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Keep it crassy. Quite arguably the #1 Premier League Podcast, ever. Well maybe top 3. Hear 3 yankee fans' perspectives on the Premier League. Every week.

Keep it crassy. Quite arguably the #1 Premier League Podcast, ever. Well maybe top 3. Hear 3 yankee fans' perspectives on the Premier League. Every week.
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Keep it crassy. Quite arguably the #1 Premier League Podcast, ever. Well maybe top 3. Hear 3 yankee fans' perspectives on the Premier League. Every week.








Week 31 and did Chelsea just win the title? // Liverpool drop points to a sh*t team...again // United tie at home....again

Fair warning, we are a weeee bit rusty. BUT we're back at it. Week 31 review and just 7 more game weeks to go! Chelsea bounce back after their loss to Palace to hold on to a 2-1 Victory against Manchester City who can say goodbye to any title hopes they were clinging on to. Liverpool drop points against a shite team again? Again and again and again, story of their season. Arsenal finally show up and just in time on their valiant trek towards a 4th place Trophy. United tie at home. No...


Pod Special! CHAMMMPIONNS League Round of 16 Reactions (leg1)

If you dislike our Premier League podcast then you will absolutely hate this one. Without the Prem to keep us busy we decided to bring you a Champions League special against your will. ROUND OF 16 LEG 1 and Barca out? Man City v Monaco was the GAME OF ALL GAMES am I right? Did Leicester actually score a goal? Or was that all a dream. Speaking of dreams, Wenger's might be done for good. All that and less. Enjoy :)


STOP THE PRESSES. Liverpool won? Chelsea blip? Leicester getting relegated?! WTF

Just when you thought the Premier League was over, it goes and does something like this....AND TOTALLY REDEEMS ITSELF. Well, sorta... On this Week 25 Review, we spotlight LIVERPOOL's first league win in 2017 (about time) and quite the occasion too when Klopp's side absolutely schooled TOTTENHAM into a 2-0 submission. Good sign for the reds, but if history teaches us anything this may not last long. We look at LEICESTER CITY's heartbreaking downfall. Would you sack Claudio Ranieri? CHELSEA...


Gunners groundhog day while Chelsea pull away

Chelsea now have one hand firlmly on the title after they batter a pitiful Arsenal side. Can't say anyone was surprised there. it was a good week for the Manchesters but can't say the same for Liverpool as they get owned by Hull, a relegation team. Can't say anyone was surprised there either. All that and much much less on this week's post-superbowl hangover show we . Enjoy :)


Deadlock at Anfield // Arsenal coulda been a contender // Preview at Stamford Bridge

Week 23 was a tough week for the top teams. Everyone dropped points aside from Manchester City. This week we look at the deadlock at Anfield where Liverpool and Chelsea drew in an evenly matched 1-1. Arsenal could have capitalizied but instead they shot themsleves square in the crotch when they hosted a poor form Watford. We then take a look at the yuge game of the weekend, a London derby between Chelsea and Arsenal. All that and less. Enjoy :)


Man City Can't Buy a Win // Rooney Record Breaker // Nice Guy Wenger // Chelsea v Liverpool Preview

On this week's show the gang reviews week 22 in the Premier League and looks at the looming clash in week 23 between Chelsea and Liverpool.


Citeh Got Daddy Issues // Liverpool and United Split Points // Chelsea Keeps on Truckin Sans Costa

On this week's show the gang reviews week 21 in the Premier League. We ask (but do not guarantee we answer) such questions as: Should Liverpool be happy with a tie at Old Trafford? Is player power out of control? Is Pep Guardiola about to self-combust? All that and less. Enjoy :) Tweet us @RantKings


WTF is an EFL Cup? // Liverpool v. Manchester United Preview // Transfer B.S.

On this week's show we quickly touch on the EFL/Capital One/Carling/Geico League Cup before previewing the big games ahead of us in the Premier League. Week 21 sees high flying Manchester United host semi-slumping Liverpool. Klopp does have Mourinho's number though... We talk Leicester v. Chelsea. Last year's Cinderella story face the frog that's now turned back into a Prince. Or something like that. Arsenal without Wenger/Ozil/Sanchez/Jenkinson etc etc. And of course, bullsht transfer...


Grumpy Pep | Chelsea Bend the Record | Arsenal Keep You Hanging On

In this Mid-Season look into the Premier League we attempt to answer: Why is Pep Guardiola so Grumpy? Does Liverpool really stand a chance at the title? How on earth did Chelsea lose to Tottenham? All that and less. tweet us @rantkings


Post Traumatic Arsenal Disorder | Did Chelsea Just Win The Prem? | Liverpool Eeek the Merseyside Derby

Week 17 reviewed and not a good week for our host as Arsenal forget THEY ARE PLAYING F-ING COMPETITVE GAME HERE. Ahem. Sorry about the caps. Manchester City beat them with relative ease. In other news, Chelsea might have just won the league. Good for Chelsea, yaaaaaaay. United look tough again with Ibra just being Ibra. Liverpool beat their rivals in the dying ambers of the match. Tottenham come back to win it. Basically everything going well for everyone going into Christmas....except...


Farsenal Stumble | Mersey Monday Preview | Chelsea's "Perfect 10" | Man City v Gunners will be YUGE

A special mid-week round up as we look forward to Week 17 in the Premier League. It was not a good week for Arsenal. All of their rivals won as they lost away to Everton. We look at their upcoming Super Sunday clash against Manchester City fresh off a (drum roll) CLEAN SHEET! Chelsea hit their "perfect 10" can they keep it going? LIVERPOOL ARE BACK (until they are not). A Juicy Merseyside Derby awaits. United seem to have steadied the ship but they face their toughest apponents...


Pep Guardiola didn't get the memo | Mourinho 3arns it

Week 15 Review, we answer such questions as: -Ever wonder what exactly Pep Guardiola is smoking? We talked with his drug dealer and the answer may suprise you. -Is The Special 1(-0) back? -Bayern v. Arsenal: Can we even? Tweet us @RantKings. Enjoy :)


Chelsea's bukake on Manchester City | Liverpool get took from behind | Mourinho needs you to decide | Alexis Sanchez Show

Oh hello there. Lots of talking points after week 14 in the Premier League. Naturally we begin with the match of the week. Nymma basks in all the glory that is Chelsea FC as they show Manchester City how to put a few in you. Roach laments a tough loss when Bournemouth take them from behind to beat on them at their own game. Arsenal wipe their arses with limp West Ham United. Mourinho cracks start to spread. Please excuse all the vulgar and honestly uncalled-for sexual innuendos, it...


Uninvincible Spurs | Chelsea to face Man City eekers | Jose Mounited?

In this week 13/14 check in, we take a look at the big games & talking points of the Premier League. Are Chelsea really that good? Are Man City really that bad? Is Jose Mourinho a guy with a strangely big ass head? Especially the top? An upside-down triangle per se? All that and less. Enjoy :) Tweet us @Rantkings


Good Riddance International Break: A Week 12 Premier League Preview.

As we bid a fond farewell to the International Break, we run a quick preview of the top games of the coming weekend. It's good to be back. Previewing: Arsenal's trip to Old Trafford to face Manchester United. A grudge match between Arsene "The Wang" Wenger and Jose "I'm not related to Dan Marino" Mourinho. Can Chelsea to continue their unbelievable form against newly promoted Middlesbrough? Ya probably. But perhaps without Costa and Hazard? We'll see. Liverpool are without Lallana &...



Two long lost pals catch-up and check in with the Premier League to offer a break from the International Break. With roughly a quarter of the season in the bag, dare we say that this is shaping up the most competitive Premier League season EVER? And yes we've took an extended vacation, please don't kill us. Enjoy :)


EPL Week #4 Don't Forget Deodorant: Marvelous Manchester Derby | Liverpool Lump Leicester | Arsenal Luck Out

We welcome back beautiful footy fam from a long international break. Hope you've been well, we check in on our whereabouts during the long break then get right into the big action. Mourinho's Manchester United looks almost naive against a well prepared and motivated Manchester City headed by arch rival Pep Guardiola. What went wrong for our old buddy Jose? Liverpool have one of those good days against former champs Leicester City, they were due. Now to face Chelsea who buckled against...


EPL Week 3: Manchester Status Quo | There You Are Arsenal | Spurs Salvage 1 vs Liverpool | Chelsea Keep Pace

We talk Week 3 in the Premier League. F*UCK the coming international break btw. Manchesters impress once again, slowly carving their identities. We'll see who's best next week when they match up. Juicy. Liverpool start strong against Tottenham but get jacked for all 3 points via a Danny Rose rocket equalizer. Arsenal decide to show up, fashionably late. Leicester play like the team we've all grown to know and love but subconsciously hate. All that and more. Tweet us @RantKings Enjoy :)


EPL WEEK 2: Arsenal officially* out of title race! | Did Chelsea bribe ref again? | Liverpool Livepoop | Manchesters got it goinon

Week 2 and we still don't know sh*t yet. Anyone who tells you different is your enemy. However, let's face it. It's likely that Arsenal won't with the EPL this year. I think that much we can all agree on right? Also just as likely that one of the Manchesters do win it. I mean c'mon, can you believe the amount of talent in that city between the two teams? They could possibly end Isis if they really wanted to. One of them are hands-down taking the trophy this year. And let's not forget,...


IT HAS BEGUN. A Premier League Week 1 Review: Arsenal flunk the test | Manchesters rejoice | Chelsea nail bite to 3 points

We are happy to be back with a brand spankin new EPL season. Premier League has begun so listen up. Today we take a good look at Arsenal FC and their continued disappointment on game 1, this time to an inspired Liverpool offense. We then talk Manchesters, juicy games for both Manchester United and Manchester City as Mourinho and Guardiola show us what they are made of. Leicester also showed us what they are made of, apparently not the same material that won them the league in just a few...