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40: Two Golf Instructors, A Course Operator and a Radio Guy walk Into A Bar

Mark Mattingly, VP of Landscapes Unlimited and James Hong, a fantastic golf instructor in NYC join with John and Jeff to talk about golf in general. the future of golf, what would happen if we were in charge (now that's scarry) and a whole lot more


39: Barney Adams Has Perfected The Putter

Barney Adams, yeah THAT Barney Adams: Adams Golf, Taylor Made, etc. has a new project and may just have perfected the putter. It's called the "Stability Shaft" and it keeps the putter head from oscillating when swinging so your putter head actually hits square and the ball goes where you've aimed it. Right now, it most normally does not.


38: When Your Short Game Falls Short

Chipping and Pitching. What's the difference? When do one or the other? How do you do it better? All good questions with great answers from Jeff Smith. If you want to cut strokes quickly, this is 47 minutes of "must listen" programming


37: Live From The Senior LPGA Championship

We recorded the show in the same room where FDR declared his run for the Presidency in 1931: the Mansion at the Pete Dye Golf Course in French Lick Indiana. A great hour talking golf with the Golf Guys and special guests Frank Bassett from Golf Talk America and Brendan Sweeney from the French Lick Resort.


36: Shot Shaping And French Lick

Jeff Smith explains how to shape your shots when you want, or how to straighten them out when you need to. Also, Brendan Sweeney from French Lick Resort in French Lick Indiana is on to talk about the Senior LPGA Championship


35: The Company Ben Hogan Built

Scott White CEO of Ben Hogan Golf talks about continuing the traditions of design and quality started by Ben Hogan himself back in 1953\. We also talk about a new style of hat that will not fall off from Nexbelt. Of course, Jeff adds some helpful tips about Tees and we have lots of laughs


34: Talking Golf With The Golf Talk Guy

Frank Bassett from Golf Talk America on joins us for a full hour of some very funny, interesting, and informative conversation. Stories about golf, drinking, golfing while drinking, playing for money and a lot more. Fun stuff!


33: The Holy Grail Of Training Devices

Rick Marcy, a friend of ours and one helluva golf instructor, has designed the best machine ever to help you learn the proper golf swing. It's called the SmartBallGolf Low Point Swing Trainer and it allows you to practice anywhere, indoor or out, until you learn exactly how to strike the ball just like the Pros do. If you are serious about getting as good at this game as possible, you really should have one of these.


32: While We Are Young, People!

10 Ways to deal with the slow players in front of you and more ideas to make sure it's not you who is playing slowly


31: Basking In Mediocrity

The Pros have the PGA. Plus handicap amateurs have the USGA. What do we, the average recreational golfer have? The Mediocre Golfers Association! Yes, it's as fun as it sounds. We talk ti John Morley, El Presidente and co-founder of the group to get the inside scoop. Some funny stuff!


30: Help For The Green Illiterate

If you, like millions of us golfers, have problems reading greens, have no idea where the ball is going to move after leaving your putter face, don't despair. There is now an app for that. Golf Scope was designed by a software designer who is also a lousy golfer and this app will read the green for you! We talk to Ryan Engle, the developer, and get the scoop on the scope.


29: Conversations With The Golf Conversations Guy

We talk at length to Robert Blumenthall, the creator of Golf Conversations {dot} Com. He is a writer, an avid fan of golf and its personalities, and a lousy golfer. He has interviewed many of the funniest, most famous names in golf like Ernie Els, Ken Venturi, the guy who flies the Snoopy One Blimp and a whole lot more. Our conversations are interesting and hilarious! Enjoy. We sure did.


28: Tour Quality Balls And A Bedtime Story

Introducing Cut Golf. Makers of Tour quality golf balls that you can afford to lose! Tour quality for $20 a dozen? Yes! And we played with them. They're everything they claim to be. We talk with the 2 founders of the company. Also, Euan McIntyre explains his new book "Gregor The Golf Ball" and how this book can help introduce juniors to the game. So much fun in just 44 minutes!


27: Going From Good To Great

The difference is practice. And Jeff Smith will explain how "good golfers practice until they do it right. Great golfers practice until they can't do it wrong! Listen for some great tips on how to fit in the practice you don't do now without giving up golf time, family time or skipping work. At least not skipping work too often!


26: The Perfect Golf Vacation

So John, the guy who gets to play golf as often as he wants, doesn't even take his clubs on vacation but hangs out on the beach all week instead. Jeff, the PGA Professional who works on a golf course but doesn't play for fun often, takes 10 days in Scotland doing nothing but playing golf. Who had more fun? And who got the better tan? You listen, then decide.


25: Listen While We Play Golf

It's vacation time for the Golf Guys so we're off to play some golf. John made it up to Maine to play on Donald Ross's first ever course in the U.S. while Jeff heads off to Scotland to play the hallowed grounds of ST. Andrews, among others. This episode from last year is worth hearing again. Yes! It's The Best (that we could find) Of Those Weekend Golf Guys


24: Help For The Green Illiterate

For those of us who haven't the slightest idea where that ball is going to go once it leaves the putter face there is help! Pete Charleston, CEO of GolfLogix has a brand new app that will read the green for you. No more guessing left or right? Uphill or downhill? He joins us to talk putting and how this app can reduce, if not eliminate, 3 putts. We also talk about Phil Mickelson's latest rules faux pas and a whole lot more. Fun, funny and entertaining. That's us in a nutshell.


23: My First Putt Is Usually A Chip

This sound familiar? Yet another green in regulation missed. That chip you need to replace what should have been your first putt needs to get close if you have any chance of making par. Well, you're in luck. Jeff Smith has some nifty tips to make sure that chip gets close enough. Maybe it will even check up! Yeah, we're talking spin here people. Listen to Jeff and amaze the rest of your foursome next time. Also, want to get a $10,000 Breitling Navitimer watch? No problem. We'll tell you how...


22: This Advice Can Ruin Your Game

We've all heard the cliches... keep it under the wind, finish high, keep your head down, never up never in etc. Jeff Smith explains just how wrong most of this advice is and what it's doing to screw up your game, and of course, how to do it right. Better scores when you learn what advice to just ignore!


21: Games Golfers Play

Sometimes, or so it is rumored, golfers play for money; friendly wagers among friends. We discuss a few forms those games take including Wolf (and Jeff describes very well how to play and how to win at it!) and a brand new game, Vegas Golf. We talk to the inventor, Wayne Cimperman on how to play this cool, novel, and very fun game on the course.