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Ep 46: You Know What? Clap. (2018/12/09)

This week in anguish: - More chapters are added to the Book of Elias in this week's Pettersson Praise Portion. - What's different? This team (occasionally) clicks. We talk winding down versus ramping up. - Tristan went to two games since the last episode! So: getting daggered, the beauty of bulkheads, the glory of free Club 500 tickets, a brush with Jyrki, coffee with Jim, and a spirited defence of the Viking Clap. Yes, it's hokey. Do it for Henrik. - The loss of Leipsic, why the heck is...


Ep 45: We Are the Champions (2018/11/25)

This week in anguish: - Why are the numbers 45 and 46 so cursed for the Canucks? We consult Michael Chaput, Jayson Megna, Jordan Schroeder, and Nicklas Jensen to find out. - Edler returns, Gaudette scores, Troy from Richmond is for some reason not invited, and the Canucks clear the lower possible bar to end their losing streak. - We consider that the goaltending succession plan may not be as iron clad as we'd hoped, and consider the prospect of free-agent puck-stoppers. - We're the...


Ep 44: A Tough Row to Hoe (2018/11/18)

This week in anguish: - We ruminate on the gulf between player Travis Green and Coach Travis Green, and pause to consider the benefits of the unhinged lunatic school of coaching. - Is this a team you can kick? Is any team? We discuss the Canucks' seeming return to late-game fragility. - A quick round of injury angst with Brock, Thatcher, Sven, and a guest appearance from the ghost of Rick Celebrini. - "Hey, maybe November 18, 1998 was more fun," is something we sadly suggested to...


Ep 41 & 43: Give a Mouse a Cookie (2018/11/11)

This week in anguish: - The Canucks are scoring in bunches and playing better and more consistently than we've seen them in years, so of course it's time to talk Ardella down from the "Elias might not really be magic" ledge. - We go on an apology tour, with stops at Gudbranson, Eriksson, and maybe even Jake "Needier Than You Knew" Virtanen. - DJMDZ takes us for a tour of the Canucks plane. We bask in Ben's unabashed goofiness, but mostly we wonder: that's how they're sleeping on these...


Ep 42: That Little Hop (2018/11/04)

This week in anguish: - We get out our finest quills and add a few new chapters to the Chronicles of Elias. - Isn't it great to get to quibble again? You can't quibble with a tire fire. We quibble with the Canucks' choice of PP1 quarterback. - We reset the Days Since a Crosscheck Has Ruined the "Safe Working Environment" counter to zero. - Ardella dives deep into some amusingly esoteric rookie stats to put Elias' first nine games into context. - Tristan erroneously suggests that...


Ep 40: Also Spelled "Honcho" (2018/10/28)

This week in anguish: - Move over, "Little Things" Loui, and make way once again for Elias "Fantastic Things" Pettersson. - Tristan goes full hockey man on John Tortorella, and reminds him that, at least in terms of the NHL, he never even "played the game". - Everyone's least favourite segment: Concussion Watch 2018. We chat about Elias' perfect protocol, and note that Sven didn't get any pushback either. - We distract ourselves from the traditional late-October reality check by...


Ep 39: Yellier Than It Used to Be (2018/10/21)

This week in anguish: - We've had a week to calm down after Petey's injury. We retract nothing, except our failure to believe in Bo's extreme gumption. - Travis Green is developing a bit of a persona. Is it disdainful or sassy? Which is better? What do we want out of a coach's presser, anyhow? - Is this team actually forging a new identity? Should there be a mandatory cooling off period in the post-Sedin era before any new forgings? - We put on our lab coats and debate the merits of...


Ep 38: Health and Safety Report (2018/10/14)

This week in anguish: - Are you serious? Even when we brace for the worst, it's worse than we could imagine. - Ardella unearths some very upsetting statistics about concussions and career longevity. - We both grapple with the idea and the practicalities of pushback, from facewashing to McSorleying and everything in between. - We're baffled by Green's blasé demeanour, unsurprised by the disconnect between stated plan and on-ice product, and a bit incensed at Bo's claims of "momentum"...


Ep 37: Kid Dynamite (2018/10/08)

This week in anguish: - Breaking news! Elias Pettersson is a sensational hockey player and a pretty darn cool human being. You heard it here also, folks. - Erik Gudbranson followed the hockey code to a T, and we hated every minute of it. We go on a winding journey through hockey violence with stops at Rick Rypien, Brian Burke, and *blech* Brad Marchand. - We check in with the Belfast Giants, celebrate Patrick Dwyer's attempted pants goal, and make the podcast's most tenuous Canuck...


Ep 36: Bloom Year (2018/09/30)

This week in anguish: - We chew over a pretty disheartening preseason. When will the young guns force themselves onto the team? Will they have more of a chance to next year? - We wholeheartedly support the t-shirt cannon arms race, and are pretty OK with the Viking clap. Now, if we could just fix the fin... #fixthefin - The fact that Elias doesn't rip you out of your seat every time he touches the puck causes Ardella to rethink her memories of Pavel's rookie season Thanks for...


Ep 35: Worstward Ho (2018/09/03)

This week in anguish: - Look, we weren't the biggest fans of President Trevor Linden, but we didn't necessarily want him gone, and we certainly didn't want him gone like this. - We get excited and afraid for the dawning of the age of Elias, we still can't believe all those four year deals, and we wonder who the next fittest Canuck will be. - Ian Clark is in (good), Rick Celebrini is out (fine), and Botchford might maybe, possibly be taking his talents to Toronto (not OK). - A brief...


Ep 34: The Fan Experience (2018/07/12)

This week in anguish: - We reminisce about the brief, glorious moment when it seemed like the Canucks' front office and their fans were on the same page. - Quintin shows us that, at least for one game, having a reputation for speediness is just as good as having actual speediness. - We unveil our seven point manifesto to improve the fan experience at Rogers Arena. It involves some remedial marine biology, a healthy dose of jock jams, and a t-shirt cannon arms race. This Week in...


Ep 33 1/3: We're Both in It, Now (2018/06/24)

This week in anguish: - Good things come in small packages as we revel in the helter-skelter first round that saw the Canucks land Quinton Hughes. - The Winnipeg Jett is your newest Vancouver Canuck, and all we have to say is, "Woo!" - Tyler Madden is a human being, a human being with traits. What are those traits? No one knows! - A warm Vancouver welcome to the "others" category of the Canucks 2018 draft class. Thanks for listening! If you liked the show, tell a friend. You can...


Ep 33: For the Record (2018/06/21)

This week in anguish: - After some pretty intense cyber-stalking, Ardella and Tristan put their cards on the table and say who they would select if the Canucks had their pick of the everybody-but-Rasmus-and-Andrei litter at tomorrow's entry draft.


Ep 32: The Soundtrack of Our Tragic Lives (2018/06/10)

This week in anguish: - We remember the dulcet tones and pitch-perfect, Canuckian demeanour of John Ashbridge - We really, really don't want to trade the 7th overall pick (and other things) for Ryan O'Reilly - We really, really don't want to trade the 7th overall pick for Noah Hanifin - We maybe, possibly want to trade the 7th overall pick for more picks - K'Andre Miller's sinister grip strength, and more minutiae from the Combine floor Thanks for listening! If you liked the show,...


Ep 31: The Problem is "Current" (2018/05/29)

This week in anguish: - Tristan, having been mistaken for someone more valuable, is invited into the dressing room for a "Season Ticket Member Hot Stove" and gets to ask Jim Benning one big shiny question. - Ardella protects Oliver Wahlstrom from the spins and ramas of outrageous online comments. - How did we not know about Young Henrik's year of solitude? This and more on "How did I not know that?" Thanks for listening! If you liked the show, tell a friend. You can leave us a rating...


Ep 30: Goes Without Saying, But... (2018/05/13)

This week in anguish: - We learn that teams who will pick the 217 "best players available" at the draft show up with a ranked list of the best...100 or so? Wait, what!? - Another round of will they or won't they (and will they even be able to) with Wahlstrom, Hughes, and friends. - We grapple with the fact that it takes Barb Underhill to dismantle and rebuild a player's skating to improve it, but we still expect players to improve their shots by firing buckets of pucks against the garage...


Ep 29: The Twenty Musketeers (2018/04/29)

This week in anguish: - Purging the Dahlin dream from our minds, and getting reacquainted with the late-April slide. - Benning wants North American hearts. Our beloved Swedish Canadian hockey team is getting more American every year. Does any of this matter? - Gino Odjick gets us thinking about violence, toughness, and team-ness. - Ardella searches her inner feelings for what she knows to be true, and finds that she really would spare the Bruins to spoil the Leafs' season. Thanks for...


Ep 28: Come Back Better (2018/04/15)

This week in anguish: - Tristan imagines yet more medical malpractice, while Ardella prescribes patience and equanimity. - It's taken four full seasons for the Canucks to develop "kind of an identity". At the moment, that identity is "kind of definitely not having the Sedins anymore." - Hoping for Hutton's sake that Coach Green made time for a Snickers before their postseason meeting. - Buying our way out of blue line hell? Re-mortgaging Kevin Connauton for dollars on the penny? Welcome...


Ep 27: This Week in Gratitude (2018/04/08)

This week in anguish: - We spend pretty much the whole episode coming to grips with the end of the Sedin era. - We share our favourite Sedin stories and moments, and wonder what the future holds. - Oh yeah, Dahlen dragged Timrå back to the SHL, Elias is a beautiful weeping willow, and Gaudette won the Hobey Baker. Thanks for listening. Here is a link to the GoFundMe page raising money for families and survivors of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.