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Each week on WHAT WE INTO your overly enthusiastic hosts Lawrence Dial & Robert Karma Robinson discuss satirically at length Movies, Video Games, Comics--Whatever! Covering all things geek, nerd, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter etc etc ad nauseam...

Each week on WHAT WE INTO your overly enthusiastic hosts Lawrence Dial & Robert Karma Robinson discuss satirically at length Movies, Video Games, Comics--Whatever! Covering all things geek, nerd, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter etc etc ad nauseam...
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Each week on WHAT WE INTO your overly enthusiastic hosts Lawrence Dial & Robert Karma Robinson discuss satirically at length Movies, Video Games, Comics--Whatever! Covering all things geek, nerd, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter etc etc ad nauseam...




SHAZAM! REVIEW & Discussion + (20 minutes about why the new live action AKIRA is gonna blow.)

This week Larry gets health insurance and imparts on Rob the Ant Man Thanus theory, the boys discuss why the live action AKIRA is gonna blow hard, Francis Ford Coppola is finally getting around to creating his magnum opus Megaloplis, Playstation Network ALSO finally gets around to letting you change your name, White Privilege Island is a real thing, Kim's Convenience Season 3 assimilates, and why Shazam! is a movie you should see. Or not. Do what you want. -Sharon Weekly News: 8:30 AKIRA...


Is ROBOCOP 2 The Best Robocop? (A Blast From The Past Franchise Re-Review.)

Rob's back, baby! In the "studio." And Robocop is on the menu. A lot of Robocop... But first the Weekly News: the many voices of Mark Hamill, who is David Harbour in 2020's Black Widow?, why an Americanized live-action Akira will always be a terrible idea, Bioware is hurting, Gamestop is hurting, Joaquin Phoenix's The Joker looks so serious, Last Week Tonight puts the Smackdown on WWE, Prince of Thieves is better and made more money than Eggsy, and is it irresponsible to watch Kevin Hart's...


Is Jordan Peele's US sorta dumb? REVIEW & DISCUSSION (SPOILER FREE!)

This week the boys dude it up and attempt a spoiler-free review of Jordan Peele's US. It goes fine, and you're in good hands if you haven't seen the movie yet. Promise. Plus, Conan The Barbarian's endowment sliders, RIP View Comic.com, new Playstation Plus games, Alien the Play, and introducing a new podcast segment: Who Listening? You are, that's who. And thank you! --Sharon News: 00:14:15 What We Into: 01:02:50 US Review (Spoiler Free): 01:28:20 Who Listening: 01:44:20 4 Guys vs....


LOVE DEATH & ROBOTS Review & Discussion + ANIMATRIX (A Blast From The Past Re-Review)

This week has been a week... The boys discuss DISNEY+ and all things owned by Disney+, review new trailers for Stranger Things Season 3, Toy Story 4, and Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. They take an episode by 18 episode tour of LOVE DEATH & ROBOTS, as well as a glimpse back to (before the Matrix sucked), the Animatrix. This is a long...



This week Rob and Larry invite a special guest (not me) to join in on their Captain Marvel discussion, Andreas Morales Castellano! Beau Dial calls in too, there's some Endgame Trailer 2 talk, Rami Malek totally copies What We Into and starts his own podcast, and yes, Leaving Neverland is a really bummer man... -- Sharon the intern. Avengers Endgame Trailer 2 Breakdown: 3:51 Weekly News: 7:07 What We Into: 43:55 Leaving Neverland: 1:05:21 Captain Marvel:...


ALIEN PARTY CRASHERS! (aka CANARIES) Review & Discussion + Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Pt. 2 + Game Of Thrones Season 8 (half-assed) Trailer Breakdown

TWO Special Guests this week! That's right, in this episode of What We Into the boys open up their stinky circle (ewww...) and allow two other smarter, funnier, and generally more handsome guests commentators to commentate on this week's commentary. While both men guests are not in fact women (some day), one out of two of them does have a Welsh accent. The other has helped designed some cool Transformer stuff, and read some books. Special thanks for filling the audio void to artist Dave...


HARRY POTTER & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE: A Blast From The Past (Snow Day!) Re-Review

This Week Rob & Larry get their mic situation sorted to fulfill their Patreon obligation to LadyNerd1: A Blast From The Past Re-Review of Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince! They also talk Oscars, March's PS4 Plus's free games, Sundred, Avenger's Endgame, Star Trek, Division 2, Twilight Zone's Mirror's Image, and the ending of Umbrella Academy. As always, Spoilers everywhere. - Sharon Weekly News: 00:03:35 Video Game News: 00:09:00 Twilight Zone Mirror's Image: 01:09:30 Umbrella...


BATTLE ANGEL Part 2: ALITA Review & Discussion (A Long Distance Adventure...)

This week Rob goes long distance and has computer charging issues (he swears it's never happened before...), while Larry gets cabin fever during his kid's winter break; Robocop sells out for KFC, the Departed gets a kickstarter, Loki rips-off Forrest Gump, Carlton gets shafted, Black Widow gets a director while Ewan McGregor finally gets to return as Obi Wan, Chris Hemsworth Hulks out and Link awakes... again. Also, ALITA BATTLE ANGEL Review & Discussion (Minor Spoilers): Do young girls...


BATTLE ANGEL Part 1: 1993 ANIME, A BLAST FROM THE PAST RE-REVIEW (Good enough for a live action $200 million dollar feature film?)

This week Larry and Rob discuss the Revolutionary League Of Lonely Souls who protest Valentines Day in Japan, they seek Patreon funding to go Bigfoot hunting with Jose Conseco, Will Smith meets Disney's diversity quota, Rob investigates (not really) Jeffery Jones's forgotten pedophilia (yes really, he did it, and you can look it up), Larry talks blackface with his kids, Will The Wood gets dead ass on anime, LadyNerd1 considers Harry Potter as Wolverine, and Rami Malek photobombs a shirtless...


SUPER BOWL SUCK (Avengers Endgame Teaser Trailer Breakdown + Hudson Hawk, A Blast From The Past Re-Review

This week the boys head back to Rob's man cave to discuss Super Bowl Suckness '19, and spend twenty minutes breaking down the 30 second Avengers Endgame #2 teaser trailer (does Captain America have a porn addiction? What up with Tony Stark's interstellar tank top?), Rob's new mic sounds so smooth, Larry forgets a major Star Wars character's name, they meander on and on about 1991's Hudson Hawk ad nauseum, and eventually cuddle up with Captain Picard and his heart replacement.... They also...


BOMBS! The Best, Worst, And Most Deserving Box Office Bombs Of All Time + MORTAL ENGINES Review & Discussion

This week Larry and Rob discuss the best, worst, and most deserving box office bombs at all time. We got your John Carters, your Tomorrowlands, your Cutthroat Islands, your Justice Leagues galore. Each adjusted for inflation, or course. Oh, and we got a patreon: Give us your monies, Lebowski! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=16581328 What's your favorite box office implosion? Hit us up: whatweinto@gmail.com Facebook:...


THE PUNISHER OSCARS! (All Punisher Movies Re-Reviewed + Netflix's The Punisher Season 2 Review)

This Week: Rob and Larry consume all things Punisher, culminating in The Punisher Oscars. Three feature films and two Netflix seasons enter, one interpretation leaves... Or wins. Or whatever. Also, dogfart vs. Jordan Peele's 1995 PSA, The Gladiator screws Rob again, Larry does not condone throwing women to the NFL, Leslie Jones and Ghostbusters 3, the Bumblebee friend zone, Avenger's Endgame Spoiler Alert: the Hulk gets a space leotard, PS4 Spiderman is dope, and Ray Liota's stunt...


GLASS Review & Discussion (UNBREAKABLE: A Blast From The Past Re-Review) + SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME Trailer Breakdown

This week What We Into experiences technical difficulties while recording at Rob's Batcave, Larry see's Glass in the cinema while Rob naps, LadyNerd 1 has a deeper concern about wizard pooping, and Will Wood gets frisky with the comments. (Pardon our background noise...) News: 00:01:54 Spider-man Far From Home: Trailer Breakdown 00:21:00 Future Man Season 2 Review 00:39:00 Unbreakable, A Blast From The Past Re-Review: Was it intended to have a super hero showdown in the 3rd Act?...



This week Larry and Rob boldly choose their own adventure, and get all the endings: tampon tea, wizard pooping, sexual predators, Trump in '58, "I'm a mushroom cloud laying muthafucker muthafucker," both versions of the crappy Enterprise opening theme song, and toys of their yesteryears. Stinkor & Moss-Man... But first: The News: 00:03:17 Black Mirror's Bandersnatch Pt. 2: 00:49:59 Masters Of The Universe, A Blast From The Past Re-Review: 01:11:48 What We Into: 01:57:38


What We Into's Annual Holiday Dump! (Aquaman, Bumblebee, Mary Poppins Returns Review & Discussion)

This week Larry and Rob take a much needed Holiday Dump. Over the break Rob went deep into the heart of Texas, and came back one sandwich away from fat, while Larry was nearly crushed to death by a rogue ceiling fan... meanwhile, Wade Liostro calls in to discuss his new ultra shiny Christmas tech gift! Jealous? Holiday break discussion with Wade Liostro (00:00:00) Weekly News: Black Mirror's Bandersnatch Pt. 1: (00:15:40) Is it worth a visit down the rabbit hole? Jordan Peele's Us...


SPIDERMAN: Into The Spiderverse Review (Because Representation Matters! and makes money...)

This Week: Rob and Larry see Spiderverse in a theater crowded with children! Yay! Also: Rob takes heat from a disgruntle commentator, and Larry attempts some segways. But first... The weekly News: 00.00 Spiderverse Review (Spoiler Free): 28:42 Spoilers: 44:30 Comments: 120:38


AVENGERS 4 Trailer, Breakdown of the All the YouTube Trailer Breakdowns & A Blast From The Past Re-Review: Blade 2

On This Weeks What We Into: Your way-too-enthusiastic hosts Lawrence Dial & Robert Karma Robinson discuss all the YouTube trailer Breakdowns of the new Avengers 4 Trailer, Rami Malek as a Bond villain? and A Blast From The Past Re-Review: BLADE 2: Bloodhunt! PS: We also went WAY over time, and forgot Star Wars News! Oh no! And Comments! Oh no! Next week! Time codes: News: 00:00 AVENGERS 4 Trailer discussion: 43:15 BLADE 2: 1:13


CREED 2 Review (Is It Time For The Rocky Movies To End?) & actor Bill Heck illuminates The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs

On This Week of What We Into, your hosts Lawrence Dial and Robert Karma Robinson, with guest host Joachim Boyle, discuss The Rocky Franchise (Is it racist? Is America?), and Bill Heck answers a question about his character Billy Knapp in The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs. But first, the weekly news! Time codes: News: 00:00 Actor Bill Heck on The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs: 21:15 Creed 2 Review: 31:50 Comments: 1:28:30


DEMOLITION MAN, A Blast From The Past Re-review

WHAT WE INTO's inaugural episode! Yay! Each week your barely-professional, overly enthusiastic hosts Lawrence Dial and Robert Robinson cover movies, video games, comics--whatever they feel like, and, are into that week! This week: A Blast From The Past: 1993's DEMOLITION MAN! Did you know in some versions of this action classic, the famously plugged Taco Bell was sloppily replaced with... Pizza Hut? Listen on to find out why! But first... The weekly news!