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EP 33 - WWOS: The 3AM Alley Dawg

The Wheel Friends Podcast returns after a short hiatus with the long sought after race coverage from the 3AM Alley Dawg. In what we're calling "The Wheeled World of Sports", Craig & Steve will recount their racing experience as they rode in a 3AM Alley Cat.... er... Dawg Race through Downtown Grand Rapids. A story of pain, pleasure, and the American Spirit.


Ep 32 - Dunkin' On Cars (With Joel)

On this episode of the Wheel Friends, Craig is joined by bike commuter and fellow Podcast host, Joel Campbell of Borderless and the Lamp Post Podcast. Joel explains Borderless. Craig reminisces about biking through the countryside. Then they talk about infrastructure, how dumb cars are, and Joel shares his experience getting hit. Be sure to check out to see what Joel's working on and be sure to check out his podcast The Lamp Post wherever you get your podcasts.


Ep 31 - Alley Dawgs & Strava Sex Bots (With Mitch & Emily)

Mitch & Emily join Craig on the show this week. Mitch is hosting an early morning Alley Cat (Alley Dawg) on April 15th so he's on to give us the scoop. Mitch & Emily also bought a Tandem Bike. Craig talks about riding with a group of strangers he met on bikes. Emily shares how she meets people on bikes. Also Strava Sex Bots, ID Chips, and a whole lot more. Also, if you wanna race in the 3AM Alley Dawg you can get details here:


Ep 30. - The Solution Center (With Dustin)

Happy St. Patrick's Day Friends! In this episode Dustin comes by to return one of Craig's bikes, the two talk convenience centers, bicycle solutes, theories about Trump's bike opinion, why the episodes have been delayed and much more!


The Wheel Friends Ep. 29 - Tennessee Soccer Mom (With John & Steve)

The days are getting warmer. Bless Fam. Bless. Steve and John came over to talk about Craig's recent bike ride, John's anxieties about Riding, and Craig & Steve's new bags. The guys also brainstorm a new bike for Steve to ride when he moves to Tennessee.


The Wheel Friends Ep. 28 - The Fellowship of the Chain Ring (With Liz)

The Wheel Friends is back baby! Craig's friend Liz Rennie from the Spoke Folks bicycle co-op is back on the show to kick off the new year. They talk about bicycling resolutions and realistic goal setting. Liz designs a dream bike and then she and Craig design bikes based on the Lord of the Rings. All that and a whole lot more!


The Wheel Friends Ep. 27: Bike Polo Road Trip (With Avery)

Happy Holidays friends! This week on the show, our friend Avery Miller from Symbiote Cycle Works and Grand Rapids Bicycle Company returns. Avery recently took a road trip playing bike polo with various Polo Clubs across the US and he shares from his experience on the road. Also in this episode some things to be aware of when Biking to the bank, frustration with Harry Potter and a brief explanation on why the bicycle stays upright. It's not all gyroscopic force.


The Wheel Friends Ep 26. - Buying Gifts For Bicyclists (With Dania)

This week on the Wheel Friends, Craig is joined by his friend Dania! Dania is an active member of the Grand Rapids bike community, a vintage bike enthusiast, and a botanical artist. They talk about Dania's bike beliefs, design the ultimate bicycle for gardeners, and discuss buying gifts for bicyclists (Anything with a bike on it, tbh). Dania's Etsy Shop:


The Wheel Friends - Ep. 25: Bike Tattoos, the Next Gen, & Skateboarding (With Steve)

The Wheel Friends is back and so is winter. This week, Steve returns to the show and he and Craig talk about a whole lot of stuff. This episode is freeform bike-chat. Steve tells Craig about the bike tattoo he wants and the podcast he'd have if he had one, the conversation then pivots into a discussion on millennials, the next generation of bicyclists, cybernetics and the MTV skateboarding bubble. Also we're on Spotify now. Which I forgot to mention.


The Wheel Friends Ep. 24 - Don't Take Hand Ups From Eli (With Eli)

Happy Thanksgiving! Craig is back in action after a week off and he's got our old friend Eli back on the show. Eli recounts his shady history of Hand Ups, and we discuss what we would do to go all out with a high Hand Up Budget. Then Craig shares his number one complaint about riding your bike indoors on a trainer. Then Craig and Eli talk about their ideal bicycling videogame. Also Eli seems to think that "Open World" is something Nintendo recently invented. Yeah, it's a...


The Wheel Friends Ep. 23 - Biking is Totally Punk (With Emily)

This week on the Wheel Friends Craig is joined by his friend Emily "Hambone". Emily's been racing a lot in the past year and she recounts some of her experiences racing Gravel, Cyclocross and the Occasional Mountain Bike Race. She shares her favorite racing conditions as well as her reasoning for riding road races. Then Craig & Emily tell some stories of bicycling shenanigans, including ways they've dealt with motorists not respecting the bike lane.


Wheel Friends - Ep. 20: Bike Camping in the Manistee National Forest

Holy Smokes! 20 Episodes! After biking 40 miles on a rainy Fall day in Michigan, Craig sits down fire side with Steve, Dustin, And Ari to dry their clothes and talk about their ride. It'll be just like you're camping with them as they regale you with tales of donuts, skeptics, bathroom heaters, mud puddles and a whole lot more. After the fire, hang out with Craig & Steve in their uncomfortably close hammocks to fantasize about breakfast while listening to the rain. This is bike...


The Wheel Friends - Ep. 19: Bikecamping & The Starship Gambler

This week on The Wheel Friends Steve is back! Steve has caught a bit of wanderlust and has taken to bikecamping. He shares his experience with Craig, who has some stories of his own. Then Craig & Steve get down to planning for a camping trip this weekend and throw out some unconventional ideas. All that and a whole lot more!


Wheel Friends - Ep. 18

In this episode of the Wheel Friends, Craig finally enters a bike race! Craig mics up and participates in the SnapCat 2 Alley Cat. He'll also explain the gist of what an alley cat is and swear at a drinking fountain.


The Wheel Friends Ep. 17 - Factory Mike, Gadgets and Accessories

In this accessory heavy episode of the Wheel Friends, Craig is joined by his new neighbor and recent addition to the Grand Rapids bike community, Louis Marzeroti. Louis came overly prepared and Craig shares some of his knowledge origins. Then Louis tasks Craig with decking out a bike for a person he made up. Then its back to Yahoo to help somebody put more gadgets on there bike and while answering the question Craig introduces Louis to another bicycling subculture and airs his...


Wheel Friends - Ep. 16

We needed a fun episode this week so Craig had his old pal Steve on the show. Craig shares how he did some major ear damage at the Beer City Bike Fest and Steve talks about biking in Nashville. Then Craig pitches a radio-play idea to Steve and it turns into more bike movie pitches. Lastly Craig shares some of his favorite team names he's seen on the Ladies Army 9 Roster.


The Wheel Friend Ep. 15 - Concerned Partners & Childhood Memories

This week's episode of the Wheel Friends gets a little personal. Craig's guest this week is his very own girlfriend, Patience. They discuss what it's like dating a person who bikes a lot and the concerns that come with it and some tools bicyclists can use to help alleviate some of that stress. Then Craig and Pat take a trip down memory lane to talk about when they learned to ride and then they look ahead because Craig is gonna teach Patience to Mountain Bike.


Wheel Friends - Ep. 14

This week the Wheel Friends Podcast is looking to the future. Craig discusses his vision for the winter and also announces the potential for more weekly episodes (Frick yes). Then he takes to Sarahah to answer a super quick user question before diving into picking up groceries by biking. Embrace racks, bags and the commuter life!


The Wheel Friends Ep. 13 - Bike Touring, Chico the Dog, and Optimal Pit Stops

This week's episode of the Wheel Friends is pure Michigan and adventures bike touring. My new friend Jake tells of his adventure biking from Grand Rapids, Michigan all the way to the Soo Locks. We discuss bicycle touring, ways to stay entertained on long rides and the best music to keep your brain occupied through it all. We also discuss the finer points of Strava as well as the optimal time for catastrophe to strike. Also we hear about a pup named Chico and a cat named Jelly Bean.


The Wheel Friends Podcast Ep. 12 - Sharrows, Wahlfield Trail, and Eli's Backyard Bike Ranch

This week on the Wheel Friends Podcast we welcome the return of our Bestie Eli! He's been busy being a grown up but he still knows how to party. He tells me what motivated him to finally commute to work, which segued into him and I airing our grievances with sharrows. Then we switch gears and talk mountain biking! Specifically Wahlfield Trail North of Grand Rapids and its brand new Flow Track Section. Then we discuss my plans for Eli's new backyard...