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27: 1 year and 23 million from the Braves said Donaldson will not be a Cardinal

Moose takes a look at where the Cardinals stand after the Atlanta Braves sign Josh Donaldson to a one year 23 million dollar deal.


26: Lets Upgrade: The Starting Rotation

As the offseason gets underway, Moose looks at how to upgrade the Starting Rotation!


25: Harper, Other Needs And Harper. Oh And Harper Because Harper

Two For Three host Moose Michaels talks about the upcoming offseason for the Redbirds and how despite what soem say their biggest target is indeed Bryce Harper.


24: A New Beginning + Questions For The Cardinals

Moose returns to the podcasting world with a new feel. Plus we address the Cardinals recent struggles and take a look at how the role of the pitcher is evolving.


23: A Slightly Longer Return To My Weekly Format

In a longer but not as long as usual episode, Moose takes a look at where the Cardinals stand today. Also guest starring Moose's two and a half week old son Sam as the distant cries that his noise suppression tool took care of!


22: An Update On Where I've Been This Time

Hello Friends! This is just a quick update with a full episode to follow hopefully this Saturday!


21: So About How The Cardinals Were Supposed To Destroy The Padres...

Well the Cardinals blew last night. Here's what's on today's show. **Segment 1 - Recapping Last Nights Game** **Segment 2 - It Ain't A Money Problem** **Segment 3 - The Cubs Are Coming To Town** **Segment 4 - Previewing Tonight's Game** **Segment 5 - Wrapping Up The Show** Also just a note, no show tomorrow. Find Moose on Twitter - @MooseMichaels


20: Mikolas Takes The Mound

Welcome back to today's episode! **Segment 1 - We recap yesterday's game against the Padres** **Segment 2 - What do we do with Dexter Fowler?** **Segment 3 - Miles Mikolas looks to win game 2 against the Padres** **Segment 4 - More trade talk** **Segment 5 - Wrapping things up** Contact Moose on Twitter - @MooseMichaels


19: Who Do You Trust, Talking Trades & Looking At The Padres

Yeah probably not the way to end a weekend series against the Reds, right? Lot's to talk about today! **Segment 1 - Recapping The Weekend** **Segment 2 - Who Do You Trust - St. Louis Cardinals Starting Pitching Edition** **Segment 3 - Let's Talk Some Trades** **Segment 4 - Why The Upcoming Padres Series Is SO Important** **Segment 5 - Wrapping Things Up** Find Two For Three on Apple Podcast, Google Play, iHeart Radio and anywhere else fine podcasts are heard. **Contact Moose on Twitter -...


18: The Cardinals Have Some Character Flaws

Is there a more frustrating team right now than the St. Louis Cardinals. The Redbirds need a major shake up and Moose talks a bit a bit about what that may include. Plus we take a look at the Reds series which starts tonight! Follow Moose on Twitter - @MooseMichaels


17: Update!!!!

It's been a while guys. I'm not back all the way yet but I want to give you an update on the hiatus I've been on and what's coming next for Two For Three. New episodes coming in June and I won't be alone!


16: Why Can't We Play The Reds 90% Of The Time?

The Cardinals feasted on the Reds and their awful pitching and anemic batting. The Cardinals now look at a two game set against the Cubs after tonight's out and it's time to kick them while they're down and then feast on the Reds again! Rate and review Two For Three in Apple Podcast and everywhere else fine podcasts are heard. Contact the show - @MooseMichaels and @TwoForThreeSTL on Twitter


15: Paul DeJong Is....?

Another shortish episode but we talk about Paul DeJong and his not so good trends and why DeWitt may need to rethink this whole attitude of "Revenue is up so who cares if the product is good" if what is reported is true. Contact - @MooseMichaels on Twitter and email the show


14: Short On Time But Not On News

The Cardinals drop 2 out of 3 to the Diamondbacks and while there is plenty to dissect, Moose has time to only really touch on what he thinks is the biggest story out of the series, Adam Wainwright. Yes he saw the horrible Ump Show on Saturday but Moose needs to be a peaceful individual. Contact Moose on Twitter @MooseMichaels


13: Brew-ding Over Matheny, Should Tommy Have Kept It In The Pham & Other Puns

Martinez had one heck of a bounce back game, Matheny causes fans to hulk out over a double switch and Tommy Pham lets us know how he feels about his time so far with the St. Louis Cardinals! Contact Moose on Twitter @MooseMichaels or @TwoForThreeSTL and you can e-mail the show at!


12: The Cardinals Favorite Letter Of The Alphabet Is K! (Though Honestly It Doesn't Matter), Martinez & Wacha Stink, And A Look At The Brewers Series

Happy belated Easter to you! Moose has your Opening Series against the Mets recap as well as why you shouldn't care about how many time the Cards strike out AND the Inaugural Regular Season presentation of the "This Buds For You Award"! We also take a look at the Brewers and how the Holland signing affects the rotation! Email the show at Tweet the show @TwoForThreeSTL or @MooseMichaels


11: Mark Saxon Returns, Opening Day Is Nearly Here And We Take A Look At The Mets Series With OOTP 19

After a brief break, Moose returns with the longest episode yet as we take a look at some of the recent extensions to prospects and up and coming players, what's happening with Waino and Gregerson, the Cardinals line up and what Out of the Park Baseball 19 says will happen during the opening series against the Mets. Plus Mark Saxon from The Athletic calls in to talk Cardinals baseball. It's all here and more as we countdown to Opening Day! Want to contact Moose? Twitter - @MooseMichaels,...


10: A Chat With Richard Grisham Of Out Of The Park Developments

Today, March 22nd 2018, is the big release day for Out Of The Park Baseball 19! Moose talks the new release and baseball with Out Of The Park Developments Chief Marketing Officer Richard Grisham. Not only that but YOU could WIN a COPY of OUT OF THE PARK BASEBALL 19\. All you have to do is tweet a link to this podcast and be sure to tag @MooseMichaels, @243Podcast and @OOTPBaseball to enter. Moose will pick three entrants at random at 5 PM CST tomorrow on March 23rd, 2018. Enjoy The show!...


9: You Could Win A Copy Of Out Of The Park Baseball 19, Kelly Is Back To The Minors & Jose Altuve Got Paid

On Thursday March 22nd, 2019 Out of the Park Developments is releasing Out Of The Park Baseball 19 and YOU could win a copy of the game. Moose has 3 copies to give away and how you win is in today's episode. Also Moose talks why sending Carson Kelly to the minors again is a mistake and why Jose Martinez should play every day in the Majors. All this and your news and notes! Contact - Moose Twitter - @MooseMichaels Two For Three Twitter - @243Podcast


8: Wainwright Surprises, Rob Manfred Is An Idiot & Something To Look Forward To Next Week

Adam Wainwright is starting to look like his old self while Rob Manfred keeps worrying about how old he thinks the game is. Plus news and notes from around the league and our first prize announcement of something super cool you can win from Two For Three and guest next week. How you win you can expect on Tuesday's episode. Contact -