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Challenge Roth Race Recap

On this week's edition of the Triathlon Taren podcast, Taren recaps Challenge Roth. He breaks down the travel to Germany, his nutrition before and during the race, plus the swim, the bike and the run in his first ever Ironman-distance race, which he finished in 9:41:38.


The Big Unit Speaks | Two-time IM 70.3 champion Sam Long

Pro triathlete Sam Long has blown 2019 out of the water, with four races in 37 days which included two IM 70.3 first-place finishes, Sam is on a tear. The Big Unit joined us first on the podcast in 2018 as a young athlete to watch; now he's keeping pace with some of the biggest names in the field. At 23 years old, he's only just begun!


Chris Lieto with one of the most unique perspectives on triathlon

Chris Lieto is a former professional triathlete who is now a triathlon consultant and coach. During his racing career from 2002 - 2014, he won multiple Ironman and Half Ironman Titles, multiple National Championships victories, and was runner up in two Ironman World Championships at Kona. One of the best cyclists the sport has ever seen, Chris has since moved to Kona where he lives full-time with his family and is now launching a unique online coaching service.


Successful triathlon training at Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 in the same year with Justin Lippert

You know him on Instagram as the triathlete who runs in a speedo. Justin Lippert was a successful NCAA collegiate track and cross country runner at Clemson before he quit running altogether after his junior year. When some of his running buddies took up triathlon, Justin figured he'd try it too. Not only did he quickly fall in love with the sport, after just one summer of serious training, he won the 2018 Age Group Nationals in both the Sprint and Olympic distances, and the 2018 70.3 Long...


Cam Wurf Talks Doping in Ironman, Winning IM Kona

For the past two years in a row, Cameron Wurf has been the fastest male professional triathlete on the bike course at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Now, with a 2019 win at the Cannes International Triathlon, Wurf has his sights set on a bigger finish in Kona this year. On the podcast, we talk Wurf's rise through the ranks and how he's taken his experience in Olympic rowing and professional cycling into triathlon, doping in the sport of triathlon, and so much more.


Professional Triathlete Chelsea Sodaro

Just a few short years ago, Chelsea Sodaro was a professional distance runner, running at lightning speed since college. An injury in 2016 prevented her from running so she cross-trained by swimming and cycling, and then her husband suggested she try triathlon. She transitioned to the sport (ITU) in late 2016 and hasn't looked back. Her long-disance debut race was IM 70.3 Indian Wells in 2018 which she won, and she's been having impressive finishes ever since.


Alex Hutchinson | Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance

Alex Hutchinson is the author of a must-read book for triathletes called Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance. A Physicist turned journalist turned author (and a pretty good runner himself), Alex joins us on the podcast to talk about his findings in the book, what surprised him during his 10 years of researching and writing the book, and what all endurance athletes (particularly triathletes) need to know.


Get Faster On The Run | The Balanced Runner, Paul MacKinnon

Paul MacKinnon, better known as The Balanced Runner, is a professional run technique coach based in Melbourne, Australia. He helps professional and amateur runners and triathletes, identify small changes they can make in their running form to produce huge gains in performance. On this week's podcast, we talk to Paul about the basic principles of good running form, how he identifies and fixes problems in a person's stride, and what he has to say about Taren's running form.


From depression to the podium| Pro Triathlete Lauren Goss

Professional triathlete Lauren Goss looked to be on top of the world in 2018, with four wins, two second place and two third place finishes. But after winning 70.3 Lima, the 31-year old confessed 2018 was a blur as she was relying on depression medication and sleeping pills just to survive. On today's podcast, Lauren talks about struggling with her mental health, what she did to pull herself out of the dark hole she found herself in, and how she's feeling today (hint: pretty darn great).


Weight Loss Transformation Triathlon Story | Kris Pinnow

Kris Pinnow was nearly 375 pounds when he knew something had to change if he wanted to be around for his wife and daughter. He signed up for a weight loss guidance program through a local hospital in Wake Forest, NC, and on a whim, decided on giving triathlon a try with his new lifestyle and mindset. Now, down more than 100 lbs and still going, Kris has raced several triathlons including 70.3 Puerto Rico, and he's signed up for a full IM race later this year.


Take 10hrs Off Your Weekly Training and Still Get Results | "The Prof" Paul Laursen

Dr. Paul Laursen is "Prof", one half of "Plews and Prof" with Dr. Dan Plews. Laursen holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology and is a coach to numerous elite and professional athletes in various endurance-based sports. A triathlete himself, Prof's focus is on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and the science and application of it in triathlon training.


Kurt Spenser | Co-Founder of ROKA

On this week's edition of the Triathlon Taren podcast, we chat with Kurt Spenser, co-founder of one of the most popular brands in Triathlon today: ROKA, the creator of some of the best wetsuits in the world. We talk about how they started the company, how they came up with some of their groundbreaking innovations in wetsuit technology, and about some of their products that never got off the ground!


How Much Should You Run in Triathlon Training?

On this week's edition of the podcast, Triathlon Taren does a deep dive into how much you should be running if you're a triathlete in training! He talks about how many runs a week you need, what to do if you don't have enough time to run, what type of runs will benefit you most, and more.


Creatine for Triathletes | Dr. Scott Forbes

Creatine is well known as a supplement to aid in weight lifting results, but could it help triathletes? On this week's edition of the Triathlon Taren podcast, we talk to Dr. Scott Forbes of Brandon University about his extensive research into creatine and how the research shows it could be used to help triathlon performance.


Low Carb High Fat for Triathletes | Dr Grant Schofield

Dr. Grant Schofield is a leader in the low-carb, high-fat field for endurance athletes. Co-author of What The Fat, and What the Fast, and a very fast triathlete in his day, Schofield is a respected PhD public health academic for the past 20 years. He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk and lives the LCHF lifestyle, and helps triathletes become better fat burners to fuel long endurance efforts.


Scientifically Creating the Fastest Triathletes in the World | Sebastian Weber

SEBASTIAN WEBER has coached some of the world's top professional cycling teams and athletes for the past decade. With degrees in Sport Science and Molecular Human Biology, he was recognized as a top mind in sport science at age 28 when he was named the youngest Head Sports Scientist ever for the T-Mobile professional cycling team at age 28. In the years since then, he founded the STAPS Human Performance Lab in Germany and has helped athletes win at the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, the...


Voice of Ironman Mike Reilly New Book

Recognized around the world as the “Voice of IRONMAN,” Mike Reilly has called more than 180 IRONMAN events, including 30 straight years of the World Championship in Kona. More than 350,000 athletes have heard his iconic pronouncement, “You are an IRONMAN!” as they crossed the finish line. Every one of those athletes has a story, and Reilly has heard hundreds of them. At long last, at the urging of many friends and athletes, Reilly has written a book about what he’s seen and what he’s...


Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico Race Recap

On this episode of the podcast, Triathlon Taren goes into the nitty gritty of IM 70.3 Puerto Rico from start to finish, talking about the specific details of how he ran the race which netted him an 8th place finish in his age group and a 13th overall finish!


Taking a laid back approach to triathlon | Pro Kaisa Sali

Kaisa Sali is a professional triathlete from Finland who came in 5th at the Ironman Kona World Championship in 2016 and 2017, and 7th in 2018. She's the winner of IM South Africa and IM Arizona, after 2016 which was a real breakout season for her. But not only is Sali impressive on the course, she also has a Masters of Human Nutrition and is working on a project to develop clean and healthy fuel for training and races.


Effortless Swimming for Triathlon | Brenton Ford

For a large majority of age group athletes, the swim is their biggest obstacle. But Brenton Ford is here to help. The founder and coach of Effortless Swimming, Brenton is an expert at analyzing problems or hitches in an athlete's swim stroke, and prescribing easy, manageable drills to can fix them. He's worked with pros and amateurs alike, and is in the middle of developing a new program aimed specifically at age-groupers, to help make swimming easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately...