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The Wheel Friends is a Podcast where I ride my bike with my friends. Recorded while on bicycles (Or in a car if we're going Mountain Biking) we tell stories and jokes and talk shop.

The Wheel Friends is a Podcast where I ride my bike with my friends. Recorded while on bicycles (Or in a car if we're going Mountain Biking) we tell stories and jokes and talk shop.


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The Wheel Friends is a Podcast where I ride my bike with my friends. Recorded while on bicycles (Or in a car if we're going Mountain Biking) we tell stories and jokes and talk shop.






EP 60 - Fishin' For Trout (with Jim Trout)

Steve took the field recorder out to Harmony Brewing Company to speak with his friend & coworker Jim Trout, an Ultra Marathon Runner and Endurance Cyclist, about his time in the saddle. Trout recounts riding across the lower palm of Michigan in his youth all the way to his most recent attempt at the Race Across America. Also some crash stories! Patreon Grand Rapids DSA 99 Pledges Page Dustin's Music


Grand Transit Promo

Promo for Craig's new show with Joel about the future of Grand Rapids Transit. If you've got input or want to be involved text 616-209-9708 Look for the Grand Transit Podcast on Podcast Apps soon.


Ep 59 - Crash Test Dummies

Baxter Stockman is a roadie, Steve's gone car free, Steve tried a rental e-bike, brave new recruits in the War On Cars, it rained a lot, craig's ruining his new shoes, Steve biked to a date, Crash Corner, the big lame race had a cool big crash, Wednesday evening ride stories, Wrestling meets the velodrome & Some Dream Guests. Also Craig's starting another show. Patreon Grand Rapids DSA 99 Pledges Page Dustin's Music Halcyon Bikes


Ep 58 - Steve Goes to Nashville (With Mikey)

Steve took a field recorder down to Nashville to record with his brother, Mikey, a fifteen year bike industry vet. They talk about how Mikey's shop handled Covid, some bike shop do's and don'ts, infrastructure in Nashville, and the best Pizza in Nashville. But First, Craig talks about a road diet for Division Avenue, Biking thru Sprinklers, and the joy of seeing a father pedaling kids to school on a cargo bike. Patreon Grand Rapids DSA 99 Pledges Page Dustin's Music Halcyon Bikes


Ep 57 - My Dog Is Afraid of Bikes (with Steve)

Recorded live in the studio y'all. Steve came over so this show's full of unfocused energy. Craig and Steve talked about Mushu being afraid of bikes, they kept finding reasons to talk about masks, Craig's addicted to Strava Badges and riding on busy roads.


Strike & Bike with Grand Rapids DSA (Joel)

BIG EPISODE. Craig's friend Joel returns to talk about a fundraiser he's putting on for the DSA to raise money for mutual aid. They talk about recent rides, biking in New Orleans, Grand Rapids history and a hell of a lot more.


EP 55 - Craig & Steve Descend

Back in the fall Craig and Steve recorded their first remote bike podcast, but instead of using conventional software, they played Descenders on Xbox. Craig talks about a weekend getaway with his wife and how badly he wished he had a bike, as well interactions in the bike lanes and losing his cool.


EP 54 - Nano Machine Powered Bicycling with Steve

Steve and Craig recorded over Discord. They talk about commuting in the cold early Spring, bad driver's in company vehicles, Steve's bad brakes that almost made him crash into a family, street harassment in Nashville, and the true cost of the Pokemon Bike. Also Vaccine talk.


EP 53 - Park-Fix-It (With Liz & Ryan)

Craig spoke with Liz & Ryan over Discord. Liz is organizing community bike repair events and she spoke on what brought that into fruition. Ryan works at Switchback Gear Exchange which is adding a coffee shop to their business. Craig talks about his new job. Lots of good stuff in this one. Checkout our Patreon. Liz's Blog Go to Switchback Gear Exchange and get some coffee


Ep 52 - Community Action In Action

It's a recap of the Community Action Alley Cat. We handed out 115 care packages to the less fortunate in downtown Grand Rapids and it kicked ass.


EP 51 - Stolen Bike Watch!

The Alley Cat was rescheduled, Joel's bike got stolen, The Fire Department might be able to help you recover your stolen bike, and the bike song of the week was very appropriate.


Ep 50 - Community Action & Voice Mails & Bike Songs

Last reminder for the Community Action Alley Cat, Craig checks the voicemails and introduces the Bike Song of the Week.


Ep. 49 - Bike Safety & Maintenance

Craig was rooting around in a bin of public domain media and ripped the audio from 4 bike safety videos from as far back as 1939. Community Corner: August 8th, NY, NY - Justice Ride X - Tenth week a protest ride for Black Lives Matter and to ride against police brutality The dress code is green. Meetup at Tweed courthouse 52 Chamber St. NW NY, NY. August 15th, GR, MI - Community Action Alley Cat - Bring a mask and a bike with a rack or a pack...


Ep 48 - Before It All Went Down

In March, Steve, Craig & Dustin met up to record for the last time before COVID-19 hit Michigan. Unbeknownst to them, Michigan was in for a hell of a ride. They talked about Corona (Skip ahead to 10:30 if you don't feel like listening to 3 dummies talk about the Corona Virus), Craig has a bunch of great ideas, and they find a reason to talk about The Lord of the Rings again.


Community Action Alley Cat Announcement

In the wake of current events Craig and the gang have not been able to record any new episodes. HOWEVER we have had a lot of time to think about our community and its needs in this weird, difficult time. As we ride the streets of Grand Rapids its hard for us to ignore the homeless community and how it has fallen to the wayside amidst our nation's current state. Ministries and shelters were closed for a time resulting in people being unable to get day-to-day necessities. That’s when our sweet...


EP 47 - Mild Mild Winter (With Steve)

Just Steve & Craig shootin' the breeze and daydreaming. Talking Points: Mild Mild Winter, Commuter Encounter, Public Parks Shouldn't Close, PFOS not PFAFF's, Vegan Baked Goods, Private Shopping Hours, this is not a parts show, riding on cobblestones, Claymore Bike, Fairdale Taj, Bunnyhopping, the GR Bicyclist Look, handdrawn bike map, Misguided music album, Co Op Frame Shop, Dog Robot, Valentine's Mishap


Ep 46 - Grass Not Gas 2020 (with Steve & Dustin)

First new recording of 2020! Steve & Dustin are back with Craig in the studio. We've got a new call in number! Not posting it here, I don't need any more phone calls from Atlantic City Casinos. Talking points: Bicycle ASMR, this is not sexual, two party consent recording, "Meet The Wires", Fuck You Rob Schneider, The Captain, Craig's Bad Ass Day, New Request Line Number, Ins & Outs 2020, Craig is awful in a car, Biking Tattoo, Impossible Whopper, #bernie2020, Trump & Bicycles, a peloton, a...


EP 45 - The Boys Are Back In Town ( with Steve & Dustin)

Oh boy, it's 2020! Here's an episode from when we were hungover after a Halloween Party. Remember 2019? Good times. The theme of this episode is returning. Steve went to Mexico, Dustin sick (he got better), and Craig went back to work. Talking points: Dysentery, tales from the streets, New Steve, Biking in New York, Biking in Mexico, Bike Stores, Holbox, Tulum, Mexico City, Podcast Magic, Bepis, The People's Vehicle, Steve's cool bike things in Mexico, Altitude Doping, Brendan Fraser,...


Ep 44 - Car Talk (With Ian)

Craig's friend Ian, a Jimmy John's Bicyclist, comes in to talk about bike delivery in Grand Rapids. Then they spend a great deal of time talking about some major problems with motorists. Craig also kind of convinces Ian to give Strava a try. Ian's band is Fire Kitten, check em out on Facebook. Andy Shaw Illustrates bicycles find him on Instagram Support the show's...


EP 43 - Biking With Your Dog & Robots in the Bike Lane (With Mitch)

In this dog heavy episode of the Wheel Friends, Craig invites Mitch back into the studio to talk about the various ways to pedal with your pooch. They also talk about the new additions to the Grand Rapids Bike Park, Changes to the city's bike lanes in the next few years, an UBER hack for biking busy streets, Craig gets frustrated about another bad bike opinion from the internet, and whether or not we should allow robots in the bike lanes? You can support the show by going to...