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A traditional bow hunting podcast


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A traditional bow hunting podcast




Episode 107 Blacktail Deer Biology with Dr. DeWaine Jackson

In this episode James and our good buddy Matt Starley are joined by Dr. DeWaine Jackson. Dr Jackson works for Odfw and shares a lot of good info on numerous blacktail deer studies he has been involved with. Lots of good info for you blacktail hunters.


Episode 106 Matt Starley, Trad Bows and Blacktails

In this episode James talks with our good friend Matt Starley about Trad Bows and Blacktail deer hunting. Season is right around the corner, good luck and enjoy this episode!!


Episode 105 Chris Tipton on Elk Hunting

In this episode James sits down with Chris Tipton. Chris is an incredible bowhunter who has killed several record book Roosevelt elk with a stick bow, including Oregons largest. Enjoy!!!


Episode 104 Dan Godfrey on Hunting Roosevelt Elk

In this episode James sits down with an incredible elk hunter, Dan Godfrey. Dan has been hunting Roosevelt Elk with a stick bow for 30+ years and has taken an elk just about every one of those seasons!!! Enjoy!!!


Episode 103 Paul Medel the ElkNut on finding elk

Its almost elk season!!!! We sit down with the ElkNut and talk about finding elk. If you haven't listened to our other episodes with the ElkNut go back and freshen up on your calling, and go online and get yourself the ElkNut app. Tons of good info.....enjoy!!


Episode 102 Preston Taylor, Tracking Spring Bear Part 2

Part 2 of Tracking Spring Bear with Preston Taylor and Carson Brown. We apologize for the audio in this one, it was a bit windy in the wall tent. Sit around the campfire and enjoy the stories from spring bear 2020. Enjoy!!


Episode 101 Preston Taylor, Tracking Spring Bear Part 1

Join James, Carson Brown and Preston Taylor in camp during spring bear season.


Episode 100 Rosey Roseland Mountain Goat World Record and Much More

In this episode we sit down with another bowhunting legend. Rosey Roseland has spent a lifetime hunting with a stick bow and shares some great adventures and much more.......enjoy!!


Episode 99 Gary Renfro

In this episode we sit back down and catch up with Gary Renfro. If you missed him on episode 45 go back and catch-up. We talk wood arrows, instinctive shooting, and Colorado Driveways:) Gary is always a blast to talk to and has some great stories.... Enjoy!!!


Episode 98 DIY Alaskan Adventure with Carson Brown and Mike Harris

In this episode we sit down with our good buddy Carson Brown of surewood shafts and Mike Harris. They had an epic adventure this year in the wilds of Alaska. If any of you have ever been wanting to go on a DIY moose hunt you better listen to this one!! These guys had a wild adventure...enjoy!!


Episode 97 Jim Willems and Brian Koelzer

In this episode we sit down with pope and young president Jim Willems and longtime pope and young member Brian Koelzer. We talk about the upcoming release of pope and young's new traditional only record book. We also talk some mule deer and the future of bowhunting and opportunities for more days afield. Enjoy!!


Episode 96 TradCamp 2019 with Clay Hayes, Andy Ponce, and Riley Savage

In this episode our good buddies share some of their experience in TradCamp. Andy Ponce steps in and hosts an episode for us with Clay Hayes and Riley Savage. Join them in the wall tent at deer camp.....enjoy!!


Episode 95 Colton Gilman, A Year to Remember

In this episode we sat down with Colton Gilman and talked about his epic 2019 season. Colton moved out to Montana for the bowhunting and he is living the dream. We talk about a little of everything on this one......enjoy!!!


Episode 94 Dick Mauch, A Lifetime of Bowhunting

In this episode we interview the legend Dick Mauch. You are going to love this one, you will learn some archery history along with hearing some incredible stories. He will take you to the African Safari all the way to the mountains with the grizzly bear. He will relive his camps with Fred Bear and friends in the good old days. Special thanks to Compton Traditional Bowhunters for this one. Enjoy!!!!


Episode 92 Paul Forward, Bowhunting Alaska

In this episode we talk bowhunting Alaska with Paul Forward. Paul grew up bowhunting Alaska and has a ton of experience. We talk moose, goat, sheep, blacktail deer, gear and global warming. Paul is a stud!! Enjoy!


Episode 91 Sterling Holbrook, A Life of Adventure

In this episode we sit down with an incredible bowhunter. Sterling Holbrook has lived an amazing life of adventure. From flying helicopters, diving for shipwrecks, to bowhunting Alaska and living in tipis. Enjoy as we learn a little more about Sterling and his life of adventure!!


Episode 90 Paul Medel aka Elk Nut on calling all bulls

Another golden nugget of great elk calling strategies from the one and only Elk Nut. In this episode we keep it sort and sweet, we break down some of Paul's proven tactics to call in early season bull elk no matter the situation. Don't forget it's never to late to get The Elk Nut app. and start learning the elk language. I think you elk nuts are going to find this episode very useful in the elk woods this September, enjoy.....


Episode 89 Joaquin Courtemanche California Costal Blacktails

Join Joaquin and I on a California wilderness, backcountry adventure in pursuit of Coastal Blacktail deer. In this discussion we cover hunting partners, ethics, scouting, and our passion for these little, recluse deer.


Episode 88 Traditional Archers of Nevada

In this episode we talk with Tom Huebner and Chris Jasmine of the Traditional Archers of Nevada. These guys got together with some of their buddies and started a traditional organization in Nevada!! They have put in a ton of work to help grow traditional archery in the state of Nevada. Go over to and get signed up to support them and make bowhunting better!! If you sign up in the next 6 months you will get entered to win a custom bow from poison dart bows.