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Episode 151: Backlash 2004

The Rock, Stone Cold, Goldberg, and Brock Lesnar are all out of the company. Now McMahon is going to try establish Chris Benoit as his top star on RAW. Chris received a hero's welcome from Edmonton when he returned as Champion in a WrestleMania rematch. But why was it a rematch? When the venue was booked, did the WWE know Benoit would be the champ? Fresh off of a 2019 Superstar Shakeup, Bruce breaks down the WWE's mentality and the thought process behind a "Draft" and the real life...


Austin 1998/1999

The Austin Era was at a fevered pitch in 1998 and 1999. Bruce and Conrad discuss the ups and downs of Steve Austin's run during these years.


Episode 149: Michael "PS" Hayes

DOOT DOOT DOOT! Michael "PS" Hayes is one of the most charismatic, and misunderstood, superstars in the history of professional wrestling. Today Bruce and Conrad celebrate the incredible career in front of the camera and behind the camera behind someone Bruce calls "a wrestling savant." Just hours before WrestleMania, Bruce shares stories about his friend of nearly 40 years from Badstreet USA to New York. But we feel the need to warn you: the further down the block you went the badder it...


Episode 148: WrestleMania X-Seven

What a crazy month for Vince McMahon. The XFL is tanking and NBC wants out of the deal, Jerry Lawler walked out, ECW files for bankruptcy, Paul Heyman needs a job, Vince has a meltdown on HBO, he acquires WCW, and oh by the way he's about to put on the biggest WrestleMania ever! Bruce and Conrad dig into all of these moving parts going on behind the scenes before what will be the most financially successful WrestleMania ever up until that point setting records in nearly every category. The...


Episode 147: WrestleMania X

WrestleMania X marked the return to Madison Square Garden, where it all began nine years earlier. But this WrestleMania was different. Vince McMahon was in the fight of his life with the steroid trial, the business was much in transition where it had taken a dip, and this was the very first WrestleMania without Hulk Hogan. How did the trial effect his view of WrestleMania? Did it effect his booking of this show or his creativity in general? After the company took a dip in 1993, what did they...


Episode 146: WrestleMania XX

We're finally here, WRESTLEMANIA XX! This was the third, and probably last, WrestleMania at Madison Square Garden. We discuss the Garden and the opening video for the show in great detail. We've already covered Royal Rumble 2004 where Benoit won his shot at the World Title and No Way Out 2004 where Eddie Guerrero became World Champion himself but most folks remember the end of this show as their crowning moment of their careers. We discuss why Shawn was inserted into the match, the finish...


Episode 145: Steve Austin's 1997

Steve Austin set the wrestling world on fire in 1998 but it almost didn't happen. Join Bruce and Conrad as they examine the most pivotal year of Austin's career up to that point, 1997. From winning the Royal Rumble, the incredible Final Four match, the unbelievable WrestleMania match with Bret, the rumor and innuendo about the blood in that match, why Shamrock was involved, the PPV main event title shot against Undertaker that is rarely discussed, the final match of the Austin-Bret trilogy...


Episode 144: Jerry "The King" Lawler

Nobody has had a career like Jerry "The King" Lawler. Bruce discusses his legacy prior to joining the WWE, how the deal with WWE came together, the original plan, the feud with Bret, the missteps with Piper, what really "made" him to Vince, the time he sued WWE, the legal trouble and what really happened, the feuds with Warrior and Jake, why he was in the XFL, the situation when he quit, what he said about Bruce while he was gone, how he was received when he returned, what his legacy will...


Episode 143: The Undertaker 2004-2006

The American Bad Ass is gone and the Deadman returns in this in-depth look at the Undertaker's 2004 through 2006 years.


Episode 142: No Way Out 2004

Relive one of Bruce Prichard's favorite memories of his entire career, the night Eddie Guerrero won the World Title! Find out when the decision was made to "go with Eddie" and how the creative got us there. Bruce explains the challenge of the timing with this show being just three weeks after the Royal Rumble, why Goldberg was involved, the situation with Brock's much-talked-about airplane, the legendary skits with Eddie and Brock to build to this match, the reaction backstage to the match,...


Episode 141: St Valentine's Day Massacre

Bruce and Conrad discuss the business, build up and brutality of the 1999 St. Valentine's Day Massacre PPV.


Episode 140: Gorilla Monsoon

Join Bruce and Conrad as they remember one of the best that ever did it, Gorilla Monsoon. Have a question for our St. Valentine's Day Massacre episode next week? Head over to Facebook right now, Hurry to to see us in Atlanta (tomorrow!), Connecticut, Indiana, Ohio, and Australia on sale now: Save Yourself Some Money: Get a Brand New House with NO MONEY DOWN at


Episode 139: Sid

When did Bruce first meet Sid? When was Sid on the WWF's radar? What did Vince promise Sid to get him to walk away from guaranteed money from WCW? Did Sid regret his decision to leave? How and where did Sid get the name Vicious and why the change to Justice? Did Sid turn down the "Hogan spot" in the WWF? What did Bruce think of the finish to the 92 Rumble? What did Sid think about WrestleMania? Why did Sid leave the company after the European tour? Did Sid ever fail a drug test? What was...


Episode 137: Royal Rumble 1999

The WWF's business has never been hotter and the talk of the industry is Austin-McMahon. Vince put a $100,000 bounty to hedge his bets that Austin never becomes Champion again... plus he finds himself in the Royal Rumble? Yes, Vince competed in this Rumble! This is also the year where we saw the first woman compete in the Royal Rumble for the very first time when Chyna comes in at #30! We cover the news and notes heading into the show, detail the business side of the company, discuss the...


A Tribute To Gene

His voice shaped generations of wrestling fans. Gene Okerlund's impact on professional wrestling is one that will forever be unmatched. Bruce shares personal stories of his time with Gene.


Foley Wins The Title

Bruce and Conrad discuss the ins and outs of Mick Foley's historic WWE title win on the 01/04/99 episode of Monday Night Raw.


Episode 134: December 22, 1997 RAW

Fire up the WWE Network and join Bruce and Conrad as they re-visit the WWF in a state of transition. The signature open still has the New Generation logo but boy are things different once the show starts. The WWF is coming under fire for "going too far" and there are even reported "riots" at live events. The top star can't wrestle so he fills his time investigating fake Santas... and defending future WWE Tag Team Champions. Plus the guys cover the Undertaker's health problems, the fall out...


Episode 133: Rock Bottom 1998

We're one month removed from perhaps the best Russo story line, Survivor Series 1998, and the Rock is no longer the "#2 babyface" he is clearly the top heel and thus this entire PPV is named after him. Join Bruce and Conrad as they examine all of the happenings in the WWF in December 1998! Holidays got you feeling stressed financially? can help you pay off your credit cards, get a lower monthly payment and even skip your next two house payments! Have a question for our...


D-Generation X: In Your House

What happens when a bunch of degenerates move into the neighborhood? Bruce and Conrad breakdown all the details surrounding D-Generation X: In Your House 1997