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VeloNews is a pro cycling magazine with over 1 million unique visits per month.

VeloNews is a pro cycling magazine with over 1 million unique visits per month.
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VeloNews is a pro cycling magazine with over 1 million unique visits per month.




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VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 10: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Ten

Nibali pushes back on Twitter. Cycling is brutal. Work Ethic is number one. Apologies, empathy and sympathy. Bobby does a VERY convincing Al Pacino as Scarface impression. Sprinters - are they born or can they be trained? British Cycling coaching institution Rod Ellingworth weighs in all things fast-twitch, including some very special insights into the legend that is Mark Cavendish as well as why track racing matters. “Rod is my Yoda.” - Bobby Julich #propstojumbovisma #fightingforcontracts...


VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 9: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Nine

STAGE 9 BASTILLE DAY St Etienne - Brioude 170.5km The cast talks nutrition on today’s stage: team chefs, soggy baguettes, and heaps of Nutella. Special shout out to ROAD ID employee of the month, Becky. You go, Becky. Turns out, Gus knows more about Zombies than anyone expected. And, we have our sprinter predictions for Stage 10 from Saint-Flour to Albi on the fastest growing sports podcast in the world, PYSO! Bonus: Coach Bobby J promises to take the whole crew to Sizzler after the Tour!...


VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 8: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Eight

Things get loose during Stage 8 of the TdF with team PYSO. Gus agrees with the UCI. Bobby is still not sure what Gus means by “Snacks on Stage." We have special guest Therese Sundstrom, pro soigneur, live from Girona, Spain. We talk rider care as well as self care today on the fastest growing sports podcast PUT YOUR SOCKS ON. Oh, and quick tip: don't mess with Bobby's chamois cream…


VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 7: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Seven

Today on PYSO Gus and Bobby examine the science around preparation and recovery. Skratch Labs founder Dr. Allen Lim joins the fun to address everything you want to know about cycling, from nutrition to new technology. Does Lim talk about Cryotanks? Yes. What about ice vests? You bet. It's all here. We even bring back Spinaci bar extensions, because we think they are cool. Be prepared: this is PYSO.


Fast Talk, ep. 78: The demands of the Tour de France, with Dimension Data coach Ciaran O'Grady

What exactly does it take to race the Tour — physiologically, mentally, spiritually. Each day these phenomenal athletes race an event that would shatter most of us in just one day. But then they also have to contend with answering reporters questions, pleasing sponsors, transferring between hotels, trying to eat enough food to cover the day’s expenditures, and, finally and perhaps most importantly, trying to get quality sleep. It’s a feat that’s hard to comprehend, so today we'll try to give...


VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 6: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Six

The Tour de France completed its first mountain stage of 2019 on Thursday, and delivered a huge dose of excitement. The timing was perfect, because Thursday was Gus's birthday. Happy Birthday, Gus! Your present is an awesome and exciting Tour stage! On Today's podcast, Gus and Bobby debate climbing. What makes a climber? Is it power-to-weight ratio, tactics, and or something else? What are the odds Giulio Ciccone takes the yellow all the way to Paris? Tao Geoghegan Hart, a veteran racer at...


VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 5: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Five

Toms! Toms! Toms! Bobby goes down memory lane but doesn't like it much. Superfan suggests that Sagan’s interview “form” is also back! Phillipe Gilbert shares some very interesting insights into today’s theme: Tactics. Are cartoons really better than Rosetta Stone, does 75% of tactical riding come down to nature or nurture, why did Gus’s coach tell him to climb into a ditch and take his shoes off, and which annual event in Belgium is guaranteed to get you a Pro Contract? Find out all this and...


VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 4: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Four

Stage 4 was sleepy in spots but PYSO is not! On today’s show, Bobby Julich and Gus Morton discuss failed nature-break ploys, getting jiggy with it, France vs. Italy on the subject of “legal usage” of champagne, high-speed praying mantes and more. Plus, EF Education First assistant sports director Tom Southam calls in to share some thoughts about being a director and the importance of analog technology. `


VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 3: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Three

Find out what happened and why! Do you want a World Tour contract to show up in your mailbox? Here’s how. Listen to legend Juan Antonio Flecha talk about one of the greatest upsets of his racing career. Then learn about the cracks, clips, cats and chalkboards that REALLY matter. #managainstpeloton #supertuckshaves20percent


VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 1: 2019 Tour de France, Stage One

Early aggression, TV attacks—you know you’re in the TDF. Mike Teunissen calls the audible of all audibles. Micro breaks, #bubbleboys, Bobby pushes back on the expression “meat sack”, the boys deep-dive into the intricacies and nuances of Team Selection, and it’s only Day 1 but some of our predictions are already out the window. It’s time to Put Your Socks On.


VeloNews Voices | PYSO ep. 2: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Two

In today’s show Bobby and Gus dive into Stage 2 and all things Aero. Is the yellow jersey a powerful motivator? What’s Rule Number One for a TT specialist? Did Jan Ulrich need team to win a TTT? Is your dad’s skinsuit the same as today’s skinsuit. What does Bobby mean when he says—“Don't overthink it.” And is tomorrow’s finish packed with enough snacks? Find out all this and more! Put Your Socks On.


VeloNews Voices | Beyond Limits, Ep. 2: What it takes to train for the Tour de France

What kind of workload does a rider need to achieve in the weeks and months leading up to the Tour de France? What kind of power numbers do they need to hit? And what new techniques can help the preparation? Allen Lim, PhD, has been coaching elite cyclists for two decades. In the run-up to the 2019 Tour de France, Lim has been working with Tejay van Garderen of EF Education First. In this episode, Lim and cohost Brian Co of Veloworthy recount all the training that has been done to get Tejay...


VeloNews Voices | Beyond Limits with Allen Lim, PhD, Ep. 1

From his academic work on power meters beginning in 1997 until today, Allen Lim, PhD, has been obsessed with improving a cyclist’s performance, on and off the bike. The founder of Skratch Labs has coached some of the world’s best cyclists, including most all the American grand tour contenders of the past 15 years. In Beyond Limits, Lim brings you inside the sport at the highest levels, showing its secrets, its humanity and its significance for everyday riders as we seek to improve. Here in...


VN Pod, ep. 148: Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal talks Tour, Zwift, and fat biking

On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast, Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal calls in to talk about the Tour de France, the rise of Zwift and indoor cycling, and his experiences at the Fat Bike World Championships, among other topics. Jason is a weekly sports columnist at The WSJ, and he regularly writes about the National Football League, NBA Basketball, and other mainstream sports. But Jason is also a cyclist and passionate follower of the sport, and thus, he also regularly writes...


Fast Talk, ep. 77: Avoiding the big mistakes even pros make, with Dr. Andy Pruitt and Frankie Andreu

We all make mistakes. No one trains and races perfectly, which can be frustrating when so often those mistakes are made out of honest effort and a desire to perform at our best. But we have a choice in how we treat our mistakes. One way is to get frustrated and beat up on ourselves. The other is to realize that admitting when we make a mistakes is an opportunity to improve and be a better athlete. With that second perspective in mind, today we’re going to talk about some of the most common...


VN Pod, ep. 147: Egan Bernal can win the Tour; Jonny Brown on winning USPro

On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast we analyze the Tour de France's list of flawed GC contenders, including the new frontrunner, Egan Bernal. Bernal's dominating win at the Tour de Suisse makes him one of the top favorites to win. What would a Bernal victory mean for Team Ineos, and more importantly, the country of Colombia? We discuss Bernal's rising star in pro cycling. Could a French rider win this year's Tour? The climbing course and lack of Chris Froome could open the door...


VN Pod, ep. 146: How Froome's injury changes the Tour; Chloe Woodruff talks 2020 Olympics

On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast Fred Dreier and Andrew Hood discuss the seismic shift that pro cycling underwent in the final week. Chris Froome's crash has completely changed the dynamics at the Tour de France, as Team Ineos no longer is the favorite to dominate the race. Which riders have the best shot to win in lieu of Froome's participation? How does the crash impact Froome's spot within Tour history? Then, the guys discuss the news that the UCI will sanction Juan Jose...


Fast Talk, ep 76: Kate Courtney on when to push and when to back off

The VeloNews Fast Talk podcast is your source for the best training advice and most compelling insight on what it takes to become a better cyclist. Listen in as VeloNews managing editor Chris Case and our resident physiologist and coach, Trevor Connor, discuss a range of topics, including sport science, training, physiology, technology, nutrition, and more. We all know how to train hard. Tearing up a set of Tabata intervals, giving it our all at the local Tuesday night training race, or...


VN Pod, ep. 145: Remembering the 2009 Tour; Richie Porte on his TDF setbacks

On this week's episode of The VeloNews Podcast Fred and Andy link up to discuss some of the biggest news stories from pro cycling in the month of June. What can races like the Criterium du Dauphine and Tour de Suisse tell us about a rider's form in July? What's the significance of Vincenzo Nibali's transfer to Trek-Segafredo for 2020? Then, Andy recounts his memories from the 2009 Tour de France, which featured the inter-squad battle between Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong. As it turns...


VN Pod, ep. 144: Spencer returns, Giro concludes, DK200 WINNER Colin Strickland

Spencer RETURNS this episode to take us through his race at Dirty Kanza 200, and what lessons he learned about gravel racing. Fred and Spencer break down all the action from the Dirty Kanza. Then, Andy takes us through the final week of the Giro d'Italia, which saw Richard Carapaz fend off attacks from Vincenzo Nibali. What does the Giro's outcome tell us about Carapaz, Mikel Landa, and Primoz Roglic? Plus, we hear from American Chad Haga, who won the final stage. Finally, we invite Colin...