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Impact Wrestling talk for Impact Wrestling fans! The only weekly episodic Impact Wrestling review and discussion show brought to you in a talk show format with hosts Kyle Lawrence and Trent Zuberi.

Impact Wrestling talk for Impact Wrestling fans! The only weekly episodic Impact Wrestling review and discussion show brought to you in a talk show format with hosts Kyle Lawrence and Trent Zuberi.
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Impact Wrestling talk for Impact Wrestling fans! The only weekly episodic Impact Wrestling review and discussion show brought to you in a talk show format with hosts Kyle Lawrence and Trent Zuberi.




Dead Kennys, Elgin Rules, and Disco Sucks! | IMPACT Wrestling Full Show Review 5.17.19

South Philadelphia was on fire as IMPACT Wrestling invaded the infamous ECW Arena at the corner of Swanson & Rittner and they left the legendary building with even more memories to add to its long standing history! Did we ever think we would see the day that the Disco Inferno would not only wrestle a match at the ECW Arena but also WIN a match at the ECW Arena and somehow that match was a women’s battle royal? He did it in pure Glen Gilbertti fashion too, what a lous! OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED...


Cults vs. Misfits, New F’N Shows, and Crazy Desis! | IMPACT Wrestling Full Show Review 5.10.19

Rally the troops! It's all out war on IMPACT Wrestling and Trent is joined by the legendary Jaybone to break down the action packed May 10th 2019 episode! Tommy Dreamer gave one of the most amazing battle cries in wrestling history as he put his army of Rich Swann, Wllie Mack, Fallah Bahh and himself on the battlefield against OVE of Sami Callihan, Dave and Jake Crist, and Madman Fulton! This was a match that never saw a single dull moment and was carnage from opening to closing bell! RVD...


Unbreakable Canadians, Killer Kendo Sticks, and Orgies! | IMPACT Wrestling Full Show Review 5.3.19

IMPACT Wrestling is UNBREAKABLE! Michael Elgin has arrived and immediately set his sights on the IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship currently held by an injured Brian Cage but Johnny IMPACT and Pentagon Jr have their own claims as well so it was interesting to see how quickly the newcomer was thrown into the mix with the former champions. Killer Kross has a new target in mind and it's Eddie Edwards! Why has he chosen Eddie? Is he still psychologically playing with Rich Swann and...


IMPACT Wrestling: REBELLION 2019 Review with Trent & BQ

You say you want a Rebellion? Well IMPACT Wrestling brought one to the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario Canada for one of the biggest shows of the year! Not only was this one of the biggest shows of the year, this is one of the biggest reviews of the year since the head honcho himself, the founder and proprietor, the don, the hefe of the Impact Lounge, BQ returns to join Trent to break it all down! Torches were passed, debuts were made, titles were changed, and dreams came true. It was a...


Impact Wrestling: April 26th 2019 Episode - 6 Man Insanity, Gym Attacks, and Rebellion Go-Home!

The Rebellion 2019 PPV is upon us and the final show before the big event is here wrapping up the stay in Windsor and getting ready to culminate the stories of the past few months! Trent is rolling solo really quick to get the go-home episode of IMPACT Wrestling before Rebellion wrapped up to discuss how the company set up the final push for the ppv and general consensus on what can potentially come out of the match results. Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards, while left oddly wrapped up given the...


IMPACT Wrestling - Rebellion 2019 PREDICTIONS w/special guest Whupsie

The go-home episode of IMPACT Wrestling is in the can and we are just mere days away from one of the biggest shows of the year, REBELLION 2019 live from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario Canada! Trent is joined by one of our longtime listeners, Whupsie from Long Island, NY while Kyle is off being a Scumbag! We go through the announced matches including new ones that were noted on the go-home show as well as predictions for other last minute additions that may be throw onto the card by...


Impact Wrestling: April 19th 2019 Episode - Wiley Rascalz, Cheating Refs, and Kitchen Nightmares!

Back in Windsor, ON Canada and that’s not the only thing that’s back, the Kyleman has returned this week to join Trent and break down April 19th 2019 edition of IMPACT Wrestling! We are on the road to Rebellion and asses are hitting faces, Moose’s are getting new Robes, Rascalz are getting revenge and Machines are getting screwed! Eli is also winding his appearances down which means our soundbytes are in deep trouble so we try a bunch of new ones amidst our sadness. Who will be the kingfish...


Trey Miguel (The Rascalz) Interview

Our very own Adam sits down for an interview with Trey Miguel from IMPACT Wrestling’s The Rascalz!


Impact Wrestling: April 12th 2019 Episode - Crooked Refs, Angry Tessa, and Power Couples!

The inmates are running the asylum! That's right, not only is Kyle not here this week but we have crooked referees like John E. Bravo screwing over Brian Cage and aligning himself with Johnny IMPACT in a move that has now been clued in on leading all the way back to Homecoming but we have Tessa Blanchard running around insulting every other Knockout she can while being angrier than she's ever been and to top that off you have sociopaths like Killer Kross manipulating more angles than high...


Impact Wrestling: April 5th 2019 Episode - Lucha Revenge, Dodgy Champions, and Eli Drake!

Over the border and far away, IMPACT Wrestling is back in lovely Windsor, Ontario Canada for the tapings leading up to the Rebellion ppv and Kyle & Trent are back to break down the kickoff show which took place on April 5th 2019! The buzz coming out of the weekend after this airing was the unceremonious departure of longtime favorite, Eli Drake who was released this past weekend. Details are still sketchy but we look at what could potentially be going on and why Trent thinks this is all a...


IMPACT Wrestling: United We Stand REVIEW with Smash This Podcast

Trent joins Professor Jaybone on his show Smash This Podcast immediately following IMPACT Wrestling's United We Stand PPV from Rahway, NJ during Wrestlemania week! The meeting of Total Nonstop IMPACT and Smash This Podcast went live to break down the show and discuss the show as well as take user responses from the Youtube live audience. Join us for this special exclusive! Results: - Ultimate X match – Johnny Impact defeated Jake Crist, Dante Fox, Pat Buck, and Ace Austin - Team IMPACT vs....


Impact Wrestling: March 29th 2019 Episode - Against All Odds Review

Against All Odds 2019 is in the books and your favorite IMPACT Wrestling podcast, Total Nonstop IMPACT is back with Kyle & Trent and we are joined once again by Jaybone to round out the three man booth this week as we close out the Las Vegas tapings with this huge card! What a night as we had Disco Inferno dropping Village People's Elbows on Scarlett Bordeaux, Taya Valkyrie scamming her way to a title defense, and crooked referees screwing Brian Cage out of wins! On top of that we had the...


Impact Wrestling: March 22nd 2019 Episode - Jaybone Joins, Ohio Madmen, and Swann Songs!

Kyle's missing again so we reach into the trusted pool of IMPACT affiliates and this week the mighty Jaybone joins Trent to break down the March 22nd 2019 episode of IMPACT Wrestling! Johnny IMPACT was avoiding reporters like the plague and said he doesn't owe the marks anything, especially any answers but he did explain why he turned his back on everyone. With Taya by his side it was inevitable that these two are going to use their power to run roughshod over IMPACT Wrestling! We have been...


Impact Wrestling: March 15th 2019 Episode - Heel Couples, Broken Cages, and Angry Moose!

Better late than never right? On top of that, solo pod day for Trent! Scheduling issues this week prevented Kyle & Trent from aligning on a day to bring you the show but Trent came in at the 11th hour to make sure that the show goes on and breaks down the March 15th 2019 episode of IMPACT Wrestling live from the Sam's Town Casino in lovely Las Vegas! Every story in the company was progressed on this show. It was an amazing display of concise writing and incredible storytelling as any...


Impact Wrestling: March 8th 2019 Episode - Dark Wars, Pushy Reporters, and Kavorka!

The Dark War has arrived and this time it isn't between hosts on the show! After last week's bloodbath we left the war to Rosemary and Su Yung's respective teams and watched from afar as souls were saved and others were taken! Kyle and Trent are back this week to break down what was an action packed episode of IMPACT Wrestling from The Sam's Town Casino in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada in full detail. We saw some real interesting seeds being planted for a shift in World Champion Johnny Impact's...


Impact Wrestling: March 1st 2019 Episode - Infighting, Title Shots, and Screwjobs!

In professional wrestling there have been epic showdowns over the years. We have seen some of the legends of the ring involved in some of the bloodiest, most emotional battles known to man but on this day, our very own Total Nonstop IMPACT was the stage for one of the most heated feuds in wrestling history as TNI’s resident Scumbag, Kyle Lawrence faced off against the Underhanded Outsider, Basil Mahmud with middle man Peacemaker Trent Zuberi in the middle! We made our listeners choose sides,...


Impact Wrestling: February 22nd 2019 Episode - Maskless Luchadores and Chacha's Old Country Blend!

A swerve!? A reverse hostile takeover!? What is going on the last few weeks at Total Nonstop Impact!? As an attempted revenge for last week's Backstage Boys takeover by Trent bringing Basil on the show to stand in for Kyle, Kyle now tried to turn the tables on Trent and solo pod! But alas the Trentster was onto the Kyleman and ran in at the 11th hour to get on the show! What an episode we had to kick off the Las Vegas stay for IMPACT Wrestling at the Sam's Town Casino! The World Heavyweight...


Impact Wrestling: February 15th 2019 Episode Review - UNCAGED, BSB Invasion, and Kyle’s Dead!?

As IMPACT Wrestling got ready to wrap up their stay in Mexico they did it in style by presenting Uncaged on February 15, 2019 headlined by Johnny Impact defending the IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship against Brian Cage, Killer Kross, and Moose. But wait the other voice you hear alongside Trent is not our buddy Kyle, oh no that’s a whole different voice but it sounds like it should be familiar. But even before we tell you who that is what the hell happened to Kyle? Again he has...


Impact Wrestling: February 8th 2019 Episode Review - Lucha Brothers, Scorpions, and Twitter Fights!

One of the most anticipated tag team matches in IMPACT Wrestling history was set to take place on this episode on February 8th 2019 live from Fronton, Mexico as LAX Santana and Ortiz defended their longest reigning tag team championships against The Lucha Brothers, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix! The crowd was Cero Miedio'ing all night long for what has already become a match of the year contender! This Rich Swann and OVE/Sami Callihan thing keeps getting weirder. What is he holding over Rich's...


Impact Wrestling: February 1st 2019 Episode Review - Lucha Wars, Hot Tubs, and Strange Bedfellows!

Back in Mexico City and while the Polar Vortex is freezing most of the US, things are heating up south of the border! It's Lucha wars as The Lucha Brothers have officially given LAX a put up or shut up ultimatum and this time it's for the IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Titles and that match is set to happen next week following the Lucha Brothers big win in the 6 man tag team match to kick things off! But where does that leave Konnan? He knew this would happen but so far he's staying...