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The only college football podcast in the country that delivers real, raw, unfiltered takes on the best sport in America. Hosts Brandon Walker and Kayce Smith pull no punches when discussing the national landscape of college football. New episodes drop Monday and Thursday.

The only college football podcast in the country that delivers real, raw, unfiltered takes on the best sport in America. Hosts Brandon Walker and Kayce Smith pull no punches when discussing the national landscape of college football. New episodes drop Monday and Thursday.


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The only college football podcast in the country that delivers real, raw, unfiltered takes on the best sport in America. Hosts Brandon Walker and Kayce Smith pull no punches when discussing the national landscape of college football. New episodes drop Monday and Thursday.






Week 8 Recap + Did Kayce & Brandon Make Up?

On today's podcast: -Brandon & Kayce talk it out... -Kayce's birthday! -A weird tattoo is discussed. -Katie is keeping tabs on every Barstool employee. -James Franklin lost the game for PSU. -Joe Milton, Graham Mertz, Justin Fields! -Brandon injured himself. -SEC officials blow it again. -An Auburn/Alabama conspiracy theory. -Greg Schiano! Take that, Tennessee fans! -Poor Myles Brennan. -What players should be getting more respect nationally. -Oklahoma State...are they for real? -The worst...


A Podcast Changing Fight + Week 8 Preview

On today's podcast, Brandon "suspends" Kayce for going behind his back in a joke that backfires big time. Kayce joins the show (8:50) which only makes things worse. Brandon then updates the Roughnecks on all that has happened (13:15) Eventually, Brandon welcomes back the Big Ten (14:20) and goes through the weekends entire slate (48:08). He then reads the Roughnecks hottest takes and answers their questions (1:05:26).


Week 7 Recap: Brandon Has To Drive 17 Hours Home

Kayce and Brandon recap their trip to Starkville. Katie's UNC lost to Florida State?!? Alabama - Georgia. Tennessee STINKS. Who would've thought! And everything else in the CFB world.


Week 7 Preview: Our Highest Stakes Ever?

Today's episode: -The upcoming trip to Starkville. -Our bet on the game. -Dan Mullen's comments on a full stadium + a funny Deadspin headline. -Florida's COVID issues. -NCAA one time transfer rule. -Brandon reads menus from Starkville -We learn of Nick Saban's COVID diagnosis while we are recording -Does a certain content person like Brandon back? -Kayce and Katie have beef? 3:13: Our upcoming trip to Starkville! 15:19: News from around CFB 40:49: Previewing week 7! 1:15:30: Stacking CASH...


Week 6 Review: Gig Em

On today's episode we: -Debate who believed in Texas A&M and who didn't! -Look at if the SEC is the new Big 12? -Confirm our trip to Starkville! -Hash out Katie's tweet to Brandon. -Review all of the games from yesterday. -Feel bad for Arkansas. 0:00: Intro 5:52: Trip to A&M-Mississippi State. 8:27: SEVERAL statements from Brandon Walker. 20:53: Texas A&M discussion. 23:32: ACC recap. 33:50: SEC recap. 47:40: Big 12 recap. 1:04:41: Brandon vs. Katie? 1:11:03: Who won and lost the weekend?!...


Week 6 Preview: Are They Real Or Fake?

On today's podcast we: -Podcast from a new studio thanks to a Jack Mac fuck up. -Kayce has noooodle brain. -We go through the top 25 to see who is REAL and who is FAKE? -Preview week 6! 0:00: Intro 7:28: Special ANNOUNCEMENT! 16:28: We play...Real or fake? 29:16: TCU/Big 12 argument. 35:09: Preview week 6! 52:02: Roughnecks ask some great questions. 1:07:11: Stacking Cash


Week 5 Recap: Pain

On today's episode: -Recap our pain -Jam out to NSYNC -Dive into Brandon Walker's DMs -Kayce finds out the score of the Cowboys game mid podcast -Find out who are the pretenders throughout the country! 0:00: Intro 2:30: Brandon Walker discusses what it feels like to lose to Arkansas. 13:20: Pretenders exposed throughout the country 26:47: Messages sent to Brandon Walker from the great state of Arkansas! 34:40: Kayce vents about A&M 39:05: Brandon's 12 questions 1:03:23: Who won the weekend?...


Week 5 Preview: Buying Low And Selling High

On today's episode, we discuss: -Teams we are buying low on. -The week 5 slate. -Brandon Walker's massive dilemma on having too much hope and fear! -Going to Miss St. vs. A&M? -A Brandon Walker food show? -A great non-Power 5 matchup 0:00: Intro 5:29: Overview of today's podcast 11:06: Discussing the AP Top 25 and other polls 13:45: Brandon Walker's BIG dilemma. 20:58: Stacking Cash 29:47: Checking in on A&M and other teams we are buying low on. 48:12: Previewing all the week 5 games...


Week 4 Recap: The (Cow)Belle Of The Ball

0:00: Intro with a little bit of Cowbell!!! 9:31: Brandon Walker recaps Mississippi State's victory over LSU. 22:20: Is it time to remove Oklahoma as an elite program? Are they a fraud?! 28:17: Kayce takes her anger out on Texas. 32:07: We take a look around the SEC. 38:10: Recap the rest of the games. 44:06: A look into Week 5's schedule and it's top matchups. 49:02: Which teams were we most right and most wrong about? 53:34: Our winners of the weekend. 1:03:58: Our losers of the weekend/...


Welcome Back, SEC!

On today's episode we: -Welcome back the SEC -Brandon storms out when a certain school's fight song is played -We preview this week's games -Debut TWO new segments! -Listen to the Roughnecks welcome back the SEC 0:00: INTRO 16:38: News & notes! 30:40: What will the delusional Tennessee fan say this week? 37:30: Diving into this week's games. 1:08:20: Stacking Cash With Jack Mac 1:33:50: The Roughnecks welcome back the SEC!


A House Divided....Plus Week 3 Recap!

0:00 Intro 1:30: Brandon Walker vs. Jack Mac....in an all out WAR. 21:56: We finally talk about some FOOTBALL and break down the new Big Ten schedule. 35:25: Look ahead to week 4. 43:12: Winners and losers from the weekend. 1:05:22: HOT TAKES from the Roughnecks. 1:20:30: A SPECIAL shit list.


Welcome Back, Big Ten!

On today's episode, we discuss: -The Big Ten's comeback! -Bad "journalism" -The week 3 slate -The time Brandon worked at the air port! -Possibly going to Texas A&M - Mississippi State? -Being nice to each other? 0:00: Intro 4:45: Welcome BACK, Big Ten! 18:15: News and notes from around the CFB world. 48:45: Week 3 preview 1:08:30: The Roughnecks welcome back the Big Ten!


Week 2 Recap: Thanks For Coming Out, Big 12

On today's episode we: -Recap week 2 -Honor the Big 12's shitty weekend -Pick our winners and losers -Reintroduce the SHIT LIST -Look ahead to week 3 -Is the Big 10 back? -Read the hottest takes from the Roughnecks 0:00: Intro 6:30: Is the Big Ten back? 15:02: Recapping this weekend's games 22:02: WInners of week 2 37:00: Losers of week 2 1:11:26: THE SHIT LIST 1:20:30: Hot takes from the Roughnecks!


Drafting "Our Guys" For The 2020 CFB Season

On today's podcast, we discuss: -Moana -Welcome the ACC & Big 12 back! -Last week's opening slate of games -The first CFB show -What games we are most excited for this weekend -Which top top team will disappoint in 2020? -Which team will come out of nowhere in 2020? 0:00: Intro 6:00: Welcome back ACC & Big 12!!! 20:00 News & notes 23:21: A rant from Brandon Walker 43:40: Previewing this weeks games! 53:00: Drafting "our guys" for the upcoming season. 1:16:30: Roughnecks responses on our...


We FINALLY Get To Preview The Season

On today's podcast, we: -Breakdown each conference's best team, most overvalued team, most undervalued team, and worst team. -Discuss what the hell is going on with the Big Ten. -Will LSU be able to field a team this year? -Jack Mac...FIRED? -Preview the week 1 schedule -Our plan for the season. -The CFB show is BACK! 10:02: News from around the nation 20:59: Best team, worst team, overvalued, and undervalued teams from each conference 1:23:00: Roughnecks HONEST expectations for this season.


So.....What If The Season Doesn't Happen?

On today's episode: -We pause for a moment to recognize what's going on in sports. -Discuss the AP Poll -No tailgating, but sailgating is allowed? -Why we think BYU is always going to be good. -The 1st week of the CFB season. -Austin Peay. -Central Arkansas wants all the smoke. -Ponder what we will do if the season doesn't happen. Emphasis on IF. 0:00: Intro and a message from Brandon Walker & Kayce Smith 3:45: COLLEGE FOOTBALL! 15:40: The opening weekend of college football 29:45: The...


Saving The 2020 College Football Season For ALL Fans

On today's episode, we discuss: -The rumors swirling around the B1G -The SEC schedule -A fight between the kids. -Kayce's plan to save CFB for every fan, regardless if their team is playing -Draft our teams from every conference -Week 1 lines for the SEC -Preparing for a season as if it's 100% going to happen 0:00: Intro 3:30: How we are feeling about the 2020 season 13:26: News from around the CFB world 27:20: FIGHT!! 37:00: Kayce's plan to save the college football season for ALL fans....


Was That The Craziest CFB Week....Ever? (Ft. "Coach O")

On today's podcast we discuss: -Joey Mulinaro joins us! -The crazy week that was in the college football world! -Spring football? Could it work? -"Coach O" stops by to read Kayce's DMs. -Brandon blacks out multiple times. -What is the solution to the mess that CFB is in right now? -Politics in CFB. -A funeral to the Big Ten and Pac-12 -Has the Pac-12 slander gone too far? -Consoling Brandon after his long day at work. 0:00: Intro 4:45: The state of College Football..... 23:50: A funeral for...


The College Football World Is BUZZING

On today's episode we discuss: -Our first fight. -Jack Mac....being phased out? -UConn cancelling their season, does it matter? -The Pac-12 players #WeAreUnited movement. -How many players will opt out of the 2020 season? -The new schedules across the nation. -Harvey Updyke....insane or not? 0:00: Intro 2:30: Our first fight? 17:15: News from across the nation. 1:00:50: Questions from Kayce's DMs.


The Most Interesting Teams For The 2020 Season

On today's episode, we discuss: -The ACC's schedule announcement -Kayce getting cancelled? -Brandon Walker's most interesting teams for the 2020 season -Brandon gets in his CFB journalist rant of the week -Bubbles! -Editorializing tweets? 0:00: Intro with a side of breaking news from the ACC! 11:10: News from around the college football world. 22:00: The most interesting teams in each conference for the 2020 season 51:17: Bubble talk! 1:06:00: Is Kayce getting cancelled on the Texas A&M...