverpool reds before they return the Anfield with a slight advantage. [29:00] HORSESH*T RUMORVILLE. All the latest transfer rumors coming from Newspapers in Europe....


EPL WEEK 34: Leicester City Fight | The Chelsea F.C. Blues by Manchester City | Relegation Getting Scrappy

Your instant 30 minute take on WEEK 34, Premier League Football Review. Only 4 more game weeks! Our resident Chelsea Blue Nymma goes on the rant of all rants after watching a pitiful display from his team when they hosted, and subsequently lost to Sergio Aguero and Manchester City. Nymma also has found a new alarm clock involving animal copulation. Leicester drop points but are still holding heads high as they saw a royal rumble with West Ham United. Arsenal can't get anymore Arsenal...


Champions League Drama | El Kloppico #2 WOW | Transfer Rumorville | Fantasy Tips | Money Bets | EPL Preview

It's been an unbelievable week for world football. We have a packed show for you today. Here's the rundown: [00:00 - 35:00] REVIEW all of the drama of the wonderful European Champions League: Barcelona sent packing at the hands of Atletico Madrid. Manchester City upset PSG. Real Madrid and Ronaldo come through big time against German opposition. Our local Liverpool Fanboy basks in one of the greatest comebacks in Europa League history when they faced Dortmund at Anfield. Lastly a quick...


Champions League | El Kloppico | Rumorville | Fantasy Tips | Money Bets | EPL Preview

A very special variety show for you today, we keep it moving. 00:00 - We start by reviewing Champions League (Barcelona v. Atletico, Real Madrid v. Wolfsburg, PSG v. Manchester City). El Kloppico (Liverpool v. Dortmund) is discussed as well to round up European Football action. 20:30 - Horsesh*t Rumorville train, all aboard! We go through all of the papers in England and around Europe to gather all of the horsesh*t transfer rumors and discuss the validity (or lack thereof) of Ronaldo and...


WTF Leicester Actually Winning the Premier league? | Newcastle's House of Cards | Tottenham v. Liverpool Clash

A recap of the major talking points after week 32 of the Premier League. This week's Game Spotlights: Tottenham Hotspurs travel to Liverpool to face Jurgen Klopp's Reds. Some choice words for Liverpool's defense in our discussion. Leicester City with yet another 1-0 win. We are in utter disbelief at this team's belief. We break down the controversial hand-ball rulings along with Leicester's very realistic quest for the title. A quick word on Zidane and his expectations there in Real...