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Ep 63: Darn Good Hockey Players (2019/06/16)

This week in anguish: - Since hockey is really just a full-contact fashion catwalk, let's get down to brass tacks: the Canucks have new duds! They're not completely ideal, but maybe we just need to reframe our whole existence as a team as a 50 year journey towards a more perfect uniform. - The entry draft is just days away, so of course you are anxious to hear your favourite hockey outsiders' prospect rankings. Assuming that Hughes, Kakko, Byram and Turcotte are taken with the first four...


Ep 62: Gadfly (2019/05/05)

This week in anguish: - We take some time to appreciate the unique journalism and personality of Jason Botchford. - The Honey Badger doesn't just get to retire without us talking once more about his adorable voice and even more adorable propensity to punch Nazem Kadri in the face. - In the case of this podcast versus Loui Eriksson, Ardella is representing the accused. Unfortunately for Tristan, she's re-read the transcripts and crunched the numbers. Thanks for listening! If you liked...


Ep 61: The Elias Petterseason (2019/04/07)

This week in anguish: - It's emotional locker clean-out day as Tristan and Ardella figure out how they feel as the team ends their season in early April for the fourth time in a row. - We go over all the highs and lows that left lasting memories during the first year of the Pettersson era. - We fix the draft and standings systems in one fell swoop. It's so, so simple. - Tristan sends us into the offseason with a statistic we can all hang our hats on, and, in related news, Ardella...


Ep 60: Results (2019/03/24)

This week in anguish: - Ardella sharpens her researching pencil and tackles three gnawing questions: Are the Canucks actually preternaturally good at beating the league's best teams? What happens to Jett Woo's contract if he goes back to Junior next year? And just how do we fare with and without Tanev and Edler? - Tristan compresses the whole season into five bullet points of pre-vacation positivity. - Ardella climbs down off the cross and discovers some Weisbrod fake news in this...


Ep 59: Click, Click, Click (2019/03/17)

This week in anguish: - On a day meant more for potent potables, we quaff some sobering statistics instead. - Better know a bookworm as Ardella introduces you to the newest in a line of academically minded Canuckleheads, Josh Teves. - The following people will not be fired: Ian Clark. That is all. - We weep for the fate of Dave Pratt, and wax nostalgic about the boyhood of Dan Russel. No, that can't be right. *checks notes* Huh. - How Did Ardella Not Know about the Original...


Ep 58: The Mortifying Month of March (2019/03/10)

This week in anguish: - We're still sore about losing Dahlen, and ashamed by the behaviour of Canucks "fans" after his departure, so Ardella retreats into the history of heartwarming teammate friendships, with stops at Rypien-Bieksa, Naslund-Bertuzzi, Linden-Ohlund, and, of course, Odjick-Bure. - The Golden Gophers knocked out Quinn Hughes' Wolverines, and beloved former Gophers coach John Mariucci gives us an all-time great description of March futility. - Tristan does a deep dive into...


Ep 57: Cosmic Comeuppance (2019/03/03)

This week in anguish: - We put on our gumshoes and delve into the Dahlen File. Whose spin is straightest in this whole shemozzle? - Saying goodbye to Erik "Big Mouth" Gudbranson, revisiting the 2014 draft with Jared McCann, and getting beat up on by the Coyotes sends us down the rabbit hole of Canucks comeuppances. - Brad Richardson inspires Ardella to look into Canuck-killers of recent yore. - Everyone has been pretending they've always talked about the "bumper spot", and Ardella's...


Ep 56: Flickering Flame of Hope (2019/02/24)

This week in anguish: - The actual hockey this week was pretty miserable, but the Canucks for Kids telethon is coming up and Ardella investigates whether the Canucks and Vancouver are as charitable as we feel like they/we are. The results are…not stellar. - The realistic options for this year’s trade deadline range from mediocre to disastrous, so Tristan retreats into trade deadlines past to see how much of a role they played in constructing championship-calibre teams in ’94 and ’11. -...


Ep 55: In Jimbo Veritas (2019/02/17)

This week in anguish: - Two dispiriting losses to San Jose and Anaheim reacquaint us with two very familiar flavours of Canucks misery. - Jim Benning gave an interview, and Tristan came away from it relatively unscathed, with only five bang-your-head-against-a-wall moments. - Ardella attempts to fill her half-empty emotional glass by researching the team's injury woes, Luke Schenn, Ryan Spooner, and some surprisingly upbeat Jacob Markstrom stats. - How did Ardella not know that...


Ep 54: Francophonie (2019/02/10)

This week in anguish: - Over the past couple weeks, both Tristan and Ardella made various pronouncements about the state of the team that weren't immediately disproven. That deserves a victory lap, right? - Tristan uses Jonathan Dahlen as the canary in the deep coal mine of his Utica Comets ignorance. What's going on down on the farm, and what happens if we just can't handle the truth? - Inspired by the loss of our first scoring star Andre Boudrias, Ardella recaps the long history of...


Ep 53: Clingy Partner Situation (2019/02/03)

This week in anguish: - At long last, Tristan unveils his vision for the Canucks in 2020. It's not perfect, but it's miles better than what we're trotting out currently, and it's within our grasp! - Ardella pores over the shootout and overtime record books to see just how cursed the Canucks really are. The surprisingly optimistic answer? Only to a middling extent! - A double How Did I Not Know That this week, as Ardella unearths an unexpected Canucks father-son pairing. Also, how did...


Ep 52: Addition by Subtraction (2019/01/27)

This week in anguish: - Tristan's tenure as a one-week season ticket holder ends with a whimper. He saw one Petey goal and a couple very pretty Petey passes, and brought home a mixed bag of opinions as a souvenir. - We hold a funeral for Erik Gudbranson. He's perfectly healthy, but he's dead to us. - Tyler Madden takes us on a kayak tour of the Northeastern seaboard, and Ardella continues her quest for Canucks originality. - The All Star weekend made the Alien look a bit human, and we...


Ep 51: The Scent of It Will Do (2019/01/21)

This week in anguish: - Tristan is a one-week season ticket holder. This is definitely not a thing, but he's not letting that stop him from enjoying himself. 1-0, so far! - Ardella is learning Swedish one Aftonbladet interview at a time. Either Dahlin just voiced support for the Petey-Gretzky comparison, or he's got a new whiskey endorsement. - Better Know a Demko with help from the Utica Cometscast. - We make a brief stump speech for the outgoing mayor of Utica, Darren...


Ep 50: Dismantle the Sun (2019/01/13)

This week in anguish: - Ryan Johnson considers the development curves of Brisebois and Chatfield "unheard of." He means this as a compliment. We question whether he should. - Tristan makes the case for stripping the good people of Utica of their favoured form of frozen entertainment and bringing the farm team to Vancouver. - If Elias Pettersson speaks into a microphone and you weren't there to hear it, does it make a noise? Yes, in the form of Ardella's studious recaps of his busy week...


Ep 49: *Sighs Exasperatedly* (2019/01/04)

This week in anguish: - Our blood is boiling and our hackles are up, so settle in and see how many recriminations we can cram into the first 25 minutes of this episode. - Anders Nilsson and Darren Archibald are Canucks no more. On a hockey level, this is fine. On a human level, this made us momentarily wobbly. - No one expects the Norwegian Inquisition as Ardella re-examines every significant trade of the Benning era. - We subject our mid-season perceptions of this team to the cruel...


Ep 48: Various Puck Droppings (2018/12/30)

This week in anguish: - Two of the least observant analysts in Canucks history share what they noticed at a game-day practice and on a tour of Rogers Arena. - Rocking relentlessly around the permanent Christmas tree with Troy. - We get reacquainted with Juice, in all his truculent glory. - Yet more entries for the Pettersson Praise Portion: Ardella touts his Norris-calibre defense, while Tristan enjoys his extreme in-game expressiveness. Thanks for listening! If you liked the show, tell...


Ep 47: Yuggling in the Backjärd (2018/12/16)

This week in anguish: - We hoped against hope we might see him back in the lineup by now, but instead we settle for a brief Moment of Sven. - Should Adam Gaudette remain up with the big club as the team gets healthier? Ardella suggests that (on this and any other Hockey Gaud-related matter) we let his dimples guide us. - What's going on in Utica? We take stock of a league that's getting a bit too big for its britches. - This week's Pettersson Praise Portion consists mostly of adorable...


Ep 46: You Know What? Clap. (2018/12/09)

This week in anguish: - More chapters are added to the Book of Elias in this week's Pettersson Praise Portion. - What's different? This team (occasionally) clicks. We talk winding down versus ramping up. - Tristan went to two games since the last episode! So: getting daggered, the beauty of bulkheads, the glory of free Club 500 tickets, a brush with Jyrki, coffee with Jim, and a spirited defence of the Viking Clap. Yes, it's hokey. Do it for Henrik. - The loss of Leipsic, why the heck is...


Ep 45: We Are the Champions (2018/11/25)

This week in anguish: - Why are the numbers 45 and 46 so cursed for the Canucks? We consult Michael Chaput, Jayson Megna, Jordan Schroeder, and Nicklas Jensen to find out. - Edler returns, Gaudette scores, Troy from Richmond is for some reason not invited, and the Canucks clear the lower possible bar to end their losing streak. - We consider that the goaltending succession plan may not be as iron clad as we'd hoped, and consider the prospect of free-agent puck-stoppers. - We're the most...


Ep 44: A Tough Row to Hoe (2018/11/18)

This week in anguish: - We ruminate on the gulf between player Travis Green and Coach Travis Green, and pause to consider the benefits of the unhinged lunatic school of coaching. - Is this a team you can kick? Is any team? We discuss the Canucks' seeming return to late-game fragility. - A quick round of injury angst with Brock, Thatcher, Sven, and a guest appearance from the ghost of Rick Celebrini. - "Hey, maybe November 18, 1998 was more fun," is something we sadly suggested to...