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Every other Monday, Pauly and Chance talk about the table top game Blood Bowl (from Games Workshop), discussing both general aspects of the game and giving you the rundown of the standings in their local leagues with entertaining and funny commentary.

Every other Monday, Pauly and Chance talk about the table top game Blood Bowl (from Games Workshop), discussing both general aspects of the game and giving you the rundown of the standings in their local leagues with entertaining and funny commentary.
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Every other Monday, Pauly and Chance talk about the table top game Blood Bowl (from Games Workshop), discussing both general aspects of the game and giving you the rundown of the standings in their local leagues with entertaining and funny commentary.




Three Die Block #145: Shambling Dead and the Technical Difficulty

***APOLOGIES: For some reason, the last 9 minutes of this episode was pure static. Rather than lose the whole thing, we've decided to simply cut the offending material (for your ears' sake) and release the rest of the episode. Thanks for your understanding.***


Three Die Block #144: Chaos Cup & Tournament Skaven

No, you haven't accidentally downloaded the Anime Conspiracy Podcast, it's Drew and Chance here to to chitter-chat about all things Blood Bowl. This episode they recount all of the meals that they ate while attending the Chaos Cup (and maybe talk about some games). Then they delve into their next "3.0" entry, as voted on by the Facebook fans: tournament Skaven! Lastly, they catch you all up on local league standings and answer listener mail. What more could you want?


Three Die Block #143: Spike Magazine #2 Review

Join Drew, Chance, and special guest Andrew as they give the second issue of Spike Magazine the ol' Pow, Push, or Skull treatment. Following that, there's a discussion of the UFF Da Bowl and GenCon tourneys.


Three Die Block #142: Tournament Madness!

Chance is still away, so let's travel back in time to late June 2018, shortly after the Three Die Brawl! In this episode, Drew and Chance recap what went down at the 2018 Brawl and briefly go over what they're taking to the next Midwestern tournament. Then they are joined by Tim to go over this years Braft.


World Cup Report #0

Follow the coverage of the Blood Bowl World Cup.


Three Die Block #140: Elven Alliance 3.0

Drew and Chance return to their 3.0 coverage of Blood Bowl teams with the Elven Alliance. They then give their thoughts on what a real Blood Bowl team of high-flying acrobats would look like and wind up with local coverage and listener mail.


Three Die Block #139: Both Down Crossover

This week sees the cast of Three Die Block teaming up with Both Down to give a primer to coaches going to their first ever tournament. Learn what to do and what not to do to make your first tournament experience good for you and your opponents.


Three Die Block #138: Home Field Advantage

In this episode, Drew and Chance respond to a listener-created idea for home field rules (as suggested by the latest rules). Drew talks about which ones he'd prefer while Chance can't help himself and offers his own spins. After that, the boys talk about what they're bringing to the next tournament and update everyone on the local league standings.


Three Die Block #137: Not-So-Boneheaded Ideas

Follow Chance and Drew into a different fantasy world this week: one where Blood Bowl has a pro tournament league! After that, be the fly on the wall and eavesdrop in on a league commissioners meeting as they spitball and organize the next season of a league! Plus, all the usual fun and nonsense you've come to expect from your favorite Blockheads! (Please note: part of this episode was recorded in the wild, and we cannot control everything that everyone says.)


Three Die Block #136: Holiday Spectacular

Putting the "chaos" back in Christmas!


Three Die Block #135: Chaos Cup Recap

In this episode, Drew and Chance recap their experiences at this year's Chaos Cup, then weigh in on the current debate regarding the tournament status of Khorne and Bretonnians, and wrap up with local league updates and their usual round of listener mail and tournament announcements.


Three Die Block #134: Undead 3.0, GenCon Recap & Chaos Cup Pre-Review

The lads talk tournaments. Tournaments they played and tournaments they will play. Even some tournament theory! Enjoy!


Three Die Block #133: DeathZone 2 & the Endless Summer

Chance has returned from camp ready to rant so the lads dive into DeathZone 2! Then they pretty much just ramble for an hour - past tournaments, future tournaments, league stuff, listener mail. Must be the sweltering heat. Or the summertime blues!


Three Die Block #132: Brawl in the Family (Braft Punk)

This is what happened. :)


Three Die Block #131

The number of X chromosomes in the 3DB studio increases significantly as Drew and Chance welcome local coaches Alex and Candace to the show to discuss women in Blood Bowl! They talk and the lads listen. At least they try. Then they all reminisce about how their teams are faring in their local leagues and cover other random nonsense. Please excuse the 30-minute WoW digression. They promise it will not happen again. Probably.


Three Die Block #130

The lads drove ten hours each way to Orclahoma and played in some tournaments. For plastic trophies. Good use of their time? Find out by listening and then questioning if that was a good use of YOUR time!


Three Die Block #129: WHAT'S IN A NAME?

So most of our beloved Blood Bowl races got new player names. Or new team names. Or both. Or neither. What does this mean for you? Well, for one thing, it means you get to listen to Drew and Chance rant about it for over an hour. Actually, Chance does most of the ranting while Drew plays the voice of reason in this episode. Then they talk about some roster called the 'Nobles' like it's a real thing or something. In the immortal words of Weird Al, everything you know is wrong. Just be glad we...


Episode 128 - OGRES 3.OGRE

Did you know a single typo is the only difference between 'Hugs Not Drugs' and Hug Snot Drugs'? We found that out while typing this and trying to think up Ogre puns at the same time. Luckily for you, this episode is surprising pun-free (I know, right?) as we welcome original Simyin Team Member Jason back to the show to discuss Ogres in tournament play. Apparently, people play Ogres in tournaments or something. Then we peek behind the Commish Curtain (Is that a thing now?) as TIm, Drew and...


Three Die Block #127: UNBOXING DAY

This is it! The moment at least 14% of you have been waiting for! Chance and Drew get hold of a shiny copy of the new Blood Bowl boxed set and they...drumroll...unbox it! Live! Sort of. They open it on the show and share their (mostly) unedited thoughts as they go. Then there is much claiming of being the first American podcast to do this, that or the other. Fact or fiction? True or false? Interesting or colossal waste of time? You decide...with a not-inconsiderable amount of your time, um,...