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Underground Real Sports Episode 50

On this Episode of Underground Real Sports, Taji and Keazy continue to discuss what happened to the Sixers this year. James from Yeadon called in and wanted to discuss how the Sixers could get Leonard from the Spurs and how he doesnt want LBJ or PG13 to come here. Taji breaks down downfall of the Golden State effect an how it wont last past 4 years. Kevin brings up a point if the Sixers wait to spend big money untl next year, would you be all in on Klay or Leonard. All these topics and much...


UGRR 20: Who Cares What Kanye Says??

Special guests Neerali and Tiffinee join this important discussion about celebrity worship, stemming Kanye West's controversial comments about slavery being a choice and why we care so much. Meek Mill's release is also discussed as the debate develops into a disagreement about whether the masses have a real choice about what they choose to tune into, listen to, and generally care about. Childish Gambino's video "This is America" is also discussed.


Underground Real Sports Episode 49

On this edition of The Underground Real Sports Podcast, we spoke all things Sixers. Season overview and what went wrong and what does next season hold. James from Yeadon called in to argue the panels point about Illy and Marco being a bigger part of the teams success than what the panel was saying. All this an much more!


UGRR 19 - “They Scared to Be Human”

The Underground Realroad hosts Taji Aqib, Damon G, and Keazy discuss the disgraceful arrest of two Black men at a Starbuck’s in Philadelphia accused of trespassing. Currently, catch The Underground Realroad on Instagram Live every week at www.Instagram.com/iiiFCMedia Thank you to our UGRR Instagram Live audience for tuning in and participating! #UGRR


UGRR 18: Nobody's Chocolate Fantasy

Taji Aqib and Damong G are joined by special guests Tiffany Monique and Wallace Smith to discuss what makes people date outside of their race. Currently, catch The Underground Realroad on Instagram Live every week at www.Instagram.com/iiiFCMedia. Get your "Still Real" Tee at www.teespring.com/stillrealtees! Thank you to our #UGRR Instagram Live audience for tuning in and participating.


Underground Real Sports Episode 48

The Underground Real Sports crew is back and talking Sixers Playoffs. We give our review of Game 1 and 2 and what the Sixers needed to do moving forward. Taji and Keazy expressed their coaching concerns with Brett Brown moving forward he cannot get out coached. Are the three point attempts too much? All this and much more!


UGRR 17 - "Animal Sex"

Among the topics discussed on UGRR 17 are: Should people be able to have friends of the opposite sex while in committed relationships? The challenge of giving your partner attention while also trying to entertain guests at an event where they don’t know anyone. Who still has wild acrobatic sex with their partner, and when does that stop (if ever)? Currently, catch The Underground Realroad on Instagram Live every week at www.Instagram.com/iiiFCMedia. And purchase our "Still Real" tees at...


UGRR 16: "Well, The White Man Has Been Very Crafty"

“The White Man has Been Very Crafty” Recently, the South African parliament voted in favor of a motion to expropriate white-owned land to the native black people of the country. Is this the right thing to do, and is the best thing for the country right now? Will it have a domino effect around the world? Why have Africans, African Americans, and so many other descendants of Africa allowed themselves to be in the position to need reparations to begin with? Are they too passive as a race? Do...


Underground Real Sports Episode 47

The gang is back. Taji, Keazy and Damon talk about the Sixers wining streak and the return of Markell Fultz to the lineup. Also the crew spoke about Brett Brown coaching during the streak and how this effects the teams future. Could the Sixers be looking at a OKC situation in the past with Durant, Westbrook, Harden, and Serge with Embiid, Fultz, Simmons, and Saric? All this on much more on!


UGRR 15: Should the Woman Propose/Have to Take Her Husband's Name? (Also Critique of "The Chi")

Is it ever okay for the woman to propose? Is it ever okay for the woman to not take the her husband's last name? The hosts discuss these two gender role-reversal topics at length, but start off with a spirited critique of Season 1 of "The Chi." Currently, catch The Underground Realroad on Instagram Live every week at www.Instagram.com/IIIFCMedia. And purchase our "Still Real" tees at www.teespring.com/stillrealtees!


UGRR 14: How Forward Should a Woman Be in Letting a Man Know She's Interested?

The Underground Realroad hosts discuss the culture of courtship in 2018 with their Instagram Live audience...as well as some other more explicit things in the modern dating environment. Follow www.Instagram.com/iiiFCMedia to tune in to our next show!


UGRR 13 - How Prepared Would You Be if the World Lost All Electic Power?

In light of the recent noreaster up the northeast coast of the US, one in which host @TajiAqib lost all of his power for a few days and had to figure out living alternatives, a member of UGRR's Instagram Live audience suggested a discussion about how we would manage individually, and as a civilized society, if it the power outage was permanent and worldwide.


Underground Realroad 12: Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Taji Aqib and Damon G discuss with their Instagram Live audience whether the "nice guys finish last" thing is a myth or reality.


Underground Realroad 11: Analyzing Black Panther

After seeing the much-anticipated film on opening weekend, Damon, Keazy, and Taji discuss break it down and discuss whether it lived up to the hype with their Instagram Live audience.


Underground Real Sports Episode 45

On this episode of Underground Real Sports, Dame, Keazy, and Taji discuss the recent report of Doug Pederson internally interviewing candidates for the Offensive Coordinator and if the Eagles will give Deuce Staley? The team also discussed All Star Weekend for the NBA, the good the bad and the ugly. All this and much more! Follow us on Instagram: @tajiaqib @damonjg @ugkeazy @ugrsports This is a IIIrd Floor Country Production! Become a citizen


Underground Real Sports Episode 44

On this edition of Underground Real Sports Podcast, Taji, Dame, and Keazy discuss the aftermath of the Super Bowl as it has been only a week ago. Keazy brings up the Lane Johnson comments and the reactions to it. Keazy goes into a rant about the Eagles paying too much attention to other teams and not acting like Champions. The crew also talked about the upcoming off season for the Eagles and how they are over the cap and going to have to let players go in order to keep important people...


Underground Real Road Episode43

On this edition of the Underground Real Road Podcast, the crew discussed the Super Bowl 52 win by the Philadelphia Eagles over the Patriots. Damon and Taji got into a heated discussion when it came to the benching of Malcom Butler and why he was not playing. The crew also discussed how bad both defenses played and the amount of yards given up. What will the Eagles do with Foles. Only Time will tell. Please join us live on Facebook live as we record the Podcast Every Monday from 7-9pm EST...


Underground Real Sports Episode 41

On this episode of Underground Real Sports, the panel discussed the big Eagles win over the Falcons this past weekend. Keazy went on a rant about the Eagles and how they should not have been and underdog to a 6th seed at home. Taji gave Nick Foles credit for being a good back up but handing the game ball to the defense and Doug Pederson. Dame discussed the emergence of the Jaguars and the defense possibly given the Pats trouble in the AFC championship. The crew then discussed the ongoing...


Underground Real Sports Episode 40

Dame, Keazy, and Taji make their comeback after the holidays discussing the Eagles and the wildcard weekend results. Can Nick Foles and the birds beat the red hot Falcons? With the Sixers winning streak, are you confident they can make the playoffs under Brett Brown? Eagles predictions and much much more. Enjoy


Underground Real Sports Episode 39

On this episode of Underground Real Sports, The crew discussed the #Eagles loss and #Sixers problems with special guest, philly's own Jimmy Jump. Check of his instagram @54desperado. Dame and Keazy brought up the Russell Wilson topic that was spoken about on First Take on Monday. Taji brought up how he doesnt get the credit he deserve in the MVP conversation. Keazy brought up the mistakes Carson Wentz had in contributing to the loss and discussed how the #Eagles could be in trouble with a...


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