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On Trails Worth Hiking, we bring you the most interesting backpacking and trekking routes in the world. Every trail has a story. In the first part of each episode, we tell you the stories behind the trail. In the second part, we tell you how to hike the trail. In each episode, guests who have hiked the trail join Jeremy, our host, to talk about the experience of hiking it. Join us on each episode as we hear the story, then hike the trail.


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On Trails Worth Hiking, we bring you the most interesting backpacking and trekking routes in the world. Every trail has a story. In the first part of each episode, we tell you the stories behind the trail. In the second part, we tell you how to hike the trail. In each episode, guests who have hiked the trail join Jeremy, our host, to talk about the experience of hiking it. Join us on each episode as we hear the story, then hike the trail.




Ep. 38: Waitikubuli Trail

Listener Angela Kaplar joins Jeremy to talk about her thru hike of the Waitikubuli Trail on the Caribbean island nation of Dominica. This trail of more than 100 miles traverses mountainous, dense, tropical jungle and crosses the entire island. Angela and Jeremy also discuss some of the interesting flora and fauna of Dominica, as well as its welcoming people. Angela's website (still under construction as of publication date): through the end of May 2023, TWH meal combo at Outdoor Herbivore: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 37: Tahoe Rim Trail

Friend of the show Tony Wong joins Jeremy to talk about their hike together on the Tahoe Rim Trail, a 165-mile loop around Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America. This adventure has everything: deep forested wilderness, amazing views of the lake, granite backcountry, and passing through resort areas where you can resupply at markets along the way. Also, for the month of May 2023 only, you can buy a special meal package from our sponsor, Outdoor Herbivore, of Jeremy's favorite three meals that he eats when he is backpacking. The package is offered at a 20% discount off the regular price for those meals, and a limited number of the packages even come with a TWH sticker. To check out the package, click here: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 36: 12 Hikes in 12 Months

In 2022, our host, Jeremy, attempted to do a multi-day hike every month of the year. How did that work out? On this special episode we find out. 10% off on delicious backpacking meals from our sponsor: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 35: Kaiserkrone

Listener Alex Schoemann joins Jeremy to talk about the Kaiserkrone trek around the Wilder Kaiser mountains in the Tyrol Alps of Austria. This multi-day hut-to-hut and village-to-village trek allows trekkers to enjoy surprising solitude for a hike in the Alps that is so accessible to international travelers. The hike provides trekkers a variety of terrain and interesting accommodations along the way. And don't forget to learn to speak a little Bavarian before you hike the Kaiserkrone. 10% off backpacking meals for TWH listeners at Outdoor Herbivore: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 34: Condor Trail

Brian Sarvis, author of the Condor Trail Guide, and Aaron Owens Mayhew of Backcountry Foodie, join Jeremy to talk about the Condor Trail, the challenging backcountry route through the Los Padres National Forest in California. The Condor Trail covers over 400 miles of tough hiking, including significant sections of cross-country travel. Jeremy's introduction describes the trail's namesake bird, the California condor, which had at one point become extinct in the wild, but is today making a comeback. Condor Trail Guide, by Brian Sarvis: Backcountry Foodie (Aaron's business): 10% discount at our sponsor, Outdoor Herbivore: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 33: Special - Photographing the Blue Ridge Mountains

In this special episode, Asheville, North Carolina-based photographer Mike Poggioli joins Jeremy to talk about his experience photographing the Blue Ridge Mountains from hikes and overlooks along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Mike also talks about his new book, Blue Ridge Dreaming, which showcases his work. And Mike gives some great tips about how we can take better photos when we go hiking. Mike's book, Blue Ridge Dreaming: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 32: West Highland Way

Neil Lapping, founder and CEO of Macs Adventure, joins Jeremy to talk about the West Highland Way, Scotland's premier long distance trail. Before the interview, Jeremy recounts the stories of some of Scotland's most memorable historical figures. After the interview, Jeremy walks us through his hike this past summer on the West Highland Way with his wife Andee, and their friends, the Kinsels, including with some audio from the trip. Macs Adventure: Outdoor Herbivore, for 10% off backpacking meals: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 31: Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain Trek

Listener Gary Black joins Jeremy to talk about Gary's hike in the Ausangate Nevado high in the Andes of Peru. Gary tells us how he was able to successfully acclimatize to hike this high elevation circuit of one of the most beautiful ranges of the Andes. Gary also gives good advice on how to have popular Rainbow Mountain to yourself, even if just for a while. Jeremy starts the show by telling us about the pastoralists who live in this region. And we even learn about the minerals that make Rainbow Mountain so beautiful and otherworldly. Listen for the discount code for 10% off on your order at our sponsor, Outdoor Herbivore: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 30: Grand Canyon - South Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails

In this episode Jeremy tells us about his and Andee's hike of the classic Grand Canyon backpacking route on the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails. Jeremy also recounts the amazing geologic history of the Grand Canyon. And don't miss Jeremy's crucial advice about how you too can do this hike without having a permit in advance. Don't forget to support our sponsor and use the 10% off discount code: Questions, comments or suggestions:


Ep. 29: Wonderland Trail

Listener Clay Ryan joins Jeremy to chat about the Wonderland Trail in Washington State. This 93-mile loop trail circumnavigates Mount Rainier, the tallest mountain in the Cascade Range. And Jeremy tells us about the mountain, including about the hidden ice caves on its summit. Listen to the end to hear Clay's advice to new parents who love the outdoors. For an interesting and eclectic read, check out Clay's blog, Synaptic Mosaic: For tasty backpacking meals, use the listener discount code at our sponsor, Outdoor Herbivore: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 28: Ohlone Trail

Jeremy brings us his solo adventure along the Ohlone Trail in the wild and steep hills of the Coast Range in the San Francisco Bay Area. In one weekend, this trip challenged Jeremy with wind, rain and even snow. To set the scene, Jeremy tells the history of the Spanish missions in California. And listen to the end to hear Jeremy answer one of his own "While I have you . . ." questions. Support our sponsor! : Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 27: Rwenzori Central Circuit

Timothy Latim, member of the hiking club Mountain Slayers Uganda, joins Jeremy to talk about the challenging trek to the summit of Margherita Peak in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda. Jeremy gives us background on Uganda, the Rwenzoris, and the Bakonzo people who live in the region. And listen to the end to hear Tim tell us about another enticing African adventure to the top of an active volcano. Questions, comments, or suggestions: Mountain Slayers Uganda: Support our sponsor, Outdoor Herbivore:


Ep. 26: Zion Traverse

Listener Allison Richter joins Jeremy to talk about her hike across Zion National Park in southern Utah. The Zion Traverse takes hikers across one of America's finest national parks through a magnificent desert landscape of towers and plateaus, as well as valleys filled with pine and juniper. Before the conversation with Allison, Jeremy tells us some of the geologic history of this magnificent landscape, the history of its exploration, and about a recent misadventure one visitor had in the park. And listen to the end of the conversation to hear Allison introduce Jeremy to the wonders of a kula cloth. Question, comments, or suggestions: 10% listener discount on backpacking meals:


Ep. 25: Kumano Kodo

Listener Sam Peck joins Jeremy to talk about his hike with his wife of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail on the Kii Peninsula of Japan. Sam tells us about the trail, shrines, and beauty on this multi-day trek through temperate rain forest on a trail that was hiked by multiple emperors. Did I mention that you should bring bug spray? And listen to the end to hear Sam give detailed instructions on how not to use bear spray. Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 24: Alta Via 1

Morgan and Sage Fielder, the mother and daughter team behind Crave the Planet, a travel and adventure blog focused on Europe, join Jeremy to talk about their two adventures on the Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites of Italy. This trek makes an epic family adventure through one of the most beautiful mountain ranges on earth and is punctuated by good food, amazing rifugios, and fantastic vistas. And listen to find out from Sage why she is like a cheetah and Morgan is like a wolf. Crave the Planet: Posts about the Dolomites: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 23: Pemi Loop

Max DesMarais of Hiking and joins Jeremy to talk about the Pemigewasset Loop in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Max, a New Hampshire native, has a lot of experience on the Pemi Loop. In this episode, he takes listeners through the many ups and downs of this amazing experience in the wilderness of New England. And before the conversation with Max, Jeremy brings us a good old-fashioned White Mountains ghost story. Max's website: Max's post on the Pemi Loop: Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 22: Tour du Mont Blanc

Dawn Kinsel joins Jeremy to talk about their 2017 trek together with their families on the Tour du Mont Blanc in France, Italy, and Switzerland. Traveling more than 100 miles, this impressive trail circumnavigates Mont Blanc, the tallest peak in the Alps. In addition to impressive peaks, glaciers, and wildflowers, the trek takes hikers through quaint villages and to fantastic mountain refuges. And Dawn and Jeremy reveal the next international trek they will be doing together with their spouses this coming summer. Questions, comments, or suggestions:


Ep. 21: Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Jeremy's French teacher Mia joins him to talk about her adventure in the Himalayas on the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. Although Kashmir has a history of conflict that continues to this day, it is also a region with a rich multicultural history and unparalleled beauty. Although the hike is in what is today India, Kashmir remains a land disputed and divided. And hear from Mia about why you should always find out how well someone can actually ski before you go ski touring with them. Comments, questions, or suggestions:


Ep. 20: Update - Hiking the Ruby Crest Trail

Back in episode 7, Jeremy interviewed Road Trip Ryan (Ryan Cornia) about his hike of the Ruby Crest Trail in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada. Jeremy had previously tried to hike the trail in 2018, but had been thwarted first by snow and then forest fires. But in 2021, Jeremy finally hiked the trail, along with his son Justin and hiking buddy Tony Wong. In this special update episode, Jeremy, with some help from Justin and Tony, brings us the ups and downs of their 2021 experience on the Ruby Crest Trail, a fabulous alpine adventure rising straight out of the remote desert of northeastern Nevada. Stick around to the very end to hear the "Wong wobble" in action. Listen to episode 7: Questions, comments, or suggestions: Outdoor Herbivore (10% off for TWH listeners):


Ep. 19: West Coast Trail

Taryn Eyton of Happiest Outdoors joins Jeremy to talk about the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This coastal trail off the west coast of Canada takes hikers through temperate rainforest and along beaches, and features ladders, hand-operated cable cars, and ferries as part of the adventure. Taryn also talks about Happiest Outdoors and her recent guide book for backpacking in southwestern British Columbia. And Jeremy tells us why if it's mountain lions you love, Vancouver Island is the place for you. Happiest Outdoors: Taryn's guide to the West Coast Trail: Taryn's book, Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia: 10% off backpacking meals at Outdoor Herbivore: Questions, comments, or suggestions: