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VFTPB 33: Stanley Cup finals; Dave Tippett as Oilers coach & why Cam wears shoulder pads from 1980

It's the Stanley Cup finals and Cam Connor is back to discuss the most exciting week of hockey and make some more predictions. The show starts with Cam talking about his recent Twitter photo of his shoulder pads from 1980 and he talks about why he still wears them. This reminds him that he just may have some Gordie Howe shoulder pads from back in his Houston Aeros days. A&E/WWE flew to Edmonton to interview Cam about his friendship with wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, so Cam talks about how the...


VFTPB 32: Playoff update; More crazy Steve Durbano stories; & Ken Holland as the Oilers new GM

It's been a busy few weeks for Cam Connor so he brings us up to speed on a few fun projects he's been involved in, including one on Rowdy Roddy Piper's biography special. As Steve Durbano stories seem to be popular these days, Cam shares a few Steve Durbano stories, including one doozy of a story that Cam himself can't believe is true. Cam talks about the playoffs so far and makes a new prediction. As the podcast was being recording, news that the Edmonton Oilers may have signed Ken Holland...


VFTPB 31: Stanley Cup Predictions, Tobi Rieder/Bob Nicholson Drama and Scams

Cam Connor makes his annual Stanley Cup predictions. He did pretty well last year with Las Vegas Golden Knights, how will this year's prediction turn out? Topics include: -Cam talks about the Edmonton Oilers drama between Bob Nicholson and Tobi Rieder. Who's side is he on? -Is hockey becoming a rich person's sport? Will only the rich families be able to afford to put their kids in hockey? -Thoughts on playing against Harry Howell in the WHA -Cam answers a question about how he broke his hand...


VFTPB 30: Steve Durbano (Steve 'Mental Case' Durbano), bench brawls & Muhammad Ali's Shorts

We're back for Episode 30 and it's a Steve Durbano podcast episode and bench brawls! Cam Connor's name has been brought up over the past week as hockey fans and analysts predict that Montreal Canadiens could be facing the Toronto Maple Leafs in the playoffs this year. The last time those two teams played was in 1979 when Cam scored the double overtime goal in the playoffs, so Cam talks about the goal and addresses the goalie Mike Palmateer's insulting comments after Cam scored on him. Cam...


VFTPB 29: What's really behind the chaos with the Edmonton Oilers? Cam shares a small inside scoop.

Cam discusses what's wrong in Edmonton (fired coach, fired GM) and even has a small inside scoop on what's wrong in the lockerroom. Cam talks about whether Connor McDavid is wasting his time in Edmonton. He also answers some listeners questions: -Any thoughts of playing in Indianapolis? Cam mentions a few stories including a parking lot fight, bank robbery and running into the Indianapolis team at a diner. -A question about how the Carolina Hurricane players celebrate when they win -Since...


VFTPB 28: Best Stories of 2018

Here are some of our favorite stories from 2018. New episodes to follow soon. Hope everyone has a great 2019. Email: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Merchandise (25% off with this link):


VFTPB 27: Cam reviews the NHL season so far, hazing stories and connects to some old teammates

Listeners have asked for Cam Connor to talk about some current hockey so he shares his thoughts on the NHL season so far and talks about some of the current players, including Jonathan Toews, Patrik Laine, Kyle Connor. Cam shares his thoughts on hazing and talks about his experiences with hazing. Should the Edmonton Oilers have fired their coach Todd McClellan? Thoughts on Ken Hitchcock. What does Cam think about the Ottawa Senators players in the Uber video scandal? During an Oilers game,...


VFTPB 26: That Paul Coffey tweet and other classic stories

Cam shares the story that went viral on Twitter - Paul Coffey's act of kindness towards one of the Humboldt Broncos families. We celebrate the podcast going Top 20 of all genres on iTunes Canada! Kris and Cam talk about the Hockey Hall of Fame and what it was like for Cam to see a replica lockerroom from his time with the Montreal Canadiens. Cam talks about celebrating Halloween with the Montreal Canadiens and how he just might post these hilarious pictures from the 1970s dynasty team. A few...


VFTPB 25: Cam makes his Stanley Cup champ prediction and pointers for coaching kids hockey

Cam Connor and his son Kristofer are back and talk about what they did this summer - Cam did a lot of golf and Kris recalls his golf trauma. Kris has a story about Steve Martin & Martin Short. Kris is asked why he stopped working for the Edmonton Oilers and he talks about one incident that wasn't what he was expecting. After a great year picking Las Vegas Golden Knights to do well, Cam makes his next prediction and this time it's who he thinks will win the Stanley Cup. Can he make it two...


VFTPB 24: Cam shares the details on his $67 million lawsuit & thoughts on the Stanley Cup playoffs

Our last podcast of the hockey season is a doozy as Cam shares the sad story of being sued for $67 million and losing. Also his thoughts on: -The Washington Capitals winning the Cup -Alexander Ovechkin celebrating his Cup win, was it too much? -How will Las Vegas Golden Knights do next year? -A listener asks for more Scotty Bowman questions so Cam explains why Bowman would whisper during practices -How a power outage caused Cam to miss his flight (on gameday) during his time with the...


VFTPB 23: Thoughts on the Stanley Cup finals, a hockey player who eats glass & $100 bets

Cam shares his thoughts on the 2018 Stanley Cup finals and who he thinks will win between the Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Washington Capitals. Cam and Kris attended a screening of the Flin Flon movie and offer their review. Cam shares his thoughts on seeing Flin Flon forty years later. Stories include: -What hockey player would eat glass? -A story about Barry Dean, his car being repossessed and what happened in the desert. -Brian Maxwell, his $100 bets, and why he is the fastest beer...


VFTPB 22: Goon vs Enforcer and Cam shares some real talk

Cam and Kris are back and are sifting through the View from the Penalty Box mailbag. Cam starts with his thoughts on the playoffs so far, including the Winnipeg Jets and Las Vegas Golden Knights. Topics include: -What's the difference between a Goon and an Enforcer? -How to tell when a player fakes a penalty -Hockey player Pierre Larouche -Thoughts on Brad Marchand licking other playings -Is there a place for hazing in hockey? -Why did he sleep in a dressing room over night (and froze doing...


VFTPB 21: A tribute to Humboldt Broncos, sharing junior hockey stories

We're back with a new episode dedicated to the Humboldt Broncos. Cam shares his thoughts on this tragedy and offers his insight and shares some stories on his time playing junior hockey and taking long bus rides in the Canadian north. Playing in the juniors has probably changed a lot since Cam played junior, but his stories are really fun to hear. Kris gets Cam to share another embarrassing story of a fight with a goalie. What does Cam do in that fight that he's embarrassed to talk about...


VFTPB 20: Top 5 (or more!) Best Players Cam Played With

-Cam runs into Wayne Gretzky and shares his encounter with the Great One. -Cam remembers his first NHL goal -A listener asks how to improve the Edmonton Oilers (take a drink when Cam can't pronounce Magnus Paavarji's name) -Cam's thoughts on Connor McDavid (and his parents) being heckled by 'fans' in Edmonton -Cam shares his 'list' of the top players he had the privilege to play with. -Was there a player in the WHA that deserved to have played in the NHL? Email:...


VFTPB 19: Why Was Cam Connor Banned from Playing Hockey in Finland and other hockey tales

Cam's off to catch a flight, but not before he shares some more interesting hockey stories including: -Why was Cam banned from playing hockey in Finland? -Cam shares what he did with the jerseys he wore and shares a hurtful story about a friend who stole his New York Rangers jersey (among others). -A story of Cam giving a loyal fan one of his game worn jerseys and what Cam received in the mail years later. -Cam's thoughts on Olympic inspiration Mark McMorris. -Thoughts on the Greatest Team...


VFTPB 18: Hockey Injuries - Some of the worst Cam Connor has had and has seen in his career

Cam and Kris talk about some new developments with their podcast and Cam answers a whole bunch of questions on everything from fighting to altering equipment to fight better to what's a better stick - wood or composite? Cam's asked if he would ever write a book. Cam goes into some of the worst hockey injuries he has witnessed including Barry Dean's wrist being skated over by a player on his own team. Potentially one of the worst hockey injuries ever, when a player took a slapshot to the face...


VFTPB 17: Cam Connor talks Concussions and Injuries

You asked and we listened, a new line of View from the Penalty Box merchandise is now available here: In today's episode, Kris talks about knocking out his front tooth over the weekend and compares it to how, in all Cam's years of fighting, he never lost a tooth. What was his secret? And why isn't his nose all banged up either? Kris brings up an interesting fact that Cam played pro hockey without wearing socks in his skates - he skated barefoot. Who...


VFTPB 16: Top 5 Toughest Players Cam Connor Has Fought

We're back from the holiday break. In this episode, Cam Connor lists the top 5 fighters he has ever fought and shares some stories of these players and the fights that happened. Stories include: -What was it like to play hockey outside in a Winnipeg winter? -Remembering hockey legend Johnny Bower, including a hilarious story of why Eddie Shack would only sign Johnny Bower's name when giving autographs and not his own name -Playing road games in Indianapolis, including when Cam was eating...


VFTPB 15: Best of Cam Connor's stories in 2017

As we take a break for the holidays, we're leaving you with some of Cam's best stories from 2017. Where else can you find stories on: -John Cena, John Gotti, Wayne Gretzky, Montreal Canadiens, winning the Stanley Cup, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ken Dryden, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, bench brawls, Slapshot, playing in the WHA and NHL, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers and the controversy about having Cam Connor's name on the Stanley Cup, and more! We'd love to read your emails...


VFTPB 14: Cam Connor Answers Listener Questions

We've received a lot of questions, so episode 15 is dedicated to answering some of these questions. Topics include: -Cam recounts a fight where he ended up getting chased by a guy carrying a double-bladed axe! -Cam is asked about an epic fight he witnessed between Kim Clackson and Dave Semenko (who was defending Wayne Gretzky's honor) -A Paul Baxter story that Cam regrets to this day, and what may have been the first ever incident of a lawsuit based on "assault on the ice" -How Cam felt...