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21: So About How The Cardinals Were Supposed To Destroy The Padres...

Well the Cardinals blew last night. Here's what's on today's show. **Segment 1 - Recapping Last Nights Game** **Segment 2 - It Ain't A Money Problem** **Segment 3 - The Cubs Are Coming To Town** **Segment 4 - Previewing Tonight's Game** **Segment 5 - Wrapping Up The Show** Also just a note, no show tomorrow. Find Moose on Twitter - @MooseMichaels


20: Mikolas Takes The Mound

Welcome back to today's episode! Segment 1 - We recap yesterday's game against the Padres Segment 2 - What do we do with Dexter Fowler? Segment 3 - Miles Mikolas looks to win game 2 against the Padres Segment 4 - More trade talk Segment 5 - Wrapping things up Contact Moose on Twitter - @MooseMichaels


19: Who Do You Trust, Talking Trades & Looking At The Padres

Yeah probably not the way to end a weekend series against the Reds, right? Lot's to talk about today! **Segment 1 - Recapping The Weekend** **Segment 2 - Who Do You Trust - St. Louis Cardinals Starting Pitching Edition** **Segment 3 - Let's Talk Some Trades** **Segment 4 - Why The Upcoming Padres Series Is SO Important** **Segment 5 - Wrapping Things Up** Find Two For Three on Apple Podcast, Google Play, iHeart Radio and anywhere else fine podcasts are heard. **Contact Moose on Twitter -...


18: The Cardinals Have Some Character Flaws

Is there a more frustrating team right now than the St. Louis Cardinals. The Redbirds need a major shake up and Moose talks a bit a bit about what that may include. Plus we take a look at the Reds series which starts tonight! Follow Moose on Twitter - @MooseMichaels