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Cody Hawkins: playing QB, coaching & following football around the globe

Cody Hawkins was born into football. His father, Coach Dan Hawkins, has been coaching for the majority of his life. But while coaching football is Cody’s profession is does not define him. The current UC Davis wide receivers coach joined The Yogi Roth and shared his experiences playing at Colorado under his Dad, being a player-coach in various leagues around the globe & his ‘why.’ He takes you inside the Colorado program and his own mind when he was a student-athlete, as his Dad was fired by...


Adam Amin: broadcasting college football with Empathy

Adam Amin is known as one of the top broadcasters in sports and joins The Yogi Roth Show to share his story. Adam joined ESPN at the young age of 24 and has called major college football, basketball, NBA, NFL games and more during his career. While host Yogi Roth and Adam dive into the details of his professional journey the essence of their conversation is around humanity, as Adam has seen it first hand being the only member of his immediate family to be born in the United States. Adam,...


Yogi Roth on voting, Pittsburgh & Humanity

During a historic month in college football and during a historic week in the United States, Yogi Roth shares two stories from his life that have influenced his lens on the world in a unique episode of The Yogi Roth Show. The first story describes his first time at the voting polls as a child and the second story details the city of Pittsburgh and the impact of his mentor, Michele Rosenthal, who lost two brothers, David and Cecil, in the shooting at The Tree of Life synagogue in late...


Bruce Feldman: the ‘why’ behind college football’s most respected journalist

Bruce Feldman is an award winning author, college football personality and one of the most respected members of the media. He joined The Yogi Roth Show and shared the ‘why’ behind the path he chose, how he has always followed his heart and how ‘it all comes down to the work.’ Bruce was an art major in college and has since altered his career path to become what I consider to be one of the greatest college football writers of all time. Bruce’s path began in upstate New York and his life...


Trent Dilfer: How Grit & Imagination led him to the NFL & the ‘Why’ behind being the Elite 11 Head Coach.

Trent Dilfer--a 14-year NFL veteran, Super Bowl winning quarterback and current head coach at the Elite 11--is the most recent guest on this week’s podcast episode of The Yogi Roth Show. Someone I consider family, this was a conversation I have been thinking about since we launched this podcast almost three years ago. Our conversation goes into depth unpacking Trent’s path, his passions, and how football continues to impact his life’s journey. In this podcast, Trent reminisces over the time...


QB McKenzie Milton: from Hawaii to UCF & beyond, the journey of an elite QB

This week McKenzie Milton joins The Yogi Roth show to talk about his journey from a small familial town in Hawaii to a national stage in college football. Going into his senior year of high school McKenzie wasn’t highly recruited, but his passion for faith, family and football, along with an element of grit that most of us can relate to, took him to the next level. McKenzie accepted a scholarship offer to the University of Central Florida as a quarterback, and has proved that he deserves to...


Tanner Mangum: BYU QB wants others to know ‘It’s not a weakness to get help, it’s a sign of strength.’

“It’s not a weakness to get help, it’s a sign of strength.’ ~ BYU QB/Elite 11 co-MVP Tanner Mangum Tanner Mangum was an unknown recruit in 2011 from Eagle, Idaho and after a summer with the Elite 11—the premiere high school quarterback competition—he catapulted himself onto the map in college football, as he was named co-MVP with Jameis Winston and Neal Burcham at the 2011 Elite 11 quarterback camp. Tanner always knew that he was capable of accomplishing great things if he worked hard, but...


Brenda Tracy: ‘I wasn’t built to break’

Brenda Tracy is a catalyst and agent of change. She joins The Yogi Roth Show, as their conversation will take you inside the world of Brenda, as she travels to college campuses year-round, impacting college athletes to Set The Expectation. Brenda, a survivor of a gang rape on a college campus is now inspiring and empowering student-athletes to #SetTheExpectation to end sexual and relationship violence on college campuses. Over the last two years, thousands of high school and college...


Jared Goff: LA Rams QB who leads by listening

In front of a live audience, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff joins The Yogi Roth Show where he shares elements of his path to LA. Yogi and Jared met when Jared was in high school at the Elite 11 Quarterback Competition and they will reflect on that day, when he was a freshman at Cal, the night of the NFL Draft and much more. Jared’s story encompasses the word grit. He grew up undersized and under-recruited, but his passion and perseverance within the craft of football led him to...


Mark Speckman: 'Figure It Out'

This insightful conversation with the legendary coach Mark Speckman goes in depth about how he has overcome perceived physical hardships and achieved great success by just figuring it out. Born with no hand and nine toes, Coach Speckman has lived his life by doing the best he can and seeing what happens from there. He has always had a chip on his shoulder motivating him to be the best that he can be, and has realized that asking for help and trusting your instincts are not limitations, but...


Coach Mack Brown: ‘I’m a dreamer’

This inspiring conversation with Coach Mack Brown epitomizes the essence of what it means to seek your passion and then relentlessly chase it. As a teenager, Mack Brown dreamt of being a college football coach and over 40 years later he is a member of the 2018 College Football Hall of Fame class. With ‘fun’ being at the core of his approach, Mack Brown found success as a head coach at multiple institutions, and while he may be best known for winning a National Championship at Texas, his...


Dr. Michael Gervais: anxiety and depression in college athletics

Dr. Michael Gervais, one of the most accomplished high performance psychologists in the world, re-joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth. These two friends take a deep dive into the mindset of high performers with a focus on anxiety and depression in college football and how dealing with that is trainable. Dr. Gervais describes how there are challenges in every facet of life and paints a clear picture around adversity and that efficient processing and organization around ones...


George Chahrouri: From South Central to Pro Football Focus

How Great Is Ball! Finally, college football is here and George Chahrouri joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth to talk about the analytics in college football. George, the lead data scientist for Pro Football Focus began his post college career teaching math in South Central Los Angeles. It was in the communities of Compton and Watts where his love of math grew and once Pro Football Focus was created he learned he could merge his love of football with his passion of...


Jim Jorden: Director of 'All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines' & elite sports storyteller

‘Your show becomes their memory’ ~ Jim Jorden, storyteller Jim Jorden is a storyteller. Known most recently for directing All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines on Amazon Prime, Jim has been in the sports filmmaking profession for over 30 years. He has listened to intimate conversations among coaches and players during Super Bowls, the college football playoffs and more as he has wired high performers in almost every sport. Beginning at NFL Films, Jim understood the power of writing and...


UW football preview: Growth Mindset, a special secondary & more with Adam Jude of Seattle Times

In a collaboration with Adam Jude of the Seattle Times, Yogi Roth co-hosts a conversation about the University of Washington’s football team as his #HowGreatIsBall Training Camp Tour continues in Seattle. Adam, the beat writer for the Seattle Times covers UW as well as anyone in the nation, hosts the Husky Headline podcast and offers incredible content around the Pac-12 Conference 2018 pre-season favorite each day. Follow him on twitter @A_Jude and be sure to check out his book, '100 Things...


Michael Molinari: Pac-12 Networks producer revisits USC vs Stanford in ‘07 + USC ‘18 preview

Michael Molinari, one of most distinguished producers in all of sports television joins the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast with Yogi Roth. From Michael's car post-USC practice these two co-workers discuss one of the most historic games in college football history (USC vs Stanford '07), as well as break down the 2018 USC Trojan football team. Michael, who produced that epic upset game in 2007, also shares what a producers role is and what got him to fall in love with leading over 40 people each...


Ashley Adamson: Cal Bears on the #HowGreatIsBall Training Camp Tour

From Northern California, Yogi Roth visits the Cal Bears on the #HowGreatIsBall Training Camp Tour and is joined by Pac-12 Networks colleague Ashley Adamson as they talk all things Training Camp. They take a deep dive into Justin Wilcox second season as the Cal Bears head coach, discuss Ross Bowers evolution and why Training Camp is so special to both of them. These two were able to visit with the team, sit in on team meetings and evaluate practice during Cal's first full padded practice of...


Season 4: Seek & Uncover the Humanity in college football

Host Yogi Roth discusses the state of his podcast, LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS while sharing the focus of Season 4 as college football is upon us. This fall, each guest will have a direct tie to college football but the essence of each guest will inspire you to challenge yourself, explore what it means to be human and live with a growth mindset as Yogi’s goal is clear: seek and uncover the humanity in college football. You’ll enjoy this short episode as Yogi discusses his ‘Board of Life’ and how...


Ben Malcolmson: from a Walk On to the NFL sidelines

“I’m just going to go for it,” is exactly what Ben Malcolmson, a former football player turned author, had the courage to do when he finally decided to write his book WALK ON. WALK ON had a dual meaning for Ben, who now works for the Seattle Seahawks alongside Pete Carroll, as it represented his journey walking on to the USC football team, as well as walking on through all the hardships he endured and had to overcome with regards to being a no-name player that had to work extra hard to get...


Ruben Rojas: Street Artist impacting the Elite 11

Ruben Rojas is an international street artist whose art has impacted the world through powerful and simple messages that revolve around the idea of love. He joined Yogi Roth on the LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS podcast to share his transition into the art community from finance and how his art has impacted the top high school quarterbacks in the nation at the 2018 Elite 11 Quarterback competition. The 2018 theme for the Elite 11 was #iAm. The focus of Yogi, the host of the Elite 11, and the staff was...