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Baseball for the many, not the few. A podcast trying to nationalize our national pastime. Hosted by Alex Bazeley and Bobby Wagner

Baseball for the many, not the few. A podcast trying to nationalize our national pastime. Hosted by Alex Bazeley and Bobby Wagner


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Baseball for the many, not the few. A podcast trying to nationalize our national pastime. Hosted by Alex Bazeley and Bobby Wagner




Paradise Over Pavement

Alex and Bobby review Taylor Swift’s NYU commencement speech and reminisce on their own graduation memories, then frame Josh Donaldson’s comment towards Tim Anderson within the broader cultural divide facing MLB, as well as try and parse through the corruption charges casting a shadow over the Angels Stadium deal in Anaheim. Then they answer some listener questions about the stigma of the the starter-to-reliever pipeline, prime real estate when going to a ballpark, which umpires are best...



Bobby and Alex trade prospective “get off my lawn” takes they’ll hold in future years, then take stock of the settlement in Senne v. MLB and how it might play into the future minor league economic system, discuss the recent ill-fated ventures into cryptocurrency around the league, and determine which players are certified Cool and decidedly Uncool. Links: Sign up for the Tipping Pitches Patreon Get your Tipping Pitches merch Senne v. MLB comes to a settlement MLB partners with Sorare...


Mr. Rodriguez, More Content Please!

Bobby and Alex discuss Bill James’s illiteracy regarding team relocations, then review the debut episode of Joe West’s podcast and analyze which NL East team Olivia Rodrigo pulls for. Then they dissect the labor implications of a dead ball and what it says about MLB’s competency, as well as give their takes about Alex Rodriguez’s bizarre commissioner wishlist. Finally, they answer some questions about ballpark traditions, rooting interests within your division, and reception to the...


Revenge of the Grift

Alex and Bobby announce the official launch of the Tipping Pitches Patreon, revealing the perks of each tier. Then, they try to find resolution with the Trevor Bauer decision and break down the reporting surrounding the Yankees Letter. They wrap things up with an unforced meltdown from a baseball executive and handouts to billionaires from New York to Atlanta. Links: Subscribe to the Tipping Pitches Patreon Songs featured in this episode: Pedro the Lion — “Options” • Camera Obscura —...


2 Geneva 2 Conventions

Bobby and Alex discuss the despair among Oakland A’s fans and the torture architect making a bid for Nashville baseball, then speed through some topics from around the league, including Miguel Cabrera’s milestone, a surprise parachuting in Washington D.C., just the literally size of sponsored jersey patches, Charlie Blackmon’s gambling deal, and more. Links: Reds fans with bags on their heads Songs featured in this episode: The Coup, Lakeith Stanfield — “OYAHYTT” • PUP — “Waiting” •...


Where Ya Gonna Go?

Alex and Bobby rejoice over news of Cowboy Joe West’s new podcast, then pick apart Phil Castellini’s comments to disgruntled Reds fans, the Pirates’ apparent lack of financial woes, and Dave Kaval’s bold claims about the future payroll of the Oakland A’s, wrapping it up with some ideas for some new NFTs for MLB’s most shining moments. Links: Phil Castellini’s comments on 700WLW Phil Castellini doubles down The Pirates’ payroll is covered by gate receipts Dave Kaval says the A’s just...


What's In the Box?

Alex and Bobby discuss Rob Manfred’s generous gift to players on Opening Day and a rest stop encounter in Delaware, then break down the news that the Lerner family is exploring a sale of the Washington Nationals, as well as the Baltimore Orioles receiving a whopping $1.2 billion in public funds from the state of Maryland. Then, they run down some takeaways from Opening Weekend, including the arrival of Steven Kwan and Hunter Greene, a downright unfair perfect game in Japan, the Rays’...


The 2022 All-GIF Draft

Another season, another year of a storied Tipping Pitches tradition: the All-GIF Draft. Bobby and Alex preview the season by taking a look at which players will produce the best GIFs this year, bringing on Bradford William Davis, Stephen Hesson, Jake Mintz, Jordan Shusterman, Clinton Yates, Meg Rowley, and Shakeia Taylor as fellow evaluators. Long necks, tight pants, can't lose. Links: Follow Bradford @BWDBWDBWD Follow Stephen @TangoGolfKilo & Batting Around @BattinAround Follow Cespedes...


The 2022 Tipping Pitches Banned Topics

Bobby and Alex talk about one journalist’s coverage of the Astros and wonder whether Tipping Pitches’ second act will manifest itself in defense of service time manipulation, then discuss Oneil Cruz, Hunter Greene, and the varying logics behind prospect promotions. Then, they decide on a handful of “banned” topics in 2022. Finally, they answer a few listener questions about preferred rooting interests in 2022, stealing entertainment ideas from other sports, and whether the Guardians’...


Need A Trench Coat?

Alex and Bobby attempt to parse Phil Mushnick’s sprawling metaphor for New York sports teams, discuss the dizzying flurry of player movement in the last week and what it has revealed about some teams, a labor win for minor leaguers last week, then answer listener questions about their playing days, advertisements on uniforms, the nonexistence of the Phillies’ defense, how their consumption of the game has changed over time, and more. Links: Judge rules MLB violated wage law with minor...


This Is All The Fans’ Fault

With the added perspective three days of a CBA has brought, Alex and Bobby gather to discuss the true culprit behind MLB’s lockout: that’s right, it’s you, the fan. They also discuss MLB’s latest cash grab at the expense of baseball’s accessibility, before answering a slew of listener questions about the CBA and Taylor Swift. Songs featured in this episode: Olivia Rodrigo — “jealousy, jealousy”, “brutal”• Booker T & the M.G.’s — “Green Onions”


Emergency New CBA Just Dropped Pod

Alex and Bobby get together hours after the news of a new CBA between MLB and the MLBPA to discuss the end of the lockout, their instant reactions to some of the key points in the agreement, what this means about player-owner relations moving forward, and more. Baseball’s back, baby! Songs featured in this episode: Taylor Swift — “‘tis the damn season” • Booker T & the M.G.’s — “Green Onions”


MLB Is In the No-Deal Zone

Bobby and Alex bask in the glorious prose of Bob Nightengale’s accidental poem and give Derek Jeter his due as a spurned former owner, then recap a whirlwind of a week in labor talks, including MLB’s astute weaponizing of the media, Rob Manfred’s press conference, the movement in the players’ latest offer, the concept of bad faith negotiating, and much more. Songs featured in this episode: The Beatles — "For No One" • Booker T & the M.G.’s — “Green Onions”


For Sale: Opening Day, Never Played

Alex and Bobby talk about unionizing the fans and getting in on labor negotiations. Then they review the week in CBA nonstarters and remark on the apparent tone shift among fans and media ahead of the league’s self-imposed deadline. Finally, they answer a few questions about minor leaguer NIL rules, the MLBPA’s strategies, baseball road trips, and more. Songs featured in this episode: Wilco — “Too Far Apart” • Talking Heads — “Road To Nowhere” • Booker T & the M.G.’s — “Green Onions”


The Minor League Theory of Value (feat. Harry Marino)

Bobby and Alex talk Bill de Blasio’s desperate plea for a resolution in MLB’s ongoing labor battle, then turn their attention to the Tyler Skaggs & Eric Kay case and discuss the broader implications the saddening tale may have on the sport. Then they bring on Harry Marino, executive director at Advocates For Minor Leaguers, to talk about the plan for housing in the minors, the complicated nature of pushing for better pay, getting players to open up, what’s coming up for the organization, and...


Owners Just Wanna Have Fun

Bobby and Alex fantasize about players who they’d love to see juicing, then dive into the latest in MLB showing their behinds, including Rob Manfred’s apparent contempt for baseball fans and the league’s refusal to compensate minor leaguers for spring training. They round things out with listener voicemails about high socks and low socks, the conflicting labor interests of players owning teams, and the possibility of optimism. Links: MLB won’t pay minor leaguers for spring...


Mediator? I Barely Know Her

Alex and Bobby bid adieu to Cowboy Joe West’s time as an umpire, which thankfully means more time for him in the recording studio. Then they dive into the latest news on the bargaining front, including why owners want a mediator and why players rightfully rejected it, what this maneuver says about the state of negotiations, how the owners underestimated players coming into the offseason, the players’ united front on social media, and much more. Then they shift their attention to Brian...


Demystifying the Modern Baseball Owner (feat. Rob Mains) [From January 2021]

In this episode (originally aired in January, 2021), Alex and Bobby were joined by Baseball Prospectus writer Rob Mains to discuss the modern baseball owner — how they make their money, bend public will, wield political influence, skew bottom lines, and more. If you're a new listener, please enjoy this old episode. If you've already heard it, we'll be back with a brand new episode next week, after Bobby's road trip is complete!


A League Built On Trust (feat. Jim Quinn)

Alex and Bobby discuss the latest CBA proposals, and how difficult it is to grade the relative success of the union when so much of the picture is still incomplete. Then, they're joined by Jim Quinn, lead counsel in a court case intended to challenge MLB's anti-trust exemption at the Supreme Court level. Jim shares the history of the exemption, the myriad attempts to repeal it (and why they failed), and what is different about this case. Links: Maury Brown on the anti-trust exemption and...


Long Live the Players' League (feat. Emma Baccellieri)

Alex and Bobby wade into the discourse about whose fault a potential delay to the season would be, and whether or not fans have any right to to feel entitled to the 2022 season starting on time. Then, they're joined by Emma Baccellieri of Sports Illustrated to discuss her piece on The Players' League, an 1890 National League spinoff that was run like a co-op amongst professional baseball players. Read Emma's Players' League story here Songs featured in this episode: Gary U.S. Bonds —...