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Episode 5 - 05/08/18 - Featuring Guest Camryn Martz

On this episode of Volunteer Opinions, we talk the Preds/Jets series, Chancellor of the University of Tennessee Beverly Davenport getting the axe, the Nashville transit bill, and also call our old pal Bob Pierson to discuss the new Nashville to London direct flight, and Stock Up / Stock Down (00:00-21:37). We have a fun interview with Camryn Martz, co-owner of @The7thPred, where we talk NHL playoffs (21:41-33:07). Segments in this episode include "What pissed you off this week?" , the...


Episode 4 - 4/17/18 - Featuring Guest Brandon Abraham

On this episode of Volunteer Opinions, we talk Preds and the NHL Playoffs, the proposed liquor and wine bill, and the new Nashville transit plan (00:00-18:26). We interview Brandon Abraham, writer of the SB Nation site Grizzly Bear Blues and talk NBA Playoffs and the future of the Memphis Grizzlies (18:31-36:29). Lastly, we give new gambling picks, have a discussion on how the earth works, and give out the most controversial Tennessean of the week award (36:30-48:25). Enjoy.


Episode 3 - 04/10/18 - Featuring Guest Bob Pierson

On this episode of Volunteer Opinions, we talk NHL playoffs and discuss the Preds first round matchup, roundup the Masters, make Memphis Grizzlies draft predictions, and discuss other stories from around the State of Tennessee. We interview Bob Pierson, a self-proclaimed hockey expert, and talk about what we can expect to see in the NHL playoffs over the next two months. Lastly, Cole does Math, we give updated gambling picks, and give out the inaugural Davy Crockett Hero of the Week award....


Episode 2 - 04/03/18 - The Hot Seat

On this episode of Volunteer Opinions, we talk about the previous week of the Nashville Predators, the renewal of the Memphis vs. Tennessee rivalry, some NFL offseason, and a brief mention of the start of baseball and the Masters. We also debut two new segments called, "Stock Up/Stock Down", and "Die On Your Hill." Lastly, Kyle and Cole go on the hot seat and answer a few questions. Enjoy.


Episode 1 - 03/28/18 - Featuring Guest Harrison Barron

In this episode of Volunteer Opinions, we introduce each of ourselves, talk Tennessee sports and some local Tennessee news. We also interview Harrison Barron, the creator of Everything Tennessee. He talks a bit about his growing up, why he founded Everything Tennessee, and also a crazy catfish story. Last, we introduce segments that are to come in the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy the inaugural episode of Volunteer Opinions.


Preview Episode

Welcome to Volunteer Opinions, hosted by Billy Krechel, Cole Landers, and Kyle Marshall. This is an introduction episode that gives a little detail about what is to come in this podcast series. In this episode we introduce ourselves, talk about dream guests, and some possible segments that are to come in the future. Enjoy the show.