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Episode 128: Survivor Series 1998

We are one year removed from the Montreal Screwjob and the tide has turned in the Monday Night War--the WWF is near clearly in the lead with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin feuding with "Mr. McMahon." But the story of Survivor Series 1998 is about to further the lead that the WWF has when they crown their "next big thing" champion. The Rock became "the guy" at Survivor Series '98 but HOW they got there was the most masterful part of the story. Vince Russo has said this was the best thing he ever...


Episode 127: William Regal

Nobody has a story like William Regal! Bruce and Conrad cover his start in the business at just 16 years old, touring Europe, a surprise tryout with the WWF nobody talks about, who gave him a tip on how to get hired in WCW, who brought him in, why he left, who he called in the WWF to come in, what happened in the very first meeting, the illness that nearly cost him his life, his addiction, the rocky start with the company, the silly "Man" gimmick, rehab, the release, the match that got...


Episode 126: Daniel Puder & the Hardcore Title

Take a look into Tough Enough as Bruce discusses the judges, the contestants, and how the decision to bring it to SmackDown upset the veterans. Of course Bruce has an opinion on how the "incident" with Angle took place as well. Why did Puder win? Once he did, how did the veterans treat him? What really happened at the Royal Rumble? Why didn't they ever do anything with him and Angle? What is their relationship like now? We discuss OVW, the letter he got by "accident" and then of course we...


Episode 125: When Hunter Married Stephanie

Bruce tells Conrad all about the time Hunter Married Stephanie... on TV and in real life! What REALLY happened, HOW, WHO knew, and WHEN? Hurry to to see us in Winston Salem, LA, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Phoenix on sale now: Tees are at and everything else is at Save Yourself Some Money: Get a Brand New House with NO MONEY DOWN at Take your manhood to the max by...


Judgement Day 1998

A vacant title divides the Brothers of Destruction with Stone Cold smack dab in the middle.


Episode 123: Rikishi

We knew him by many names before we were introduced to "Rikishi" and Bruce touches on everything from the Samoan Swat Team to the Sultan as we examine the career of Solofa Fatu Jr! You'll hear about everything from the inspiration behind the look, who was enamored with his finisher, how Too Cool came to by, and ultimately why it ended. Bruce also reminds everyone about the "bump" nobody talks about and perhaps the only "sawdust moment" in the history of wrestling. And of course you'll find...


Episode 122: Carlito

This week we spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool! Carlos Colon is a legend in the wrestling business so it's a no brainer to get his son in the WWE and push him to the moon right? But why didn't it last? What went wrong? What was the word on him coming out of developmental? Who saw something in him on the main roster? We discuss his debut, the US title run, the draft, the IC title run, the WrestleMania moment with Piper and Austin, working against Hogan and Michaels, the...


Episode 121: Breakdown 1998

The WWF's business is booming after SummerSlam 1998 but Nitro is winning the ratings war. We'll examine how we got to Breakdown, what it really set up, what changed about Vince's approach to PPVs in this era, we touch on Jim Carrey and Jerry Lawler, Kurt Angle signing, the camps that WWE was running at the time, Hawk's physical ailment nobody was talking about, wrestlers in High Times, Foley not taking more time off after the Hell in a Cell, Shawn Michaels returning, Tiger Ali Singh, what...


Episode 120: Unforgiven 2008

This is a sleeper episode! Bruce and Conrad discuss Ric Flair leaving the WWE, Freddie Prinze, Jr. coming in as a writer, the Mike Adamle experiment, the "independent contractor" lawsuit and debate, Ventura wanting Vince to back him for the Presidency, CM Punk losing the World Title on this PPV without ever even being in the ring, why that happened, why the business was down, Vince sending out feelers for a "WWE Network" (in 2008!), whatever happened to Manu, a young Cody Rhodes, who is to...


Episode 119: The SmackDown After 9/11

Bruce discusses the details of the 9/11 tragedy from a WWE perspective, who was where, what happened, etc. and then in great detail discusses how SmackDown was rescheduled from Tuesday to Thursday with everything that went into producing a very unique show. Watch the "Roast of Bruce Prichard," the "Monday Night War Debate," or dozens of other shows on demand starting at just $4.99 at Want more content? Want the shows early and ad free? Support us on Patreon!...


Episode 118: #LoveToKnow

Bruce answers dozens and dozens of your questions today! Don't miss it! Watch the "Roast of Bruce Prichard," the "Monday Night War Debate," or dozens of other shows on demand starting at just $4.99 at Want more content? Want the shows early and ad free? Support us on Patreon! Hurry to to see us in San Antonio, Winston Salem, LA, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Phoenix on sale now: Tees are at...


Episode 116: The First SmackDown!

RAW is crushing Nitro in the ratings and WCW has Thunder, so why not create a second show right? What did the boys think of an extra day of work? What did the writers think? Who was for it and who was against it? What other names were considered? Why did they settle on this one? Why was there a pilot? Why was going live not considered? How in the world did it wind up on UPN? What McMahon quote caused Conrad and Bruce to argue this week? Join Bruce for a peak behind the curtain into a look at...


Episode 115: SummerSlam 1998

The WWF's business has never been hotter than it was in 1998. Less than a year after telling Bret that he couldn't afford his contract, Vince bought a casino! Hear the details of that deal plus everything that went into creating SummerSlam on today's look back at the Summer of 1998! Bruce and Conrad will discuss the thinking behind the "baby face main event" and whether or not it was a mistake in hindsight, why Edge was the mystery partner, the pressure behind having a ladder match at MSG at...


Episode 114: Hulk Hogan's 1989 - 1990

Bruce and Conrad have covered the Mega Powers exploding and Zeus, but what about the rest of Hogan's 1989? Learn more about the script for No Holds Barred, how Hogan taking a dump saved the movie, how the movie nearly didn't make theaters, and all about the Rumble, Survivor Series, and SummerSlam matches that year with fun sidebars on Honky, Schiavone, Bad News, and Sherri. When we get to 1990 you won't believe what Bruce was suggesting but Vince shut down, why Vince shut it down, hear a...


Episode 113: SummerSlam 1997

1997 was one of the most important years in WWF history. We will examine the story lines like the USA-Canada angle of course but the real story is what is actually happening within the company. The WWF has greater attendance but ratings and PPV buys are down. We're less than two months away from Vince McMahon coming to Bret to tell him, "I can't afford your contract." We know that the following month, Vince "found the money." But how? We examine what changes the company made to cut costs and...


Episode 112: Vengeance 2003

This is a sleeper episode! Bruce and Conrad discuss the brand split and how it allowed guys to be featured who may not normally have a chance to do so, why the US Title was created, the rumor and innuendo surrounding Zack Gowen, the infamous HBO interview where Vince got frustrated discussing deaths in wrestling, why Hogan left, the original plan for Hogan and what the backup plan was, Chris Bell's brief run backstage, Billy Kidman being the envy of the locker room, why Terry Taylor was out...


Episode 111: Invasion PPV (July 2001)

What were the original plans for the Invasion angle? When did they change? Why did they change? What missteps were made? Was McMahon impatient? The "dream" angle became a nightmare, but why? Bruce and Conrad examine the ins-and-outs of the "Dream Card" that didn't live up to the hype on today's edition of Something to Wrestle! Want more content? Support us on Patreon! New York, San Antonio, Winston Salem, LA, the UK, and Phoenix on sale now:...


Epsisode 110: Muhammad Hassan

Anti-American "gimmicks" have been done in wrestling for decades but Muhammad Hassan is the only character to ever be banned from television in the WWE. Join Bruce and Conrad as they examine the "how" and "why" of one of the most controversial characters in wrestling history. Who had this idea originally? How was it different than what had been done before? How did they choose who would portray the character? What were the booking plans before the incident? How did the man behind the...


Episode 109: Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake

We're struttin' and cuttin' this week on Something to Wrestle as we do three hours on Brutus the f'n Barber Beefcake! That's #BTFBB for short! We discuss who came up with the name Brutus Beefcake, the original gimmick, how it became a barber, whose idea that was, how it was received, who helped Brutus see how to get it over, why he never won the IC title in 88, why he was chosen to be by Hogan's side in 89 vs. Zeus/Savage, what the plans were at SummerSlam 90, all about the accident and the...