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30: Are You Slow Or Just Half Fast

From the guys who play like they're the only ones on the course to the guys who play like they have ice cream melting in the car, John and Jeff talk about all those frustrations of slow play and what to do about it.


29: Don't Hit Into The Wind

Or tug on Superman's cape! Don't hit into the wind until you have listened to and understood what Jeff is talking about in this episode. Jeff Smith explains the subtle changes you should make when hitting your Tee shot into the wind. It isn't as hard as you might think. And while you're listening to Jeff's expert instruction, please take a few moments to visit our sponsors. They are what keep us afloat, so to speak. Bespoke Post - - use code WEEKEND for 20% off Halpern...


28: The Best Of From Pete Dye

One more weekend for the golf guys to enjoy some time away from the studio so we have another episode of The Best (we could find). This time we revisit a show recorded live at the Mansion of the Pete Dye Golf Course at the French Lick Resort in French Lick Indiana.


27: The Best (We Could Find) of Those Weekend Golf Guys

While the guys are on vacatin we revisit some of the most entertaining guest interviews from the archives. We talk to Golf Comedian, JP Mulrooney. We talk to a former radio guy (and lousy golfer) turned singer/songwriter with his new song, It's Golf. And then we remember the recent golf movie, The Squeeze. We remember our oh so fun interview with the lead actress from the movie, Jillian Murray.


26: Is Golf Fun?

20 million dedicated golfers and the average handicap is 18. Yes, for the most part we play bogey golf. But ask us why we play and the #1 answer is: It's Fun! But is it? Is bogey golf really fun? Listen for some simple tricks to get that score down and really add more fun to the game. And you probably won't really have to practice! Plus, we talk to Jon Wyeth from Open Rounds [dot] com about a new way for private club members to get reciprocal privileges at other clubs around the country.


25: Better Ways To Get Better

Jeff suggests you follow the Shark's advice. Greg Norman told him that he should practice only the shots that give him trouble. So, we have many ideas of some fun ways you can practice the shots you suck at while on the course, not the range.


24: British Guests, Mysteries and Practice Advice

Two great guests with British accents. Ritchie Michaels is a whiskey expert. He told us some stories about Uncle Nearest, the former slave who taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey. We talk to Stephen Mitchell, a collector of hickory clubs and an author. He marries those two passions into a trilogy of Mystery Novels. The first is called "Nine Tenths" and is available now. Plus, Jeff Smith gives his typical sage advice on how and what to practice if you want to see fast and vast improvement.


23: Charity, Business and a Give-A-Way

In order of appearance: Anthony Arvidson talks about the Epic Golf Club. An on-line club where private golf club members can join in order to kook up with tee times and golf partners at other private clubs around the country. Great for business execs on business trips for networking. We talk to Travis Fulton, golf instructor of great reknown about Ben Hogan golf clubs, getting fitted for clubs properly and how important it is to take lessons. And we talk to Val Skinner, LPGA Legend who has...


22: The secret To Breaking 80

John complains that he can get close but, try as he might, he cannot score below 80. Jeff tries to figure out where he screws up and finds his putting and pitching are to blame. The conversation on what to improve and how to improve it to break 80 once and for all, and CONSISTENTLY, follows. Listen and prepare to write 70 something on that scorecard.


21: Once More With Barney Adams

The man who created Adams Golf is back and we think he has probably perfected the putter!


20: 100 Days 100 Courses

Dave Blakelock is traveling the country playing golf. Playing 100 courses in 100 days to raise money for Alzheimers research. He stopped in to play 18 at Timbergate Golf Club where Jeff Smith is the Director of Instruction. Jeff played 18 with Dave and then we talked about it. Another fun, entertaining and inspiring hour of Golf Talk


19: An Hour With Oliver Horovitz

Oliver Horovitz returns to the show after a few years. Oliver was the American Caddy at St Andrews and has used his love of golf to meet many fantastic people and to travel the world from Nepal, to finishing last in the Mongolian Open and creating very funny stories along the way that he shares with us. Another funny, entertaining and maybe a bit educational edition of Those Weekend Golf Guys


18: One Perfect Position

Jeff describes the absolute best way to find the perfect ball position for each and every club in your bag so you can guarantee straight, high, crisp and accurate iron shots and fairway woods and even hybrids. We also talk with Micheal Veech, whiskey historian to find out if whiskey is the reason we have 18 holes and other facts you probably didn't know


17: An Embarassment of Riches

Our guests this week are phenomenal. An embarrassment of riches. First, Elisa Gaudet, the brains (and the beauty) behind Women's Golf Day which is this coming June 4th. And then we introduce you to Cam Rogers, host of the BLeave In Tiger Woods podcast. So we talk about Tiger, about how to get more women playing golf and Jeff even hypothesizes that the Kentucky Derby DQ decision was done by the rules officials from the USGA. Another fun, funny and entertaining hour of golf talk radio.


16: Misconceptions That Are Ruining Your Game

How many times have you been told to "keep your head down"? Too many! Because it's bad advice and just plain wrong. Keep your left arm straight? Same deal. Maybe you're playing badly because you are following erroneous advice! We fix that this week. Or, maybe you're playing badly because you are playing the wrong ball. How to pick the golf ball that is perfect for you. Listen this week and you will know.


15: How To Keep Your Favorite Course Thriving

It costs a lot to keep a golf course operating. Too many of us complain about high greens fees and insist on deals that will eventually cause our favorite courses to close. Here are some things we should all be doing to keep our favorite courses open.


14: Its Masters Weekend

A couple of great interviews for Masters Weekend. First, Bobby Jones IV: the grandson of THE Bobby Jones talks to us about Augusta National, his grandfather's legacy and Colver whiskey and it all makes sense when you listen. We also talk to Fiamma Felitch, a female golf champion in high school and college and a former LPGA Tour member talks about women's' golf, living out of a suitcase, and PXG golf clubs.


13: Golf Stories

Golf Stories funny and true! How can you lose a ball before the round starts? Here's a suggestion: throw the clubs in the trunk, fill up the tank, drive till you hit empty then find the nearest golf course and play. You can find great golf venues everywhere in this country. The USGA has turned the fairway into a hazard. Sandbagging and other things to avoid. On-course encounters with wildlife.


12: Peripheral Items

We know it takes a lot of balls to play golf the way most of us do. But it also takes many more acoutraments like tees. bags, green repair tools and gloves. We talk about those and talk to the man who can get you the bast golf glove you've ever worn, cheap!


11: Knocking The Rust Off

Its been a while since we've actually been out on a golf course. But now that Spring has sprung, many of us actually have a chance to play for real. OK, temper your expectations and realize you may have to relearn some of the things you mastered last season. Jeff and John explain some early season techniques like when to over club, why it's important to hit a bucket before EVERY round and some other things you may never have thought of on your own. Hey, that's what we're here for!