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A weekly Pokemon TCG Podcast

A weekly Pokemon TCG Podcast
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A weekly Pokemon TCG Podcast




Victory Star #24: An International Pre-Release!

Is this what they call a 'filler' episode in the anime world? Today we talk about the pre-release events we attended recently for Unbroken Bonds as well as Elec's experience at the European Internationals! How did he perform and do we have to start talking about Yugioh??? Music by Jonny Atma


Victory Star #23: Rotating the Format!

A new Triple Tag Team Pokemon, A Hoot-hoot with a GX attack, oh and the rotation has been announced and happens BEFORE Worlds! It's been a crazy few weeks so buckle up as we tackle the big points in a brand new Victory Star!


Victory Star #22: A Stamp of Approval!

GG End leaks have come to a gg end with one of the most exciting and interesting cards of the Sun/Moon era! What does it do and what do we think? Let's find out in an all-new Victory Star! Music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #21: Bribing for New Cards!

I'm sorry about the audio issues in this episode. My microphone didn't want to cooperate with me and the internet kept dying. I did my best to make it listenable! Today we talk about a recent controversy regarding bribing in the Pokemon TCG, as well as take a look at the new cards in Japan's GG END! set coming out in April! Plus we finish ranking the Prism Star cards and read listener questions! Music by Jonny Atma


Victory Star #20: Marching on to Prism Stars!

Another Expanded tournament has come and gone and Jimmy Pendarvis wins his FOURTH regional this season using an unexpected deck of Night March! But what else happened at this tournament? Where was PikaRom?? Plus we take a look at the recently revealed Detective Pikachu cards and start our rankings of all the Prism Star cards now that they have come to an end, plus a decklist review and a beginners deck suggestion in this HUGE episode of Victory Star!


Victory Star #19: Pokemon Sword and Shield!

A BRAND NEW Pokemon game is coming and it's based on Elec7rify's home country, the UK! Are we excited? How will it affect the trading card game? Plus, there are even more Double Blaze cards to take a look at and we have a mini-musical! Music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #18: Blacephalon Blows Away The Competition!

The Collinsville Regional has come and gone and Blacephalon has taken the trophy in a surprising twist from a tournament full of Zapdos and Zoroarks. Plus, Double Blaze has fully leaked and we have part one of a two-week dive into the new cards! Music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #17: 420 Double Blaze It!

We don't actually do any blazing today, I'm sorry for misleading you. However, the new Japanese set - Double Blaze - has started leaking with a TON of really good cards! Plus the Melbourne Internationals have come and gone and the first place deck is NOT Zoroark OR PikaRom! But what DID win? Add in a Deck Review and listener questions and you have a brand new Victory Star! Music by Jonny Atma


Victory Star #16: The Best Gardevoir of All Time!

Just because there aren't any new cards doesn't mean we don't have anything to talk about as this is our longest episode yet! On today's Victory Star, we have a Pokemon Spotlight on Gardevoir as well as some tournament shenanigans from the past week, Melbourne International predictions and THREE deck list reviews! Plus other random topics on a brand new episode! Intro music by Jonny Atma


Victory Star #15: The Death of Big Malasada

In this week's Victory Star, we learn the harsh reality that the Sandslash vs Ninetales Trainer Kit will not be included in the rotation. Plus a whole bunch of new cards have been revealed and released in Full Metal Wall in Japan including a fantastic new Caterpie! Plus Elec7rify went to a League Cup on his quest to go to Worlds and a discussion of Tabletop vs TCG Online plus more including YOUR questions! Music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #14: Top 10 Cards of Team Up!

Team Up releases this Friday outside of Japan and it's a very exciting set that introduces Tag Team Pokemon into the metagame as well as bringing several relevant prism star cards and trainer cards. But which cards are the best? What will Hardy and Elec7rify be on the hunt for when it comes out? Let's find out!


Victory Star #13: Stakataka's Beef Pudding!

As Team Up inches closer to us, Elec7rify takes us through his pre-release experience as well as what he managed to get from his...outrageous amount of packs that he opened. Plus we take a look at the newly revealed cards for the Full Metal Wall set in Japan including an incredibly scary combination involving Stakataka and...Beef Pudding? That and much more on the unlucky 13th episode of Victory Star! Music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #12: Lucario's Full (Mel)Metal Wall!

Elec went to a League Cup this weekend with his dream of making the World Championships on the line. How did it go? Plus, Night Unison Secret Rares have been revealed, a new set is coming in English in May as well as a brand new Tag Team GX has been revealed!


Victory Star #11: Dark Unison Lights Up the Community!

Dark Unison, Japan's newest set that releases in just a few days, has been fully leaked and we take a look at all the new exciting (and quite a few unexciting) cards coming out! Plus we break down a decklist submitted by a listener and suggest what's good and what can be improved! Thank you for listening and follow us on Twitter and Youtube for more content! Music by Jonny Atma!


The 2018 Victory Star Awards!

The year has come to an end and we are reflecting back on all the new cards, tournaments and much more in this jam-packed episode as we hand out over 15 awards to the best of the best!


Victory Star #9: The END of Double Colorless?!

Two huge Regionals took place last week, plus a whole batch of new cards have started leaking including 3 new GX's and a long-rumored Tag Team GX. Plus we turn our direction towards the 2019 rotation and if it could spell the end of Double Colorless Energy in the metagame. It's been a staple for ages and a LOT of Pokemon rely on its help. What would that mean? What other cards might we lose? Plus several other off topics rants in the 9th Episode and Christmas Special of Victory Star! Music...


Victory Star #8: Harrogate Regionals Recap!

Elec7rify attended the Harrogate Regional tournament and we have a complete recap of his experience including all 9 rounds of gameplay on Day 1 and an equally long league cup the next day. What deck did he play? What challenges did he face and what was his overall record? Let's find out! Music by Jonny Atma


Victory Star #7: Preparing for Harrogate Regionals!

As we approach the Harrogate Regionals, Elec7rify takes us through his preparation process and what deck he might be running. We also look at the two recent Japanese tournaments that completed including some really interesting decks! Plus we take a look at a HUGE batch of non-GX Pokemon leaked over in Japan. What Pokemon is the best? Which fails to impress the two? (Well, mainly Elec, Hardy loves everything!) Plus we answer your questions! Music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #6: Tag-Team Takeover!

All of Japan's Sun/Moon 9 Set leaked and there are so many cards to talk about that it needs to be split into two weeks! First up though, there's 4 new Tag Team GX's to take a look at as well as the new Trainer cards we will be getting. Plus we take a brief look at the Roanoke and Brisbane Regionals from the past week and discuss how little the meta-game can seem to change at times. Then we answer YOUR questions as well as a very special discussion about steaks! Don't forget to follow us so...


Victory Star #5: A Dragonite Dragon Fight!

A new Dragonite card is causing a rift between Hardy and Elec7rify. What does it do and why do they disagree so much? Meanwhile, Magikarp and Wailord is here and towers over every other card EVER! Plus a look at more new cards, a passionate prediction about the 2019 Rotation, a LIVE pack opening by Hardy and advice on the best budget decks for starting out! Intro music by Jonny Atma!