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Maggie Mae - ZCP #35

It's 2019 and the boys are back at their home, Thunderhawk Alements! They talk Padres Fanfest, even though neither one of them was there, discuss the lack of off-season moves, touch on the Bolts playoff thrashing and Brady got himself a new puppy....and named it after a prostitute from Liverpool? Tune in for the Liverpudlian talk, stay for the sports hot takes! All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook – Thunderhawk Alements Instagram – @thunderhawkalements Twitter – @thunderhawkbeer


Your Favorite Fatherly Twitter Personalities - ZCP #34

In the last Zero Chance episode before the new year, San Diego's favorite "fatherly Twitter personalities" get together to chat about Fortnite and try to act young. They also talk about the Padres acquisition of Ian Kinsler, talk Sockers/Gulls/Seals/Fleet/Strikeforce and chat about the some good deeds to brighten your holidays. We are absolutely blown away by how many people have listened to us this past year. Thank you so much and see you in 2019! All hail the mighty...


Rusty Hammer to the Peen - ZCP #33

GUYS WE ARE GETTING BRYCE HARPER! Or are we? Brady & Rick discuss in depth about the rumors surrounding the prized free agent and San Diego. They also talk about all of the fuss surrounding the Paul McCartney #19 jersey, weird stories about rusty hammers to the peen, poo on the ordering menu, Elton John and more! All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook – Thunderhawk Alements Instagram – @thunderhawkalements Twitter – @thunderhawkbeer Get the best fly fishing reel in all the land from...


Your #1 Source for Sod Poodle Chat - ZCP #32

EMERGENCY SOD POODLE POD!! The Padres AA team finally got a name and we dive into the who, what and where of it all. Then Brady & Rick chat about the Disney dilemma, the NFL in Mexico situation and more! Most importantly, the guys have returned home to Thunderhawk!! Dig in! All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook – Thunderhawk Alements Instagram –@thunderhawkalements Twitter – @thunderhawkbeer Get the best fly fishing reel in all the land from our latest sponsor, Session Fly...


The Happiest Place on Earth - ZCP #31

It's election day and Rick and Brady got together to talk about the hard hitting issues....not really, but they did talk about the Links at Petco Park, SDSU West vs Soccer City, Disneyland and more! Plus they talk about their wild downtown San Diego adventures and who they ran into that night (spoiler alert, it was the Padres coaching staff). Check it out! All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook – Thunderhawk Alements Instagram –@thunderhawkalements Twitter – @thunderhawkbeer Get...


The Dreaded Unsolicited Sext - ZCP #30

We're back! After a month hiatus, Rick and Brady are finally in the same city at the same time. Let's get into some adventures. Concerts, big fish, spilled wine, 40th birthdays, and most importantly... why we suck at social media. Lastly, quite possibly the most preposterous moment in the history of the Zero Chance Podcast... Rick get what he believes to be an unsolicited video sext, and is afraid to hit the play button.. so he does it live on the podcast. Let's listen to what he got! All...


Meet the Padres - ZCP #29

Somebody pinch us. Did this episode actually just happen? Six months after the #HosmerToZeroChance movement began... it came true... and then some. Brady and Rick had the absolute honor of recording this podcast from the field at Petco Park during batting practice. Come get to know Skip Schumaker, Travis Jankowski, Robert Stock, Trey Wingenter, Kirby Yates, Mark "Mudcat" Grant, and Eric Hosmer! Some gems from the pod: Prank war update between Skip Schumaker and Adam Wainwright. Does...


NFL is BACK! Who cares? - ZCP #28

The NFL is back!!! Does San Diego even care? Dean Spanos doesn’t deserve Phil Rivers. Let’s get into it. We’ve got GOAT of the Week. A riveting Thank Me Later, and why in the world are we hearing Stephen A. Smith on The Mighty 1090? Hear about Brady’s first 40th birthday gift, and what would you do if you pulled a credit card out of your own wallet and it wasn’t yours? Lastly, how do you deal with Twitter trolls? Oh, and don’t look now... WE HAVE A WEBSITE! ...


Thank Me Later - ZCP #27

Brady & Rick are back this week, except this time with a little less cameras (shout out to Padres POV). They talk a ton of Padres chat from Wil Myers Fortnite adventures to grain beetles to the return of the bullpen buggy. Add to that dipping chicken into soda, phone call/texting etiquette and we reveal another new segment! Dig in! All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook – Thunderhawk Alements Instagram –@thunderhawkalements Twitter – @thunderhawkbeer Get the best fly fishing reel...


Happy #UriasDay - ZCP #26

Big day for your boys here at the Zero Chance Podcast! We're joined by Jon Barbarin from Thunderhawk Alements, and Lisa Lane for another recording of #PadresPOV with Fox Sports San Diego. We posted up and received the king's treatment from Social Tap just outside of Petco Park. Delicious food and some bomb beers on tap. We get into the Padres bringing up Luis Urias. URRRRRRRRRIAS!!!! This is a super fun episode, you're gonna love when Brady basically challenges the entire Padres team to a...


Son of a B**ch, Gimme a Drink! - ZCP #25

We’ve got it all this week. Can you wear Oakley blades and also be cool? Can you love Trevor Hoffman and not show up for his statue unveiling? Do you know Wheel Myers? We introduce a new segment: GOAT OF THE WEEK! Oh and if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’re in for a blasphemes ride. Let’s go! All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook – Thunderhawk Alements Instagram –@thunderhawkalements Twitter – @thunderhawkbeer Get the best fly fishing reel in all the land from our latest sponsor,...


Hammerheads and Dingers - ZCP #24

We're back at Thunderhawk with a full recap of the worst BREAKING NEWS in the history of San Diego sports "media". Let's check in to see how we did with our list of podcast goals. Spoiler alert, we were terrible. Brady went to Mister A's for his anniversary dinner, and Rick is totally consumed by Tim Tebow's birthday. San Diego embraces Ice Cube's hatred for former SD teams in LA, and Wil Myers is now officially the greatest 3rd baseman to ever play for the San Diego Padres. Did we really...


Say When - ZCP #23

We are your one stop shop podcast for getting non-moving violations, officiating weddings, and breaking down bad iTunes reviews. We get into a ton of wild tweets, and just when you thought Brady couldn’t dislike Boltman more than he already did... wowzers. Buckle up for this rant. K Law blocked you on Twitter? That's cute. We both discuss why we suck as a podcast, and give ourselves a lofty to-do list. And what is the true monetary value of a clubhouse extra? Are they worth more than Phil...


Don't Be Boltman - ZCP #22

Brady is back! It's been a couple weeks and the guys have a tonnnnnn to cover. The Padres have been very busy, from trading Brad Hand, to the Fernando Tatis injury, to pissing off the Cubs (assumed), to bringing back the brown, we try and cover it all. Plus we talk Comic-Con, Color Me Badd pushing fights, where Brady has been for the past few weeks and how did Sparky Anderson and Wilford Brimley age so terribly? Oh yeah, Brady absolutely goes off on Boltman. Service animals only on the...


We Don't Say the "C" Word On This Podcast - ZCP #21

Brady is out of town this week, so Rick recruited special guest co-host, and old friend of the pod, Tabitha Lipkin of Fox 5 San Diego! They talk Padres, World Cup, weather reports, fascinator hats, eating wieners on the 4th of July and more. Plus the amazing Cesar Torres joins in on the conversation! Cheers! A special thanks to Fall Brewing for being super rad and hosting us this week! Make sure to go pay them a visit....and then go to the Friendly and get a burger. iTunes link here! Do us...


America! Lebron! Liddell! Padres! - ZCP #20

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY WEEK! LEBRON TO THE LAKERS! LA DOESN'T WANT THE CHARGERS. THE WORLD CUP IS AMAZING! THE PADRES ARE NOT GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES THIS YEAR. #FREEBRADY > #FREERICK TRUTHERS. CELEBRITY ENCOUNTER STORIES! LOUD NOISES! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! iTunes link here! Do us a solid, subscribe and give a review. Gracias! All hail the mighty Thunderhawk! Facebook – Thunderhawk Alements Instagram –@thunderhawkalements Twitter – @thunderhawkbeer Get the best fly fishing reel in all the...


Slobshots! King of the Haters! - ZCP #19

We're back at Thunderhawk Alements with a live audience! We talk World Cup, and how missing the next round based on yellow cards is garbage. We talk Landon Donovan, who MIGHT/MAYBE/POSSIBILITY/PROBABLY WON'T join us on a podcast coming soon. Hear the tale of Brady's week involving copious amounts of blood that sent kids screaming in fear and running to their parents. Session Fly Fishing reels absolutely crushed their Kickstarter goal, you only have a week left to get yours before the...


Let Me Talk to the Horse - ZCP #18

Uncle Teddy is back! The Padres are okay? We are fired up for the World Cup! Has Landon Donovan lost his mind? Who cares about Phil's rolling putt? Remember how mad you were when you didn't get one of our exclusive 1 of 36 ProtoFriar 1985 Padres hats? Well you're in luck! The greatest giveaway in the history of the Zero Chance Pod is live! Tommy Lasorda is 90 years old and threatening horses. And what is baseball's version of an own goal? The walk-off-walk, or the Jose Canseco head home run?...


This A Garage Sale? - ZCP #17

Rick and Brady are back at Thunderhawk Alements to recap the week that was. We get into everything. Was Punch Bowl Social a success? What year will the Padres win the World Series? Ovi vs. Lebron... who cares. Would you hug your best friend after striking him out? The USA is out, who’s your World Cup team? Who would you rather see in a Padres uni again... Adrian Gonzalez or Jake Peavy? How sad is it that a baseball catching, beer chugging, girl is still headline news? Let’s get into...


Punch Bowl Social w/Darren Smith & Jordan Carruth - ZCP #16

The battle between the Zero Chance Podcast and the Unnamed Soccer Podcast has begun! An absolutely amazing week from the brand new Punch Bowl Social in downtown San Diego. We’re joined by Darren Smith and Jordan Carruth from The Mighty 1090. We stuff our faces with amazing food and delicious craft cocktails. We get to the bottom of “Martha, what’s goin’ on?” and “Some guy named Jordan, I don’t know.” We talk San Diego sports and if casual soccer fans care about the World Cup without the USA...