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Looking at all things Brighton in their 2018/19 Premier League season.

Looking at all things Brighton in their 2018/19 Premier League season.
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Looking at all things Brighton in their 2018/19 Premier League season.








Episode 32: Huddersfield, Palace & FA Cup

I'm back!! Episode 32 arrives on the back of a 2 week hiatus and what a wonderful two weeks it has been! In this episode I get some insight from Albion fans on both Huddersfield and Palace, take a look at the numbers and warm down from a brutal but ultimately victorious game at the New Den in the FA cup quarter final!


Episode 31: Leicester & Huddersfield

Episode 31 comes at a weird time but with a reason, this is my last episode for two weeks! An ill timed vacation comes along as we hit our most important game of the season. In this episode we take a look back at Leicester, a look forward to Huddersfield and the ramifications of win, lose or draw at the AMEX.


Episode 30: Mile High Seagulls

Episode 30 brings us a quiet week with no games to talk about. A ten day stretch with some warm weather training and hopes of improvement against Leicester on Tuesday. So we turn back to the interviews and this week I had the pleasure of speaking to Mile High Seagulls, a newer (but seriously invested) Albion fan about his origin story, his thoughts on the team, the season so far and his future trip to the AMEX.


Episode 29: Derby & Leicester

A nice week for us to all relax and enjoy a bit of FA cup drama and Frank Lampards Derby County visit the AMEX. We take a look at that, the top 5 stories of the week including a list of who is who in the last few years on the staffing side of things.


Episode 28: WBA & Burnley

It's been a rough new year at the Together podcast HQ with 1 win in 11 and much for CH to think about and it doesn't get any happier this week. We bounce around from WBA to the PL and Burnley after another double bill this week and study the games, the fallout and the future.


Episode 27: Fulham & Watford

Let's all try and forget Tuesday after this weeks episode because the Fulham game feels like it was a nightmare. We're here for episode 27 though and we're covering the nightmare at the Cottage and the home draw again Watford as well as the rest of my top 5 stories of the Albion week.


Episode 26: WBA & Fulham

Episode 26 arrives on the back of a very, very average FA cup 4th round game but most importantly we're still in the hat for Round 5! We also take a tour around the top 5 stories of the week including Sussex Senior cup drama, the money league and more!


Episode 25: Manchester United & FA Cup

Quarter of a century here we come! This weeks pod covers the trip to Old Trafford and a look ahead to the fourth round tie this weekend. It also includes my top 5 stories of the week on everything Albion including transfer news and the relegation battle.


Episode 24: Liverpool & Manchester United

Episode 24 covers the Liverpool game and the player performances as well as our top 5 stories of the week revolving around everything Albion!


Episode 23: West Ham & Bournemouth

Episode 23 baybay! The last of the Christmas and New Year double salvos come to an end with a return to the usual ways next week. But for now we'll take a look at our top 5 stories of the week ranging from the games, to the potential incoming and outgoing transfer stories of the month and the title race and our impact on it!


Episode 22: Arsenal & Everton

Episode 22 is ringing in the new year, I hope you all had a fantastic one! This week with the review of not one but two games I will be coming to you with my top 5 stories of the week around the Brighton world. From the dominant performance v Everton to dropping people from the squad due to 'tactical reasons' it's all here!


Episode 21: Bournemouth & NY Seagulls

Episode 21 comes on the back of a disappointing collapse at Bournemouth after looking pretty good! Just what is going on with our red card mania? I also have the interview you all want to listen to. Love it or hate it, the American Albion fan who sang his heart out for his future Sussex bae is on the show and has his say!


Episode 20: Chelsea & Bournemouth

20! We enter the roaring 20s with a defeat at home to Chelsea but a second half performance to be happy about. We look ahead to facing a very beatable Bournemouth as the Christmas period begins and wonder how VAR may effect the top 6.


Episode 19: Burnley & Chelsea

Nearly into the 20s! Not only that but we're getting close to the busy Christmas period and it doesn't get any easier from here on out, with Chelsea, Bournemouth and Arsenal all to play in the next few weeks we look back on the disappointing loss to Burnley and the game to come this Sunday at the AMEX v Sarris Blues.


Episode 18: Palace

Brighton 3-1 Crystal Palace. 10 men. Glenn Murray. Florin Andone. Leon Balogun. Incredible scenes from the AMEX tonight and a huge victory over the scum from up the M23. Reaction to the game is what we have tonight, enjoy it!


Episode 17: Huddersfield & Palace

Episode 17 comes on a short week with Palace creeping up on us in no time on Tuesday! This warrants an early release as well as a change up in the format. This week we take a look at fans views on the excellent 2-1 win away at Huddersfield, our first Premier League win from behind! We also talk about the team and the upcoming big one at the AMEX.


Episode 16: Leicester & Huddersfield

We revisit the game at the AMEX this weekend where the Albion failed to finish off a 10 man Leicester squad. Have our new signings done enough? Are our tactics or the players a problem? Recruitment staff? Hughton? We take a look at it all as well as a preview of the Huddersfield game!


Episode 15: Stateside Seagulls

Episode 15! Halfway through the last international break for FOUR MONTHS thank you God. This week I take a look at the few stories of that emerged from Dunk making his England debut to Locadia wanting OUT. The main event of the show is my chat with the man behind the Stateside Seagulls twitter handle Paul! Paul talks to me about being a born and bred American fan supporting the Albion from afar, his first trip to see an Albion game and the PL experience in DC last month!


Episode 14: Cardiff & International Break

Episode 14! Hello darkness my old friend, the international break is here again. Not only that but we leave this chunk of Premier League football with a defeat at Cardiff. We take a look at the story behind the result and the implications for the squad going forward!


Episode 13: Everton & Cardiff

The number 13 is unlucky for some and it was definitely the case for the Albion this weekend as we got handed a 3-1 defeat away at Goodison Park, I take a look into the reasons why, and some possible tactical errors we made that cost us the chance at more. I also look ahead to Cardiff and take a close look at the Jahanbakhsh conundrum, is he truly worthy of a place in the starting XI? We look to the numbers for answers!