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Susan Lacke | Author, Life’s Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Susan Lacke is the author of a new book called "Life's Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow; Lessons From An Epic Friendship That Went The Distance", where she details the story of how a co-worker encouraged her to get into triathlon and how his coaching and friendship changed the course of her life. In this episode of the Triathlon Taren podcast, Taren's wife and regular podcast co-host NTK (No Triathlon Kim) takes the reigns for the interview with Susan, which is done in format we've never done...


Lauren Brandon | 2nd out of the water in Kona, Faster than Pro Men, and being coached by a spouse - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Lauren Brandon is a pro Ironman triathlete who has just weeks before this interview quit her job and committed full time to pro triathlon racing. Lauren is a former NCAA All-American swimmer and is so talented in the swim that even when starting five minutes behind the pro men's field will swim past some of the pro male triathletes. In this triathlon podcast interview with Lauren Brandon we talk about how she got into triathlon through her husband Barrett Brandon, who is also a...


Dr. Michael Greger MD on How Not to Die - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Dr. Michael Greger MD is likely one of the worlds leading proponents of eating a whole foods plant based diet. He is an author of five books on the benefits of plant based (vegan, however not necessarily 100% vegan) diets, he speaks around the world about the dangers of diets like the Atkins diet, the Keto diet, the Paleo diet, and the primal diet. Dr. Greger is also the founder of which is a science-based, non-commercial website which is entirely self-funded and...


What’s Killing Triathlon Today and What Made It Explode in the 2000s with Steve Fleck - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Steve Fleck has been in the triathlon industry as a competitor, marketer, and now race announcer since 1981. Steve raced one of the first triathlons ever held in Canada in 1981 and lays claim to a 9:04 Ironman personal best, doing so at a time when he claims triathletes "Had NO idea what they were doing." He then moved on to the business side of triathlon landing a job in marketing with Sugoi. Today he's a full time freelance endurance industry consultant and announces races all over the...


Jesse Kropelnicki on how to quantitatively create world class triathletes - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Jesse Kropelnicki is the Head Coach and Founder of QT2 Systems training Ironman triathletes such as: Linsey Corbin, Angela Naeth, Jeanni Seymour, and Justin Metzler. Jesse is an engineer by trade and has approached triathlon coaching with an engineers mindset, creating systems, processes, tests, protocols, and calculators to systematically identify the primary areas holding each individual athlete back from excellent triathlon performance so that training can be designed to overcome those...


Antoine J Desroches Talks About the Unknown Life of Most Pro Triathletes - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Antoine Desroches is a vegan pro triathlete from Montreal, Canada who's finished as high as fifth in several Ironman 70.3 races. In this podcast interview Triathlon Taren and Antoine talk about what life is like for most pro triathletes who aren't "celebrity pros", how pros with real jobs or are in school find the time and money to compete in pro level Ironman and ITU races through sponsorships, coaching, and saving every possible penny. Topics discussed in this triathlon podcast: Antoine...


Felix Magowan: Why He Bought Triathlete Magazine from Ironman - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Felix Magowan is a partner at Pocket Ventures, which is best known to triathletes as the company that has recently purchased Triathlete Magazine, Velonews, Velopress, and Women's Running from World Triathlon Corporation (the company that runs Ironman). What's most interesting about this is that in the 1980s Felix was one of the original founders of Inside Communications which owned and operated Inside Cycling, Inside Triathlon, and Triathlete Magazine. In this interview Triathlon Taren and...


Rocky Harris: CEO of USA Triathlon Talks About How They’re Helping Beginner Triathletes - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Rocky Harris is the new CEO of USAT (USA Triathlon) which is the governing body for triathlon in the United States. Historically USAT has operated in a silo being known primarily for offering race organizers insurance, however they're recently partnered with heavyweights like Ironman and Triathlete magazine to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to launch My Time to Tri and attempt to add 100,000 beginner triathletes to our sport each year. Topics discussed in the interview: My...


How much training time to give each discipline in triathlon- Trainiask 042 - Triathlon Taren Podcast

In this episode of the Triathlon Taren Trainiask podcast, Alan from Los Angeles wants to know how to balance his training. He was a college swimmer and is extremely comfortable in the water, and he's now having a hard time knowing how to balance all three disciplines in his training. Does he swim more because it's his specialty? Or less because he doesn't need as much practice? How do you figure out how much time to give each discipline (swimming, biking, running) in training?


Matt Dixon: Become The Fastest Athlete Possible with Fewer Training Hours - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Matt Dixon is the head coach of Purple Patch Fitness. He coaches professional Ironman champions with notables such as Sarah Piampiano, Jesse Thomas, Laura Siddall, Kevin Collington and an host of other pros, elite amateurs, and age groupers from around the world. Matt Dixon is well known for his authorship of two books the Well Built Triathlete and the Fast-Track Triathlete which are two of the most highly rated triathlon training books on Amazon and have turned the endurance training...


Rebecca Beaker-McKee: One of the Best Age Groupers in the World On Balancing Ironman with Life - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Rebecca Beaker-McKee is one of the top female age group triathletes in the world; she won her age group in all but one Ironman race over the course of 2017 eventually finishing 7th in the world in 45-49 age category. What's more impressive about Rebecca is that not only is she an amazing triathlete but she's also a business owner and wife who finds time to run her company, coach other triathletes, train frequently, and travel often. Topics discussed in this interview: Rebecca Beaker-Mckee...


Laura Siddall: Choosing Challenge vs Ironman Races & Becoming a Pro Triathlete as an Adult - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Laura Siddall (Sidd) is a top pro Ironman distance triathlete who is a multiple long course triathlon champion. Laura Siddall had a phenomenal 2017 season of triathlon racing, concentrating largely on the Challenge Family of triathlon races winning multiple times and finishing second in the Challenge European points rankings, she also placed second in Ironman New Zealand and eventually finished 15th at the 2017 Ironman World Championships. Laura talks about the decision to focus on...


Linsey Corbin: 10+ Years of Kona Pro Racing, Record Setting Ironmans, and Coming Back From Injury - Triathlon Taren Podcast

In this triathlon podcast Taren talks to Linsey Corbin who's been a pro triathlete for over ten years. Linsey Corbin has raced in the Ironman World Championship over ten times and has never finished out of the top fifteen pro triathletes, she also holds the title of completing the fastest Ironman distance triathlon by an American female. Topics discussed in this interview: Linsey Corbin YouTube channel Linsey's Instagram Linsey's Twitter Linsey Corbin website


Brian MacKenzie Talks About Crossfit and High-Intensity Training to Get Faster in Triathlon - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Brian MacKenzie is a human performance and movement specialist. After training for ultra endurance marathons and Ironman events and experiencing physical breakdown he analyzed traditional endurance training methods used by triathletes and runners, as a result he went down a path of creating training programs that reduced endurance training and increased strength and technique training. Topics discussed in the podcast interview: Power Speed Endurance 3 Fu3l Habit XPT Power Speed Endurance...


Triathlon Taren & No Triathlon Kim Recap 2017 and Discuss 2018 Goals - Triathlon Taren Podcast

In this episode of the Triathlon Taren Podcast, Taren and NTK (No Triathlon Kim) talk about how 2017 as one of the biggest years of their lives. They discuss what their thoughts were when Triathlon Taren did the first daily vlog on February 1st, 2017, their favourite surprises from the year, the Ironman World Championship, why No Triathlon Kim went to Kona but not Austin, and what goals Triathlon Taren has for 2018. Topics discussed: Ironman World Championship Gerry Rodrigues Interview...


Ventum Bike Founders Jimmy Seear & Diaa Nour talk $32,000 bikes, Negative Reviews, Triathlon Startups - Triathlon Taren Podcast

In this episode of the Triathlon Taren Podcast Taren speaks with Jimmy Seear and Diaa Nour who are the founders of Ventum Bikes. Jimmy and Diaa met and decided they would start Ventum bikes, why they sell a $32,000 bike, new bike price points and road bikes made by Ventum which triathletes and cyclists can expect in 2018. Topics discussed in the podcast: Ventum Bikes main website Ventum bikes trade up program Ventum Signature bike


2017 Year in Review with Coach Pat Peacock: Austin & Campeche 70.3s, Marathon Swimming, and Training Plan Design - Triathlon Taren Podcast

In this episode of the Triathlon Taren Podcast Taren sits down with Coach Patrick Peacock to recap how the 2017 race season went. We talk about half-ironman Campeche, training camps, winning local races, marathon swimming (specifically Coach Pat pulling out of our marathon swim due to hypothermia then getting redemption and completing the swim solo two months later), Austin 70.3, and the Gran Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim ultra marathon run Pat completed to end his season. Topics discussed in...


Daryl Hurrie: Canada’s Mad Sports Scientist who creates Olympians - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Darryl Hurrie is often referred to as the Mad Sports Scientist. He has trained athletes to the Olympics and been the Director of Sports Science for Canadian Sports Centres. Darryl is a young guy and an athlete himself, so he's able to take his huge breadth of knowledge in sports science and translate it easily to age group athletes looking for the edge on their competition. Daryl Hurrie is currently completing his PhD in Exercise in Extreme Environments at the University of Manitoba. He is...


Josh Amberger: First out of the Water in Kona and His Secret Sauce to Success - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Josh Amberger made a big splash in the Ironman World Championship in 2017, literally, he came out of the water first in just over 47 minutes well ahead of one of the largest swim packs to ever form in the Hawaii Ironman. Josh has been a fixture on half-ironman 70.3 podiums over the last couple years and in 2017 he stepped up to full Ironman distance racing with a course record performance in the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship. Topics discussed in this interview: Josh Amberger website...


Gerry Rodrigues: Is He The Best Triathlon Swim Coach In The World? - Triathlon Taren Podcast

Gerry Rodrigues is the head coach and Founder of Tower 26, he has coached pro triathletes like Lionel Sanders, Holly Lawrence, Jesse Thomas, Matt Russell, and Olympian Mark Spitz. Gerry has participated on numerous Trinidad national teams, he still holds national Masters titles, several world Masters titles, and national and world Masters records. He has also competed in the 28.5 mile swim around Manhattan Island which is discussed in the interview. Lionel Sanders says that Gerry is "the...


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