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Episode 55 Barry Wensel and Mike Mitten, Brothers of the Bow - Tradquest

In this episode we got to sit down with Barry Wensel and Mike Mitten at the Compton Traditional Rendevous. Legends of traditional bowhunting for sure they should not need an introduction. These guys are an absolute riot and we talked most things bowhunting...from solo hunting to whitetails and a little Paul Schafer in there too:) Both of them have new videos out so make sure to pick them up at Brothers of the Bow and


Episode 54 Dave Couch, A Walk in the Woods - Tradquest

In this episode we talk with Compton Traditional Bowhunters archives chairman Dave Couch. Dave is a hunting fool so of course we talk some bowhunting! We also get into the organization he is passionate about and what the Compton archives are all about. Dave Hewitt joins us for the intro and we go over the events for next weeks Compton Rendezvous in Michigan. Enjoy


Making Bowhunting Better Episode 1 with Jim Akenson - Tradquest

In this episode we talk with Jim Akenson about what we as bowhunters can do at our state level to help make a difference in the decisions being made about our hunting opportunity. We also talk some Oregon bowhunting history and how our traditional seasons were started. Enjoy


Episode 53 Larry D Jones Elk Fever - Tradquest

In this episode we bring back on the Legend Larry D Jones. We talk all things elk, from making the first elk fever video in the 80's to his tactics he uses today. Enjoy


Episode 52 Aron Snyder on Spring Bear and backpack hunting for newbies - Tradquest

In this episode we talk with Aron about his recent bear hunt in BC. We also cover an intro to backpack hunting. We get a lot of listener questions on this subject so we figured we would get the backpack hunting guru on to answer your questions. Enjoy!


Episode 51 Jared Scheffler of Whitetail Adrenaline - Tradquest

In this episode we talk with Jared Scheffler. Jared owns Whitetail Adrenaline and makes unique whitetail hunting videos. All public land and hunting from the ground its not what you think of when you think whitetail hunting! enjoy!


Episode 50 Doug Borland - Tradquest

In this episode we talk with the man, the myth, the legend, Doug Borland. We talk about exploration floats down Alaska's wild rivers. He tells the story of the Moose John river with Jay Massey. And we also talk about his epic hunting excursions in Russia. Enjoy!!


Episode 49 Scott Koelzer Montana Mountain Man - Tradquest

In this episode we sit down with Scott Koelzer of Montana. Scott is a living legend and has hunted everything from Grizzly Bears to Mule deer with a Silvertip Recurve. He was a hunting partner of Paul Schafer so of course we talk about that and he shares some great stories. Scott spends 200 days a year in the field and is an absolute stud so listen up!!!


Episode 48 Larry Yien - Tradquest

In this episode we talk with Larry Yien, 3 time world longbow champion. We get deep into the hunting and talk about limiting your gear to increase your experience. Larry has even taken it as far as going on backpack hunts without packing food!! Enjoy


Episode 47 Bryan Burkhardt Alaska Moose DIY - Tradquest

In this episode we talk Alaska Moose hunting with Bryan Burkhardt. Bryan has been going on diy trips up to Alaska for 10 years and has taken some incredible moose. We talk logistics, tactics and of course we get some stories on what its like to have these giant beasts in longbow range. Enjoy


Episode 46 Connie Renfro First woman to take the Colorado Big 8 - Tradquest

In this episode we talk with Connie Renfro of Colorado. Connie is an incredible hunter and the first woman to take the Colorado big 8 with a bow. We cover a lot in this one and tell some good stories that will give you the feel for what kind of hunter Connie is...she is the real deal. We also talk about what it is like to be a woman bowhunter and how to raise our daughters and convince our wives to get out there with us:)


Episode 45 Gary Renfro tracking mountain lions - tradquest

In this episode we got to talk with Gary Renfro of Gary is an absolute stud and is a legend in the traditional archery community. This episode we talk about mountain lion hunting without dogs. Yes I said without dogs!! Gary has tracked down and killed a mountain lion without dogs. Listen to find out how he did it... Enjoy


Episode 44 Emory Ronald Backpacking 2000 miles on PCT - tradquest

Episode 44 we talk backpacking with Emory Ronald of the By Land Podcast. Last year Emory set out on an epic adventure taking 6 months off work to hike the pacific crest trail from Mexico to Canada. Emory is also a hunter and we talk about the lessons learned from so much time on the trail, and how to relate those to hunting. Emory is also new to traditional archery so of course we talk about his tradquest, check him out at By Land Podcast.


Episode 43 Harold Fahrenbrook Elk, Buffalo, and bowhunting politics - tradquest

In this episode we talk with Harold Fahrenbrook of Colorado. Harold is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hunting with a recurve. Harold is a blue collar guy who trades his time guiding in Alaska and has taken 20 of North America's 29 species with his recurve. He is also very passionate about trying to make a difference in some of the issues facing bowhunters today. We talk bowhunting of course but also get into what the future might bring, how to keep kids interested in the great...


Episode 42 Marvin Clyncke Hunting High Country Mule Deer - tradquest

In this episode we sit back down and talk stick bow hunting with Marvin Clyncke. If you don't know Marvin go back and listen to episode 28, Marvin is a true living legend. In this episode we talk specifically about hunting high country mule deer with the stick bow. You will not find a more experienced bowhunter on this subject, and Marvin was able to dig deep and give a few of his tips and techniques he has used over the last 50 years.


Episode 41 Chris Parrino Grizzly Bear Hunting - tradquest

In this episode we talk bear hunting with Chris Parrino. Chris has been on some incredible adventures and in this episode he shares a couple of those with us. Chris loves hunting big bears and has taken many grizzly bear, black bear, and a polar bear with his recurve.


Episode 40 Ryan Callaghan Dir Conservation & Public Relations for Firstlite - tradquest

In this episode we talk with Ryan Callaghan, the director of conservation and public relations for firstlite. We talk public lands, access and his new role for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. We also get into the ups and downs of his Tradquest of course. Enjoy


Episode 39 Jeff Lander of Primitive Outfitting - tradquest

In this episode we talk with Jeff Lander. Jeff operates Primitive Outfitting in British Columbia and Alberta Canada. Jeff has been guiding and traditional bowhunting for a long time. We discuss traditional archery, the outfitting business, and todays new social media world. Enjoy


Episode 38 Surewood Shafts - tradquest

In this episode we sit down with Steve, Bob, and Carson the owners of surewood shafts. These guys are good friends of ours and they have been making some great arrow shafts for years! We talk wood arrows and Oregon archery history. Andy Ponce of addictive archery joins us for the intro and we draw the name for our arrow giveaway. Enjoy


Episode 37 Yote Robertson Sheep Hunter - tradquest

In this episode we get the pleasure of sitting down with Yote Robertson of Robertson Stykbow. Yote is an adventurer who moved to Alaska at a young age to hunt and guide in the last frontier. Yote is a die hard sheep hunter and has taken 3 Dall Sheep with a longbow! You will enjoy this one!