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Yahoo Sports experts Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson take you inside the front offices and locker rooms of the NFL for an engaging discussion about the game of football.

Yahoo Sports experts Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson take you inside the front offices and locker rooms of the NFL for an engaging discussion about the game of football.
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Yahoo Sports experts Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson take you inside the front offices and locker rooms of the NFL for an engaging discussion about the game of football.




The NFL's pass interference and overtime problems, plus Senior Bowl standouts

Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor are live from Mobile, Alabama where Senior Bowl preparations are in full effect. But before they can get to the 2019 draft class, Yahoo Sports' NFL experts discuss the league reportedly looking into making pass interference penalties reviewable and how they'd like to see that rule change implemented. Also on the show: • Should the overtime rules be changed again? (3:45) • Laser-gate, the Patriots' "underdog" status and early Rams-Patriots thoughts...


Conference Championship Sunday Night Freestyle: The Rams and Patriots advance on a controversial Sunday

The 2018 season's conference championship Sunday will be remembered by two simple numbers: 1 and 2. 2 overtime periods and 1 blown pass interference call. The stage is set for a Rams/Patriots Super Bowl in Atlanta on February 3rd, but the Chiefs and Saints are hogging the headlines on January 21st. While the Saints are owed a major apology by the league for the referees' missed penalty in the final minutes of regulation, the Chiefs loss is leading many to question the OT rules again as...


Kyler Murray declares, Flores and Taylor the latest head coaching candidates and AFC/NFC championship previews

On the eve of Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff possibly ascending to their first Super Bowls, young Oklahoma quarterback phenom Kyler Murray declared for the NFL draft. Goff and Mahomes are undoubtedly two of the premiere young talents at quarterback in the league and the latter is expected to be named NFL MVP in just a few weeks. After opening the show remarking on Adam Gase's press conference laying its early stake to 2019 meme-of-the-year, Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson...


Divisional Round Sunday Night Freestyle: Stage is set for Mahomes/Brady and Goff/Brees

At the end of the divisional round, the NFL's four best teams made the cut. Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson react to football's elite eight going full chalk. First they discuss the Saints' big win in the Big Easy against the former champs and how the Eagles' Carson Wentz/Nick Foles conundrum is most likely over (2:00). They stay in the NFC and focus on the Rams' monster running attack and Charles gives his first-hand impressions from the Cowboys' loss in L.A....


Broncos, Browns and Jets make their head coaching hires

Break the glass, it's an emergency Yahoo Sports NFL Podcast. It was a busy Wednesday in the NFL which saw the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos and New York Jets all fill the head coaching vacancies within their organization. Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson open this emergency Wednesday night episode reacting to the news that Freddie Kitchens is the new head coach in Cleveland and what that means internally for the chaotic organization. Next, they discuss the Broncos hiring...


Packers, Cards and Bucs find their next head coach, plus divisional round previews

Fresh off the news that Kliff Kingsbury has been hired as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson react to one of the most anticipated and surprising hires in recent NFL history. They transition from that to Green Bay's hiring of Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Matt LeFleur, what Packers fans should be excited about and what should make them nervous (13:30). To wrap up the week's head coaching news, they discuss Bruce Arian's filling...


Wild-card Sunday Night Freestyle: Foles Magic 2.0, Dak gets the W and Chargers and Colts win on the road

After a 2018 regular season notable for its early offensive fireworks, wild-card weekend went into the books with kicking and defense as the major headlines. Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor recap all four wild-card games from the weekend, starting with the Eagles' miracle win over the Bears, Cody Parkey's missed field goal and the return Nick Foles' Philly Special magic. Next they discuss the Colts' win over the Texans, why Frank Reich should be the coach of the year and...


Adam Gase headlines Black Monday and Wild Card weekend previews

Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson teased it on this very podcast immediately after the Miami Miracle: Adam Gase was not safe in South Beach. He headlined a crop of 6 coaches out of their jobs on Black Monday, in addition to Mike McCarthy and Hue Jackson, who were fired earlier in the year. Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor open the show discussing the 8 head coach openings and what the Dolphins, Browns, Broncos, Jets, Cardinals, Packers, Bengals and Buccaneers are looking for in their next...


Week 17 Sunday Night Freestyle: Playoffs are locked but questions for Mariota and Winston linger

The 2018 NFL regular season is over and the playoff matchups are set, coaches are on the way out and some long vacations are getting started just in time for the new year (hello, Kirk Cousins!). For the final time in 2018, Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson react to a full slate of Sunday games including the Colts' win over the Titans, the Vikings' loss, Nick Foles' playoff chances and tough questions for the teams and quarterbacks on the outside looking in. Stay up to date...


Cleveland's head coach question, Pittsburgh's next step and Justin Herbert dodges the draft

Fresh off the news that Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert is forgoing the NFL draft for his senior year, Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor talk about the ripple effects this decision will send through the league and various teams' draft strategies. Later they talk about uncertainty in the AFC North, first with some behind-the-scenes reporting on the Cleveland Browns' head coaching search (7:30). Then they discuss the changes the Pittsburgh Steelers need to make in 2019 to...


Week 16 Sunday Night Freestyle: Chiefs' Achilles defense underwhelms in Seattle

Week 16 of the NFL season saw a shake-up of the status quo that sent reverberations through the playoff picture. The AFC's two best teams, the Chiefs and the Chargers, both lost, sending the Seattle Seahawks into the playoffs and putting the Baltimore Ravens in pole position to win the AFC North. The Steelers lost to the top-seeded Saints and are suddenly on the outside looking in, relying on the Cleveland Browns of all teams to help punch their ticket to the postseason. In one of the...


What's up with Eric Reid's 7 random drug tests?

After the Carolina Panthers' Monday nights loss to the New Orleans Saints, Eric Reid came back to his locker to find a notice that he'd be receiving his seventh drug test of the season, which raised a lot of eyebrows. Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor report on the real deal behind how the NFL institutes its random drug tests, why there is cause for suspicion and what the Panthers should do after their playoff-quashing loss. Also on the show: - After the Saints' unimpressive...


Week 15 Sunday Night Freestyle: Are the Patriots doomed to fail?

Is it a coincidence that in the first week we've seen Nick Foles back in action for the Eagles, the Patriots are suddenly faltering? Probably, but it's fun to talk about and those are the two biggest stories of the week. Yahoo Sports' Senior NFL writers Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson recap a Week 15 which saw playoff races tighten all over the league. The Eagles and Bears couldn't be hitting their strides at a better time while the Cowboys, Patriots, Rams and Seahawks suffered stunning...


DeFilippo and McKenzie fired, Chargers/Chiefs preview and defensive FAs who are about to get paid

The days following Week 14 saw two major firings around the league that didn't come as a huge surprise. Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson open the show with the behind-the-scenes chatter surrounding the Minnesota Vikings dismissing John DeFilippo and the end of the Reggie McKenzie era for the Oakland Raiders. Also on the show: – The Seattle Seahawks continued to look impressive on Monday Night Football (7:30) – Jon Gruden's questionable player management and why Raiders fans...


Week 14 Sunday Night Freestyle: Rams frozen out, Chiefs win in OT and the Miami Miracle

Week 14's Sunday results were straight from the upside-down. The Los Angeles Rams looked mortal, the New England Patriots got stunned and the two worst teams in the league – the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers – both pulled out wins. Yahoo Sports' Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor recap all the Sunday action from around the NFL, ask if the Rams' and Saints' recent mediocre outings could lead to early playoff defeat, praise the Miami Miracle and issue a stern warning to Dallas...


The Kareem Hunt tape's strange Johnny Manziel connection, coaching carousel thoughts and previewing Eagles/Cowboys and Rams/Bears

The Green Bay Packers' immediate Sunday firing of head coach Mike McCarthy flipped the switch on America's favorite winter carnival ride: the NFL coaching carousel. Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson open the show reporting on the front office whispers they're hearing from around the league and how the head coach openings in Green Bay and Cleveland are likely to set off a chain reaction of moves that will send ripples through the league. Next, they follow up on the Kareem Hunt...


Week 13 Sunday Night Freestyle: McCarthy fired in Green Bay, Chargers break the kicking curse

The Mike McCarthy era for the Green Bay Packers is over at the hands of the lowly Arizona Cardinals, but this surely won't be the last head coach firing before the seasons' end. Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson recap a very eventful Week 13 of the NFL season, starting with McCarthy's firing in Green Bay and the names already swirling as rumored replacements. They also talk about the Los Angeles Chargers' strong win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, why the Carolina Panthers...


Reuben Foster claimed by Washington, Dak's next contract and Bortles benched (again)

On this mid-week episode of the show, Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson hit on some of the off-the-field stories that popped up over the weekend in the NFL, starting with the San Francisco 49ers releasing and the Washington Redskins subsequently claiming linebacker Reuben Foster (0:30). Also on the show: - The Dallas Cowboys' looming money problems with Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper (11:00) - The Jacksonville Jaguars benching Blake Bortles and why cornerbacks are always...


Week 12 Sunday Night Freestyle: Surging Seahawks, Green Bay packs it in

With the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints off enjoying the long holiday weekend, the Sunday Week 12 slate of games shined a spotlight on the NFL's middle of the pack. Looking impressive after an awful start are the Seattle Seahawks, who look primed for a surprising playoff berth, and on life support after a loss to the Minnesota Vikings are Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson recap all the Sunday games from...


Chiefs-Rams is an instant classic and assessing the Cowboys' playoff chances

Let's face it. Chiefs-Rams on Monday Night Football was one for the ages. There's no place better to start than the epic 54-51 battle that saw insane passing numbers, incredible defensive touchdowns and probably the best two young QBs in the league. Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson then move onto a very wide-open NFC East and discuss what the expectations should be for what was initially seen as a disappointing Cowboys team (17:30). Later, they discuss Houston Cougars...